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Friday, April 15, 2016

25 Life Lessons From The Unbreakable Titus Andromedon

But I already did something today!
From: NewNowNext
 The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s second season drops today, when we’ll be reunited with our favorite bald-by-choice, Peeno Noir-loving, wannabe Broadway baby, Titus Andromedon.

 It’s surprising Emmy-nominee Tituss Burgess has eluded capture by the authorities, considering how many scenes he’s stolen. But then where would we be without his singular wit and wisdom?

Here are 25 important life lessons taught by the physical embodiment of #LIFEGOALS Titus Andromedon.

Realize the value of hard work.

Kevin Keller Is A Total Stud In New Series, “Life With Kevin”

We need to talk about Kevin.
From: NewNowNext
 You’re about to have a new comic crush!

Kevin Keller, Riverdale’s resident gay is back and hot AF in his new Archie digital comic series, Life With Kevin.

 When Kevin debuted in 2010 he was a preppy high schooler, but now he’s older and moved to New York with a sexy new look and a group of hot new friends.

“The new series explores Kevin’s life after high school and college, as he enters the real world,” creator Dan Parent told The Advocate. “And we can explore all the career and romantic challenges that he has an adult.”

 As for Kevin’s new friends Parent said “We have a couple new potential boyfriends for Kevin… And of course there’s Veronica, the only major Archie character to appear in this series. As Kevin’s BFF, she’s a natural in this story line.”

“As far as romance, there will be lots of that,” Parent responded when asked if readers can expect love and adventure for Kevin and the gang. “Adventure? Well, living in NYC can be an adventure, so I’ll say yes.”

In addition to his own comic, Kevin will also appear in The CW’s upcoming live-action Archie high school drama, Riverdale, slated to air this fall.

Life With Kevin will be available in June.

“Game of Thrones” Stars Play A Rousing Game Of Butts

"Well, that's a very pretty butt!"
From: NewNowNext
On the red carpet at the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere, the stars of the show were tasked with properly identifying one another based solely off photographs of their bare bums in a quick challenge called “Game of Butts.”

For any other show, the challenge might have seemed odd, but perhaps because Game of Thrones has never been one to shy away from nudity, the actors were more than game to give the task a go.

The stars who participated included GoT favorites Jamie Lannister actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Queen of Dragons Emilia Clarke and Bran Stark’s Isaac Hempstead Wright, who puzzled over photographs of some of the show’s sexiest heartthrobs, from Jon Snow all the way to horse lord Khal Drogo.

Check out the video below!

The 8 Hottest Husbands of Bravo’s “Real Housewives”

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Apollo Nida

Apollo’s currently in prison for bank fraud, but we’re sure he’s still working the weights and hopefully we’ll see more of his muscled body one day.
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#EGGPLANT NATION The Return of Rican Romeo

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