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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


From: Manhunt Daily
Centro, Sao Paulo, SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil
FF fun
FF fun!

Male Nude Photography | Stefan on a sheet

Just a sheet.
But unlike the teasy, “Does he have anything underneath?” coyness – which I find so annoying –
Stefan clearly has nothing underneath.
Nothing to hide

Classic Television - Prime Time

 The ABC Comedy Hour Presents the Kopycats

The ABC 1972 summer series ABC Comedy Hour Presents the Kopykats consisted of reruns of ABC Comedy Hour from earlier in the year.

Scream, Queens! The Top 40 Horror Films of The 80’s!

From: The Backlot

An American Werewolf In London
This is the second of the two classic 1981 werewolf films on the list, and it earns a slightly higher ranking than The Howling because it has a few more memorable moments, including David Naughton‘s junk, the first transformation scene, which is one of the great moments in horror history, and the NSFW scene below, which was the first time I ever experienced the “dream within a dream” gimmick.

100 Treasured Chests: Hairy Edition

From: OUT
Colton Haynes

Colton Lee Haynes (born July 13, 1988) is an American actor and model. He is best known for his role as Jackson Whittemore in MTV's supernatural drama series Teen Wolf and as Roy Harper/Arsenal in the superhero television series Arrow.

History's Hottest Movie Actors

From:  Boy Culture
 The physical Clift

Montgomery Clift 

 The look

Mastroianni said that neither James Dean nor Marlon Brando were the original anti-hero of the cinema, but that Montgomery Clift—with his melancholy gaze and uniquely saturated presence on film—holds that title. He may be right. But aside from the sometimes dreamy quality of his acting, there was the dreamy quality of his face. Cruelly, fate would rob him of his his physical beauty—and his life—very early on, his heavy drinking causing a car crash at BFF Elizabeth Tayor's home that disfigured him. Clift's sexuality (he was gay) could be argued to have colored his portrayals, even in westerns. Especially in westerns.

 Sexy Sampler
Red River (1948), The Heiress (1949), A Place in the Sun (1951), I Confess (1953), Indiscretion of an American Wife (1953), From Here to Eternity (1953), Raintree County (1957), Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)

Lucky Briefs

From: kenneth in the (212)
Any excuse to post this photo.

. I'd like a pair of these.

Latrice Royale Gets Her Blues On Beautiful Cover Of “Here’s To Life”

The large-and-in-charge diva calls her new album, "the soundtrack to my life."
From: NewNowNext
 We know Latrice Royale as a powerhouse performer, wise woman and hilarious comic. But did you know sisterfriend can sing?

She’s just dropped her new video, a cover of “Here’s to Life,” a beautiful number best associated with jazz legend Shirley Horn. (Though after this, we may have to rethink that.)

Though the song recounts struggle, Royale says it’s celebratory at its core. “I want to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in a heartfelt, optimistic way.”

Latrice celebrates a century of jazz with her new debut album, also called Here’s to Life, that’s an extension of her one-woman show by the same name.

On it, she shares stories of growing up gay in the gang-infested streets of Compton, reflects on her time behind bars, and celebrates her transformation into one of the country’s top drag divas. “It’s really the soundtrack to my life,” says the Season 4 queen. “The good, the bad, and the emotionally-wrecked ugly.”

Other tracks include Porgy & Bess’ “Summertime,” Chicago’s “When You’re Good to Mama” and “I am What I am” from La Cage.

And while Royale counts Horn, Ella Fitzgerald, Della Reese and Shirley Bassey as influences, she insists she isn’t trying to sound like her idols. “I’m not trying to sing like a woman,” says the deep baritone. “My goal is to be authentic to myself, my voice, and my experience.”

Latrice Royale’s Here’s To Life is available now on Amazon.

Just As Happy Sucking Dick

From: NuttyButt
 Trent blows back into town every now and again and this time life has blown him into Skylerr’s open arms. Trent thought Skylerr was all about girls, but is pleasantly surprised that his friend is just as happy sucking dick as he is feeling up a chick. The twosome kiss and exchange blow jobs, with Skylerr going down first! As the action heats up, the boys loose all of their clothes and all of their inhibitions and Skylerr really gives Trent’s hard on an oral work out! All of this hard work comes to an end with Trent spraying his load almost into Skylerr’s mouth!

IMG Models Introduces Men’s Plus-Size Division

From: WWD
 IMG Models has created a new, more marketable term for big and tall: brawn.

That’s the name of the new plus-size men’s division that the agency recently launched.

“Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength,” said Ivan Bart, president at IMG Models.

IMG’s first brawn model is Zach Miko, an actor, comedian and writer who appeared on Target’s e-commerce site in 2015 modeling the big and tall line by Mossimo Supply Co.

Miko, who is 6 feet, 6 inches and has a 40-inch waist, has become the poster boy for brawn men who feel good about their bodies and want to look fashionable. He’s essentially the male version of Ashley Graham, a curvy model who’s also signed under IMG and who recently appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She also just launched a collection with Dressbarn.

“The body positive messaging and size diversity is something that’s relevant and something that continues to be on everybody’s mind. We have to extend the conversation for men,” Bart said.

Bart told WWD he signed Miko, who hails from Connecticut and was an Eagle Scout, because he was relatable but still represented fashion.

“I want every man in America to say, ‘I can do that’ when they see Zach,” Bart said.

While Bart believes there are some brands catering to larger men’s sizes, he knows from experience that stores aren’t flooded with options.

“I consider myself a beefy, stocky kind of guy or whatever buzzword you want to use. I’m in the fashion business and I’m required to dress fashionably but yet I have size issues,” Bart said. “It becomes defeating when I don’t consider myself morbidly obese, but I go to certain stores they don’t have my size.”

Bart is hoping that this new division will push brands to consider producing larger sizes for men.

“In 2016 everybody has some vanity. Everyone wants to wear great clothes and everyone wants to look fashionable,” Bart said. “We have to start asking for more options.”

Happy Birthday today March 16th

Happy 45th to actor Alan Tudyk!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Alan in Death At A Funeral 

Getting Naked to Talk About Gay Male Body Image

From: Accidental Bear
In episode one of Daily Xtra’s new series Bare Naked four guys talk about what it was like to take off their clothes for the first time on camera. They were part of Egale Canada’s new m.bodiment campaign that is trying to get gay men to accept their bodies. For more information go to mbodiment.ca

Video by xtraonline

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 16th

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Kedori by AANE Photography


Standing up For Freedom

Favorite Pic Series of The Day: March 16, 2008

Love a skin filled runway!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Completely True News: James Dean Was Allegedly Marlon Brando’s S&M Sex Slave

From: Dlisted
Just when I was starting to think that today’s “news” day was as slow as Channing Tatum’s thought process when someone asks him what 3 ÷ 3 is, a BREAKING and totally real story from the 1950's popped up. This story about James Dean supposedly being Marlon Brando’s bottom boy sex slave comes from an unauthorized biography and excerpts were posted by The Daily Mail. So it’s practically as if Honest Abe told the story to Gandhi who told it to us. It’s that believable, it’s trustworthy and it’s fifty shades of YES.

In Marlon’s autobiography, Songs My Mother Taught Me, he writes that he first met James Dean on the set of East of Eden in 1954. But the messes behind the new unauthorized biography, James Dean: Tomorrow Never Comes, claim that the two actually met in 1949. The completely truthful biography is based on conversations with sources and gossiping bitches who knew James Dean before his death in 1955. The book says that James and Brando first met at the Actors Studio in NYC. A then 18-year-old James Dean was an acting student and a then 25-year-old Brando gave a speech to the class because he was hot shit after starring in A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway. James Dean supposedly introduced himself to Brando as “his biggest fan” and that led to them talking which led to them sucking face. I’ll give you a minute to take your pants off and get the lotion.

James Dean and Marlon Brando became secret gay lovers after that night. James told his friends that Marlon was the top daddy master in the relationship and controlled their fuck times. They allegedly got into some rough shit and regularly had S&M sessions. James asked Brando to burn his body with cigarettes. Brando also supposedly made James watch him do strangers, because he got off on tormenting James. It was a “cat and mouse” game between the two with Brando being the cat, of course. This mess of a book also says that James was madly in love with Brando, but Brando could never love him back. Because Brando’s heart belonged to Brando. Composer Alec Wilder, who was one of James “Jimmy” Dean’s friend is quoted as saying this:

“They were definitely a couple. Of course, the words ‘sexual fidelity’ would be unknown in each of their vocabularies. Jimmy and I used to sit and talk for hours in my room at the Algonquin Hotel (in New York). He kept me abreast of the affair. I really believe that Jimmy fell in love with Brando that year. As for Brando, I don’t think he ever loved Jimmy. I met Brando only three times and each time he was with Jimmy. In my opinion, Brando was in love with Brando.”

The foolery doesn’t end there. The book adds that James Dean had a threesome with Walt Disney and My Fair Lady director George Cukor. If you need a palate cleanser after reading that, think of those images your mind gave birth to while reading about Brando-on-Dean.

This is like the kind of fanfic someone’s old gay uncle would write after he watched Fifty Shades of Grey on cable one night, and I hope they turn it into an entire series. What was James Dean’s safe word and how many orgies did they have with Vivien Leigh at that gas station brothel? These are questions I need fake answers to. I also hope they turn this into a movie. If they can turn that fake-road trip with Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson into a movie, they can turn this into a movie. And no, James Franco, you can’t play James Dean AND Marlo Brando.

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 16, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Boxers or Briefs: Los Angeles, CA with Colby Melvin

BFI Releases List Of The Top 30 LGBT Films Of All Time

Now THIS is a fierce list!
From: NewNowNext
In celebration of the 30th annual BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, the British Film Institute has released their list of the top 30 LGBT films of all time.

Over 100 film experts including filmmakers, critics, writers and programmers voted for their favorite films in a poll. The list includes films from 12 different countries across 84 years and spans multiple genres and styles.

Todd Hayes

Carol is a 2015 British-American romantic drama film directed by Todd Haynes. The screenplay written by Phyllis Nagy is based on the groundbreaking romance novel The Price of Salt (also known as Carol) by Patricia Highsmith. The film stars Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler, and Jake Lacy. Set in New York City during the early 1950's, Carol tells the story of a forbidden love affair between a young aspiring photographer and an older woman going through a difficult divorce.

Carol had been in development since 1997, when Phyllis Nagy wrote the first draft of the screenplay. British company Film4 Productions and its former chief executive Tessa Ross financed the development of the film. The film hit a series of roadblocks throughout its long gestation period, including issues with financing, rights, scheduling conflicts, and accessibility. Number 9 Films got involved in 2011, when co-founder Elizabeth Karlsen secured the rights to the novel. The film is co-produced by New York-based Killer Films, which joined the project when co-founder and Todd Haynes collaborator Christine Vachon approached Haynes to direct in 2013. Principal photography began in March 2014, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and lasted 34 days. Cinematographer Edward Lachman shot Carol on Super 16 mm film.

Carol was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where Mara tied for the Best Actress award. The film received critical acclaim and many accolades, including six Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe Award nominations, and nine BAFTA Award nominations as well as awards from the New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and National Society of Film Critics. Carol was named one of the best films of 2015 by numerous critics and publications, appearing in over 130 Top Ten lists. The film opened in limited release in the United States on November 20, 2015, and went into wide release on January 15, 2016. It was released in the United Kingdom on November 27, 2015.

And today’s Briefs are brought to you by …

Bruno Marchetti

3 Gay Men Living Together in a 3-way Relationship Explain How it Works

From: Accidental Bear
 Triad; Threesome; Polyamorous relationship: Whatever you wish to call it, real-life examples of three men living and sleeping with one another in committed relationships remain pretty rare.

Although many people may have dabbled with sex with more than one person at the same time, actually committing one’s self to two others is considered far from the norm.

However, it’s that concept of ‘the norm’ that soon gets turned on its head when you meet Louis, David and Sam.

The three men (who have asked to not use their surnames) have been in a committed three-way relationship for the past year.

I ring the buzzer of their apartment in North London with some apprehension. I’ve interviewed many gay couples in the past but this is my first ‘thruple’ (as Sam refers to them). I wanted to ask some pretty personal questions: Would they be shy? Would they get offended?

I needn’t have worried. Sat side-by-side on a sofa – relaxed, jovial and talkative – they immediately put me at ease. They also laugh. A lot. Transcribing my interview afterwards was a challenge in picking out the words through the guffaws and gentle ribbing of each other.

‘When people think of threesomes,’ said Sam, playing with Brusky, their Chocolate Labrador, ‘they immediately think raunchiness and sex. Then they meet us and spend time with us and quickly say, “This all seems really normal”.’

It’s true. I very quickly regard them as one unit, in the same way I might view a couple as their own, distinct entity: Individuals, yet bonded.

David, 54, and Louis, 47, have been together for seven years. Louis heralds from Hong Kong but had been living in the UK. He’d been due to return to Asia, but those plans changed when he met David – originally from Israel.

They quickly moved in with one another and threw themselves into building a life together in London.

Around a year ago, they mutually decided that they would look around for a third person.

‘We came to a bit of a hold in our relationship,’ says David. They were still committed to one another and were planning on marrying, but they decided to entertain the idea of allowing someone else to join them. Whether this was a semi-regular ‘friend with benefits’ or something more was undecided.

‘We’d been monogamous. And then we started looking for other encounters,’ says Louis.

They experimented with threesomes, but, says David, ‘something was missing. It wasn’t really working for me.’

Then they met Sam, aged 28. It was at London bears night, Brut. They gave Sam a ride home that night and arranged to meet up again a week later. It was Sam’s first experience of a threesome – and they all immediately hit it off.

They very quickly fell into hanging out with one another.

‘It was very much like dating,’ says Sam, reflecting on those early days. ‘I wasn’t looking for a couple. It was the last thing I wanted. I wanted a monogamous relationship. That’s all I ever wanted, really.’

David and Louis say that finding Sam was a surprise. Not only was he younger than they were planning (‘We thought we’d find a guy in his 40s – but you don’t choose who you get along with,’ says David), he was also not shy of staking his own space in an established relationship.

‘I made it clear very soon, it was all or nothing,’ says Sam, signaling he wasn’t willing to take a ‘junior’ role and was not looking to be just ‘fuck buddies’.

‘I gave them that choice and they chose,’ says Sam.

Fortunately, they all wanted the same thing; to be together; Sam duly moved in within four weeks.

The first few weeks were marked by uncertainties and insecurities

Despite a shared aim, the early months were far from plain sailing.

‘It was very messy,’ emphasizes Louis. ‘There’s a lot of jealousy and a lot of having to adjust. Everyone’s looking out to see if they’re missing out on attention or affection. There were a lot of arguments in the early days.

‘It was,’ he chuckles, ‘a bit of a mind-fuck!’

This is where it sounds a little different from a more conventional relationship – which can begin with a honeymoon period and evolve into rows and bickering. The three of them say that the first few weeks were marked by uncertainties and insecurities, often leading to outbursts of emotion.

‘We had to quickly adapt a whole new, very different dynamic,’ says Louis of his relationship with David.

‘And then we both had to work out our relationships with Sam,’ adds David. ‘Testing each others boundaries, working out someone’s limits, it’s all part of being in a new relationship with someone, but it’s more intense and complicated when there are three of you.’

Actors & Skin: Jay R. Ferguson

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Although Jay has had his fair share of shirtless scenes, I believe his only two nude scenes were in 1995's Higher Learning and then, two decades later with a brief mooning scene on Mad Men. Let's hope we don't have to wait another twenty years!

 Mad Men 

 A Mad Men Mooning

 Looking good but acting bad in Higher Learning 

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