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Monday, October 19, 2015

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Doris Day Show
Original channel
Original run
September 24, 1968 – March 12, 1973
Doris Day (1968–73)
Denver Pyle (1968–70)
McLean Stevenson (1969–71)
Rose Marie (1969–71)
John Dehner (1971–73)
Jackie Joseph (1971–73)
Phillip Brown (1968–71)
Todd Starke (1968–71)
James Hampton (1968–71)
Paul Smith (1969–71)
Naomi Stevens (1968–69)
Kaye Ballard (1970–72)
Peter Lawford (1971–73)
Billy DeWolfe (1970–72)
The Doris Day Show is an American sitcom that was originally broadcast on the CBS network from September 1968 until March 1973, remaining on the air for five seasons and 128 episodes. In addition to showcasing Doris Day, the show is remembered for its many abrupt format changes over the course of its five-year run. It is also remembered for Day's statement, in her autobiography Doris Day: Her Own Story (1975), that her husband Martin Melcher had signed her to do the TV series without her knowledge, a fact she only discovered when Melcher died of heart disease on April 20, 1968. The TV show premiered on Tuesday, September 24, 1968.

Bushy and Big Balls

Feet & Fun

Wrestling Jock Torn Singlet After Match

Naked Friends are the BEST kind!!

Grab you umbrella

"Frisky" 24" x 12" Acrylic

From: Danny Boy Studio-Masculine Art

Nice day on the nude beach!

Swim team

ManCrushMonday: Alex Derita

From: Dude Tube

Let's spend this week's #ManCrushMonday with male model Alex Derita. Alex is currently based in New York City and is also an aspiring musician and actor. I'm a big fan of his shoots for Dominus magazine and OhLaLa. You can keep up with everything Alex is up to at his Instagram.

Nice To Meet You

Told ya dude!

Do I Masturbate Daily?


2nd Marine Division, Saipan, 1944 by Peter Stackpole

Funny Food Art

AIDES Female Sketch B (Graphite on Bond) by JAMES JEAN

31 Days of Halloween Men

Ends Of The World: 23 Hottest Butts EVER

From: Boy Culture

Shoot that load!

20 Shirtless Guys With Man Buns That Will Make You Feel Things

From: BuzzFeed

 Only one more to go

A photo posted by manbuns and beards (@manbunshun) on

The 16 Hottest Shows On Broadway This Fall

From: NewNowNext

Opening Night
October 27

The world of a middle-aged New York couple (Matthew Broderick and Julie White) is turned upside down when the husband brings home an exceptionally engaging canine (Tony winner Annaleigh Ashford).

15 Gay TV Shows That Bombed

From: NewNowNext
The New Normal 
NBC hoped to corral Ryan Murphy’s ratings magic into this comedy about a gay couple (Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha) who invite their surrogate to move in with them—bringing along an extended family that included her precocious daughter, slacker ex, and homophobic mother (a delicious Ellen Barkin).

The New Normal looked like a potential hit, getting strong ratings following The Voice, but many viewers disappeared once The Voice ended. Its chances for a second season disappeared with them.

12 Celebrities Who Came Out In The Past 12 Months

From: NewNowNext
Janae Kroc
The world record-holding bodybuilder came out as a trans woman on Istagram, describing her identity as “Alpha male/girly girl Lesbian in a male body”.

Though she hasn’t decided yet if she’s going to fully transition and live her life as a woman, she’s boldly accepting her trans identity while shutting down naysayers who assumed her instagram post was a hoax: “This is really me and yes I am transgender…one does not ’become’ transgender, you are or you aren’t.”

Superheroes in Love: When Rictor Met Shatterstar

Abel Ljoka

Hot Chocolate

Tight & showy

Yer my boy bitch, unnerstan'?



Academy Award for Best Actress

Shirley Booth 
Lola Delaney
Come Back, Little Sheba
Shirley Booth (August 30, 1898 – October 16, 1992) was an American stage, film, radio and television actress.

Primarily a theater actress, Booth's Broadway career began in 1925. Her most significant success was as Lola Delaney, in the drama Come Back, Little Sheba, for which she received her first Tony Award in 1950 (she would go on to win two more). She made her film debut, reprising her role in the 1952 film version, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance. Despite her successful entry into films, she preferred acting on the stage, and made only four more films.

From 1961 until 1966, she played the title role in the sitcom Hazel, for which she won two Primetime Emmy Awards. She was later acclaimed for her performance in the 1966 television production of The Glass Menagerie. Her final role was that of Mrs. Claus in the 1974 animated television special The Year Without A Santa Claus.

Getting To Know Each Other

Marlon Teixeira

With and Without

See Guys....

Knock It Over

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