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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Testing The Limits Of Swimwear: A Sexy, Scandalous Night Of The Olympics In Pics

From: Queerty
 If you didn’t watch the Olympics on Monday, August 8, you missed the hottest, most scandalous night in television of the year.

It started with the men’s synchronized diving competition. And look out, Tom Daley, there’s a new hot boy in town. Meet Daniel Goodfellow.

 Openly gay Daley certainly knows all about Goodfellow’s hotness already. They’re platform diving partners for Team GB. And they are a stunning, fat-free pair.

 Although Goodfellow (right) has Daley (left) beat in the junk-in-the-trunk department.


In addition to being delectable to watch, as they writhe around in the air doing flips and twists in sync, they are also legitimately talented: Daley and Goodfellow won the Bronze, which is wonderful, so congrats to them.

But the fun was just beginning.

After leaving the diving pool, we joined the swimmers and watched this tall drink of American water bring home a gold medal in the 100 meter back stroke.

His name is Ryan Murphy, and it is so much more fun when the Olympians are gorgeous.

Then U.S. breast stroke swimmer Lilly King taught everyone a lesson in how to read a bitch, when she publicly called out Russian competitor Yulia Efimova for talking too much game. Efimova had been one of the Russian athletes suspended from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for using performance-enhancing drugs, but was reinstated at the last minute and allowed to compete. Then she had the audacity to proclaim herself as “#1,” waggling her finger in front of everyone in the pool like the typical Russian villain Americans loved to hate in the 1980’s. And Miss King, being a red-blooded American champion, wasn’t having it. The children must be schooled. So King stood in front of every news camera she could find, informed the world that she didn’t need drugs to win, and boom, she zoomed across that pool and snatched the gold. Atta girl. Although Efimova got the silver. Did the drugs make a difference with the Russian earning a medal? It doesn’t matter now. Because as a group Americans celebrated King’s spectacular win, this guy on the left below, adjusted his Speedo beneath his towel and nothing else mattered.

 Who is he? We are dying to know.

A few races later, Michael Phelps served serious stink eye realness to South African swimmer Chad le Clos, who beat Phelps in the London 2012 Olympics in the 100 meter butterfly.

 Le Clos was bouncing around the waiting room, obviously taunting Phelps, and it apparently didn’t sit well with the champ.

 They did make it to the pool, but this was just a preliminary race. Both guys qualified for the 100 meter butterfly finals, which will occur on another day. Fingers crossed Phelps wins this time around and squashes le Clos like a bug.

 But enough of the water. Let’s finish out the evening with the men’s gymnastics team competition. The boys in red, white and blue made a flurry of errors, so they didn’t come close to earning a team medal, but they will still compete in individual events later in the week. And they earned perfect scores for finding the camera and serving face.

Yes honey.

Amini Fonua

Separated at Birth: Danell Leyva and Damien Crosse

Or maybe I should say, "Separated at girth." What did I say about a future in porn?
From: kenneth in the (212)

Row Your Boat Gently Down Robbie Manson’s Olympic Stream

From: Queerty
Say hello to Robbie Manson. The 26-year-old out rower from New Zealand has been in Rio completing in the Olympics alongside his fellow stroke man, Christopher Harris.

The guys were off to a flying start, winning their first heat on Saturday and advancing to the semifinals. An overnight storm created some choppy waters, however, and ultimately the fellas came in fourth in the semifinals, which means they’re officially out of the games. Whomp, whomp.

The defeat was no doubt crushing for our guy Manson. So we thought we’d show him a little appreciation by scouring his Instagram page.

Scroll down for pictures of the ripped rower in action…
A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

A photo posted by Robbie Manson (@robbie_manson) on

Rio Olympics Show More Same-Sex Love, LGBT Acceptance

From: Towleroad
 If team LGBTI were a country, it’d be tied with Poland and Chinese Taipei in 21st place for the total medal count: one gold medal for Brazil’s newest hero Rafaela Silva in Judo, one bronze medal for diver Tom Daley of Great Britain, and another bronze for Jen Kish of Canada in Rugby.

The 2016 Olympics already started out with a record number of out LGBTI athletes. When the games officially started we reported that there were a record 44 out LGBTI athletes in this year’s Olympics, as well as three coaches, according to a list compiled by outsports.com. In comparison, only 23 athletes were out four years ago in London.

Today that number is already 49, including a gold medal winner (Rafaela Silva) who publicly came out as a lesbian during an interview, when she talked about her girlfriend of three years Thamara Cezar.

Brazilian news portal Globo Esporte highlighted the trend Monday in a piece entitled ‘Rio Olympics gets the gold medal for acceptance and love without discrimination.’ 

When Brazilian transgender supermodel Lea T led the host nation’s delegation into the MaracanΓ£ Stadium, Globo Esporte noted that the games were off to a good start.

Then, with athletes like Rafaela Silva going public about her three-year relationship with Thamara Cezar, and a very public marriage proposal, of Marjorie Enya to girlfriend Izzy Cerullo at the end of the Rugby tournament, Globo Esporte noted that such demonstrations of affection between same-sex athletes are becoming increasingly more common.

There is also high-profile power couple Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black; WNBA superstar Elena Delle Donne, who revealed in an interview with Vogue that she is engaged to Amanda Clifton; and one married couple, Helen Richardson-Walsh and Kate Richardson-Walsh, British field hockey players.

Cerullo, the lucky girl who said yes to now-fiancΓ©e Enya said that her phone didn’t stop ringing after the proposal, and that in two days she’d received over 700 friend requests on social media.

“I couldn’t read all of the Facebook messages. And my cell phone is almost exploding [from so many messages]. People are leaving words of love and affection, and they say that they were very touched with our story. We are really touched, ourselves. There are a lot of messages, and believe me, none of them were homophobic,” she said.

Carlos Tufvesson, Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Sexual Diversity, noticed the shift. He remembers when Michael do Santos, a volleyball player for VΓ΄lei Futuro who had just come out of the closet and suffered intense homophobia when thousands of fans of the opposing team shouted anti-gay slurs at him during a match, a case which drew national attention.

The US Women’s soccer team has also complained about anti-gay slurs directed at them during their first matches in Brazil. And a recent New York Times article talked about an epidemic of anti-gay violence in the country.

But the fact that two same-sex couples at the games have received support on social media for showing their love is reason to celebrate.”I see a lot of facts that have contributed to this. First, it’s post-Sochi. Second, this all happened after Orlando’s horrifying attack, which made people start to think. Something needs to be done to fight this homophobia,” said Tufvesson.

RIO HEAT. Brought to you Japanese swimmer Daiya Seto.

Pulse Shooting Survivor Angel Colon Takes First Unassisted Steps

From: NewNowNext
It’s been two months since the horrific massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub snuffed out 49 innocent lives and altered many more irrevocably.

Angel Colon, who survived the attack, was shot six times and trampled by club goers trying to flee. The 26-year-old Zumba instructor was rescued by police officer Omar Delgado, who dragged him to safety at a nearby Wendy’s.

Last week, Colon danced while seated at the 2016 Zumba Fitness Instructor Convention in Orlando.

But yesterday, the two-month anniversary of the massacre, he posted a video showing him taking his first steps without help.

The clip was flooded with hundreds of positive comments and has been shared more than a thousands times on Facebook.

True Life: We Are Orlando airs Monday, August 15, at 8pm on MTV.

Priest Sent Penis Pics To Contractor, Then Fired Him When He Complained

Monsignor Lawrence McGovern has been suspended pending a lawsuit by the alleged victim
From: NewNowNext

 A California priest has been suspended for sending unsolicited pictures of his penis to his church’s pool maintenance person, and then firing the man when he complained.

 Monsignor Lawrence McGovern, the pastor of Presentation Parish in Stockton, has been relieved of duty after the unnamed victim, a father of two who is also a parishioner, filed a lawsuit against the diocese for sexual harassment.

“It’s extremely disturbing that the person who is head of this parish would be sending photographs of his exposed genitals,” said the contractor’s attorney, Vince Finaldi. “Someone’s who’s engaging in that type of conduct has very, very serious credibility issues and issues with judgement.”

KTXL Fox 40 reports that the victim confronted McGovern over the pictures and his vow of celibacy.

“Oh, that just means that you’re not married,” the monsignor reportedly replied.

In a statement, the diocese claimed it first learned about the allegations against McGovern when the suit was filed. He’s been placed on administrative leave “pending a full and complete investigation,” but Finaldi says the monsignor should be fired.

“That person has no business being in a parish and head of a school where there are numerous young children walking around everyday.”

A Sunday school teacher at Presentation was arrested in 2013 on child-porn and molestation charges.

Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Olympic Swimmer Amini Fonua’s Instagram Account

From: Queerty
OK, so we can’t stop fawning over Amini Fonua. The openly gay, 26-year-old Tongan competitive swimmer is our Olympic crush of the moment. He competed  in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke. And while he may not have won any medals this time around, he did win our hearts.

At 6’0 and 174-pounds with sparkling green eyes, a full head of wavy brown hair and buttery olive complexion, Amini is one tall, lean drink of water. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourselves.
A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

A photo posted by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

Petition Hopes to Revoke IOC Press Credentials from Nico Hines and The Daily Beast

From: Towleroad
A change.org petition is calling for reporter Nico Hines and The Daily Beast to have their press credentials for covering the Rio Olympics revoked following a report filed by Hines for the Beast in which Hines effectively outed gay Olympians from anti-gay countries

The petition says that The Daily Beast is “not a legitimate news organization and does not deserve to be treated as such.”

As of this posting, the petition has 7,673 signatures, needing 2,327 more to reach its goal.

Petition creator Josh Price writes,

“Nico Hines and The Daily Beast showed a severe lack of judgement when they decided it would be funny to gawk and laugh at gay people on dating apps. The result of their lack of concern for gay peoples [sic] lives put gay Olympians in very real and serious danger by outing them. The Daily Beast doubled down on their article and insisted they were not in the wrong. Eventually, The Daily Beast offered a non apology, until it was finally forced to offer an apology due to the sheer outrage of tens of thousands of people.”

He adds, “Outing gay Olympians from Countries where they can suffer physical injuries, abuse, jail,and even death for being gay is not journalism.”

There is also a Facebook group calling for a boycott of The Daily Beast.

If so inclined, you can sign the petition here.

Jason Collins, Secretary Of The Army Eric Fanning, Join U.S. Delegation To Rio Games Closing Ceremony

President Obama has once again chosen LGBT Americans as part of his Olympic delegation.
From: NewNowNext
 President Obama is sending two openly gay men, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning and former NBA player Jason Collins, to Rio next week as part of a delegation attending the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Games.

 From the White House:

President Barack Obama today announced the designation of a Presidential Delegation to attend the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Federative Republic of Brazil. The Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Federative Republic of Brazil will be held on August 21, 2016.

The delegation will attend athletic events, meet with U.S. athletes, and attend the Closing Ceremony.

Both men expressed their excitement about attending the Games.

Joining Fanning and Collins are Liliana Ayalde, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil; White House advisor Bess Evans; Olympic champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee; the EPA’s Gina McCarthy (who will lead the delegation), and Lauren Kelly, social secretary to the First Lady.

In 2012, Obama sent tennis legend Billie Jean King, figure skater Brian Boitano and hockey player Caitiyn Cahow as part of the U.S. delegation to the Sochi Games, sending a message to Russia about the country’s homophobic gay-propaganda ban.

It’s Time To Become Better Acquainted With U.S.A. Track-And-Fielder Boris Berian

From: Queerty
Meet Boris Barian. He’s a long, lean, tattooed, 23-year-old American middle distance runner and rising track and field star. He’ll be competing in the Men’s 800m in Rio.

Earlier this year, Boris took home the Gold medal in the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland. Will he be as lucky in the Olympics? We’ll soon find out!

Scroll down to see Boris on the track…
A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

A photo posted by boris berian (@borisgump800) on

Is NBC Sports Homophobic?

From: Queerty
NBC Sports seems to have a problem treating gay athletes, and the gay parents of athletes, with the same respect and visibility it shows to their heterosexual counterparts.

They failed to identify Tom Daley‘s financΓ© Dustin Lance Black when showing he and Daley’s mother in the crowd, dressed in matching “Team Daley” shirts.

Black, an Academy Award winning screenwriter, is famous in his own right. Mentioning the family members and partners of athletes while showing them cheering in the stands is typically a reflex during Olympic coverage, which is always hungry for a good human interest story.

“Could the network have resisted lingering over an Oscar-winner affianced to an Olympic medal-winner if the relationship didn’t involve two people of the same sex?” Slate asks, continuing, “…do you really think they wouldn’t point out a diver’s celebrity fiancΓ©e if it were Marion Cotillard, Brie Larson, or another Oscar-winner whose fame level was roughly commensurate with Black’s?…You don’t have to be the kind of person who sees homophobia everywhere to think the commentators were reluctant to bring up a star athlete’s homosexuality.”

Then there was commentator Chris Marlowe referring to Brazilian volleyball player Larissa FranΓ§a’s wife as her “husband.”

“I’m sorry for the mistake today. Clearly, Liliane is Larissa’s wife,” Marlowe said, which served as the only apology to come from the network.

Former NBA player Jason Collins, the first openly gay athlete to play in one of the four major U.S. sports leagues, and was one of the many people on Twitter to express their frustration with the mistake, tweeting a link to Outsports article on the incident.

This goes beyond the Olympics, as Outsports points out:

For the last few years NBC Sports has employed an avowed proud homophobe, Tony Dungy, as one of its lead NFL commentators. Dungy has raised money to oppose equality for gay people, has said he “disagrees” with Jason Collins being gay and, in a fit of hypocrisy, said he would not want openly gay NFL player Michael Sam on his team.
Dungy, meanwhile, has advocated for us all to forget the crimes of Michael Vick, whom he has mentored after his release from prison.

NBC Sports was previously forced to apologize for not mentioning Australian Diver Matthew Mitcham‘s partner in the stands, despite doing so for the partners of straight athletes. Mitcham, who won gold, was the only openly gay athlete at those Olympic Games. That too went unmentioned.

At the U.S. Olympic trials, diver Jordan Windle was accompanied by his fathers.

“They wouldn’t say ‘Jordan’s dads’ during the finals of Olympic Trials,” Jerry Windle said. “They just said ‘parents.’ Then they wouldn’t show both Andre and I together like they showed other parents.”

In 2014, the International Olympic Committee officially added sexual orientation protections to its policies, after the Games were held in Russia, which has a less than stellar record on LGBTQ rights, to say the least. They recently updated their policy on transgender athletes as well, allowing transgender men to compete without limitations and transgender women to compete after a year of hormone replacement therapy, provided their testosterone levels are equal to or lower than their cisgender female counterparts.

This year’s Olympics has a record number of out LGBT athletes, meaning it is even more important than ever for them to get their coverage in order.

Some athletes have been subjected to antigay slurs from audiences, particularly the USA women’s soccer team.

A tennis broadcaster for the BBC got into trouble for a homophobic joke he made involving the kiss cam, which lead to an apology.


“Male Fitness Photographer” Drugged And Raped The Men He Lured To His Home

From: Queerty
Craigslist is rife with sketchy ads looking for young aspiring models to pose for photos — “no pay, but great exposure and the perfect way to start your portfolio…” And if you’ve ever considered answering one, the following story might make you think twice — and then think again.

Nigel Brent Wilkinson would approach his subjects on Instagram, inviting hopeful male models over to his house under the pretense of “photo shoots.” Then, he’d surreptitiously spike their drinks and have sex with them as they lay unconscious.

Pink News reports that the 43-year-old has confessed to two counts of rape, three counts of using a drug with the intention to rape, and two counts of possession of an illegal substance.

In Bristol Crown Court he was sentenced to 11-and-half years behind bars.

“On the surface, Nigel Wilkinson was a photographer with an interest in male fitness models,” Detective Con Stacey Matthews explained to the court. “In private, he was a cunning sexual offender who used his photography enterprise as a cover and catalyst for his deviant activities.”

The men would often stay at his home and throughout their visit he would ply them with alcoholic drinks, some of which were laced with sedatives.
“While they were in a drugged state, Wilkinson’s predatory nature would prevail and he’d commit sexual acts on them without their consent.”

One truly unreal detail: Police were paying a visit to Wilkinson’s home following one man’s report of what happened to him — and that’s when they found a second victim lying unconscious on the sofa.

Since then, a third victim has contacted police.

“We believe there’ll be more victims who haven’t yet come forward,” Detective Matthews says, “and I’d urge them to do so.”

If you have any information regarding Wilkinson, you’re asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 5216165860.

Celebrating Today August 13th

Blowing out candles today August 13th
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Gorgeous actor Hank Cheyne turns 58 today.

 John Slattery is one sexy older guy, who is not actually as old as he often plays on television. John turns 54 today.

 Yesterday I posted about his brother, today it is Justin Dumais who turns 38 today.

 Italian actor Lorenzo Crespi turns 45 today.

 One Day At A Time's Pat Harrington Jr would have been 87 today.
 Actor Sebastian Stan turns 34 today.

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