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Thursday, August 27, 2015

See Mindy Project Stud Chris Messina’s Penis

From; Fleshbot
Chris Messina in The Mindy Project
 I have to give a little background before I show these pics of Chris Messina's penis and balls. Over the past few years I've developed relationships with two fake TV boyfriends. My first was Jake Johnson, who plays Nick in New Girl. He's adorable, funny, Mark Ruffalo-ish but without the poofy hair, and I just knew we'd hit it off. The next year I met Chris Messina in his role as Danny Castellano in The Mindy Project. Chris is Italian, furry, has a gorgeous head of hair, a beautiful smile, and possibly one of the cutest bodies I've ever seen. My will they, won't they relationship with these two people who have never met helps fund my therapist's vacations. 

Chris Messina in 28 Hotel Rooms
 You can understand why my genitals thought it was freaking Christmas morning when they heard Chris and Jake were going to be in Digging for Fire (2015) together, and that nudity was possibly going to be involved. Little could my peen have imagined that the nudity in question would feature full frontal shots of Chris Messina. the New York-born knockout showed off his perfect peen and beautiful bush in 28 Hotel Rooms (2012) but that was a few years ago and I've worn out that clip

In Digging for Fire Mr. Messina strips down to his birthday suite and runs straight towards the camera before jumping into a pool. I feel like maybe Chris and I are going too fast, but it feels so right. 

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