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Monday, November 18, 2013

Favorite Sports Guy for November 18, 2007

Steffen Driesen
From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Steffen Driesen (born November 30, 1981 in DΓΌsseldorf) is a backstroke swimmer from Germany, who competed in two consecutive Summer Olympics for his native country. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, he won the silver medal in the 4x100 Medley Relay, alongside Lars Conrad, Jens Kruppa, and Thomas Rupprath.

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 18th

Owen Wilson
From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Owen Wilson turns 45 today! Have a great day Owen.

 Owen Cunningham Wilson (born November 18, 1968) is an American actor and screenwriter. Born in Dallas, Texas, he is the middle child, and has two brothers who are also actors, Andrew and Luke Wilson. He received his distinctive twice-broken nose during childhood.

Wilson is known for his long association with the film maker Wes Anderson, having shared co-writing and acting credits in the films Bottle Rocket (1996) which was his acting dΓ©but and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, as well as acting in Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), Cars (2006) and The Darjeeling Limited (2007). Wilson is also known for his collaborations with Ben Stiller, appearing in eight films together including Meet the Parents (2000) and the cult classic Zoolander (2001) and for starring on his own in other popular comedies such as Shanghai Noon (2000) and Wedding Crashers (2005). More recently he has starred in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.


Pic of the Day: November 18, 2007

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Wowza! Princes 'William and Harry' strip for Cosmo

From:  Cosmo UK
In the April 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan, we have a Very Important Centerfolds edition celebrating Everyman male cancer awareness - five of the best looking celeb lookalikes have got naked for Cosmo! Along with Prince William and Prince Harry, Golden Balls David Beckham, vampy Robert Pattinson and the pirate we'd give all our gold to, Johnny Depp, are three of five very convincing doubles baring all for your viewing pleasure.

Admittedly, when the Cosmo HQ girls flicked through the mag and caught a glimpse of 'Princes William and Harry' - even we had to take a second look; they're the spitting images! With cheeky chap Harry covering his prized possessions with a trophy and clutching a bottle of champers, you can see why we were fooled. We wonder, whatever would The Queen say?

Sascha Schneider: Nude in Public

From:  OUT
50 x 36 cm
charcoal on paper
Courtesy of the RΓΆder Collection.

Meet the Australian David Beckham. Naked

He's stripped especially for our December issue, now see the gorgeous Nick Youngquest in motion
From: Cosmo UK
There aren't many (read: any) men we fancy more than Becks. BUT Paco Rabanne Invictus model, Nick Youngquest is one hunk of an exception.

Buff, blue–eyed, sporty, tattooed and a total sweetheart, they don't come more perfect than Australian former Rugby player Nick. You will see what we mean if you pick up a copy of this month's Cosmo in which he has stripped down especially for you exclusively in the new issue of Cosmo out now.

Handsome with a heart Nick, who took part in the photoshoot to raise awareness for cancerresearch.org, told us how it's a cause that's close to him.

When I was in high school my best friend battled cancer for five years before it took his life. It was a hard thing to deal with so young and it gave me a different outlook on life," he says.

And we're pleased to report he smells as good as he looks too, "I like to look after my skin and wearing a great scent is important to leave a lasting impression. I even wear Invictus to the gym.”

See Nick in motion in the video of the making of his Paco Rabanne ad below. It's official, he's the face of a fragrance AND our fantasies.

The Most Realistic Gay Sex Scenes In Film

Readers Picks
From: Queerty
Behind the Candelabra

Much was made about how Behind the Candelabra was “too gay” for any Hollywood studio, but just gay enough for us and HBO — along with near universal acclaim the Liberace biopic snatched 11 Emmys including one for Michael Douglas as the provocative, poppers-loving pianist.
I found the sex scene in The Candelabra to be very realistic.” — submitted by bskeete

“Ask for Help”

That’s the message of The Trevor Project’s new PSA campaign. Too often, we’re afraid to ask for help when we really need it. After all, asking for help isn’t always easy. Figuring out where to start or who to turn to can be overwhelming and we may not want to bother anyone with our worries or fears.

But the truth about asking for help is that no problem is too big or too small. There are helpers everywhere – parents, teachers, adults, counselors, neighbors, religious leaders and Trevor counselors – who are there to listen when you need support. Asking for help may be scary, but it’s also one of the bravest things you can do.

Ask for Help – It’s the first step to getting the support you need. Are you ready to ask for help? Contact The Trevor Project to talk with a trained counselor.

Ask for Help” The Trevor Project’s newest PSA campaign, features empowering, first-person accounts of youth reaching out to friends, teachers, parents or counselors for help to promote the idea that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it.

Reaching out for help isn’t always easy. In fact, the stigma surrounding mental health and illness can seem paralyzing, especially for young people. When a young person is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning, this stigma can be even bigger, especially if they face barriers to accessing help if their family or community has rejected them.

However, many young people do seek help from people they know and trust. Once they take the first step and ask for help, their chances of finding supportive resources increases, lowering their risk for suicide – and that can be life-saving.

The Most Realistic Gay Sex Scenes In Film

From:  Queerty
Blue Is The Warmest Color

This three-hour adaptation of a Gallic graphic novel scandalized Cannes with what one critic called “the most graphic lesbian sex scenes in modern cinematic history.” The tale of a 15-year-old girl’s sexual awakening won the Palme D’Or at Cannes and features a starmaking performance by newcomer Adele Exarchopoulos.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 16th


Queerism - Beer Can

From:  Queer Click
noun. A penis that is very thick compared to its length.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 14th

Steven by Gentlemen Only

Male Nude Photography | Jet Blake

Meet Jet Blake.  Super nice guy.  And such a stunning body.  It’s kind of incomparable.

QQ Magazine - October 1977


Photography by Tony Webster
Nothing like a little butt to get the week rolling… This well proportioned set of buns belong to Steffano of Bologna, Italy who had an intimate encounter with ass enthusiast Tony of Belfast. Have you got a perfect butt to share with fellow butt lovers? Send it tosubmit@buttmagazine.com right away!

Pulp Fiction

Freshman Fantasies by Paul J. Simon

Moretti… | Hot Chest Monday

"Monday is usually Hot Ass Monday time – but I’ve just posted a new gallery – and Moretti’s chest (and parts below) are the clear star.

So today is Hot Chest Monday.  Here’s to a great week" -- Marlen Boro

Proponent: Rico by Daniel Allen Studio Art

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Whenever I contact an artist about being featured on FH, part of the process is often introducing them to the blog and how I go about putting together a profile or story. Pretty much every photographer and model who has used the Internet as a form of promotion has ended up at one time, or many times, seeing their images splattered on blogs, tumblrs, dating and adult sites, most not bothering to give credit, let alone a comment about the image or the artists behind it.

Last month, I had an especially nasty photographer decide to go on the attack. It was particularly disheartening because of how vile he got, especially since I have never actually featured his work on the blog. I debated whether to respond on the blog as he seemed the type to feed off of it. I am glad that I did however as the resulting positive occurance was being introduced to the work of Daniel Allen. I had recognized Daniel's name as he has been a frequent source of support with the positive comments he leaves on the blog. I have whined about the meager amounts of comments left before, especially because I know how important it is to not just me, but the artists and models, and every comment Daniel and others have left helped motivate me to continue the blog for another day.
 When I contacted Daniel to thank him for the support and suggest a piece on the blog he gave me several additional positive comments about the blog from a photographers perspective which is always great to hear. My purpose for including this piece is not to pat myself on the back (well not just...) but it was yet another lesson I needed to hear yet again how not to let life's negative experiences to bring me down and most times, if you wait just a little, a positive will follow. Daniel's images of Rico are definitely a positive.

 Daniel's images are incredibly sexy, maybe even more so because of what is left to the imagination. Part of the story within the images also resonated with me as beautifully melancholy. As I head through my thirties, I find the end of a workday, let alone the end of a work week a time to do what I can to get home, kick off my shoes and work clothes and just relax. Not so long ago however, the end of any day meant the beginning of an evening and night. Nights, all of them, especially in my twenties were always filled with going out, playing pool, eating and drinking, pubs and movies, anything to mean that a day was more than just work and sleep, that somewhere in the middle was an actual life.

 I am not sure if it is just my age, or if people actually go out less but it seems that with almost every age group, entertainment has become far more home based. Daniel's images of Rico out on the town remind me how there was a time when during the evening, I would rather have been anywhere than at home.

 When going through Daniel's images, my first choice for a piece was Rico and it only made it better when Daniel shared that Rico was the first erotic shoot, prior to that, he had shot mostly family, friends and landscapes. To find a model to begin, Daniel headed online when he came upon Rico, quickly connected with him about posing to get started on building his portfolio. Daniel's timing was just about perfect as Rico was just a few days from being deployed and an erotic shoot sounded a great way to deal with the stress and a fun way of passing the time until then.

 I can't think of a better model to begin with than Rico. Incredibly hot, able to look at times like the boy next door with his handsome face and grin, at the same time he is able to display a bit of an edge and together the mix is incredibly smoldering and sexy.

 Daniel's shoot with Rico more than tells a story, it sort of became one. Daniel had originally planned on having the shoot outdoors by the waterfront on the bay, but it began raining an hour before he was supposed to meet up with Rico. He was then forced to come up with another concept on the spot but thankfully had earlier already approached Randy, the manager of a great nearby bar. The first part of the shoot was there as Randy had agreed to section off half the bar for part of the evening to let him shoot.

'I had two of those metal half-dome fixtures you see mechanics using to fix cars (which, in truth, was what I originally used them for as well) with 1000 watt incandescent bulbs in them. I referred to them as my "hot lights", because that just sounded more professional, but I joked with Rico during the shoot about my ghetto-fabulous lighting.'

 'Rico was probably one of the best subjects I could hope for in my first erotic shoot! Handsome face, beautiful, naturally-toned physique, and extremely patient, open to direction, and willing to try just about anything. (I surprised him a few months later with a shot I'd taken of him at my apartment door in full uniform, smiling and holding up a fistful of daisies pulled from the front yard--roots, dirt and all. I told him that picture wasn't for me, it was for him to send his boyfriend while he was deployed overseas to remind him of him while he was away. He loved it and thought it was a really thoughtful gesture.) Rico may not be a professional model, but his beautiful masculine features, friendly demeanor, and confidence would, I think, translate very well in this industry. I'd love to do another shoot with Rico in the future!'

Daniel Allen Studio Art on Model Mayhem

The Cockiness of Youth | Dudoir Photography

"A sunny summer day…  they shall return.

And it’s not awful…  guys in Minnesota smirk in the winter too." -- Marlen Boro

Kellan Lutz - Adopt, Dn't Buyo

Kellan Christopher Lutz (born March 15, 1985) is an American fashion model and actor. He is best known for playing Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga film series.
Lutz supports the animal charity PETA and stars in a video supporting the adoption of animals instead of buying them.
He is also a supporter of rebuilding efforts in New Orleans, in particular with the St. Bernard Project.
Lutz endorsed the documentary film The Paw Project, which focuses on the declawing of exotic and domesticated cats in America

Beyond “Brokeback” Obscure, Lost, and Underappreciated Gay Movies

From:  The Backlot
In the unlikely event you liked I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, you should check out…
The Gay Deceivers 

Of course, if you liked I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry you probably wouldn't be reading this site, but let’s look past that. Like Chuck and Larry, The Gay Deceivers has two straight dudes pretending to be gay to reap the benefits – in this case it’s avoiding the draft. They then of course come under the scrutiny of the most insanely flaming characters in the history of the moving picture (Michael Greer is again involved). Like Chuck & Larry, the humor is very hit-or-miss in terms of its offensiveness, but this one also features a truly bizarre twist ending.

Nine Notable Bisexual Men

From: Queerty
David Bowie
The king of Glam rock is perhaps the person most responsible for bringing bisexuality into the mainstream vernacular. Bowie “outed” himself in an interview with the UK rock newspaper Melody Maker in 1972. In an interview with Playboy in 1976 he said, “It’s true — I am a bisexual. But I can’t deny that I’ve used that fact very well. I suppose it`s the best thing that ever happened to me. Fun, too.” Coincidentally, (or not) Bowie’s first wife, Angela Bowie would later write a book called Bisexuality: A Pocket Guide.


Dave Charles. It’s been a while since we've featured long johns!
From:  The Backlot

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