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Sunday, February 9, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote

Falcon‘s brand new flick Tahoe – Snow Packed has brought us some of the best Shawn Wolfe butt shots we've seen yet. I actually can’t fathom how he’ll ever be able to top these pictures, and I especially can’t fathom how Jimmy Durano was able to top Shawn without blowing his load the very moment he touched that fuzzy hole. I am OBSESSED.

 Brrr. The fountain is frozen in Tahoe’s town square, but Jimmy Durano and Shawn Wolfe know a quick way to get warm. They head to their room and draw a hot bath. The tub is big enough for smooth, muscular Jimmy and lean and furry Shawn. Sitting in the tub, their swollen dicks pop up like periscopes. When Shawn reaches over to grab Jimmy’s cock, Jimmy rises, and his cock spears Shawn’s mouth dead center. Shawn’s hands are busy exploring Jimmy’s torso and playing with his foreskin as he sucks. Then Jimmy takes a turn sucking, cupping Shawn’s tight buns in his hands. Shawn’s treasure trail leads to more fur in all directions: hairy legs that will warm you when they wrap around you and a hairy crack and balls. They fuck in the tub, with Jimmy sitting and Shawn lowering his ass onto the pole that brings intense pleasure. After Shawn loosens up, he leans forward, bracing himself on the ledge, for Jimmy to take him from behind in rapid full-bore thrusts that set the water roiling. Orgasms await them on the ledge of the bath, with Shawn on his back, cumming in high jets on his furry belly and taking Jimmy’s hot white load in his mouth.







From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote There are a combination of factors that allowed me, a person who’s definitely not into fisting, to enjoy this scene between Drew Sebastian and Alessandro Del Toro. For starters, I happen to find Alessandro Del Toro so ridiculously attractive that I’d watch him do anything… Then, of course, there’s Mr. Sebastian! He’s no stranger to the pages of Manhunt Daily, but as you might recall, he wasn't getting a hand shoved up his butt the first time we saw him.

 Drew Sebastian takes a break in the bunkhouse to work out his hole with a thick boot-shaped dildo. Alessandro Del Torro catches the horse-hung stud bouncing up and down on the enormous toy and gets in on the action. He pushes Drew down on the latex boot as far as his ass will go until the greedy pig-bottom begs for Alessandro's fist. Alessandro flips Drew over, greases up his gloved hands and begins to work Drew's hole. As soon as his fist goes deep inside Drew's ass both studs yank on their hard dicks. Alessandro can't resist sucking Drew's huge pierced cock while he fists him with one hand and jacks off with the other. Alessandro shoots a hot steam of white jizz then goes back to work a massive load out of Drew.


Cock Tastes Good

Confessions Of A Male Stripper

Lathered in Lotan

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'I would love to say I don’t care about self-image, but I’d be lying. I got about twelve hairs on my chest and a snail train, so they have to go, the occasional sunbed and I moisturise everyday, but I’ve done that since I was ten.'


 Although it was Danny that initiated my viewing of Confessions Of A Male Stripper, it was Lotan who most intrigued me. Incredibly hot, incredibly smart mixed in with a heaping dose of Douchebag.

 Unlike Danny, still enthusiastic and native about the realities of the business, Lotan has moved towards and through being bitter. I am not being critical of him, just the opposite. Lotan's dream was never to slip off his undies for a room full of screaming fans, despite how great he looks doing it. Lotan was scouted after being seen dancing, and the promise of big money for little work was far too enticing.

 The reality is though, the money is not that great and the work harder than promised. Being a stripper may only require you to be on for a couple of hours a day, or less. But, in order to maintain the body needed, many of the other 23 hours of the day are devoted to maintaining the body others pay to want to see. It is also not a long career, so pretty much as soon as you get even a little bit of success, you're already pretty much yesterday's news.

 Even with his attitude, I liked Lotan. Yes, he was arrogant, some might even felt him homophobic for his displeasure at having to take a gig at a gay club. I didn't see him that way really. I saw more a man, like so many others, who realized his dreams are slipping away and is tired of being groped, manhandled, mostly by women, and manipulated by company's profiting off of his back, and backside. In the documentary, Lotan is bitter at everyone, his boss, his customers and himself. His uncomfortably at stripping at the gay club, (although his facial expressions were sort of erotically fun) was equally matched by his distain for stripping for women as well.

Short interview with Lotan on Cocktails and Cocktalk
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