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Saturday, October 24, 2015

shaggy + fred

Draven Torres

24 Real-Life Mermen That Will Make You Wet All Over

From: BuzzFeed

What would you pay to spend a day warm on the sand?

Full Stream


Just Chillin'

You Love That Cock

papazote me encanto

Daddy Bear

Never Too Many Naked Men

That’s one hairy fucker.

Ordinary Guy Masturbating

Gus Kenworthy


Blond Cub

Gotta love hairy assed cum whores.

 In a couple of hours that fur will be matted down with dozens of jizz loads from
the anonymous men who are about to run a train on his tight cunt.

Incredibly hairy and hot. I can just see my cock slipping inside that hairy forest!

I wanna be smothered by that furry booty!

Fatty and delicious

This picture… damn… that fuzzy butt, that angle, I just wanna bury my tongue in there… and then my cock!

Married, Pervy, Big Dicked & Horny!

Hairy Ass Spread Open

oh yes may i workship u all over and u use me for what pleasure u in all way please Master

Hairy Legs Make Me Cum


October 24, 2012
From: Manhunt Daily
According to Radar Online, a new story will be coming out* in The National Enquirer about Joe Simpson, the father and manager of former (?) pop stars Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Long story short? His wife Tina filed from divorce ’cause he’s into dudes (and might have a 20-something boy toy).
 While this is all super deep and interesting, it’s never really clear when to trust a magazine like The National Enquirer. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong and sometimes they’re releasing bat-shit insane stories that couldn’t possibly be true.

But what if Joe Simpson is playing for our team? Do you think he’d be a Top or Bottom?


240: I think Ive gained a little bit of weight, not too much though and definitely not enough

From: Chubster65


When did that get so big???

Cub Blowjob

Classic Television -- Prime Time

The Andy Williams Show

Original channel
Original airing
Presented by
Andy Williams

The Andy Williams Show is an American television variety show that ran from 1962 to 1971 (alternating during the summer of 1970 with Andy Williams Presents Ray Stevens), and a short-lived run in syndication, beginning in the fall of 1976. It was hosted by crooner Andy Williams.

Horny 'Lil Devil

From: Vintage Gay Media History

Just like other years, once again it looks as if Ron Teufel's found the perfect Halloween costume to wear, and it fits him perfectly!  Now all we need is a man in a vampire costume to suck...

He was on my last blog…

Cute self! But like the rest he was baited, tricked, and now exposed!
From: Str8 Niggas Are Dumb


Gus Kenworthy is a Shirtless ‘Mean Girls’ Slut Mouse for Halloween – Duh!

From: Towleroad
Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy, who came out of the closet this week in a brave, emotional and revealing ESPN interview, immediately cementing himself as the gay world’s imaginary boyfriend for a week, is still giving.

Last night he posted a photo to social media from a Halloween party where he was wandering around without a shirt and offered up a completely reasonable explanation (not that anyone was demanding one) for his get-up.

Writes Kenworthy:

“Halloween costume party at @theeveryhostess & @wowjeremym‘s house tonight! *Insert applicable Mean Girls quote here: ‘Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears… I’m a mouse. Duh!'”

And for reference:

Rugby Worlds TODAY! (featuring Aussie James O'Connor)

From: Speed o Rex
 Approaching its exciting climax, sports fans, with the semi-finals on for this weekend.  South Africa will be taking on defending champion New Zealand on Saturday, and Argentina will be taking on Australia on Sunday, so be attentive!  And, live broadcast is available too, so check it out!

 ... plus James O'Connor of Australia Wallabies fame strutting in his skivvies. Can the Wallabies go all the way?  Watch and see.

Frank Sepe

From: Speed o Rex
 Frank Sepe, no matter how he looks, roided out, natural, model, fitness author, romance novel cover model.... It always makes me good to look at him.

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