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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rafael Nadal Fronts Tommy Hilfiger’s New Underwear Campaign

From: Homorrazzi
 Since 2005, Rafael Nadal has won at least one major title every year. With only one grand slam event left in 2015, the 29-year-old tennis player is at risk of ending his impressive streak.

 Who knows how he’ll fare at the US Open, but one thing is for certain. He’s a winner in Tommy Hilfiger’s eyes. The designer chose the Spanish athlete to front his brand’s new underwear campaign.

“Because we’re so global now, Rafael Nadal resonates globally in most countries in the world. He also looks amazing in the underwear and the clothes. He’s not doctored up, that’s the real guy.” Hilfiger told WWD

If you’re a fan of Nadal, you’ll be happy to know he reportedly signed a two-year contract with the label. Check out the images of Rafael in his undies. Hopefully, the next batch will feature some briefs action.

7 Times The Westboro Baptist Church Totally Got What Was Coming To It

The Foo Fighters join an illustrious list of folks who gave WBC a taste of their own medicine.
From: NewNowNext
This week the Westboro Baptist Church got some comeuppance when the Foo Fighters blasted Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” at church members demonstrating outside the band’s Kansas City, Missouri, show.

A crowd of fans swarmed the truck and cheered Dave Grohl and Co. as they danced to Astley’s beats and stopped Westboro haters from ruining everyone’s night.

It’s not the first time someone’s turned the tables on them, though—we recount seven times the Westboro Baptist Church totally got was coming to it.

When Kesha’s Dancers Pranced For Equality

WBC demonstrators were allowed to protest Kesha’s Lincoln, Nebraska concert in 2013, where they sang a parody of “We R Who We R” called “God Hates Who U R.”

In response Kesha sent out three backup dancers to perform choreography as the religious zealots sang their tune.

“They were in this, like, 10-square-foot of hate, and across the street there’s a whole stadium full of love,” Kesha told us in June. “I was just kind of astonished at how stupid they came off.”

Question of the Day...

From: Wicked Gay Blog
Do you have a favorite “fantasy” scenario? (ie pizza delivery guy, locker room, etc)


From: Manhunt Daily
 As a part of my job here at MANHUNT I have the pleasure of meeting and being invited to meet some of the most sexual people around. Today was the latter: an invitation to a secretive spanking party. Every year friends gather together under one roof, strip naked, dawn jock straps, and paddle one another until their cheeks are red and their cocks are throbbing.

 This sounded exciting to me and I was enthusiastic about going… but to attend one must participate. Unfortunately I had to consider my wife and pass on the invitation. It would have been thrilling to have strange, scantily clad men gather around taking pictures and getting their firm hands all over my ass…

…but these days I’m after something more than kink. Despite my appetite for sex I get off the most now by trying to do right by someone who deserves it for once. Though it is nice getting to write about it.

Nude Boyfriend of the Week

From: Queer Click
 Quick those lips ain’t gonna kiss themselves! Our new  Nude Boyfriend of the Week is so dreamy that you will end up wanting to kiss every inch of his perfect anatomy. Just look at blondie here, those bedroom eyes hide a sex beast in the sack and when you see his cock you’ll understand why we’re so excited to feature him as our latest crush. In our opinion he has the perfect endowment, not just big but wide! That must feel so good. Did you instantly fell in love? Should we keep him as a BF for more than a week?

Just Because...

GIF Of The Day:

Sean Cody Back Sack
From: Fleshbot
I think we can certify that he's balls deep.


From: Boy Culture



$12 Tuesday: The Baskit Billy Boy Brief

From: The Underwear Expert
 This week’s $12 Tuesday deal from Baskit is a no-brainer. The Baskit Billy Boy Brief is all about that casual, everyday appeal that Baskit has down to a science. The brief comes in three bold color options – red, green, and blue. But what really makes the Baskit Billy Boy Brief a smart choice of underwear is a built-in condom pocket. Billy must’ve been a Boy Scout, because this brief comes prepared for anything.

 The Baskit Billy Boy Brief has a full-coverage design and a somewhat wider shape even though it’s designed with a hip brief cut. They leave your thighs exposed, yet still wrap wide around your hips for a more discrete, almost old-school cut. Each color of the Baskit Billy Boy Brief is also designed with a contoured pouch for support and definition. Each also has a waistband to match the body color, and the brand name repeating around the elastic in white lettering.

Baskit first launched their successful Billy Boy Brief in 2000 in partnership with BillyBoy, Germany’s number one condom producer.

Would you save money and stock up on more than one pair of Baskit’s Billy Boy Brief? Which color option do you think looks the best? 

For more information on this brand: Baskit

Every Girl's Summer Dream...

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I cannot think of summer without thinking of the many hot summer days at lake near my house. I spent so much energy trying to be discrete as I stared at the lifeguard up on their stand. There is something about lifeguards, I guess it's like stewardesses and nurses... there is a sexual connection to the profession. Might be that they're all supposed to be in shape, wear very little on the job and that their main purpose is keeping every body safe. 

 After deciding I needed to feature a lifeguard piece in my week or summer themes, the problem became who to feature. I never really watched Baywatch, so quickly ruled them out. I have fond memories of all the images of Australian lifeguards that seemed to infiltrate the net when I first got on-line, but there were two other lifeguards I couldn't get out of my head. 

I have loved actor Sam Elliott since first seeing him in Mask. My lust deepened a few years ago after buying the DVD and catching his naked walk into the shower in 1978's The Legacy. (some pics HERE:) Elliott is an actor, who although has aged, has not lost his spark, nor his sexual appeal. I remember I downloaded a copy of Elliott's 1976 flick, Lifeguard a few years ago but never watched it. After finally getting my old laptop up and running, (sort of) I was able to find the file and put it on a stick to finally watch.
 I am not sure whose hair is the most wavy, Elliott or co-star Parker Stevenson, but they are both adorable in the flick. There isn't much of a story really, but that fits just fine with the lifestyle. The older lifeguard, Elliott, mentors his weekend help, Stevenson as he contemplates life beyond the beach. Throw in a young girl with a crush, Anne Archer with a kid, and a lifeguard comp that finally gets both actors in speedos, and you have an enjoyable hour and half. The movie literally screams the 70's, but after years of dismissing most of the decades films, I am increasingly gaining, if not an appreciation, an enjoyment for what the decade brought to cinema.

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