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Monday, December 28, 2015

Steady Stream of Piss

Redneck Love

Bravo! He’s an addicted masturbator - you can see how tired he is; and his cum dribbles out now and will again in an hour’s time. On and on. On and on. Onan and onan.

Tattoos and Uncut

On Your Mark....

Bear Bukkake

Bear Threesome

WOOF!!! I can lick and stick that all day!


Tattoo Bear

Rockin' Bear!

Toweling Off

Rubber Breifs



STEVE GRAND. Celebrated “3.5 weeks of sobriety (with a few exceptions)” with “douchey, post-gym selfie.”

Over 1/2 million views on "All I Want for Christmas is You" in just 6 days. You guys are incredible! THANK YOU! 3.5 weeks of sobriety (with a few exceptions). Honestly, I am feeling better than ever. Who would have thought that when you stop poisoning yourself every day with alcohol and fast food, and start doing cardio and sleeping at normal hours, that you actually start to feel and function better? 😜;p But in all seriousness, this is big for me. I have a feeling it's going to be a big year for all of us here in this #GrandFam. :) so many exciting things to come over the next few months (starting with #WeAreTheNight video :D!) So since I am abstaining from alcohol (mostly) and can't do shots with you, I figured the next best thing would be posting this douchey, post-gym selfie (not at all because I'm loving my post-gym pump and how much bigger I look in this downlighting 😜) So here's to you, and to all of us - to getting this far (even if we made it there just barely... And drunk) and to an even bigger, better, more magical 2016. Love, Steve πŸ˜„ :D Ps. I'm naturally a hairless cat. Send your #thoughtsandprayers - that I may grow chest hair. And not just in little circle forests around my nipples. #thanks Pps. My back actually isn't crooked. I'm just trying to make my abs look better than they are 😜;p #opticalillusion
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Classic Television - Prime Time

The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
Original channel
Original run
August 1, 1971 – May 29, 1974
The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour is an American variety show starring American pop-singer Cher and her husband, Sonny Bono. The show ran on CBS in the United States, when it premiered in August 1971. The show was canceled May 1974, due to the couple's divorce, though the duo would reunite in 1976 for the identically-formatted The Sonny & Cher Show (a title sporadically used during the run of the Comedy Hour), which ran until 1977.
In 1971, Sonny and Cher had stopped producing hit singles. Cher's first feature film, Chastity, was not a success, and the duo decided to sing and tell jokes in nightclubs across the country. CBS head of programming Fred Silverman saw them one evening and offered them their own show. The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour was originally supposed to be a summer replacement series, but high ratings gave Silverman sufficient reason to bring it back later that year, with a permanent spot on the schedule. The show was taped at CBS Television City in Hollywood.
The show was a Top 20 hit in the ratings for its entire run. Each episode would open with the show's theme song, which would segue into the first few notes of "The Beat Goes On". Every episode, Sonny would exchange banter with Cher, allowing Cher to put down Sonny in a comic manner. Comedy skits would follow, mixed in with musical numbers. Three of the regular cast members who regularly appeared in sketches were Teri Garr, Murray Langston (who later found brief fame as "The Unknown Comic" on The Gong Show), and Steve Martin (who also served as one of the show's writers). At the end of each episode, Sonny and Cher would sing their hit "I Got You Babe" to the audience, sometimes with daughter Chastity Bono in tow.
Among the many guests who appeared on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour were Carol Burnett, George Burns, Glen Campbell, Tony Curtis, Bobby Darin, Phyllis Diller, Farrah Fawcett, Merv Griffin, The Jackson 5, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ronald Reagan, Burt Reynolds, The Righteous Brothers, Dinah Shore, Sally Struthers, The Supremes, Teri Garr, Chuck Berry, and Dick Clark.
The show was scheduled to return for a fourth season in October 1974. However, Sonny and Cher separated that fall, resulting in the cancellation of the show.
In 2004, selected episodes from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour were released in a three-disc set on Region 1 DVD.
Recurring routines
The Vamp Sketch: This was a sequence featuring at least three mini-skits, each one preceded by Cher (sitting or lying on top of an old-style upright piano with Sonny pretending to play) singing one verse of the song (the lyrics usually set up the next mini-skit), followed by the chorus, "She was a scamp, a camp and a bit of tramp, she was a V-A-M-P, vamp". It ended with all the characters from each skit (even Sonny and Cher, via camera trickery, in their respective costumes) all converging to sing the final chorus together.
Sonny's Pizza: Sonny as the owner of a pizza restaurant whose food, according to almost everyone except Sonny himself, is not fit to be eaten. (The logo on the front door is augmented with the slogan, "You won't believe you ate the whole thing", a play on the then-popular Alka-Seltzer commercial.)
Mr. & Ms.: Gender-bending sketch with Cher as the bread winner in the household, working as a business executive and wearing a three-piece suit. She would come home to Sonny, a beleaguered house-husband who usually complained about how bad his day had been.
The Fortune Teller: Cher inside a fortune-telling vending machine. When Sonny would insert a quarter to hear his fortune, she would give bad news or insults, but anyone else, particularly a given week's guest star, would get a good fortune that would almost immediately come true.
At The Laundrette: Laundromat sketch with Cher as Laverne, a housewife with tacky fashion sense cracking jokes to straight-woman Olivia, played by Garr.



Jesus Christ! Top 5 Hottest Jesus Actors Nude

From: Fleshbot
Jeremy Sisto 
Six Feet Under
*Most known for Clueless (1995) and being the insanely hot DILF on Suburgatory
Played Jesus 

73rd Golden Globe Awards - Best Performance in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy ~ Actress

And The Nominees Are:

Rachel Bloom 
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 
Rebecca Bunch

Jamie Lee Curtis 
Scream Queens 
Dean Cathy Munsch

Julia Louis-Dreyfus 
President Selina Meyer

Gina Rodriguez 
Jane the Virgin 
Jane Gloriana Villanueva

Lily Tomlin 
Grace and Frankie 
Frankie Bergstein

Harlem Globetrotters legend Meadowlark Lemon dead at 83

From: USA Today
George “Meadowlark” Lemon, known as the “Clown Prince of Basketball” for his captivating and amusing style during his 24-season run with the Harlem Globetrotters died in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Sunday. He was 83.

Lemon, whose cause of death was not disclosed, developed an unworldly hook shot – often using at near half court – during his Globetrotters career that spanned 7,500 games in more than 100 countries. He first full season with the team was in 1954.

“For a generation of fans, the name Meadowlark Lemon was synonymous with the Harlem Globetrotters,” said Globetrotters CEO Kurt Schneider in a statement. “He was an incredible entertainer and brought happiness and lifelong memories to millions around the world. We have lost a great ambassador of the game.”

While the Globetrotters performed all over the world, they were most known for their regular appearances on TV during the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, and Lemon often served as the team’s unofficial spokesperson. The Globetrotters were often part of the TV networks main sports weekend sports programming appearing on Wide World of Sports, Sports Spectacular,The Ed Sullivan Show and David Letterman’s talk shows.

But Lemon and the rest of the Globetrotters of that era could be best known for their iconic appearances in the cartoon of Scooby Doo.

“I knew him to be talented. He was smart, funny and simply irresistible,” one-time Globetrotters owner Mannie Jackson said. “He believed that if you accepted him first on the basis of his many talents and his integrity and if you could make someone laugh, he would get you to listen, to believe and to change.

"He did just that for 24 years. He changed people’s attitudes about race. He changed foreigners attitudes about America and along the way, he made millions love the game of basketball.”

Lemon also starred in commercials for Burger King and Charmin, and had a role in the 1979 movie The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, which featured Julius Erving. If you paid close enough attention, the Globetrotters, especially Lemon, brought a flair to basketball that has been emulated at the highest level of the game, the NBA.

“Man, I’ve had a good run. I’ve had a great run. It’s been wonderful,” Lemon said at his Hall of Fame induction speech in 2003.

Lemon, a native of Wilmington, N.C., received the John W. Bunn Award, an honor that recognizes outstanding lifetime contributions to basketball, in 2000. He was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003.

The Globetrotters announced they are dedicating this season — the team’s 90th overall — to Lemon and fellow legend Marques Haynes, who died in May.

Actress Angela McEwan, 'Nebraska' Scene-Stealer, Dies at 81

After raising a family, McEwan realized a lifelong dream by becoming a professional actress.
From: The Hollywood Reporter
Angela McEwan, who was in her '70s when she began to fulfill a lifelong dream to become a professional actress and went on to earn a prominent supporting role in 2013’s Nebraska, died Dec. 20 of complications related to lung cancer. She was 81.

In Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, she played newspaper editor Peg Nagy, sharing a scene with Will Forte’s lead character that the New Yorker critic Richard Brody wrote “quietly wrenches the movie apart and makes the distant, unspoken past vibrate with a revived passionate power.”

McEwan had a recurring role on HBO’s Getting On, and also had appeared in the recent film Moments of Clarity and completed work on the upcoming indie The Boonville Redemption.

McEwan, who was born in Santa Monica on April 23, 1934, studied acting at Los Angeles City College and later at UCLA, where she met Guillermo McEwan, then a medical student. The couple married and moved to Mexico, where Angela began acting. After a subsequent move to Temple, Texas, and raising a family, she continued to act in local theater and was on the board of directors for the Temple Civic Theatre. She also earned a master's degree in Spanish from UC Irvine and taught there for several years before becoming a criminal court Spanish interpreter for nearly 30 years.

After her husband, a gastroenterologist, retired about 10 years ago, she began taking acting lessons and soon started getting roles in low-budget films and on television shows such as New Girl and Parks and Recreation.

"My mom had an amazing capacity to see good in everyone. I can’t recall ever hearing her say something negative about others,” said her son Carlos McEwan. “She believed that everyone tries to do their best within their abilities, so there is no reason to be negative.”  

McEwan is survived by her sons Carlos and William McEwan and her grandchildren Lynsey, Ian and Ellis McEwan. Her husband, Guillermo McEwan, died in 2009. Services are pending. 

Actor Fabian Viguier Full Frontal Will Wet Your Dick

Fap to Fab
From: Fleshbot
In case Santa didn't bring you want you wanted for Christmas this year, Fabian Viguier is here with a special package to fill your wanting stocking! Unlike people that give you regifted crap from their office holiday parties ("Wow! A Russell Stover sampler! You get me") Fabian knows that we're more interested in that uncut Pepperidge Farm dong and delivers with this peen baring scene in French flick So Long. While the comedy came out in 2014 it didn't make much of a splash in America until recently, and thankfully we have these stills bringing us all ze dick and balls we need to butter our flesh baguettes.

 I try not to throw around the world "perfect" but I honestly can't think of how Viguier could be any sexier. He has a lean, toned bod matted down with fur, a nice bush, tight ass, boner-inducing V cut, and a great jiggling uncut cock propped up on some delicious danglers. (Seriously - those things, my mouth, now!) I mean, maybe the sideburns could go, but who am I to challenge any part of this piece of pure genetic perfection?! Check out some stills of this tight boy in the gallery! 

Year End

From:  Tomass Hawkke" Naked Nature

Top 10 Gay Porn Studs of 2015

From: Jack Off Junkie
 With so many hot men gracing our screens in gay porn this year, how does one choose their faves? Here are the top 10 studs who repeatedly made my shorts swell this year!

Buck Richards

In the number one spot, Buck Richards is hands down my my go to guy when I'm horned. From his bedroom eyes, scruff, ink and perfect cock, this dude is made for sex!

Ten Of The Year’s Weirdest, Wackiest, OMGWTF Stories

From: Queerty 

The Openly Gay Democratic Mayor With Alleged Ties To The KKK

When the hackitivist group Anonymous “unhooded” several prominent U.S. Senators and mayors who it claimed were members of the Ku Klux Klan, one of the alleged “White Knights” had quite a few people scratching their heads. It was none other than the openly gay Democratic mayor of Lexington, KY, Jim Gray. 62-year-old Gray, who came out publicly in 2005, quickly released a statement saying the accusations were “false, insulting and ridiculous.” A spokesperson from his office said everyone there was “at a total loss” as to how the mayor’s name ended up on the list.

9 Of The Hottest Ways We Looked Forward To The New Year

From: Queety

Does anybody actually hang wall calendars anymore?

Between phones, tablets, laptops and Google, all of our time-keeping needs are pretty much filled digitally.

Well, all but one — the time-honored tradition of staring at a rotating gorgeous man each month.

Gather ’round kids, here are our favorite 2016 calendars released this year:


The calendar features gay and bisexual male models, completely naked, and reading some of their favorites books by queer writers, including Richard Blanco, James Baldwin, Rigoberto GonzΓ‘lez, and Lysley Tenorio.

Happy Nearly-Nude Year's!

From: Boy Culture
Check out these underwear traditions from around the globes ... er ... globe ...

William Guest, Gladys Knight And The Pips Member, Dies At The Age Of 74

Gladys Knight and the Pips were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and the Apollo Hall of Fame in 2006.
From: Huff Post
William Guest, a member of Gladys Knight and the Pips, has died. He was 74.
Guest's sister-in-law, Dhyana Ziegler, said he died Thursday in Detroit of congestive heart failure.
Guest performed throughout the lifespan of the Grammy-winning group from 1953 to 1989. He performed background vocals on hits such as "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and "Midnight Train to Georgia."
"My heart is broken, but I know his legacy will live on," said Guest's daughter, Monique Guest, in a statement.
Gladys Knight and the Pips were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and the Apollo Hall of Fame in 2006.
After the group ended, Guest and another member, the late Edward Patten, formed a production company. Guest later served as CEO of Crew Records. He released his autobiography "Midnight Train From Georgia: A Pips Journey" in 2013 with Ziegler.
"I am so glad we finished the book, so his wonderful life and legacy will be celebrated throughout eternity," Ziegler said. "I loved my brother so much."

7 Thing We Hope Go Away Forever In 2016

To the left, man buns.
From: NewNowNext


If you’re a guy who wants to rock long hair, go for it. A pony tail? God bless.

But if you’re growing a lump of follicles for the sole purpose of tying it in a bun near the top of your pate, you need to just stop.


Most insanely hot workout gifs ever.

Public Bathroom

The 10 Most WTF Moments Of 2015

A Man Who Duct-Taped His Girlfriend’s Kids To Chairs And Forced Them To Watch Mommie Dearest

Look, we love Mommie Dearest just as much as the next gay, but not this much.

A Nebraska man faced felony child abuse and false imprisonment charges after he duct-taped his girlfriend’s two young boys to chairs and forced them to watch the iconic 1981 classic.

Oliver reportedly told police that he “didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” Riiiiiiight.

15 Best Albums Of 2015

From: NewNowNext
Beauty Behind the Madness
The Weekend

The Weekend’s Beauty Behind the Madness is a raw, groovy and sensual work of art. The production is atmospheric and The Weekend’s voice is smooth and seems to slowly drip from track to track. Its sound is contemporary and poises The Weekend as one of the new, and great, R&B artists of our time.

Standout Tracks
“Often,” “The Hills,” and “Can’t Feel My Face”

14 Times Our Faith In Humanity Was Restored This Year

From: Queerty

Eleven Years Of Fighting For Marriage Equality Condensed Into Two Glorious Minutes

Following the incredible news that the Supreme Court handed down their ruling in favor of marriage equality, there were media stories covering just about every angle of the monumental victory.
We were nuts about this video from Vox which documents some of the victories along the way:

14 Times Clothing Was Optional This Year, From Nude Photo Leaks To Oversharing

From: Queerty
UFC Fighter Daron Cruickshank Steps Out Of The Cage (And His Clothes) For Full-Frontal Photo Shoot

 Michigan-born Daron Cruickshank has been a professional fighter since 2008 and is currently competing in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And if you think he shows no mercy in the fighting ring, then you’ll have to admit he shows no shame in these re-surfaced nude modeling photos.

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