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Monday, February 29, 2016

Rocks on the River

Vintage Leather Man

Who wants to ride my dick?

From:  The-iAnt

Cub in Mesh Briefs

Beach day with friends :)


The sub is patiently waiting for the superior to start fucking his mouth. Very obedient and proper - look how he keeps his eyes on his SIR.

From:  Alpha Male


The First Drops of Precum

Sailor Jerry True Love Forever

Jon Bon Jovi

Street Trash

#317: velar - felipe

Piss Stained Jock

tattoos and trunks

Handsome, Sexy Leather Stud - 1980s

Black and White Makes it Artistic and Not Porn

Style On Skin

OUT LAW - UK College of Law Gay-Straight Alliance

Google Doodle for February 29, 2016

Leap Year 2016

The 29th of February only happens every four years. This is to keep our calendar in sync with the rotation of the Earth around the sun. Without Leap Day, we'd be out of sync by about six hours per year. 

But wait, there’s more...Leap Day happens every four years unless that year is divisible by 100. If you were around in 1900, you would have missed out on the magic of February 29. For anyone born on Leap Day, that's one less birthday party — we hope today's Doodle illustrated by Olivia Huynh, helps make up for lost time! 

Some Yapese Boys preparing for a traditional danc at Xavier



Athens, Greece
Poet, Photographer, Existential Detective

I like to take photos of urban settings and cute boys. http://menelasart.tumblr.com/

BUTT: Did you ever date girls or anyone transgendered?

Menelas: I had a girlfriend for a year and a half when I was 19. We fucked like crazy 3-4 times a night but after a week it was sore.

George Kennedy, beefy character actor, dead at 91

From: CNN
George Kennedy, the brawny, Oscar-winning character actor known for playing cops, soldiers and blue-collar authority figures in such films as "Cool Hand Luke," "Airport" and the "Naked Gun" films, has died. He was 91.

Kennedy died Sunday in Boise, Idaho, said his grandson, Cory Schenkel.

"He passed Sunday morning, due to old age and some health issues," Schenkel said.

The New York-born Kennedy came by his military gravitas honestly; he served in World War II and spent 16 years in the U.S. Army, many of them with Armed Forces Radio. In the 1950s, he was an adviser to Phil Silvers' "Sgt. Bilko" show and then started getting acting roles.

Among his early notable films were 1963's "Charade," in which he played one of the criminal gang threatening Audrey Hepburn's character, and 1965's "The Flight of the Phoenix," in which he played a passenger on James Stewart's stranded airplane.

He broke through with 1967's "Cool Hand Luke," in which he played Dragline, a convict who resists, and then becomes friendly with, Paul Newman's Luke character.

"The marvelous thing about that movie was that as my part progresses, I changed from a bad guy to a good guy," Kennedy said in 1978, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "The moguls in Hollywood must have said, 'Hey, this fellow can do something besides be a bad guy.' "

His performance won him an Oscar for best supporting actor.

Kennedy was, by then, a go-to character actor. He played Joe Patroni, the mechanic and problem solver who was the one constant in the 1970s "Airport" movies. He also starred in 1974's "Earthquake," another disaster flick, about a quake that hits Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, he had a number of TV roles, including starring in the short-lived '70s series "Sarge" and "The Blue Knight."

But he also had a sense of humor about himself, which came in handy given his beefy, 6-foot-4 frame.

He and Raymond Burr were friendly -- Kennedy guest-starred on both "Perry Mason" and "Ironside" -- and Kennedy told the Smashing Interviews website that they used to break each other up.

"Raymond and I were big men," he recalled, noting their height and that "both of us weighed more than a ton and a half each."

But they found their size entertaining, not intimidating.

"If you can picture this, we'd talk about being big guys, and we would giggle. Now, here was 600 pounds of guys sitting between shots in a couple of chairs and almost breaking them because we're giggling at jokes. Over all of Raymond's movies and TV shows, I remember him as a guy who'd giggle with me and didn't care."

Kennedy also got to laugh with Albert Brooks, playing himself in 1981's "Modern Romance," and Leslie Nielsen, co-starring as Detective Captain Ed Hocken in the "Naked Gun" movie

"I love comedy perhaps more than anything else," he told Smashing Interviews.

He didn't stop acting until he was in his 80s, by then doing a seven-year stint on the soap "The Young and the Restless." The Internet Movie Database lists more than 180 acting credits.

"My grandpa loved acting. Every opportunity he had, he enjoyed with such a passion," his grandson said. "It was definitely amazing to see that passion. Acting was natural to him."

Late in life, Kennedy wrote a memoir, "Trust Me," in which he described growing up lonely in New York and the joy he found in acting.

"I considered the time I spent acting a gift from the beyond," he told interviewer Brad Berkwitt. "It was what I could do best."."

Shirt Less

From: Brent's Auto Wall

History's Hottest Movie Actors

From:  Boy Culture
New Heights of handsomeness
Laurence Olivier 

Arguably the finest male actor who ever lived, the British bisexual was clearly at least one of the finest. That strong jaw and clefted chin, the accent, the huge eyes. Suave and gifted both intellectually and physically, this is a case of, "Yes, Sir!" I wonder if working with Harry Hamlin while the latter was basically in a skirt drove him to distraction during Clash of the Titans (1981)?

Sexy Sampler
As You Like It (1936), Fire Over England (1937), The Divorce of Lady X (1938), Wuthering Heights (1939), Rebecca (1940), That Hamilton Woman (1941)

Your Hunk of the Day: Adam Ayash

Adam Ayash via MISSOSOLOGY

Tattooed Bear Poolside

An Awesome Pit

Scream, Queens! The Top 40 Horror Films of The 80’s!

From:  OUT

The Beast Within

Teenager Michael has a problem. While most teens try to cope with an occasional zit, Michael has a different kind of outbreak. The Beast Within is famous for its transformation scenes, which are still fun thirty years later, and made the most out of its low budget but imaginative special effects. Here, let Optimus Prime fill you in.

What is love, Charlie Brown?

Caught Changing

Ever Wonder Why...

Hot Heeb of the Day

From: Hot Heebs

Alma Beach, Tel Aviv

11 Times Playing Queer Paid Off For Straight Actors At The Oscars

From: NewNowNext
Hilary Swank
“Boys Don’t Cry” 

Hilary Swank received her first Oscar for the harrowing bio-film Boys Don’t Cry. In real life, Brandon Teena was brutally murdered for being a trans man, but Swank took home Best Actress and was instantly thrust into A-list Hollywood.

WNBR London 2014

From: Turistico12
 There are thousands of great images from this years World Naked Bike Rides. Here are two cuties preparing for the race in London for their WNBR held last Saturday.

Dish of the Day #1842: Right Fit for You Week

From: Deep Dish
This week I'm featuring five personal trainers who are members of Right Fit for You, an LGBT-Friendly Personal Trainer Referral Service in Chicago. Founder Sam Provenzano created his business in order to provide our community with an online marketplace of trainers who either identify as LGBT or as a straight ally. Right Fit for You is all about ensuring a comfortable personal training atmosphere from beginning to end. For more information, visit www.rightfitforyou.com.

Today's Dish is Brian Donovan of Brian Donovan Fitness who was voted Chicago Reader's Best Personal Trainer of 2014. 

To contact Brian, click here for his RFFY profile. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Photos by Ali Engin.


From: Manhunt Daily
 Because we have an extra day of Winter this year.

 And also because I’m in sunny Florida, while you guys are all probably someplace cold. And also because I was googling for something else and kept coming across a bunch of guys at the beach with their dicks out, so I figured I’d loop you guys in too.

 But also just cause it’s Monday afternoon, and why wouldn’t you wanna look at a bunch of suntanned wangs? Off we go:






























Seems like the beach is where I ought to be headed now, though I’m certain I won’t see this many dicks there. :/
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