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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Big Black Cock

The 10 Most WTF Moments Of 2015

From: NewNowNext
Anti-Gay Pastor’s Canceled Plans To Dress Up As A Woman

Kenneth Adkins, an anti-gay pastor living in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia but purporting to live in Jacksonville, Mississippi, canceled a well thought out plan (note: sarcasm) to dress up as a woman to protest Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance.

Calling himself Miss Jane, Adkins warned he would protest an event that was to feature words from out lesbian Houston mayor Annise Parker before ultimately backing out.

“Anyone who would do that has no concept at all of what gender identity truly is and how hateful and hurtful that is,” Parker told WFOX-TV.

See Eddie Redmayne's Penis in 'The Danish Girl'

Eddie Redmayne Naked in The Danish Girl
From: Fleshbot
 When you picture sexy redhead actor Eddie Redmayne you probably think of that Oscar speech he gave last year after winning Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything in which he twitched around while Cate Blanchett whipped up a super crazy Joker smile in the background. It was pretty amazing. Honestly if someone has to do the befuddled, breathless, frenzied "Who, lil' ol' me? But I'm garbage!" acceptance speech I'm glad it's Eddie. He's just cute enough to pull it off! 

 It looks like Eddie is going to be one of those perennial Oscar sluts because he's back at it with the portray of the first transgender woman, Lili Elbe, in The Danish Girl. His performance and the flick itself are getting good, mixed reviews, but if you haven't already hit the theaters for Girl it's worth a look to see Alicia Vikander's highly praised turn as Lili's lover, Gerda Wegener. Girl is also worth checking out because in one scene that is currently blowing up the gay internet, Redmayne goes full frontal before tucking his dick and balls between his legs! The leaked shots show Eddie's hand next to his dick, which is great because it gives us a sense of scale. Assuming he has a human sized hand, it looks like Eddie's got a nice long dong to go with his lean bod and gorgeous face. Check out some of the stills here.   

3 Boys 3

From: Boy Culture

 Marco Marco hotness is in full effect in these sizzling shots featuring Steven Dehler, David Ratcliffe and Anthony Folk

As a bonus , if you wanna get some Marco Marco, click here and use the promo code BOY20 for 20% off.
 Happy 2016!

NCAA Football Bowl Frenzy Today!

From: Speed o Rex
 The NCAA bowl season shifts into high gear now, with a total of six games today!

 11:00 AM, Saint Petersburg Bowl: Connecticut vs. Marshall, ESPN
2:00 PM, Sun Bowl: Miami vs. Washington State, CBS
2:20 PM, Heart of Dallas Bowl: Washington vs. Southern Mississippi, ESPN
3:30 PM, Pinstripe Bowl: Indiana vs, Duke, ABC
5:45 PM, Independence Bowl: Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech, ESPN
9:15 PM, Foster Farms Bowl: UCLA vs. Nebraska, ESPN

 ... plus Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Simmie Cobbs at the ready.  Watch for him in today's Pinstripe Bowl as his team takes on Duke.

 Name: Simmie Cobbs, Jr.
Date of Birth: August 25, 1995 (Virgo)
Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Height/Weight: 6'4"/212 lbs
Team: Indiana Hoosiers
Year: Sophomore
Position: Wide Receiver


14 Times Our Faith In Humanity Was Restored This Year

From: Queerty


Sticking in prom season for a moment, here’s another post that had our hearts aflutter.

There was a time not too long ago that coming out in high school meant facing certain doom, and now we’re seeing more and more brave students standing up to speak their truth only to find acceptance from their families, friends and communities. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Head here for more impossibly sweet prom photos shared by senior Michael Martin and his boyfriend Logan Westrope.

73rd Golden Globe Awards - Best Performance in a Television Series – Drama ~ Actor

And The Nominees Are:
Note: First picture if the actor in the role nominated for, second photo a sexy photo of the actor.

 Jon Hamm 
Mad Men
Don Draper

 Rami Malek 
Mr. Robot 
Elliot Alderson

 Wagner Moura 
 Pablo Escobar

 Bob Odenkirk 
Better Call Saul 
James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill

 Liev Schreiber 
Ray Donovan 
Ray Donovan

December 26th is National Thank-you Note Day

The day after Christmas is a perfect opportunity to give thanks by sending thank you notes. Celebrate Thank You Note Day by writing to friends and relatives to show your appreciation and gratitude for their festive gifts and to tell them how much you value them.

Jesus Christ! Top 5 Hottest Jesus Actors Nude

From: Fleshbot
 Talk about a res-erection! It's time to remember the reason for the season with the Top 5 hottest nude actors who have portrayed Jesus on the big and small screens. Obvy! Jesus is known for getting people to their knees, and the gorgeous Hollywood hunks on today's list all bring something special to the role of the man who turned water into fine ass wine. Like those loaves of bread, get prepared to be split in half!  

Willem Dafoe 
The Loveless 

*We're all seeing that in addition to back sac he gives great back dick as well, right? 

Played Jesus 

The Last Temptation of Christ 
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