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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nick Hawk - Playgirl - Summer 2013

 Nick Hawk was born on September 3, 1981 in Madison Wisconsin.  Being successful, AKA making something out of nothing, was his motivation from an early age.  He has worked well over 50 different jobs starting with newspaper delivery at an early age, waking up hours before school started and playing sports after school including; wrestling, football, baseball and basketball. In his free time and summers he worked on farms, raced dirt bikes, snowboarded and free styled rapped for his friends at bonfire parties. He enjoyed every creative aspect of school from English class, art classes, chorus and all of course sports. He lettered four times in wrestling and was captain of his wrestling team. 

He went to college in Stevens Point Wisconsin after graduating high school and continued his wrestling career for a year. He ran out of money, decided he needed to get away and joined the Air Force for a four-year-tour so he would receive the GI Bill to have the rest of his college paid for.  Nick was a double Air Force Marksman and passed all of the tests to become Air Force special ops but decided to keep his job as a crew chief and take as many college classes as possible while serving.  He was stationed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.

In 2005 he left the Air Force, packed up all of his belongings and headed to California to take a shot at a career in Entertainment   Never being there or knowing anyone he drove straight down Beach Boulevard to the ocean, got out of his truck, picked up a newspaper and started to look for somewhere to live and work. While finishing college he bartended, was a personal trainer and stripped to pay the bills. 

He graduated college in '07 with an English major that focused on Creative Writing. During his last year of college he started his company Explicit Strippers which is now in Orange County, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii. In 2008 he was on the cover of Men's Health UK.  In 2009 he took second in the the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World’s as a blue belt, in 2010 he won the advanced light heavy weight bracket at the Las Vegas Grappler's Quest, in 2011 3rd as a purple belt and he continues to train and compete. He made the switch from a stripper to a gigolo in 2009 when Garren James with Cowboys For Angels recruited him.

In 2010 he was approached to star in a Showtime series called Gigolos.  He has filmed 4 seasons and the show is a huge success.

In 2013 he released his sex toy and novelty line and online store NickHawkSexToysAndAdultNovelties.com which includes his molded penis, sex position book and over 20 other items.

Currently he is doing appearance, performances and has released six singles including his new hits "Leave With Me" and "Tippin N Sippin."  Nick stays busy, to say the least, promotes healthy lifestyles and positivity.  In his little free time he enjoys his Boston Terrier, Eyas and Wolf, yes, wolf, Talon, working out, working on his music, riding his motorcycle, traveling the world, snowboarding and surfing.  But he will always have more enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction entertaining and he will always be hustling...

Favorite Word: Explicit, Hustler

Most Recurring Dream:  Flying, sex

Thoughts First Waking Up:  Down to business

Have you Been in Love:  I love everyone

If you could improve one hobby, what would it be?  Singing

What turns you on? 3 S's Success/Style/Sexiness

What turns you off? Negativity/Laziness

What Sound Or Noise Do You Love: Laughter

What Sound Or Noise Do You Hate? Any Humility/Crying/Car not starting

Favorite Curse Word: Fuck

What Profession That You Haven't Attempted Would Like To? Vigilante/Explorer

What Profession Would You Not Like To Attempt:

If Heaven Exists, What Would You Like To Hear God Say When You Arrive?  I'm Glad I Created You


Star in a movie that makes the big screen

Go on tour with music

Have a song make the billboard charts

Produce a TV show

Have a Sexpert column in a highly-read-popular publication.

Publish - "Pointless Emotions" and The Nick Hawk Sex Chronicles"

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Visit Alaska - Heliboard - See wild bears - Fish for salmon

Visit Africa - Swim with Great White sharks - Stalk the "Big 5" - Take a dirt bike in the Namib Dunes

Hang glide in Brazil or with eagles

Visit South America - Columbia --- Peru, Galรกpagos Islands - Experience Ayahuasca from a shaman

Caribbean Islands - Kite Surf in Barbados - Spear and Eat my own lobster in Nevis - Nikki Beach Turks and Caicos - Visit Grenada Sculpture Park - St. Martin - Visit the Atlantis Resort

Take the old man deep sea fishing in Key West, catch a shark and have a replica molded of it

Las Vegas - Dirt bike/dune buggy in the desert

Tour the Greek islands


Burning Man

Masters of Psychology or Human Sexuality

Visit London

Visit St. Barts

Snowboard Utah

Bungee Jump

Cabo - Spring Break

Visit Australia - Snorkel at Great Barrier Reef - Outback adventure/see wild kangaroos

Shoot Men's Health Cover

Hike The Stairway To Heaven - Oahu


Visit the Caribbean Islands/Florida/Key West - Go on a cruise - snorkel

Visit Florida - Parasail

Bachelor of English

Shoot Men's Health UK Cover

Surf Malibu Beach

Visit Puerto Vallarta - Surf

Own a successful business - Explicit Strippers/Nick Hawk Productions

Ride the New York Subway - Eat "New York Pizza"

Camp in Malibu Canyons

Star on a TV show - Gigolos

Shoot an automatic weapon - Gun Store, Las Vegas

Release music on ITunes

Do a backflip off a Trapezee - Santa Monica

Snowboard on a mountain in deep powder - Mammoth Mountain

Go River Tubing - Arizona

Go to the EDC - Las Vegas

Rope a giant horse or bull - Las Vegas

Skydive - Las Vegas

Have my own sex toy line with a dildo molded from my penis and a sex position book

Buy a house

Surf in Oahu

Snorkel with a giant sea turtle - Oahu

Surf in Maui

Climb the 7 Seven Sacred Pools - Maui

Perform my own song in a nightclub

Own a wolf

Visit Central Park New York

Learn how to sword fight/take fencing lessons - New York

Visit Paris - Eiffel Tower

Visit Morocco - Hold a hawk - See a snake charmer - Run a camel 

Join the Mile High Club

Visit Costa Rica - Pet a crocodile - Surf - Horseback ride in the jungle - Zipline - Repel off a waterfall

Visit Sea World - Swim with a beluga whale

Take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon

Race a Ferrari - Las Vegas

Have a large Billboard - Las Vegas

Indoor Skydiving - Las Vegas

Visit India - See a tiger on a tiger safari - Visit Taj Mahal - Ride an elephant

Visit Jamaica - Get really really high - Cliff jump - Snorkel

Shoot The Cover Of Playgirl

Visit the Los Angeles Griffith Observatory

Visit the top of the Statue of Liberty

Snowboard in Colorado

See a broadway musical - Lion King

Swim with and ride a dolphin - Oahu

Hike Maunawili Falls - Oahu
See Even More Of Nick After The Jump:



Shieroc said...

Too many tattoos and the package ain't all that.

Unknown said...

Looking good as usual Nick Hawk๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’‹

madison said...

Right...I thought it would be impressive...but really just average.

Unknown said...

Always hot

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

You rock my boat Nick!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Nick!!

Anonymous said...

I would sue the tattoo artist for that mess. I like reality shows so I'll watch anything that's a reality show and I've had a fun time peeping through the Keyhole of their whorish lives and I've laughed at times it seems more like a comedy but at first, the first few seasons that I binged on at Netflix gave me nightmares because I couldn't even imagine being in an empty life like that having to screw unattractive out of shape women. This is what happens when you binge watch a show of this nature. I find that it completely sucks that men get to be called Gigolos and women get to be called whores, hookers and prostitutes from the beginning of time. Not once do any of the men refer to themselves as hookers whores or prostitutes which is exactly what they are. Its rather repulsive, similar to seeing a car accident, to watch them have sex with Hideous looking women. The women are no different from dirty old men have to pay for sex because they have no game. These hookers are wasting the best years of their lives where they could take the money they make and go back to school and find a good woman. They should refine their talents and get into another line of work because hooking is a temporary business just like being a porn star. That's why bree olson is on Periscope begging people for money because she doesn't know what else to do with her life now that she's 30. These guys are even older! They should get a clue in their empty heads from Brace and not end up like him, unable to love, untrusting because he knows he can't be trusted, depressed and mournful. My god! I can literally see the pervasive SADNESS they hide behind their eyes. It comes out in their body. The way they walk, the way they sound when they talk, but especially... it's in their eyes.

I feel sorry for them.

gargramel said...

Nothing wrong with average. ..he could be alot of fun!

gargramel said...

Love his tattoos and it is big enough to have fun!

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