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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Joey Bouchard

Jason Baines

Instagrams That Inspire

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
UK Personal trainer and body transformation specialist Luke Hayes is certainly a stunning example of what can be achieved with determination and hard work. Some good genes, and that adorable smile, don't hurt either.

I Was One of the Most Ardent Hillary Haters on the Planet…Until I Read Her Emails

This is a guest post from Anna Whitlock (not her real name) who has worked in online progressive politics for more than ten years and due to previous harassment – including someone publishing her child’s name and address – prefers not to use her real name.
From: Blue Nation Review
 I have a confession to make: In 2008, I was one of the most ardent Hillary Clinton haters on the planet. I was ferocious about how much I didn’t want her to win the primaries, and I rejoiced the day she gave her concession speech.

I believed with all of my heart in Barack Obama in 2008, and saw Hillary Clinton as the one single impediment to his election and a soaring ​presidency. I believed in the “fierce urgency of now.”

I was impressed but unmoved by Hillary’s concession speech, still not ready to forgive the anger and harsh rhetoric which became so much of the 2008 primary campaign.

It was not until President Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State that my attitude began to soften, and it’s here I want to begin.

She was a great Secretary of State. Secretary John Kerry may be basking in the credit for closing the deals, but he walked through the doors Secretary Clinton opened for him.

Her tenure as Secretary of State, of course, led to the bogus email scandal, which in turn led to the slow-​drip release of the emails on her home server. ​I decided I was going to read them.​

In those emails, I discovered a Hillary Clinton I didn’t ​even ​know existed​.​

I found a woman who cared about employees who lost loved ones. I found a woman who, without exception, took time to write notes of condolence and notes of congratulations, no matter how busy she was. I found a woman who could be a tough negotiator and firm in her expectations, but still had a moment to write a friend with encouragement in tough times. She worried over people she didn’t know, and she worried over those she did.

And everywhere she went, her concern for women and children was ​clearly ​the first and foremost ​thing on her mind.

I​n those emails, I​ also found a woman who ​seemed to ​understand power and how to use it wisely. A woman of formidable intellect who actually understood the nuance​s​ of a thing, and how to strike a tough bargain.

I read every single one of the emails released in August, and what I found was someone who actually gave a damn about the country, the Democratic party, and all of our futures.

She watched along with all of us as the Affordable Care Act made its way through Congress, with the same anxiety and aggravation many of us felt, and she rejoiced when it finally passed. She knew the Democrats who voted against it in the House, and she knew the ones who put their political careers on the line in support of it.

The Hillary caricature you see in the press is not the Hillary Clinton I came to know by reading those emails.

Yes, she had powerful friends in powerful places — though I didn’t actually see any emails from Goldman Sachs. And yes, she approached those friends the very same way she approached people on her staff, or people she met in the course of being Secretary of State. She rejoiced in their joys and shared their sorrows. They weren’t just ticks on a political scoreboard. They were friends.

You could tell there were some squabbles internally with other members of the Obama administration, but there was also unflagging, utmost respect for the man who occupied the White House – the office she fought so valiantly to attain.

It’s a hard thing to swallow one’s pride and step to the side, but Hillary did it with class and with dignity. Not only that, she made the most of every minute of her tenure as Secretary of State. Not ​a day went by where she shirked the duty vested in her.

In short, she proved herself beyond what any other candidate has done, and she did it professionally, assertively, and without drama.

Here’s something else I learned about her through those emails​: She’ll fight. And she’ll fight hard. She won’t shy away from a renegade Congress and she won’t always play nice. But she does play by the rules, which is more than I can say for a lot of the candidates on the other side.

​Here’s one more reason I ​​believe in Hillary. My daughter first voted in 2012. This will be her second general election, and she is excited to have our first woman president succeed our first African-American president. She, too, believes that Hillary Clinton is someone who will not only preserve President Obama’s legacy, but build one of her own, one of inclusion and inspiration.

That’s history she – and I – can both ​believe in.

[Originally published 1/28/16]

Look At Hot Guys Eating Hummus

Check out the new Instagram account that's hoping to change the way you look at Israel.
From: NewNowNext
There are Instagram accounts for Hot Guys Reading and Hot Guys Drinking Coffee, but because you can never see too many posts of hot guys doing things, there is now Hot Dudes And Hummus.

The account was created by four students currently studying in Israel, who hoped the account might actually be used for a greater purpose.

“We wanted to highlight a positive aspect of the country, away from the conflict – something which unfortunately is not done enough, whether in media coverage, or other aspects of the private sphere,”one of the creators, Orly Geduld, told Buzzfeed.

She said that she hopes the account, which usually consists of photos of random hot Israeli guys they encounter eating hummus, will be used as a “branding campaign for Israel to shed some light on the humor, diversity, fun, beauty, and culture that are so vibrant and rich in this country.”

Geduld revealed that the account actually started as a school project, and they are shocked that it is gaining viral success.

Check out some of their photos below.
A photo posted by Hot Dudes And Hummus -Official (@hotdudesandhummus) on

A photo posted by Hot Dudes And Hummus -Official (@hotdudesandhummus) on

A photo posted by Hot Dudes And Hummus -Official (@hotdudesandhummus) on


He's a model with a cause.
From: OUT
 After 21 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, many were through with Tyra Banks and her reality competition. Then came Nyle DiMarco, a 6-foot-2 blue-eyed beau who happens to be deaf, a first for the show. “The funny part is, it was never challenging for me,” says the Queens, N.Y.–born model. “I have over 25 deaf family members, and we all use American Sign Language.” 

DiMarco recently launched ASL App, a concept he pitched during an episode of ANTM. “We just hit 300,000 downloads, a milestone,” he says, adding that he hopes to reach a million. He also founded the Nyle DiMarco Foundation to improve the lives of deaf people through promoting bilingual education. 

Which doesn’t leave much time for a love life. “Dating is not my priority now,” he says. The model described himself as sexually “fluid” on Twitter last year in response to a fan’s question, though he is more coy about it now, perhaps because he’s too busy focusing on changing perceptions.

Since winning ANTM, he has toured deaf schools to share his tips for success with kids, and in March, he joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars, which introduced him to homes across the country. Time magazine raved about his performance. “It felt really good to see that they recognized me and my work,” he says. “I think [my dance partner] Peta and I truly broke the relationship between music and dancing. We were killing every step, and that was mind-blowing for the hearing people.” T

Hersheypark Welcomes Trans Visitors To Use Bathroom Matching Their Gender Identity

"The Park has and will always strive to accommodate all guests and employees."
From: NewNowNext
Amid continued national discourse over trans inclusion in public restrooms, Hersheypark has stepped forward to join the growing list of corporations that have stated that their restrooms will be fully accessible to all, regardless of gender identity.

The popular Pennsylvania theme park made the announcement via an email sent by Kathy Burrows, Public Relations Manager for the park, to the Inquisitr this past week. The online publication reached out to Burrows after reports that a trans man had received a muddled response from the park when he’d inquired as to their restroom policy before planning a trip there this summer.

To clarify the park’s stance on the issue, Burrows writes: “For decades, Hersheypark has been dedicated to the safety and security of our guests and employees. It is foundational to our brand. Additionally, the Park has and will always strive to accommodate all guests and employees–including members of the LGBT community–to ensure those visiting or working at Hersheypark are comfortable and feel secure.”

“To that end,” the email continues, “the Park will continue its practice of treating all guests and employees the same no matter race, ethnicity, sexual identity, etc. Guests and employees may continue to use the restrooms with which they gender-identify, or are welcome to use the many family restrooms available across the destination.”

Hersheypark is a huge summer destination, so the announcement that it will uphold trans inclusion in public spaces is a major victory. However, as Target received a myriad of complaints after announcing its support for the trans community earlier this year, Hersheypark has started to receive pointed hate as well, the most visceral coming from conservative TV personality Glenn Beck.

Beck opened up to Right Wing Watch with his reaction to the theme park’s announcement, saying that the issue of “Transgender bathrooms [has] come out of nowhere…I guarantee you, I guarantee you the next stop on this train is pedophilia. I guarantee it. They will normalize pedophilia.”

Beck’s noise aside, the news is fantastic for transgender travelers looking for a vacation spot where they can feel safe and secure this summer.

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Favorite Male Model for May 25, 2008

Philippe Brisson
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Stunning 6'1' Canadian model Philippe Brisson who is represented by Front Management caught my eye recently. These are the best of his pics that I could find. Although usually not a fan of the nipple ring, Philippe I would say wears it well.

Get Pumped For The Olympics With Epke Zonderland’s Gravity-Defying High Bar Routine

This is how you get the gold!
From: NewNowNext
There are only 72 days before the 2016 summer Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which means you have a little over two months to compile the list of hot male gymnasts, divers, swimmers and soccer players you need to make sure to watch.

One of the babes you unfortunately won’t be able to see this year is Epke Zonderland, the Dutch gymnast who became the first from his country to win an individual Olympic medal when he snagged the gold for his flawless high bar routine at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Zonderland is currently recovering from a thumb injury and won’t be participating at the 2016 games in Rio, but he’ll live on forever in video!

Below, check out the incredible high bar routine that was regarded as one of the best in the 2012 games.

Gérard Turner

Gay Married Clergy Welcome In Church Of Scotland—But They Can’t Perform Same-Sex Marriages

The decision came after a vote at last weekend's general assembly.
From: NewNowNext
The National Church of Scotland voted during its general assembly this weekend to recognize ministers and deacons who are in same-sex marriages, but it’s not giving up its traditional stance that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The vote will allow congregations to break away from those traditional teachings if they want to appoint a minister or a deacon in a same-sex marriage, however, clergy from the Church of Scotland will still not be allowed to conduct same-sex weddings.

The principal clerk of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, Rev. John Chalmers, put out a statement saying, “We had a debate which made very clear that we were not interfering with our theological definition of marriage and were not going to the place where ministers or deacons could themselves conduct same-sex marriages. It is an entirely different discussion.”

The debate on gay marriages within the church will continue, but it won’t happen until the church’s Theological Forum presents a report on the theology of marriage next year.

Gay Couple Stand Up To Neo-Nazi Rally With A Big, Beautiful Kiss

"I turned to my friend and did what I thought would annoy them the most."
From: NewNowNext
 A photo of two men kissing in front of a neo-Nazi rally has gone viral on Twitter. David Fernández and Gregor Eistert were on a date in Madrid on Saturday, searching for a place to grab a drink, when members of Hogar Social Madrid began shouting “You’ve got AIDS!,” “maricóń” (“faggot”) and other slurs at them.

Rather than run in fear, the couple decided to fight hate with love, and staged a big kiss in front of the homophobes.

“I turned to my friend and did what I thought would annoy them the most,” Fernández told Buzzfeed. He called the kiss “completely spontaneous” and “coming from a place of anger.”

The group was spewing hate against recent immigrants, but police actually broke up the kiss and asked Fernández and Eistert to move along.

“I couldn’t understand why they were kicking us out of the square when the ones committing a hate crime were them,” Fernández said, adding that it was probably just easier to move them than 10,000 neo-Nazis.

Since then, there’s been a massive outpouring of support online.

“ETERNAL love for David and Gregor. Thank you for being so brave and so precious!
<3 blockquote="" class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">
Precioso y épico momento del beso de David y Gregor frente a la manifestación nazi del sábado en Madrid.#LoveWins pic.twitter.com/sISACf9ej8
— Valladolid Diversa (@VaDiversa) May 23, 2016

“Beautiful and epic moment of the kiss of David and Gregor against Nazi demonstration on Saturday in Madrid.”

“Look at the faces the Nazi scum from Hogar Social de Madrid have. These guys had a great time at their expense.

Gay Chinese Couple Faces Backlash For Declaring Their Love On College Campus

Being gay isn't illegal in China, but it's culturally condemned and widely considered to be taboo.
From: NewNowNext
 Two Beijing Renmin University students are going viral after publicly declaring their love in an impromptu public ceremony on campus on Friday, an act that some suggest could possibly lead to their expulsion.

Photos showing the couple standing inside an illuminated heart-shaped ring of lights were shared on Weibo, the Chinese social networking site similar to Facebook, and drew mixed reactions from people on both sides of the heated debate about the dismal status of LGBT rights in China.

According to the site Whats On Weibo, the man declared his love for his friend in front of a crowd by saying, “I will be with you, not to play basketball, but to kiss you.”

 Commentators called the public display of affection “disgusting” and a “disgrace,” implied that homosexuality is biologically unnatural, and claimed that mankind would “perish if everyone’s gay.”

But many others were supportive, and most condemned bigoted comments like the ones above.

“Love goes beyond gender, bless you!” one commenter wrote, while another wondered what the consequences for the students involved might be.

“If these students get expelled, I would really lose hope in Chinese universities,” they wrote.

Same-sex marriage and civil unions are not legal in China, and only about 30% of the population believe they should be. Though it isn’t illegal to be openly gay, it’s culturally condemned and widely considered to be taboo.

More recently, it’s been reported that a large number of gay Chinese adults marry gay adults of the opposite sex to satisfy their parents’ cultural expectations and to produce children, as same-sex adoption is also not possible in the country.

Fergie Headlining NYC Pride

The Black Eyed Peas singer joins Cher, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez as divas who have performed at the Dance on the Pier.
From: NewNowNext
 Pop star Fergie will be headlining the Dance on the Pier, the iconic closing night even of NYC Pride.

Heritage of Pride announced yesterday morning that the “Fergalicious” singer will perform some of her biggest hits as well as new tracks at the June 26 event, which sees thousands dancing on Hudson River Park’s Pier 26.

“Fergie is a stellar singer-songwriter, a world-class performer, and a long-time advocate for LGBT people,” said Jose Ramos, NYC Pride Dance on the Pier director. “This is a performance that our guests will be talking about for years to come.”

 Fergie took a pause from music to raise son Axl Jack with husband Josh Duhamel, though she’s been back in the studio working on a follow up to 2006’s The Dutchess.

“I’m so honored to be performing at the 30th Dance on the Pier at NYC Pride, the largest LGBT Pride celebration in the world,” said Fergie in a statement. “We’re going to createsomething extra special to celebrate this milestone.”

 She joins the ranks of Cher, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and other top performers who have rocked the Dance on the Pier, NYC Pride’s biggest fundraiser.

In addition to being its 30th anniversary, the 2016 Dance on the Pier marks the final dance to take place on Pier 26, which is being transformed into a recreation space and marine center.

“We can’t wait for Fergie to bring the house down one last time at Pier 26,” said Chris Frederick, NYC Pride Managing Director.
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