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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Question of the Day...

Share something you've done that you would advise others never to do.

Five Reasons We Wish Aaron Rodgers Were Actually Gay

From: Queerty
He plays for the greatest team in the league
When it comes to football, you can’t get more quintessentially American than the Green Bay Packers. The Wisconsin team has delivered some of the most legendary names to the NFL Hall of Fame, including coach Vince Lombardi and quarterback Brett Favre, and has won 13 league championships, more than any other team in the NFL.
The Packers are also the only non-profit, community-owned team in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers literally has the best job in the entire NFL right now—a coming out would work wonders for LGBT acceptance in sports.


From: Manhunt Daily
 Whatever you do, don’t ask Madrid-based Manhunt member tribunal1977 if he shaves or waxes his body. The answer is “NO”. He likes the hair that covers his chest, legs and ass, and he’s not going to change it just to satisfy your chaetophobic ways. You’re just going to have to deal with resting your head on his fuzzy pecs after you've both blown your loads. Sorry, boys! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

 Ugh, my apologies for using that expression. Now all I want to do is eat a fucking cookie, and there are no cookies present in my immediate vicinity… Here’s an idea, though! In an effort to show my support for tribunal1977‘s body hair, I will gladly eat a crumbled cookie from between his hairy butt cheeks and make sure my tongue picks up every single morsel. I’d obviously be doing this to make a statement, not because I’d enjoy eating a cookie or licking this man’s butt until he’s begging for my dick. Nope. That is not why I’m doing this. I am a statement maker, through and through.

Centro, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
hesperia - brussells
Un poquito de vicio... no?

Si estoy conectado... pues algo ando buscando... AHORA
No sé si voy a estar cachondo mañana, pasao o dentro de tres meses...
Me va el rollo cerdete y fuertecillo, y me ponen los tíos tíos...

 Y me baja todo el morbo leer con faltas de ortografía... en serio!

Las dos primeras fotos son las más recientes: Julio 2013

No me preguntes si me depilo, porque a la vista está que NO. Me gusta el pelo... y lo tengo en pecho, piernas y ojete... y NO me voy a depilar.

Center, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
hesperia - brussells
A little addiction ... no? If I'm connected ... 'm looking for something ... Now I do not know if I'll be horny morning pasao or within three months ... 

I go and roll cerdete Fuertecillo, and I put the guys guys ... And I read down all the morbid misspelled ... ! seriously The first two pictures are the most recent: July 2013 Do not ask me if I shave, because the view is that NO. I like the hair ... and I have it on his chest, legs and bum ... and NO I'm going to be waxed.

Underwear Model Hunk of the Day: Miro Moreira

Miro Moreira from TEN Models by Marcio Del Nero for New Captain 
29-year-old Brazilian male model (don't you just love how those words sound together?)Miro Moreira is your Hunk of the Day. He appears here in this campaign for New Captain photographed by Marcio Del Nero.

He also appeared on a Brazilian reality show called A Fazenda... which sounds like a version of Celebrity Big Brother, but the contestants all live on a farm! Unfortunately, he came in 10th place during the show's first season - unclear as to whether that was due to his farming skills or his social game.

Jack & Dutch

Jordan Cleary - Chaos Men

"Jordan has a day job doing upholstery, and a couple nights a week, he dances at a local gay club (Atlanta). He is straight, but with all the guys coming on to him, he is getting to be a bit more flexible in his thinking.

He has had been with the same girl for a year, and  I think they might be married. She is the one who put him up to dancing, and she also seems flexible in her thinking. I love it when these guy's girls pimp them out!

I did wait a bit to have him grow out his pubes for Ginger fans. Like most straight guys and dancers, he shaves it all off. Of course he found after growing it out that it was indeed a lot more popular while he was on stage. Pretty sure he wont be trimming the carpet again.

This is a dang good solo as he is very comfortable being naked and showing-off for the camera. I tossed in a FleshJack to give him something new to play with, and his fat cock looks amazing going in and out. He had to slow down a couple times or risk nutting too soon.

I even like his cum shot, cool angles, and he nuts in such a way we get a nice clear shot of his dick spitting up DNA." -- Chaos Men

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