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Monday, June 16, 2014

Ends Of The World


From: Towleroad
Harley Neville has a special grooming regimen.

Some folks think it looks like an owl


Levi's Introduces Gay Pride Line Featuring T-Shirts, Hats

From: Huffington Post
 One of America's most iconic clothing companies is introducing a special new line, just in time for LGBT Pride Month.

The Levi's Pride collection includes both men's and women's T-shirts as well as unisex tank top, all emblazoned with the jean company's iconic "batwing" logo in rainbow colors, as well as "PRIDE 2014" stamp on the back. The products are available throughout June at select stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

 "Equality is not something we just wear; it’s woven into the fabrics of our principles," Levi's officials said in an email statement, as proceeds from the sales of the line will benefit local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy organizations.

The company has been an outspoken advocate of LGBT-related causes for some time. In 1992, Levi Strauss & Co was the first to offer benefits to same sex couples, according to press materials.

Shhhh, You'll Wake Him...

R.I.P. Lucas Coppini

From: Made In Brazil
 This morning I received the very sad news that Lucas Coppini had passed away after being in a coma for over a week due to a tragic car accident on the night of June 1st. I cared very much for Lucas, and feel blessed that I got to meet him and work with him a few times over the past two years. He was a great kid, dedicated, caring, funny, and always full of joy. My sincere condolences go out to his family and his twin brother Luis, who was not involved in the accident.

 I met Lucas almost two years ago after a Givenchy show in Paris when Diego Fragoso introduced him to me and he was just 17. We worked together a few months after shooting a story with him and Luis for Made In Brazil #6 with photographer Cristiano Madureira, who was as thrilled as I was to be working with the two of them. We spent over six hours in a van just the four of us and the driver because Cristiano insisted we shoot them in a very remote beach, and I still have the funniest pictures from that day trip, along with really beautiful images of the two of them Cristiano captured for the magazine. I will always remember that shoot, all the nonsense we talked about on our trip back at night, and how much we laughed when they offered to take me and Cristiano to a rave in their hometown (which now in retrospect maybe we should have accepted).

 The last time I saw Lucas and worked with him was earlier this year in Paris when we shot a story for the new issue of the magazine that just launched. I picked him and Luis up from their hotel at 7:30 am in the morning after the Givenchy party. They told me they had been very responsible models and left the party early because of the shoot, but I knew they hadn't. I didn’t care either way because I knew they would deliver, and I knew I would have a blast spending the day working with them in Paris. I made them stroll around a cold apartment in underwear and walk around the streets in the middle of winter in Dior Homme shorts and shoes that were two sizes smaller than their feet, but they did not complain about a single thing. They were just thrilled to be working and to be in Paris together for the first time. By then Lucas had already walked three Givenchy shows back to back, but it was the first time Luis was booked and flown to Paris for the show along with him, and anyone who knows them knows how much they meant to each other. Lucas was more experienced than Luis and was the one who truly loved being a model, directing his twin brother throughout the entire shoot. That day, I kept them working until eight o’clock at night when they got almost no sleep the night before and could have had a free day of tourism in Paris, and yet they made jokes all day and gave me a big hug and thanked me for the opportunity when I dropped them off at their hotel. I was already very much looking forward to seeing the two of them again and to seeing their careers blossom.

 May Lucas rest in peace. He will be dearly missed by everyone who got a chance to meet him.


BEST OF:: Wicked Sexy Selfies...

From: Wicked Gay

Here’s the latest trailer for Broadway Bares, which takes place this Sunday.


From: Manhunt Daily
 My first instinct for Father’s Day was to make a list of men you’d want to call “daddy“. Upon further reflection, however, I realized there’s a better way to perversely twist this holiday for my own editorial purposes—why not celebrate younger men who express a strong preference for those outside of their age group? Wouldn't the best present for “daddy” be a “son” who’s willing to please him?

 (These sentences are feeling creepier and creepier as I continue to type. I can assure you this isn't headed into My Wild & Raunchy Son territory.)

 If I could scoop up Manhunt member “ilikeold” and throw him in a Hallmark gift bag, I would gladly deliver him to all you handsome older gentlemen out there (assuming you actually enjoy the company of younger guys, which I fully acknowledge might not always be the case). His profile name says it all! This 25 year-old cutie from Los Angeles will only accept suitors above 40 years-old for activities that include talking, friendship, sex or something more.

 Oh, and did I mention that he’s over six feet tall with an 8.5 inch uncut cock? While I would never consider fetishizing tall men with large schlongs, this seems like important information to pass on.

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States

I would like to meet someone to talk,to friendship, sex, something more? Who knows! 

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From:The Backlot
Total Eclipse Of the Heart” 
Bonnie Tyler

It was the King of Wretched Excess Jim Steinman‘s crowning achievement. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” spent four weeks at #1 in October 1983 (and for three of those weeks, he also had the #2 song on the chart with Air Supply‘s “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.”) Bonnie Tyler had a huge hit back in the 70′s with ‘It’s a Heartache,” but this would become the biggest hit of her career (although the relative chart flop “Holding Out For A Hero” has also become an 80′s classic), and has been part of the pop culture landscape for over thirty years.

Tomorrow’s clue – It’s the #1 song on this list.

In case you’ve never seen it, here’s the literal version of the video. “Mullet with headlights.”

Butt Seriously

From: kenneth in the (212)
I believe the correct term is "ass" wipes, but close enough.

Carlos ~ New York City

From: Gay Bachelor Blog
I'm 27 (turning 28 in August) and have been in NYC for around six years (four more years and I'm official!). It's strange to say, but I suddenly feel that I'm FINALLY hitting my stride here in NYC. Through all the bumps along the road, the (mostly) highs and (very rare) lows (and the laughs/cries), I know I'm finally on my way to where I need to be. I'm a Men's buyer for a start up and couldn't be happier. Check it out, it's called Birchbox. I guess it's time to share that with someone, right?

If you're in NYC, let's meet up for a cup of coffee at my favorite cafe in the West Village or maybe do a half price matinee. Better yet, let's do tapas on Bleecker. If you're up for trying something new...even better. Don't be shy. You can also say Hi on Twitter: @closalvarado.

To contact Carlos, click HERE.

Dish of the Day #1427: Hot Fun in the Summertime

This week's Dishes are celebrating the first day of summer. Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. If you haven't yet voted in last week's Deep Dish Pool Party, choose your three favorite hunks in the sidebar poll here.


From: The Backlot
Birthday Boy Eddie Cibrian

Academy Award for Best Actor

Wallace Beery as Andy "Champ" Purcell~The Champ

Fredric March
Dr. Henry L. Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery (April 1, 1885 – April 15, 1949) was an American actor. He is best known for his portrayal of Bill in Min and Bill opposite Marie Dressler, as Long John Silver in Treasure Island, as Pancho Villa in Viva Villa!, and his titular role in The Champ, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Beery appeared in some 250 movies over a 36-year span. He was the brother of actor Noah Beery, Sr. and uncle of actor Noah Beery, Jr.

Fredric March  as Dr. Henry L. Jekyll/Edward Hyde ~Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Fredric March (born Ernest Frederick McIntyre Bickel; August 31, 1897 – April 14, 1975) was an American stage and film actor. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1932 for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and in 1947 for The Best Years of Our Lives. March is the only actor to win both the Academy Award and the Tony Award twice.

Toar by Marlen Boro

A Current Affair

From: kenneth in the (212)
Jesus Christ, I tried to pick this guy up last night on Grindr
but all he wanted to do was talk about that missing Malaysian airliner

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