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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"You might want to find something to hang on to.”




From: Manhunt Daily
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
make it
je cherche rien de particulier vener me jaser et on verra apres

Rough Straight Brent

The 12 Worst Muppets Ever

From: io9

Mr. Poodlepants

Someone was trying way too hard the day Mr. Poodlepants was created. Ridiculous name, ridiculous hair, ridiculous Ed Wynn voice, ridiculous everything; and yet it would be okay if Mr. Poodlepants were actually interesting. How someone could lead a Mormon Tabernacle Penguin choir and not get a laugh is beyond me.


From: Manhunt Daily
 Get ready to be shockingly aroused by two-dimensional, cartoon men! Erotic animator Animan has returned with the follow-up to his epic two-part All Stars video, introducing new and old fans alike to a silver-haired, callipygian wonder known as “Dr. Butt“. He’s a gynecologist who’s very popular with the ladies at his country club, but they’re not the only ones who want to benefit from his extensive sexual expertise.

 Fellow country club members Mike and Spencer catch Dr. Butt on his knees servicing the gardener, Julio. Their enormous shafts begin to swell watching the show, and before you know it, Dr. Butt is drawing a crowd and putting the Sketchy Sex boys to shame by taking six loads up his hairy, ample ass. Along the way, there are a few classically naughty Animan surprises, but you’ll have to watch the full 10:37 feature to know what I’m talking about. Trust me! It’s worth the $7.00 price tag.

Lars Stephan

26 Super-Sexy Pairs Of Men’s Underwear Totally Perfect For Any Day

From: Buzz Feed
The Cow Jester
Again with the googly eyes!


For Your Eyes Only
From: Yummy of the Day

Damn nice big nuts

Eli Hunter, Zach, Nate & Trent - Sketchy Sex

 I know that, after three and a half months of the site existing, I shouldn't still be scandalized by the “we know it’s dangerous, but we don’t care” attitude of the Sketchy Sex household. I was coming to terms with the fact that they cruise for dick online while they’re getting fucked, they scheme to steal raw loads away from one another, and they’ll happily go from ass to mouth, back to ass and back to mouth again. These guys are proud cum sluts who make no apologies about their behavior. And, um, I’m trying my best to keep my judgments to myself.

This became a little more difficult when the house’s hungriest bottom, Eli Hunter, warmed up his hole by stuffing a glass bottle up there. He proceeded to get slammed by two big cocks until their jizz was leaking out of him. That alone could have been enough for one porn scene, but no, Sketchy Sex has to take it one step further.

 If you look in the background of this picture, you’ll see that the ridiculously-hung guy who first banged Eli gets directed to a black leather armchair. He drops a second load into Eli’s housemate Nate, then fucks his throat while the second guy who banged Eli (who I think is their housemate Trent) takes over fucking duties. Trent drops his load, and somehow, it’s still not over.

  Trent answers the door to greet Zach, a supposed closet-case, with a blowjob. While this is going on, the first guy in the black hoodie drops his third load of the night into Nate. Zach’s ready to go thanks to Trent, so he walks over, spits on Nate’s hole and slides into that sloppy boy pussy… And, really, who knows what happened after the cameras stopped rolling? There could have been ten more guys on their way to fuck Eli and Nate.




A Top To BOTTOM Ranking Of The 24 Best Man Butts In Hollywood

From: BuzzFeed
Jason Momoa

Where you can find the butt:
Game of Thrones
Apparent butt firmness:
Overall butt thoughts: 
If that incredibly long braid wasn't so darn distracting maybe this butt would have ranked higher. Maybe next time, Drogo.

this would be soooo fun


From: Manhut Daily
 This week’s stud is a guy after my own heart. Or hand, maybe? We both like a big meaty set of paws. One look at countyboy70’s piercing blue eyes and mischievous grin lets you know that you’re in for a treat. Just make sure you've got a face picture. (And a nice set of hands wouldn't hurt either.)

We talked to this scruffy hottie about his steamiest Manhunt hookup in our latest Man of the Week interview!

 Thanks for taking time out to talk to us! Tell the guys out there more about yourself. What are you up to?

I’m a universal type of guy. I was raised in a small country town in northern New York a few miles from the Canadian border. I enjoy both urban and rural living. You can plop me in either setting, and I’d blend in just fine. It’s good to know that my family still resides in the country. On that note, I can visit the country whenever I please.

How long have you been in Atlanta?

My ex-husband and I moved here in August 2009. We are no longer together and divorced in 2011. We were the first gay male couple to legally marry in Massachusetts.

That’s pretty awesome. Sorry to hear about the divorce though. How’s the single life?

Mixed emotions. It’s nice to come home to someone. But then again, it also can suck having to come home to someone. Catch my drift? However, I truly miss married life.

I hear you man. Well this is Manhunt, so let’s turn to sexier topics. What’s your favorite part on a guy? And why?

That’s a tricky question, because every man has a quality about them that’s sexy. However, the first thing that I notice is a nice smile. If you are asking in a naked sense, then I’d say chest and a beautiful, big and meaty cock. Then again, big manly hands have been known to get me hard as well.

 I'm a hand man too! Have you had any hot hookups here on Manhunt? Where did it take place, and why was it hot? (Spare no details!)

I had a daddy that I recently hooked up with. He asked me if I had a fantasy I wanted to fulfill. I told him that I fantasize about going into a doctor’s office for a checkup. There he was dressed in scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck. He told me that I was the last appointment of the day. He proceeded to tell me to strip down to my underwear, where I was wearing nothing but a white jockstrap. He then gave me the usual examination.

I recall being very turned on and dripping pre-cum. He then told me he needed to examine my anal cavity. He told me to bend over the table and spread my ass cheeks. He had monster hands and I thought I was gonna cum from anticipation. He lubed up his hand and started to finger my hole slowly. I could tell he was into it, because I noticed his big, throbbing cock dripping pre-cum through his scrubs. He then untied his pants and they immediately dropped to the floor revealing his beautiful hairy muscle cock. I reached over and gently grasped his dick which was saturated in pre-cum. I couldn’t help but lick my fingers clean of his man jizz. DELICIOUS!

He proceeded to work his fingers deeper into my excited hole. He asked if I wanted his meat deep inside. I obliged. With one thrust, he ripped off his scrub top. His hairy chest and tattoos were to die for. Then, without hesitation, he crammed all his 8″ man meat deep inside my pucker with one thrust. I asked for more as I felt his dick slide in and out of me with our balls smacking against one another. We fucked for hours ’til we both dropped from exhaustion.

The next time, he suggested that we have a hot stud to play nurse and help assist him in some handball action. It’s too bad this happened while I was on vacation in Miami. I believe this just opened a can of worms for a new fantasy I’d like to be fulfilled.

And now I’m sweating just reading that. Hopefully the boys here on Manhunt in Atlanta are treating you well, because that sounds like a hot time to recreate!

Between you and I, I don’t really hook up a lot here in Atlanta. There are a lot of flakes, and sometimes I feel as though I’m too extreme for many to handle.

Extreme in what way?

Handball. Group fisting.

That is extreme! I’m guessing by handball, you don’t mean the sport…

Handball, as in fisting.

I got it. I’d imagine you don’t want to go putting your hand in just anyone’s ass (or vice versa).

Exactly. However, I am choosy. I prefer to be the one getting fisted. Big manly hands are a turn on, but experience is key.

Ah, now it makes sense! So to wrap things up, is there anything you’d like to share with our horny audience here?

I’m a laid back kind of guy who enjoys making some new friends. If you are in or visiting Atlanta, feel free to drop me a line with suggestions. You never know.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
seeing what's out there.
A massive cock is great and all.... But I'm truly a sucker for a nice looking face...( no pic=no response and will be deleted and ignored. C'mon people.....it's 2014). I'm basically looking at pictures and chat. But sometimes I'm tempted. So, who knows. Hit me up if there is any interest and we will see.

Turn offs.....pics of gaping anus. pics that show you comparing your pecker with household items (ex: beer cans, lube bottles, rolling pins, ect....) Profiles where you call yourself VGL. Is that what your mama tells you? Get over yourself. It's just tacky. Oh yeah and........winks are lame and annoying. Just say something? Happy trails
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