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Friday, September 23, 2016

Clinton campaign memo outlines map to victory

Robby Mook's private memo sees a more-plausible Electoral College path for Clinton than for Donald Trump.
From: Politico
Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook's analysis tracks with what top party strategists
have been saying about the Democrat-Republican split for months. | Getty
Staring down tightening polls both nationwide and in the battleground states, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook on Monday circulated a private memo to donors, supporters and top volunteers that maps out the Democratic nominee’s various paths to the White House in November, paired with his analysis of Donald Trump’s own precarious path.

“Here’s the story that no poll can tell: Hillary Clinton has many paths to 270 electoral votes, while Donald Trump has very few. Hillary is nearly certain to win 16 ‘ blue' states, including Washington D.C., which will garner her 191 electoral votes,” writes Mook in the nearly 2,000-word memo that was blasted out in the early evening, and which was obtained by POLITICO. “If we add the five states that FiveThirtyEight.com gives Hillary a 70% or greater chance of winning (Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin), Hillary only needs 10 more electoral votes."

Writing at a time when Democrats are growing increasingly nervous about the state of the race — and as leading party members like President Barack Obama and Clinton herself are loudly warning that the vote is going to be close — Mook then runs down the possibilities for Clinton to win the remaining 10 electoral votes: taking Florida’s 29 electoral votes, North Carolina’s 15, Ohio’s 18, or any two of Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, or Nevada.

“Put a different way, of these battleground states, Hillary can win just one (Florida, Ohio, or North Carolina) and win the presidency, which means the six additional states would only add more electoral votes to her total,” he writes. “Donald Trump, on the other hand, must win six of these seven states, including Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio — none of which he can lose."

Mook’s analysis tracks with what top party strategists have been saying about the Democrat-Republican split for months, though it clashes with the Trump team’s own inclusion of Pennsylvania in the battleground mix. Clinton, for her part, has also drilled down on that state, calculating that it should go her way but that the Republican’s chances are nearly nonexistent without it.

Titled “50 days until Election Day,” the memo serves in part as a way to calm down hand-wringing party members who are increasingly concerned that Trump is gaining on Clinton — her lead in the four-way RealClearPolitics national average is 0.7 points, down from its peak of 7.6 in early August. But the note is also a rallying mechanism, urging supporters to make more calls and knock on more doors in the homestretch.

It runs through some of Clinton’s policy positions and some standard knocks on Trump — including quoting GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, who this summer said Trump’s insistence that a judge of Mexican heritage couldn’t be unbiased in a case involving the candidate is “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

But it doesn’t stray far from Clinton’s public line, except to go hard negative against Clinton’s opponent at a time she is striving to push a more affirmative, not just anti-Trump, message.

The missive also identifies some of Democrats’ structural and infrastructural advantages, such as the higher proportions of young voters and people of color in the battlegrounds than in 2012, before — in a tried-and-true campaign maneuver, taking pains to calm backers by dismissing public polls and the media.

“You’ve heard us say many times that public polls must be taken with a grain of salt, but here’s why we should just dump out the entire salt shaker: in early September, an ABC/News Washington Post poll showed Hillary leading by eight points. Four days later, Reuters/IPSOS released a poll saying Hillary’s lead was only one point. Here’s my favorite: earlier this month, a CBS/YouGov poll showed Hillary winning Ohio by seven points (46-39) and three days later a Bloomberg Poll came out showing Trump winning Ohio by five (44-39),” Mook writes.

“A swing of 12 points in three days? Go figure. Is Ohio a very close contest? YES. Battleground states carry that name for a reason: they’re going to be close, from now until Election Day."

Chile’s President Promises To Take A Stand For Marriage Equality

Michelle Bachelet voiced her support of the LGBT community at a recent UN summit.
From: NewNowNext
 Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said during a United Nations General Assembly panel on LGBT rights on Wednesday that she would send a bill legalizing same-sex marriage to Congress some time in the first half of 2017.

The move would follow the Congress’ legalization of same-sex civil unions this past January.

 “My government has committed to submit to Congress a bill on marriage equality during the first half of 2017,” Bachelet said, according to a translation of her statement.

“Furthermore,” she continued, “it will also consider governmental support for several measures destined to strengthen the rights of the LGBT community, including reforms to anti-discrimination laws.”

With this bill, Chile would join fellow South American countries Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in legalizing same-sex marriage.

While Chile is one of the continent’s most economically developed countries, it has been slow to embrace social change. In 2004, it became the last nation in the Western hemisphere to legalize divorce and still fully outlaws abortions in most cases.

Under Bachelet’s leadership, however, the country is making significant strides toward progress. When over 500,000 members of Chilean’s LGBT community marched for equality in 2013, for example, Bachelet commended the action and promised to work to advance the community’s rights.

And with this latest statement, it seems she’s doing just that.

Catholic Church in Mexico Accuses Government of ‘Persecution’ Over Gay Rights

From: Towleroad
Father Hugo Valdemar, the spokesperson of Mexico’s Catholic church has accused the country’s anti-discrimination watchdog, Conapred, of persecution.

Conapred has requested that clergy abstain from making comments following the constant attacks by Catholic organizations since Mexican President Enrique Peรฑa Nieto submitted a proposal that would legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.

Valdemar was responding to a Conapred statement which said that a series of rallies last week opposing same-sex marriage were “absolutely discriminatory.” The cleric also attacked Conapred for taking a stance against an article in the Catholic outlet “Desde la Fe” entitled “No one is born gay” which claimed that ex-gay Dr. Richard Cohen of U.S.-based Positive Approaches To Healthy Sexuality has been successful in his use of conversion therapy.

According to Telesur, Valdemar said:

“There is persecution against the Church.
“It is something very serious, the state now determines the sexual behavior of citizens and forbids any attempt to return to normalcy…
“The state prohibits parents from helping their children to solve their sexual doubts and prohibits homosexuals from changing, but if they want to change their sex they fund that atrocity, it’s something diabolic.”

Same-sex marriage has been legalized in Mexico City and 9 of the nation’s 31 states. There are challenges in the 22 other states underway.

Anti-gay activists are planning a mega-rally tomorrow in Mexico City.

Below, watch a video of a march in Celaya, Guanajuato, last weekend during which a 12-year-old boy was photographed in the middle of the street trying to block the path of 11,000 demonstrators.

Can Tons Of Celebrities, Promise Of Mark Ruffalo Nude Scene Turn Out The Vote?

From: Towleroad
Director Joss Whedon has assembled a “shit ton” of celebrities in a new video asking you to vote, with the promise of a Mark Ruffalo nude scene if you do.

Whedon returned to Twitter to announce the spot, which he filmed as part of his new Super PAC Save the Day‘s initiative to get progressive voters out to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Robert Downey, Jr., Neil Patrick Harris, James Franco, Julianne Moore, Rosie Perez, Keegan-Michael Key, Don Cheadle and a host of others, including a couple regular people for the “unpolished sincerity” factor, do their best to convince the American public to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates.

They argue against the talking points often heard by those considering a protest vote, or those considering staying home, saying it is inaccurate to claim that both sides are equally bad, or that one vote doesn’t matter.

The Save the Day website explains: “We are a short-form production company dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act. That every voice in this wonderfully diverse nation should, and must, be heard. That the only thing that can save democracy is the act that defines it. We are committed to fighting the apathy, cynicism, and honest confusion that keeps citizens from using their vote. And to reminding an increasingly out-of-touch and compromised set of representatives that they are answerable to the people they were hired to serve.”

Whedon returned to Twitter in order to promote the video.

“Hey! Did I miss anything? Lol jk the world is on fire here’s a thing I made savetheday.vote” he tweeted. He followed that up with another tweet, reading, “Proof it’s really me: I already failed on my 1st tweet because tech – the link to the vid I made is THIS” with a link to the PSA on YouTube, which you can find below.

Watch Whedon’s voting PSA below.

Brutal Hillary Clinton Ad Highlights Trump’s Hideous Remarks About Women

From: Towleroad
“I’d look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers,” Trump says in a new Hillary Clinton campaign ad that will air in battleground states. “She’s a slob. She ate like a pig. A person who is flat-chested, it’s very hard to be a 10.”

Trump’s words are accompanied by clips of adolescent girls assessing themselves in mirrors.

“Does she have a good body? No. Does she have a fat (beep)? Absolutely,” Trump adds in the voiceover.

The Washington Post reports:

Several previous ads from the Democratic presidential nominee have sought to diminish Trump by using his own words, including one in which he makes controversial comments about veterans. But this is notable for the Republican’s comments about women in a race that includes a candidate who would be the nation’s first female president. The ad is clearly intended to appeal not only to women but other voters who find Trump’s colorful language about them offensive.

The ad also includes a clip of an interview in which Trump is asked if he treats women with respect.

“I can’t say that either,” he responds.

“Is this the president we want for our daughters?”

The ad will air in Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and on national cable, according to CNN.


Brockton Warwick by YogaBear Studio

From: Over-Flow
Brockton by YogaBear Studio (2012)

Broadway’s Hottest Bisexual Has An Important Message For All You Bi-Deniers

From: Queerty
It’s Bisexual Awareness Week. To mark the occasion, Broadway actor Andy Mientus has written a lengthy but powerful Instagram post about the stigma many people still attach to bisexuality.

The 29-year-old Spring Awakening and Les Misรฉrables star says he is often contacted by young people still coming to terms with their sexualities, and “it breaks my heart to learn that they are denying their hearts, bodies, and souls just because of what other people will think of them.”

“I try to be visible all the time just by being true to who I am,” Mientus says, “but I know many people struggle with this because of the stigma associated with bi-ness.”

“Have you ever doubted someone who tells you they are Bi–‘Sure, Jan’–or debated the validity of that claim behind their back?” he asks. “Do you have a preconceived idea of what bi ‘really’ looks like based on what TV and movies have told you? Do you think of it just as a sexual kink or as a true identity?”

Mientus continues: “When I encounter ignorance about my identity, I always try to approach it from a place of warmth and education, so this is not me lecturing the monosexuals out there. I’m inviting you this week to think about your own feelings towards bisexuals and ask yourself if there is any lingering doubt or prejudice there.”

Check out the full post below…
Hey so it's #biweek- the week for the Bi kids to be visible. I try to be visible all the time just by being true to who I am openly, but I know many people struggle with this because of the stigma associated with bi-ness. I know that some of you, probably friends even, are reading this and rolling your eyes- "oh he's still holding on to that? Who is SHE kidding?"- and I don't blame you. Not many are open about it so we appear to be very rare creatures, maybe even mythical. I've definitely felt the pressure to just accept being lumped in as gay when I meet new people- correcting them feels super political and unnecessary in the moment but then later I realize that it's my own shame. I don't write this to position myself as an activist or a role model. I try to be the best person I can be always but I am just an actor, not a queer-studies professor, and I am learning along with everyone else. I have and will continue to put my foot in my mouth on issues so I won't pretend to know everything. What I do know is that because of my platform as an actor, kids reach out to me almost daily confused about their sexuality and it breaks my heart to learn that they are denying their hearts, bodies, and souls just because of what other people will think of them. We now talk about LGBT+ issues constantly but how often do we really consider the B in there? Have you ever doubted someone who tells you they are Bi- "Sure, Jan"- or debated the validity of that claim behind their back? Do you have a preconceived idea of what bi "really" looks like based on what TV and movies have told you? Do you think of it just as a sexual kink or as a true identity? When I encounter ignorance about my identity, I always try to approach it from a place of warmth and education, so this is not me lecturing the monosexuals out there. I'm inviting you this week to think about your own feelings towards bisexuals and ask yourself if there is any lingering doubt or prejudice there. If you think you could be bi, ask yourself what is holding you back from accepting it- is it your own developing feelings or your fear of society around you? Together, we can end that stigma. ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ ๐Ÿ“ท: @lukefontana
A photo posted by @andymientus on

British Govt Says It Is ‘Committed’ to Pardoning 49,000+ Gay Men Convicted of Gross Indecency

From: Towleroad
The British government says it is “committed” to an ‘Alan Turing law’ that would pardon at least 49,000 gay men who were convicted under gross indecency crimes before homosexuality was decriminalized in 1967.

The BBC reports:

World War Two code-breaker Turing (left) was pardoned in 2013, decades after he was convicted of gross indecency in 1952. A government spokesman said it was “committed” to the proposal.
“This government is committed to introducing posthumous pardons for people with certain historical sexual offence convictions who would be innocent of any crime now,” the spokesman said.
“We will bring forward our proposals in due course.”

Efforts to pardon gay men convicted under the laws gained steam after the release of recent movies about Turing like The Imitation Game.

The Independent reports:

Speaking to The Independent, Rachel Barnes, Mr Turing’s great-niece said she had been “disappointed that there had been no progress” since she and others had originally launched a petition in 2015 to extend her great-uncle’s pardon to all men convicted under the historic laws. “I will give my backing towards any progress,” she added.
“It’s something the family of Alan Turing have always, always backed and we really do want justice for everybody who was affected by the anti-gay laws. I am very pleased to hear the current administration will give it their backing.”

Following a screening of The Imitation Game in London last year, actor Stephen Fry told The Hollywood Reporter that Turing’s pardon was only the start of what should be done to honor Turing.

“Should Alan Turing have been pardoned just because he was a genius, when somewhere between 50 to 70 thousand other men were imprisoned, chemically castrated, had their lives ruined or indeed committed suicide because of the laws under which Turing suffered? There is a general feeling that perhaps if he should be pardoned, then perhaps so should all of those men, whose names were ruined in their lifetime, but who still have families.” He continued, “It was a nasty, malicious and horrific law and one that allowed so much blackmail and so much misery and so much distress. Turing stands as a figure symbolic to his own age in the way that Oscar Wilde was, who suffered under a more but similar one.”

[Benedict] Cumberbatch, who played Turing in The Imitation Game, agreed with Fry: “Alan Turing was not only prosecuted, but quite arguably persuaded to end his own life early, by a society who called him a criminal for simply seeking out the love he deserved, as all human beings do. 60 years later, that same government claimed to ‘forgive’ him by pardoning him. I find this deplorable, because Turing’s actions did not warrant forgiveness — theirs did — and the 49,000 other prosecuted men deserve the same.”

Turing’s family brought a petition for the pardons to the British government last year.

Botswana to deport American hate pastor banned from South Africa

From: LGBTQ Nation
Botswana’s government says it is deporting an American pastor who has made anti-gay comments.

Neighboring South Africa earlier this month prevented the entry of Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe, Arizona, saying he and church members allegedly promote hate speech and “social violence.”

The tweet by Botswana’s government on Tuesday says Anderson “has been declared a prohibited immigrant” but does not give details.

Activists had said they were campaigning against the Botswana visit after urging South Africa’s government to bar the entry of Anderson.

After his South Africa ban, Anderson posted on Facebook: “Thank God we still have a wide open door in Botswana.”

Anderson also said he had been banned from traveling to the United Kingdom while traveling to the African nation.

“They tell me that the United Kingdom has banned me from entering the country and that I can’t even have a connecting flight in London,” he said in a video from the airport. “Not only am I banned from the UK, but I can’t even go to the London airport.”

While Anderson has regularly been featured on LGBT blogs for his outrageous and offensive statements about LGBT people, he hit the national limelight for celebrating the deaths of the victims of a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando earlier this year.

“The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles,” Anderson said at the time.

Bono Guts Trump: ‘He’s Potentially the Worst Idea that Ever Happened to America’

From: Towleroad
 U2 lead singer and activist Bono spoke with Charlie Rose about the upcoming US presidential election and spelled out his opinion on the state of the race and on Donald Trump in particular.

Asked whether Trump is “a change agent because people are so unhappy about the status quo”, Bono appeared to become physically revolted at the suggestion, letting out an audible gasp before putting his head down on Rose’s famous round table.

“America is like the best idea the world ever came up with,” Bono said, “but Donald Trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America. Potentially.”

He added, “He could destroy it because of what we’re saying. America is not just a country…America is an idea.”

The Irish rock star commented that he believes Trump “hijacked” the GOP and that he’s “trying to hijack the idea of America.” “I think it’s bigger than all of us,” Bono said, “this is really dangerous.”

As for Trump’s supporters, Bono said, “I would not diminish Trump’s supporters or underestimate their angst.”

Watch, below.

Bomb Scare Threatens Australia’s Only LGBT Radio Station Amid Same-Sex Marriage Debate

"The majority of Australians are with us."
From: NewNowNext
Staff at Australia’s only LGBT radio station were evacuated Tuesday night after a bomb threat was emailed to station officials.

JOY 94.9 managed to stay on air while the building was evacuated and cleared by Melbourne police.

Once normal operations resumed, station President Jed Gilbert addressed listeners on-air with a defiant message explaining that the station would not be silenced in the face of violent threats.

“JOY will continue to remain open, producing radio, and welcoming volunteers who are passionate about our purpose and values,” read a statement the station released.

JOY 94.9 CEO Tennille Moisel told listeners that the threat was “more of a general threat, definitely towards the community,” and had no direct connection to the program that was airing at the time the threat was receieved— a discussion about gender fluidity.

Gilbert said the threat was an indication of how contentious the country’s current debate over same-sex marriage, and whether it should be legalized by law or plebiscite, has become.

“I think our community can take solace in the fact that the majority of Australians are with us,” Gilbert said about the amount of support the station received after the threat. “They’re not going to stand this type of attack on what’s really the Australian way of life.”

Moisel added: “Parliament can do its job and represent the views of the vast majority of Australians to legislate for marriage equality now, without the need for a plebiscite and the risks it will create for our station and our communities.”

Billy Eichner Joins Star-Studded “Hairspray Live!” Cast

"For a dollar," who do you think Billy will play?
From: NewNowNext
 Comedian Billy Eichner is the latest addition to the celebrity-filled cast of NBC’s upcoming Hairspray Live!.

The Difficult People star signed on to play Rob Barker, a Baltimore TV newscaster who reports on Tracy Turnblad’s attempt to integrate The Corny Collins Show in the second act.

The latest musical being remade for live TV already boasts an incredibly impressive lineup of star performers, including Martin Short, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kristen Chenoweth and Rosie O’Donnell.

Harvey Fierstein will be reprising his role as Edna Turnblad, the part that won him a Tony for his portrayal in the Broadway production.

Hairspray Live! will air on Wednesday, December 7 on NBC.

Bigot Selling Vintage 1970s “Gay Queer Homosexual Men Boy” Photo Album On eBay

An eBay user is selling a photo album owned by a gay man he claims "died of his lifestyle choices."
From:  NewNowNext
 You can find all kind of things on eBay—even the meaning of life—

One seller’s choice to sell a photo album filled with photographs of a group of gay friends, and to smear their “lifestyle choices,” has angered some members.

 On Monday, “Mattspickens” posted his auction for “VINTAGE 1970’s PHOTO ALBUM GAY QUEER HOMOSEXUAL MEN BOY.”

Bunch of gay people. I picked these up from one of these people in the pictures estate sale. He died from his lifestyle choices. Color photo’s partying, swimming, quite a few pictures.

Thanks for bidding and please ask questions as needed

The starting price is $9.99, and as of today is no longer listed on Ebay.

 Not much is known about the men in the album, though the seller indicates the man who owned it died in northwest Arkansas.

 Several members criticized “Matt” for his comments and the choice to sell someone’s personal memories. In response, he posted an article from the anti-LGBT alt-right site WorldNetDaily.

“Your item description is very offensive and full of discrimination,” wrote on user. “If you hope to sell this item, you should rewrite the description without your personal views. I have reported you to eBay for hate speech.”

Others are unsure how to address the situation beyond flagging the auction: If the auction is taken down, the album may be destroyed. But if they buy the album to give to an archive, they’ll be putting money into a bigot’s hand.

“Matt,” who has a 99.8% positive feedback rating, insists “there is no bigotry at all.”

“A smoker chooses to smoke knowing the possible consequences and so does anyone else that makes lifestyle choices. It’s a reality of life,” he writes.

“We all make choices. It’s nothing personal, just a fact, a reality of life… I’m wondering why so many are having such a tizzy. I’m not. I can only wonder that some are not wanting to be responsible for their choices.”

Bianca Del Rio On Controversial Comedy, RuPaul’s Emmy Win And Talking To Guys On Grindr

From: Queerty
Bianca Del Rio is a quick-witted drag clown who’s funny as hell. Her sixth season win of RuPaul‘s Drag Race propelled her career and has since opened so many new doors of opportunity. Sitting down with Bianca at the Producer Entertainment office in Los Angeles, Queerty’s Tim Winfred had a one-on-one chat with her to discuss her controversial comedy, RuPaul’s recent Emmy win, Grindr, and her upcoming movie and comedy tour.

From the outside, Bianca’s sharp tongue is intimidating, but sitting down one-on-one with her reveals her softer side. She’s genuinely sweet (just don’t tell her we told you that) and smart as hell.

Queerty: You’ve been doing drag for a long time.

Bianca: Yes, 20 years!

How do you keep coming up with new ideas?

Uh, well if you’ve seen me, it’s the same dress [Laughs] and more lashes. It’s not necessarily new ideas. I think what’s fascinating is that so much has happened in these later years there’s a lot more to talk about. I’ve been working in bars and theater for quite some time, but this whole Drag Race thing kind of shifted all of it around for me, which is pretty crazy that it opened it up to a new audience. It’s really like living the dream. I can’t complain. If I complained, I would sound like a total douche bag, so it’s been a great ride.

I have to work harder now than ever because there’s more people out there and more people that want to see you so a little more time and prep and planning goes into it, but it’s an unbelievable golden ticket and I try to keep it as fresh and true to myself as possible. It’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. I learned that at an early age, so you either like it or you don’t.

You were called “the Joan Rivers of drag” by the New York Times.

Which is a huge compliment! If you really think about it, wasn’t Joan Rivers in drag? [Laughs] She was kind of a drag queen. I think it’s a huge compliment because I admired Joan.

She’s a very controversial comedian. And you are as well.

I think it comes from a place of honesty. People don’t like honesty. Look at this election. Look at what’s happening right now. What’s interesting is that someone can say about the opponent, “Oh, they’re saying hateful things,” other people say, “Well, he’s just saying the truth.” It’s just a matter of how you want to take it. I think there’s a time and place for it and for me in particular, when I’m in a monkey suit and dressed up like a clown, I’m the biggest joke there is, so by no means do I think I’m better than. I’m aware of the fact that I’m a joke. Bring it. I make fun of myself as well as everyone else, but some people are extra sensitive.

I think that’s the problem with social media. Not that people have more opinions, it’s that we’re exposed to hearing more of people’s opinions because they’re keyboard warriors; they can write whatever they want. No one will ever or has ever said that to my face, but they’ll certainly type it, so why give it any thought?

You mentioned that RuPaul’s Drag Race did a lot for your career.

A huge uplift. Huge. And she just had a great moment. She just got an Emmy. Congrats Ru!

What have been some of your favorite moments since your time on the show?

Well, definitely getting to do In Bed With Joan. And truly, honestly, it’s the live audiences. I was fortunate enough to travel with my show last year, Rolodex of Hate, and do 93 performances all over the world. Now, I’m going to be traveling with this new one, Not Today Satan, which is a tighter schedule. The path actually makes sense. [Laughs] It’s not like: London, Kansas, Florida! [Laughs] It’s a nice route. My favorite thing is dealing with the live audience. It’s quite amazing when you’re in a space of 2,000 people in every city, and it sell out. That’s insane!

In Not Today Satan, I was able to start it in the spring, in Australia, which is great. It’s a little overwhelming and daunting in the beginning, because you’re thinking, “Oh fuck, how am I going to piece this together?” The way that I work is that everything is on a Post-it note, and I would lay all of the Post-its out on the table and then try to marry them into a form or an outline for myself. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s the fun of having a live audience.

And also getting to meet the people! I love meet-and-greets. Each night have 200 people, at least, that come through that I get to meet and hear their stories, find out who they are, what their life’s about, and we get to take a picture and schmooze. Fortunate enough for me, they then become the first few rows of the show, so I know them and can use them later during the show. They then become my enemy, which is great!

Bianca Del Rio in ‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?’

RuPaul, with the Emmy win, has kind of set the bar for drag and, even though he said, “It’s never going to be mainstream,” that’s mainstream. That’s as mainstream as you can make it.

Well, I think it is. I think he was being honest with it before and you’re supposed to say, “It’s an honor to be nominated,” but what I appreciate about Ru is that it’s truth talking. Here was someone that’s been doing this longer than I have, and having every opportunity. Ru had a talk show on Vh1, Ru had a Vegas show, Ru has done, you know, everything you could possibly do with drag and done it well. And this particular show, what’s fascinating to me, as I was saying when you travel with live audiences, a lot of it is a straight audience that comes to see the show. What I was most impressed by is that the academy, so to speak, was willing to give him an award. I thought that was pretty amazing because when you think about theater, or you think about Hollywood, and you think how the hell could you put on a movie or make a play without a gay person?

Gay people make everything happen, let’s be honest! But it was great to see them acknowledge someone of his stature, and someone who’s worked very hard. I thought that was great, and it’s a huge milestone. I think it was surprising. Because even though it’s well deserved, you don’t think they’re going to give it, and I think that’s where he was coming from. I can’t speak for him, but I definitely think it’s probably given him a huge pep in his step, and he’s going to be one rich bitch now. But I think that says a lot about the show, and the show humanizes drag queens. They get to see us as ourselves. And you realize that we’re not crazy monsters all the time, that we are human beings.

That’s a big credit to World of Wonder, who creates RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Logo, who broadcasts it and makes it happen.

Your mindset about drag must be so different than when you first started. Now that RuPaul won this Emmy, what are your biggest career goals?

I don’t rule anything out. Originally I wanted to quit drag when I was 40, like if I’m 40 and I’m still working the bars, I’ve had a nice run. That’s good. And I just turned 41, so anything is possible now, which is kind of queer and sugary to say, but I really, truly feel that because, with social media and the way the world works and the way that everything is instantly in people’s hand, you have to have a product to offer then. I’ve been fortunate enough where I spent a lot of time having something to offer that I hoped that people wanted. It’s a race, it’s a race to stay out there. So with this my new movie, Hurricane Bianca, and my comedy tour, it’s exciting! And another secret project that’s happening before Christmas that I can’t talk about. [Whispers] When I can, I’ll let you know and will give you the inside scoop.

It’s all quite exciting, and it goes to show you that people’s minds are opened up when they have the information.

You hosted one of the Battle of the Seasons tour dates in San Francisco a few years back. Real talk: Was it you that I actually saw on Grindr?

It could have been, I don’t know, yeah!

I was hoping it was! [Laughs]

It was, I guess! [Laughs] Sometimes when we were all together on a hotel floor, it would be me, Detox, Adore and everything, and we’d all end up start talking to each other, just in conversation. I’m like, why are we on Grinder chatting with each other and not texting or in a room! We’re all on the same fucking floor of the hotel.

When you travel like we do, insomnia is a fucking bitch, so you just sit there and keep scrolling for absolutely no reason.

Well, you’re in a creative job, so you’re constantly coming up with new ideas, so I could only imagine you not being able to sleep.

You have to have something to do and there’s only so much Xanax you can take. [Laughs]

Do you keep a notepad for ideas by your bed like Dolly Parton?

Always. I write everything down. Even my calendar is written on an actual calendar. I don’t like the phone situation. Everything from my grocery list, to my to do list. I’m a list maker. Nothing gives me more job than scratching something off.

You’re very comfortable in your own skin, which is something you learn to do. RuPaul preaches, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” How did you learn to be so self-loving?

Well, I never thought of it as self-loving. I looked at is as watching people and interacting with people and seeing where people are coming from. I think that’s a big thing: to understand where someone comes from. And instead of so negatively approaching something, “She’s a cunt,” think about who they are and what might have brought them to that to give you a chance to empathize with them. Not everybody means to be rude. Not everybody is going to be perfect every day. And for that, it’s kind of worked in my life. I’ve tried to think about that and do a meet and greet, and when I sit there and think about how these people just paid money to see your ass, the last thing you need to do is be a cunt, you know? I’m not working in an office 9 to 5. I’m not in a cubicle. I’m a very lucky bitch.

You have to kinda check yourself. You also have to lead by example. You don’t want to be that horrible person. I think that we lose sight of that because we’re in a world with technology where people just type things and don’t think about it. In my day, if you said something hateful to somebody, “I don’t like you,” bitch you got punched. [Laughs] And I think that’s what a lot of people need. People need to be fucking bitch slapped and punched for the shit they put out there. And they think it has no repercussions. And there is!

I just became comfortable with myself, as I sit here with makeup, by just being real and looking at it objectively for what it is. You can’t get wrapped up in all that madness. I lived without Twitter and I lived without Instagram before. It doesn’t make or break my world. It’s helped my career and I enjoy it, but I don’t care this shit you gotta – you don’t like me? Don’t read it. You don’t like me. Don’t by a ticket.

I don’t care for the Kardashians, so I don’t bother with any of it. I’m not going to go blow up her fucking page and say, “I hate you.” I don’t care! Someone likes her. She’s making money. God bless her ass – her fake ass. If I don’t like it, I don’t do it. People lose sight of that and they spend so much energy on that where you could just be thinking about things that make you happy, you know? And drink! Drinking helps. [Laughs] It’s true – a little cocktail every now and then makes you comfortable.

Especially if you’re Sharon Needles.

Oh yes, she loves to drink. Oh girl. You know how many bars I’ve left her in? Ugh. [Laughs]

Hypothetically speak, say you had some really great news: You got cast in something exciting, or whatever. Who would be the first person you call? Would it be Lady Bunny?

Well, it depends on what it is. Bunny and I talk, but you know she’s one of those people who you never know what you’re going to get with her. You never know what time of day it is with her. She might physically answer the phone, but mentally might not be there. [Laughs] I like having spans of time of not talking to her, so when we get together it’s a good two-hour phone call. I mean like old school phone call. Not even face time.

On your landline? [Laughs]

Yep! On a landline. At a payphone.

Rotary dial? [Laughs]

Rotary dial. Iced tea in hand. We talk on the phone, which is so rare because people don’t do that anymore.

No matter where I’m at, if I see Lady Bunny is calling, we stop and we talk. And if I’m in the car with somebody, it goes on speaker and cackle for I don’t know how long. Because sometimes she has something really serious to talk about, or it’s just her trying out new material. [Laughs] She’s always a treat to talk to. One of the few that actually talks on the phone still. She can’t text with her little hooves, her little pig feet hands.

Margaret Cho & Bianca Del Rio

You got to work with a really great cast on Hurricane Bianca: Joslyn Fox, Rachel Dratch, and Willam, right?

Yes! The great thing was that’s all in part to my brilliant friend Matt Kugelman, who wrote, directed and produced the film. His philosophy has always been “It doesn’t hurt to ask,” which has opened my eyes to lots of things because through it we got Ru to make a cameo, Alan Cumming, Margaret Cho, Rachel Dratch – who’s genius – Joslyn Fox, Shangela, Willam and Alyssa Edwards.

Matt was in charge of casting, and not me, which was in particular because I didn’t want to deal with people going, “Why didn’t you cast me?” It’s his movie and I was grateful to be in it.

Rachel Dratch is one of the funniest fucking people you’ve ever met. It was great to work with Willam and Shangela one on one because everyone thinks that once you do Drag Race you all hang out and drink tea, but I really hadn’t worked with them before, and they’ve both had experience in theater and film, so it was great to have that moment with them. We had a blast!

Is there going to be a sequel?

I think so! I think there’s a possibility. I was surprised that we got this to happen. It was a long road, but it was my friend Matt who said, “Let’s make it work.” So I’m hoping!

Hurricane Bianca will be available on September twenty-third on iTunes and Amazon and Vimeo. And on the same day, globally, you can go to wolfevideo.com to find out all the information on how to get it from there.

You’re doing everything! What’s next?

I don’t know! I mentioned my secret project that will be happening closer to Christmas. I’ll be touring in Europe in February, which I’m excited about.

You never know – what’s been magical about this whole process is that you turn around and something else comes my way. I’m a lucky fuckin’ twat, and trust me I’ll try and do anything because why not? You don’t know until you try is, so all things right now I couldn’t ask for a better situation to be in.

I know you’ve been in drag all day, so thank you for your time.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

Not Today Satan Tour Video

Hurricane Bianca Trailer

Bette Midler Already Breaking Sales Records With “Hello Dolly!” Broadway Revival

It's so nice to have her back where she belongs.
From: NewNowNext
 The announcement that Bette Midler would return to Broadway for the revival of the hit musical Hello Dolly! was met with tremendous enthusiasm from fans of the theater world, and now it looks like that excitement is translating into big ticket sales.

According to producer Scott Rudin, the show has already set a new Broadway record after selling $9,082,496 worth of tickets in just the first day that they went on sale alone.

The 70-year-old star made her Broadway debut in Fiddler on the Roof back in the ’60s, and didn’t return until 40 years later, when she put up her one-woman play, I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers, in 2013.

Theatergoers were clearly ready for The Divine Miss M to return to the stage, and the revival of the beloved musical about the outspoken matchmaker Dolly Levi seems to be the perfect vessel to showcase her talents.

Out actor David Hyde Pierce will star opposite Bette as hay and feed dealer Horace Vandergelder when the show debuts next year.

Hello Dolly! will begin previews March 13, 2017, with an official opening night of April 20.

Ten: POTD June-December 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 My POTD countdown is going a little slower than I had planned.  With FH turning 10 next month, I need to get moving to get from 2009 to 2016!

 The beginnings of what FH has become could be starting to be seen in the second half of 2008. Although POTD's continued to be mostly butts and frat boys, change was in the air.  The butts started become a little more diverse, in appearance, ethnicity and in age.

 2008 marked my starting to connect POTD with a story below.  Although I as still not doing the 5 story, magazine layout that the site morphed into, I was starting to fine tune a format, and categories that interested me.

 Mainstream models began to appear more regularly, and I started connected on a regular basis with the artists behind the images I presented.  Commentary began to expand, and my curiosity about process became as important as the images I was showcasing.

 2008 was also the year I began to focus on celebrity with a tighter focus.  Playgirl models, television and soap stars and my favorite actors to cover, men of the stage. Back in 2008, blogs had their own search engine, and many actors and models had their google preferences set to alert them when their names appeared on a blog. 

 I began receiving regular feedback from models and actors, especially soap hunks who often wrote to thank me for the coverage. (or un-coverage). I also had models and stage actors getting in touch about promoting upcoming projects and appearances.

 Most actors and models welcomed the publicity, but some did write about having their images removed.  If I were to narrow it down to a category, I would say that the men who poses for Terra's The Boy were the most frequent models who requested their images be removed.  Most of the models were very nice, one in particular was incredibly grateful, sending on images of thanks, for my eyes only.  

 It was little surprised however because the Brazilian based site didn't showcase full frontal. Although the nudes were beautiful, they were more PG than R.  I could only assume, most were not wanting to be models, but guys who posed to make some cash for school as many voiced future careers as the reason for removal.  I removed every image I was asked, but continued to see most of the images sprawled across other sites and blogs.

Sergey Demekhine Bruce Weber

Nick Adams

Nathan by David Vance

Charles Devoe

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