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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Question of the Day...

From:  Wicked Gay Blog
The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

13 Embarrassing Gay Movie Villains

From:  The Backlot
Richard (Ryan Gosling) 
Justin (Michael Pitt) 
Murder by Numbers
This modern-day riff on both the famous Leopold and Leob murder case and Rope finds Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt as teenage murderers who execute the perfect crime for kicks in between scenes of drinking absinthe and having hissy-fits at one another for making eyes at girls. As I said, Rope did it first, but Murder by Numbers did it trashiest.

Male Couples Photography | D+J suck face

From:  Marlen Boro
“Shut up and kiss me.”

The 11 Hottest Men Of The 2013 Emmy Nominations

From:  The Backlot
Bobby Cannavale
Boardwalk Empire 
Nurse Jackie Supporting Actor, Drama Series
 Guest Actor, Comedy Series

If you didn't watch Blue Jasmine and get libidinously swept up in Bobby Cannavale’s Stanley Kowalski antics, we have nothing in common. But maybe we can agree that he’s a marvelous TV presence, as he’s netted two nominations this year. How very Sigourney Weaver-at-the-’88-Oscars of him.

Liam’s Nape | Male Nude Photography

"There are so many sexy parts of a man.

I refuse to choose a favorite.

It’s also high Libra season, so I avoid all unnecessary decisionmaking at this time." -- Marlen Boro

11 Hot Latinos Who Are A Tall Drink Of Chocolate

From: Latina
Adam Rodriguez, 6’0”
The handsome Cuban and Puerto Rican actor thrilled audiences with his portrayal of Eric Delko on CSI: Miami. But the actor of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent really got us interested when he stripped down for his role in Magic Mike! Ay papi! 

Moving Men

The 11 Gayest Wins in MTV Video Music Award History

From:  The Backlot
Janet Jackson 
Love Will Never Do (Without You)” 
Best Female Video

You know who understands what gay men want? Herb-effing-Ritts. The legendary gay photographer and music video director handled Madonna‘s “Cherish” and Chris Isaak‘s “Wicked Game,” but his coolest and Guess-readiest clip is Janet‘s awe-inspiring clip for “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” where Antonio Sabato Jr. and Djimon Hounsou beam, pout, and show off the human race’s two finest bodies. The camera lingers on their physiques in such casual closeups; it’s like Brad Pitt‘s torso-baring in Thelma and Louise set to song. Thanks forever, Herb.

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You by jpdc11

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Engelbert Humperdinck Show
Original channel
Original run
Engelbert Humperdinck

The Engelbert Humperdinck Show was a British variety series an ATV production, executive produced by Gordon Mills. For American release the show aired on ABC and the guests were a combination British and American performers. The Jack Parnell Orchestra and the Irving Davies Dancers provided the background talent for Engelbert's variety musical program. Airing only 17 episodes the guests were the big names in entertainment field.

Celebrate Hispanic Hertiage Month with Papi Skull Print Trunks

From:  The Underwear Expert

Item Reviewed: Hispanic Heritage 2013 Brazilian Trunk Skulls

About The Product: The Papi Skull Print Trunk is part of Papi’s Hispanic Heritage collection to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month that runs from September 15 to October 15. These polyester and spandex fabric blended trunks have skulls in flags of different Hispanic nation’s spread across the underwear on a black background with a contrasting blue waistband.

What We Like: The skulls are very eye-catching, if not a bit creepy, but with the flag prints on them, it makes the trunks less scary and more fun. The fabric blend gives the pair a very smooth and sleek finish, which felt amazingly comfortable. The fit for us was also perfection; they stayed in place and hugged us in all of the right places.

What We Didn’t Like: We can’t really think of any negatives to report about this pair of Papi underwear. The only thing we could imagine happening is taking our pants off in front of our significant other in the dark and scaring them a bit!

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Anyone who’s looking to celebrate Hispanic culture, fans of graphic imagery and anyone who enjoys the skull design by Alexander McQueen.

When We’d Wear Them: We would honestly wear them for any occasion and anytime of the year, but they would get the most wear during the mid months of September and October.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Colorful, fun, frightening.


Style: Brazilian Trunk
Pouch: Small Trunk Support
Rise: Normal
Coverage: Total
Fit: True to size
Waistband: Regular sized band
Fabric: 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex
Retail: $26
Collection Colors: Skull Print, Flag Print, True Green and Thunder Green.
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: Skull Print, Flag Print, True Green and Thunder Green.
Collection Sizes: S-XL
Made In: United States of America

For more information on this brand: Papi


From:  Manhunt Daily
San Francisco, California, USA

Like eat and fuck hot furry hole in a jockstrap!
Top here lookin to eat and fuck hot ass that can take 9 by 6 cut cock also like to 69 with other hot hairy men! Like anonymous encounters. Work out 5 days a week and like taking care of myself and fucking fun with others.

Ginger Twink

10 Times to Go Commando

From:  The Underwear Expert
You’re Michelangelo’s David
If you happen to be the most famous sculpture in Florence, you don’t need briefs.

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 5th

Chris Topel by LightWeaver

Just some non-party vacation pics.

 'This it the reason that when people ask me how my vacation was I just reply with “Words can’t describe it' -- Ginger-Beef

10 Reasons To Be Happy Wrestling Is Back In The Olympics

From: Queerty
And butt-grabbing.

Fall, It’s a New England state of mind.

"To me it’s the beginning of rebirth. 
Winter is time for reflection and growth. 
Spring new life and beauty." -- Ginger-Beef

10 Reasons Nick Symmonds Is Basically Perfect

From:  Queerty
This face he made while reading Fifty Shades

Nude Boyfriend of the Week

From:  Queer Click
Our previous banana-flavored BF of the week was quite a shocker and you guys loved him. This week was have a swimmer crush that, in addition to his big cock, brings the most gorgeous butt as part of the package. Come along with us and relax by the pool with this fine specimen of a man that will make you forget all our previous crushes!


From:  Manhunt Daily
Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico
A veces ésto, a veces aquéllo, todo en buena onda. Yo: 23 años, 1.83 m, delgado, divertido, agradable, masculino, atractivo y musical. Tú: extrovertido, masculino, delgado ó atlético, guapo y/ó atractivo, easy going (osea cero complicados) la edad me vale, la juventud se lleva por dentro hahaha ;)

(Sometimes this, sometimes that, all in good vibes. Me: 23, 1.83 m, slim, funny, nice, masculine, attractive and musical. You: outgoing, male, slim or athletic, handsome and / or sexy, easy going (so zero complicated) I better age, youth is taken inside; hahaha" )

Saturday October 5, 2013: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks

10 Fun Facts About Andrew Christian Models

From:  Queerty
Steven Dehler

Did you know Steven Dehler’s first campaign was with Timoteo?

October 9th is Emergency Nurses Day

Emergency Nurses Day recognizes an important care giver. According to the Emergency Nurse's Association "Emergency Nurses Day salutes the dedication and commitment of emergency nursing professionals, who bring care, comfort, and compassion to patients......."  

 Emergency room nurses see it all. And, often it "ain't good". Yet, they return to work, knowing they make a difference to sick, injured and sometimes dying people that enter the ER each and every day.

Emergency Nurse's Day is held during Emergency Nurses Week.

Emergency Nurse everywhere, we hope you enjoy this day.

Where Are They Now? 10 Famously Irresistible Kept Men

From:  Queerty
Baptiste Giabiconi

This 23-year-old, 6’1″ model is said to be the world’s highest paid male model. He’s currently the face of Chanel, Fendi, and serves as legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld’s “muse.”

Where is he now? 
In Karl Lagerfeld’s bed! You would be too if you've felt what 10,000 thread count Egyptian cotton feels like.

Bad postcard of the week:

Pony peril in the wilds of Maryland
From:  The Grand Rapids Press
This week’s bad postcard is a cautionary tale about the dangers of wild ponies.

I came across this wonderfully awful postcard at last week’s show. As always, there is a mystery.

Is this a friendly equine giving directions to a lost motorist? Is this a wandering hippie pony hitching across the country in search of adventure and a car with lots of leg room? Or is this a mean pony clumsily attempting a carjacking without the benefit of opposable thumbs?

Stumped, I flipped the card over to read this: 
Greetings from Assateague Island, MD. About 200 wild ponies live on the island. Due to numerous people feeding the wild ponies, they have become dangerous and demanding if food is exposed. Feeding the wild ponies is prohibited.

Dangerous and demanding ponies? Sounds like an episode of “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic” gone wrong. That’s the new, edgy version, with Rainbow Dash. You don’t want to upset that pony.

And what’s with exposed food? Did drivers in the 1960s leave oats and sugar cubes in the passenger seat? “Just give him the carrots, Wilbur. We don’t want any trouble.

Wait, did that say Maryland? Wild ponies are the kind of thing you expect to hear about in some rectangle-shaped state out West, not somewhere best known as the place you drive through on your way to Washington -- after stopping in Breezewood, of course.

I had to know more.

Luckily, the National Park Service has a whole webpage of useful information.

“The ‘wild’ horses on Assateague are actually feral animals, meaning that they are descendants of domestic animals that have reverted to a wild state. Horses tough enough to survive the scorching heat, abundant mosquitoes, stormy weather and poor quality food found on this remote, windswept barrier island have formed a unique wild horse society. Enjoy their beauty from a distance, and you can help make sure these extraordinary wild horses will continue to thrive on Assateague Island.”
A unique wild horse society? That sounds like the politically correct way of saying “gangs.” But there’s more:

Local folklore describes the Assateague horses as survivors of a shipwreck off the Virginia coast. While this dramatic tale of struggle and survival is popular, there are no records yet that confirm it. The most plausible explanation is that they are the descendants of horses that were brought to barrier islands like Assateague in the late 17th century by mainland owners to avoid fencing laws and taxation of livestock.
Well, that explains why they’re so angry.

The horses are split into two main herds, one on the Virginia side and one on the Maryland side of Assateague. They are separated by a fence at the Virginia/Maryland state line. These herds have divided themselves into bands of two to 12 animals and each band occupies a home range.”
Let’s review. There are rival gangs of thug ponies of questionable origin roaming free around Maryland shaking down unsuspecting tourists for apples and maybe crab cakes.

It sounds safer at Tulip Time.

Reader contribution

While Maryland tells its animals to rough it, we in Grand Rapids go out of our way to make it their lives just a little easier.

Reader Karen Dunnam offered this recent postcard of the Fish Ladder.

This one's not tacky 1960s, but it's still bad,” she wrote. She’s so right.

The Sixth Street Dam makes it hard for unique societies of wild steelhead, salmon and carp to make their migration to Lansing, no doubt stopping at Portland for gas and snacks like everyone else. So the stair step pools make it easier.

The Department of Natural Resources website tells us that carp “are very vigorous jumpers that provide spectacular entertainment.”

Sadly, our ghost town genre postcard shows us no leaping salmon, entertained tourists or even fishermen – which must have been tough, because those guys are out there all the time. But we do get poured concrete. Lots of poured concrete.

10 Dangerously Suave Tattooed Underwear Models

From:  The Underwear Expert

Lawson Rhys Taylor 
The one word for Lawson Rhys Taylor is untraditional. He looks like a regular dude, well, with an excellent pair of abs. We love this guerrilla style photo, as if he got caught being naughty on a camping trip!


From:  Manhunt Daily
Chapel Hill (Orange), North Carolina
Pediatrics Intern
 I was born in Costa Rica but lived in London.


From:  Manhunt Daily
 You've captioned slutty football players. You've captioned slutty water polo players. And you've captioned an anthropomorphic unicorn with an incredibly large penis. Logically, the next step is to do a round of Caption This with some amateur furry porn! We apologize in advance if we offend the furry community by using this image for a humorous contest. We’re not judging you at all! We just think your fetish is hilarious (almost as hilarious as fisting).

Check out  September 28th’s winning caption after the jump:

The 8 Hottest Brothers of Hot Celebrities

From:  The Backlot
Emma Watson’s brother Alex

The 19-year-old Burberry model has his sister’s facial symmetry and intelligent stare, but she’ll never have his manly, wiry muscles. Sorry, dear. You might argue that Alex deserves to be higher on the list, but I believe his hotness is still burgeoning. We’ll revisit this issue at a later date.


From:  Manhunt Daily
Santiago, Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Todo tranquilo
me borro todo mi poema que tenia preparado para ustedes, pero en resumen, les decia que los quiero mucho gente de manhunt XD

y a los tontos complicados, los guiños estan pa usarse.

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