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Saturday, January 2, 2016

10 Ways This Was A Banner Year For Transgender People

From: Queerty
Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival comes to an end

With its womyn-born-womyn policy, Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MWMF) became a long-standing symbol of tensions between a faction of transwomen and a faction of radical feminists with differing views of whether trans women should be welcomed into “women-only” space. The festival was founded in 1976, and the trouble started in 1977, when some radical feminists began agitating against women’s music collective Olivia Records for employing Sandy Stone, an out transgender recording engineer. MWMF founder Lisa Vogel was a key critic of Stone at the time. In 1991, a trans woman was asked to leave the festival because she was not assigned female at birth. This led to over two decades of protest by trans women, an eventual apology by Vogel, and an escalating series of boycotts and actions against scheduled performers and sponsors. This year Vogel announced that the festival would end its run in August. A fictionalized version of the controversy is a subplot in Season 2 of Transparent.

Your Nightly Briefing

From: Boy Culture

9 Of The Hottest Ways We Looked Forward To The New Year

From: Queety

We don’t often find ourselves saying this, but thank goodness for the passage of time.
Sure, it means we’re all getting older by the minute, but on the upside, each year we get a new crop of insanely hot calendars to cover.
OK, maybe it’s not always a win/win, but in the case of photographer Fred Goudon’s new all-access 2016 French Firefighter behind-the-scenes time tracker, we’ll be watching the months fly by with a smile.

Your Nightly Briefing

From: Boy Culture

7 Thing We Hope Go Away Forever In 2016

From: NewNowNext
Donald Trump

How did we get here?

It’s too late to hope Donald won’t have SOME kind of impact on the election next year. But, at the very least, we hope that on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the Donald saunters down the boardwalk in Atlantic City and is never heard from again.

Who is this sexy bearded guy ?

An Exclusive New Year’s Treat From The Bear-Naked Chef

Ring in 2016 with a delicious recipe from everyone's favorite nudie foodie.
From: NewNowNext
 We all enjoyed the debut episode of the Bear-Naked Chef, in which Adrian De Berardinis stripped down to an itty-bitty apron to show us how to make a delicious chicken cacciatore.

So we reached out to Adrian in West Hollywood and asked him for some tips on spicing up our New Year’s Eve party.

 “When I’m celebrating something I love to cook something decadent and super-sexy,” he tells us. “Around New Year’s, I make something with lobster—This year will be potato gnocchi with a velvety lobster sauce that's laced with sweet grape tomatoes and a spike of heat from chilies. It’s the ultimate in sexy food.”

We’re sure it is—but we’re not really up for cooking. Thankfully, he was generous enough to share a recipe for a delicious NYE cocktail, the appropriately titled De-“Bear”-A-Tini

Splash of vodka
Splash of Kir Royale
Splash of pomegranate juice
Orange peel twist

Serve in a champagne flute

Speaking of New Year’s, what are the Bear-Naked Chef’s resolutions for 2016?

“I want to get super-creative in the kitchen and on my show, so my viewers will be engaged and learn about some amazing food,” he reveals.

“I want to travel more, explore more cuisine throughout the world, spend some more time with my family on the East Coast… and maybe find a boyfriend. LOL.”

Not too tall an order!

#dead End

From: Boy Culture

Favorite Pic of The Day: January 2, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Love me some Paul!

Your Nightly Briefing

From: Boy Culture

Favorite Guy Flying Through Space:

Jamie Bamber
January 2, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Move over Richard Hatch, the new Apollo, Jamie Bamber from the UK is stealing your thunder. I just discovered this show on DVD, and am enjoying the view in the sky.

Best of 2015: Gus Kenworthy's Top 10 Hottest Instagram Photos

From: Fleshbot

New hairstyle always equals Insta likes. Always.

“Sex gymnast” Richard Gere

The 10 Most WTF Moments Of 2015

From: NewNowNext
That #whiteandgold / #blackandblueDress Mess

No headline was as divisive in 2015 as the argument as to whether or not that damn dress was white and gold or black and blue – the answer to which we still do not know.

In the first week after the meme surfaced on Tumblr, more than 10 million Tweets mentioned the dress. A large-scale scientific study on the dress was even published in Current Biology.

One thing is certain: That dress, regardless of color, ain’t cute.

Ends Of The Year!

From: Boy Culture
Check out the latest raunchy (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr, filled with XXX booties. Take a taste via its trailer (yes, Tumblrs now have trailers) below if you just wanna stick your finger in before going full fist ..

“Aw yeah I like a nice tight wet twat! Can you feel that hot thick white funky juice pumping in, faggot? Swallow it all, you filthy fucking queer cum dump!”

15 People Who Came Out In 2015

From: NewNowNext
Joel Grey

Though out to friends and family for years, the 82-year-old Broadway legend finally made it official in a January interview with People magazine.

Grey confided he’d had trouble accepting himself, citing conversations he’d overhear between his parents when he was younger: “[they’d talk] derisively about ’fairies’ and men being dragged off to jail, and even worse, for being who they were.”

7 Reasons Why “227” Is Still Our Favorite Address

From: NewNowNext
Our heart belongs to JackΓ©e

Though a starring vehicle for Gibbs, JackΓ©e Harry proved the true breakout star and won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in 1987. (To date, she’s the first and only black actress to win in that category).

She and Gibbs would later clash over the show’s increased focus on JackΓ©e (who temporarily dropped her last name, as you do when your star is on the rise). Harry actually left the show for her own ill-fated spin-off, only to return as a recurring player in 227’s final season.

Stephan Tobias:

 Open A Tiny Window. 2015
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Over the last year, model and artist Stephen Tobias has been apart of some of FH's biggest celebrations. Stephen's images were some of the most popular shots from my Last Gasp of Summer Series, and his 2014 advent calendar helped celebrate Christmas on the site last year. Although Christmas day is over, January 1st seems a great day to look back at the German model and artist's 2015 edition. 

 'Avent Calendars don't seem to be popular in the US, but in Germany they are. When I was a child I had one which showed Santa Claus with a reindeer sledge riding through a small town, visiting people and doing errands, until arriving in the beautiful Gothic church for Christmas eve on December 24, which is when Germans celebrate Christmas. I loved this calendar and its colorful setting, which was put up on December 1 and disappeared on New Year. It has been lost after I moved away from my parents house, but I still see those little pictures before my inner eye.'

 'Nothing we remember is lost entirely. We have the capacity of recreating or reviving almost anything, sometimes better than ever before. But it was more like an ironic comment to a commercially driven advent calendar craze, with plastic calendars filled with little chocolates and the like, that 4 years ago I playfully did a first advent calendar, with nothing but nude pictures of myself taken throughout the year. Any countdown is a progression. Any progression contains a narration. I am not good at storytelling with words, but I can do it with pictures. Seen in a context those series of 24 pictures can tell a story of ideas born, efforts made, battles fought, things achieved and lost, and thoughts deepened. I worked a bit more on this aspect this year, and if I continue maybe this is the direction things will take. Self portrait of the artist as a nude man, narrated in in 24 pictures! Salvation or Nirvana always comes at the end. Who would have thought...'

Stanford: NCAA Soccer Champions!

From: Speed o Rex
 Before we move on to the new year in college sports, we would be remiss not to congratulate the Stanford Cardinals on their first-ever NCAA soccer championship.  2015 was a very good year indeed!







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