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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Your Nightly Briefing

From:  Boy Culture
 Christian Lopez (23, from Spain) flaunts his assets for Andres Ramirez, with undies by 2wink Australia, 4 Skins, aussieBum, Barcode Berlin and Gigo Underwear, and accessories by Assaad Award and Chaumen, as shot at 800 Madrid.

The 25 Best Beach Bodies

From:  OUT
Actor, 43

Unfortunately, we could only feature the most safe-for-work picture of Shemar Moore at the beach, but we encourage you to keep investigating. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Oh My! Fuzzy Model Dusty St. Amand, Photographed by Charles Quiles

From: Accidental Bear

Photographer: Charles Quiles

24 Sexual Experiences That Every Gay Man Should Have. At Least Once!

From: OSEntendidos (Link in Portuguese.)
In public

I will not say that everybody is having sex in the street because NEAM , nobody wants to stopped and be confined and surrounded by dangerous men and cell ... I mean, whatever! But depending upon the place, having sex with someone watching can be very interesting. If shovel, which is handy since you kill logo items 3,4,5 and 6, depending on the voyeur, to bury off the list


22 Russians Who We Won’t Let Vladimir Putin Forget Were Gay

From: Advocate
Michael Lucas 
b. 1972
Yup. That Michael Lucas.

Born in  Moscow, he was raised in a secular Jewish family. In 1994, after earning a law degree from Moscow State Law Academy, Lucas briefly owned and operated a travel agency until 1995. He left Russia for Munich, Germany, then settled in France for the next two years. In 1997, Lucas moved to New York City.

He started his porn career in Germany with straight films, but while in France, he worked with the influential director Jean-Daniel Cadinot in his first gay films, and then went on to become a Falcon exclusive. He now has his own successful production company in New York.

As a columnist for Out, The Advocate, Huffington Post and Pink News, his reputation is controversial and his writing outspoken. Speaking regularly at universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Oxford, he discusses social, political, and sexual issues. He has been on the cover of hundreds of magazines worldwide and has been profiled in many mainstream publications ranging from New York Magazine to The New Republic.

In 2009, he became a citizen of Israel, denouncing his Russian citizenship in 2010 over Russian homophobia and anti-Semitism.


Here Are The 22 Coolest Tweets Ever, According To Twitter

From: Huffington Post
An Everest climb live-tweeted


From: Megan Kalmoe
Mario Gyr – SUI LM2X 

Just when we thought that we would never see a five-o’clock shadow as good as Mark Hunter’s ever again: enter Mario Gyr. Mario is a part of the Swiss Lightweight Mafia that stormed into Chungju this year ready to make their mark on the international field. He finished third at the European Championships and had a fantastic race in the final of the LM2X in Chungju to win the silver medal.

Simply Outstanding: Theo Kumar by Roy McGinnis

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'The shoot with Roy gave me a confidence that as a model I could do anything!'

 Growing up in India in a very conservative environment, Theo Kumar studied to be an engineer and never really thought that one day he would be taking it all off in front of the camera. Theo moved to the United States to pursue his education and ended up staying on to take work as a computer engineer in a high tech firm. While growing up in India, Theo was never that comfortable with himself, especially his body which he considered too skinny.

 'In the US, I had the eye opening experience of being comfortable with myself. That shaped my views and I started working out and getting into a shape and form where I felt great about myself. I have traveled extensively around the world and that has shaped my outlook and has kept me grounded as a person. My drive for adventure has also pushed me in the pursuit of dare devil adventure activities throughout the world.

 Theo's body, once the source anguish, is exceptionally suited for the world of modeling. His long lean lines created dramatic poses and images highlighted by his beautiful and expressive eyes. Through his body and face, Theo is able to express a wide range of emotions which add depth and layers within his work. His body draws you, his eyes keep you there.

 'My eyes get a lot of attention, and to a large extent....my penis. I am not complaining.'

When choosing my favorite images of Theo, some of my favorites were from his work with San Francisco based photographer Roy McGinnis. Roy's goal through his work is brining the beauty of the his subject into focus and creating a visual memory for other to enjoy. Roy considers it an honor to be a part of this memory process. Although most photographers call their art a passion, you can literally feel the passion pouring out of each of Roy's images. Within his work with Theo there is an epic feel, especially in the images with the Wings. Intensely beautiful, dramatic and Gothic but most of all memorable.

 'I walked into Roy's studio wearing shorts and sandals - we did a couple of test shots and then I disrobed. He was playing around with lights and he had a helper who was teaching me poses and reactions. It was quite a unique experience as I was learning acting and how to react. He captured expressions and motions in a raw, unfiltered form that was fantastic. When he sent me the processed pic, I couldn't believe them - simply outstanding.'


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