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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Caption This!

 Check out July 6's winning caption after the jump:

Just Because:

Favorite Pic of the Day #2
From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
"I know it may not fit the usual theme, but I love this image. After a Facebook friend posted it the other day I could not help but staring at it, and then thinking about it for a long while after. I so love the dog's paw and look of total contentment and safety on the pups face. The can of dog food as one of few items kept next to the man.

The image is very layered to me. It speaks in some ways of how brutal we as human beings can be to one another. On the other side, it shows that even when a man is down and beaten by life, the capacity and need to love and be needed is still so crucial. On the heels of the Trayvon Martin verdict and Corey Montieth's tragic death, the photo somehow helped today." -- Tye Briggs

Dennis Bethea:

A Good Experience
From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'I'm primarily seeking nude shoots but will work with my clothes on too :-)'
Dennis Bethea
 I think sometimes models may forget that when it comes to avatars, simplicity can sometimes attract more attention. For models, the image they choose, although initially viewed very small, is the images that will eventually want people to see more. The image of model Dennis Bethea at the top of this post is the visual that had me clicking to see a larger version, a beautiful classic image of the male form.

3 Images below by BluePhotoNYC
 It's hard to put into words exactly why a certain model, a certain image, grabs my attention. If you scour the many models sites across the net, it is not difficult to find tons of images of great looking men without their clothes on. It is not always easy however, to find a model that has you wanting to know more about them. The images of Dennis are powerful on the strength of his physical presence alone. His body is one you certainly want to visually explore but there is also something about him which makes you stop and go beyond the physical appearance.
 There is a beautiful contrast between the strength of his body, and the gentle beauty of his face and eyes. Sometimes models, maybe especially muscular fitness models at times, have facial expressions that almost come across as cocky and arrogant. It make turn viewers off of even the greatest of photographs. What I got from Dennis was a quiet respect for the work, he didn't really seem to have anything to prove to anyone, except maybe himself. 
 It might have something to do with his background. Dennis says his mother is very conservative, and to some extent it rubbed off on him. Taking off his clothes for a camera wasn't something he necessarily saw himself doing and didn't exactly come naturally. Dennis says that he didn't always understand that the naked body could be as artful as one clothed, that was until he saw an image that inspired him. There was a particular model whose naked image was powerful enough to change his view on nudity, and he has been following her work since.

Images below from NYCMALE
 'Honestly I don’t really need a big name photographer to shoot me, all I want is a good experience shooting, good photos, and maybe a some coin after we’re done. I love shooting with some of the guys I've shot with already, (Anthony Ragland, BluePhotoNYC, NYCMALE and Hombre Media). There are a lot of talented photographers out there but not all are professional or fun to work with.'
 Dennis says he doesn't see this as a career, the Bronx model has several other jobs and various other interests and is fine with keeping modeling as a hobby. When he first began modeling years ago, Dennis says he wanted to be one of those guys on the huge billboards in time square but now his focus on other things.  Dennis actually left modeling for awhile, discouraged with some of the people within the industry, but always kept his toe in the water with his profile on ModelMayhem. Dennis says that he would occasionally go his profile and recently got so tired of seeing the same old images, finally got annoyed enough with seeing them and decided it was time for an update! Since returning this year, Dennis says his time working and shooting has been a much more positive experience.
 Being on MM means Dennis gets the usual offers for porn, and with his incredible physique,  he has also had his share of offers for naked wrestling. Dennis doesn't really mind those offers, as he simply says no, but his modeling wish list is a little bit more refined. Dennis would love to be involved in a couples shoot. Not just posing in a sexual way with a model, but something a little more sensual and maybe a bit more dramatic. Dennis would love to partake in cosplay (Costumed role-play). Dennis along with a beautiful woman, both dressed up as a fantasy characters from history or literature would be at the top of his list of dream shoots.
 See more of Dennis Bethea on ModelMayhem HERE:

See a sexy collage of this hunk after the jump:



24 Year Old. Carmel, NY
 Beautiful blue-eyed boy looks like two totally different people scruffy and clean-cut. Which do you prefer?

Farwell Finn

"There have been many celebrity deaths over the last few years, but for some reason Cory Monteith's is one of the sadder ones to me. Maybe partly due to his age of just 31, but for me it is also more about the respectful way he handled his demons. We all have demons, but usually by 31, most of us have found a way to get through the day without them getting in the way too too much. Some sadly, still struggle.

Celebrities are no different when it comes to having demons, money and fame is not a cure, in fact it can often make them worse. I don't need to name all the celebrities who take their demons out in destructive ways including using and abusing those around them. They seem to think they have a right to take their emotional struggles out on other humans with no thought those around them are struggling as well, just more quietly. 

Everything I have heard and read from those who knew and worked with Monteith describe him positively. Kind and compassionate, pleasant and hard working. I respect that he struggled quietly. By quiet I don't mean alone, I hope he reached out to his family and friends. I mean quiet as in not loud. Not appearing on TMZ every other day in one story or another, not jumping on the cover of People magazine to discuss his addiction and not through bringing down others around him. R.I.P Corey, gone far too early."-- Tye Briggs

I think you words express the same thoughts many of us are feeling. I know many are shocked and I think Mark Salling summed it up with his initial  tweet of "no".  RIP in Corey, you and Finn Hudson will allow us to "Don't Stop Believin'"!


Monsters vs Heroes
From:  Queer Click

Are mad scientists your thing? What about Thunder Gods with giant biceps and a leather fetish? Super-powered science experiments gone awry? Then we've got the goods for you here.

This week's FELEBS, is the ultimate battle of good versus evil. After years of duking it out, the world's mightiest heroes discover that the only way to stop a super-villain is to fuck them silly. This week's issue positively drips with radioactive sweat and super-lube. The issue features Captain America versus his nemesis, Red Skullfuck. Plus Iron Man getting his hole worn out by the evil Drill Machine. (To no one's surprise, Tony Stark is a power bottom, and he just begs for it in this issue). See all your favorite heroes fuck and suck their ways to victory over the skankiest villains.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel if you were getting fucked by Bruce Banner while he turned into the Hulk? The Hulk's dick is probably huge, and we bet he fucks like an animal. Is Hulk-rage fucking and hole-stretching the latest fetish trend? Is his cock head green? This issue has all the answers!

Treasured Chests - 2013 Edition

From:  OUT
François Sagat
Ex-porn star, 33

Freshly retired from the adult film industry, François Sagat knows how to stay on top of things: His new clothing line features his perfect chest hair pattern printed all over cotton T-shirts.


From:  The Sword
 Following the smash success of his hit viral video about unrequited homosexual love, “All-American Boy,” singer Steve Grand has become a beloved overnight sensation for both gay and straight music lovers around the world. His touching lyrics, soulful voice, and powerful performance all stand on their own, but combined with the fact that Steve Grand is the first openly gay man to have released a music video on YouTube, “All-American Boy” takes on an even deeper meaning, inspiring some fans to wonder if Steve Grand has a big dick.

As a former gay nude underwear male model, Steve Grand worked under the stage names Steve Chatham and Finn Diesel, and his big break came in 2011 when he landed the cover of popular Australian gay nude underwear male model magazine DNA. The cover leaves very little to the imagination, and yet still people are wondering: Does Steve Grand have a big dick?

As a Lady Gaga cover artist in 2012, Steve Grand performed as “Steve Starchild” (the name is perhaps an ode to his “Mother” Monster Lady Gaga) and uploaded several Lady Gaga cover videos to YouTube, including the below version of Gaga’s “Marry The Night.” Sadly, someone has turned the video to “private” and it is no longer view able, leaving many to wonder if Steve Grand has a big dick.

Born in Lemont, Illinois in 1990, Steve Grand has been singing and writing music since he was 11 years old. After coming out as gay in the 8th grade, Steve Grand claims that his parents sent him to “pray the gay away” therapy for over five years, and although the therapy didn't work (Grand still admits to being gay), Grand is a proud member and choir leader at St. Patrick Church in Lemont. Does Steve Grand have a big dick?
As the first former gay nude underwear male model turned openly gay male singer to release a music video on YouTube, there was a lot riding on the success of Steve Grand’s “All-American Boy,” and had it not become the massive hit that it is now, many wouldn’t be wondering today whether or not Steve Grand has a big dick.
While many are still experiencing Steve Grand’s
All-American Boy” for the first time as it makes its way across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media websites, longtime Steve Grand fans who have already watched, downloaded, liked, shared, and favorited the video are left to wonder one very big question: What’s next for Steve Grand?

QQ Magazine - June 1973


From:  Manhunt Daily
 "Steve Grand looks like this. One could argue that this has nothing to do with the semi-viral success of his “All American Boy” music video—which I somehow avoided watching until today due to laziness and a series of disparaging tweets from The Sword‘s Zachary Sire—but if one were to make such an argument, they would be horribly wrong and cloaked in so much naivety that they should probably seek professional help.

The gay blog circuit collectively dropped their panties for Grand’s practical ripoff of Lady Gaga‘s “Yoü and I“. The hysteria reached a point where I got an e-mail from someone I truly respect who dubbed him “the first gay country star”, and much as I tried to avoid it, I nearly lost my shit and threw my computer across the room.
 Steve Grand is not the first openly gay man to sing country music. While he could be classified as the first gay country “star”, that would be setting the bar pretty low on the qualifications for stardom. The man has made one video with less than a million views (as of this post). He’s not even on a Rebecca Black level of fame.

Now, it might seem like I’m taking a lot of digs at Steve himself, but my bigger problem is the way the media treats openly-gay musicial artists as a whole. Take hip-hop for instance. Someone like Cazwell gets a lot of attention because he’s attractive and (usually) features hot guys in his video. Artists like Cakes Da Killa, LE1F, Zebra Katz and Mykki Blanco get attention, because they’re “hip”, “edgy” and possessing varying degrees of talent. Big Dipper and Rica Shay get attention (from me), because they have hairy butts. Yet, you don’t see the mainstream gay blogs covering someone like DaQuan, Kaoz, I.K.P. or anyone who isn't white, trendy or turning out over-sexed visuals with shirtless dudes.
 Blogs will name Double Duchess and The Freaky Boiyz the “first openly gay rap group” without doing their research and realizing that Deep Dickollective had been doing this shit since 2000. Now, I’m a lazy ass blogger who’s human and makes mistakes, but that’s just plain ol’ ignorance. Google that shit before you make it your headline.

I’m getting way, way, way, way off topic here.

What I was trying to go for—before ranting and heading into TL;DR territory—is that gay men have been making country music for awhile now. We wrote about bearish singer Drake Jensen early last year, and surely, he’s not the first gay cowboy to pick up a microphone and sing about his feelings.

Whatever the case may be, I took some time this morning to reacquaint myself with Jensen’s work, even though he doesn't have a six pack, bulging biceps and a gay porn actor playing the love interest in his music videos… But does that eliminate my desire to sit on his face and feel those whiskers against my taint? Nope! I’d hit it.

And I think I've made my point. Gay media is superficial. We only write about people we wanna fuck."

Favorite Pic (s) of the Day for July 15th

Down to the wire. There is but hours left to join in and support the Warwick Rowers at Crowdfunder, if you have not headed over, now is the time!

History's Hottest TV Actors

From:  Boy Culture
 Is this how the West was won?

Clint Walker
The Cheyenne star is another of those big hunks of man I seem to favor. Truly, though, even if you only had the face to work with, his penetrating gaze definitely conjures up images of, well, penetration. Cheyenne (1955—1962), Kodiak (1974)

Gay dogs prefer Ideal

1959 ad for Ideal dog food.

Hair Ball of the Day:

Vinny (Van Gogh) Says Fuck Street Art

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