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Friday, December 18, 2015

These 17 Posters Powerfully Document The AIDS Epidemic Over The Last 30 Years

From: Huff Post

The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The New Batch

From: NewNowNext

“Love Will Show Us How”
Christine McVie

Christine was sometimes overshadowed by whatserface in Fleetwood Mac, but her 1984 self-titled solo album was one of the great hidden treasures of the decade, filled with pop gems. “Got A Hold On Me” hit the top ten, but the second single “Love Will Show Us How” should have done much better, peaking at #30 in June 1984.

I remember the video well, it was one of the first I saw that had TALKING in it. And Paul Bartel!

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Chicago Teddy Bears
Original channel
Original run
September 17, 1971 – December 10, 1971
Ann Sothern (pilot only)
Dean Jones
Jamie Farr
Art Metrano
Marvin Kaplan
Mickey Shaughnessy
Huntz Hall
John Banner
The Chicago Teddy Bears is an American sitcom that aired on CBS. The series was part of the network's 1971 fall lineup, premiering on September 17, 1971.
Unlike other shows set in Prohibition-era Chicago, The Chicago Teddy Bears was a sitcom. Any threats of violence were inferential rather than overt.
The main characters were Linc McCray (Dean Jones) and his Uncle Latzi (John Banner), partners in a speakeasy. A small-time gangster named Nick Marr (Art Metrano) wants to take it over. Marr is McCray's cousin and Latzi's nephew; the naive Latzi finds it hard to believe his nephew could be anything but a fine boy. However, Marvin the bookkeeper (Marvin Kaplan) and Linc's inept bodyguards, especially Duke (Jamie Farr), are very frightened of Marr.
The series was intended as a comeback vehicle for Ann Sothern, whose last regular role had been as the voice of My Mother the Car. She played a street flower vendor in the pilot and was meant to be a mediator between McCray and Marr. However, CBS wrote her out of the actual series.
The series received low ratings and was cancelled by CBS after only three months on the air.

Academy Award for Best Actress

Meryl Streep 
Margaret Thatcher
The Iron Lady

Mary Louise "Meryl" Streep (born June 22, 1949) is an American actress. A three-time Academy Award winner, she is widely regarded as one of the greatest film actors of all time. Streep made her professional stage debut in The Playboy of Seville in 1971, and went on to receive a 1976 Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Play for A Memory of Two Mondays/27 Wagons Full of Cotton. She made her screen debut in the 1977 television film The Deadliest Season, and made her film debut later that same year in Julia. In 1978, she won an Emmy Award for her role in the miniseries Holocaust, and received her first Academy Award nomination for The Deer Hunter. Nominated for 19 Academy Awards in total, Streep has more nominations than any other actor or actress in history, winning Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), and Best Actress for Sophie's Choice (1982) and for The Iron Lady (2011).

Streep is one of only six actors to have won three or more competitive Academy Awards for acting. Her other nominated roles are The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981), Silkwood (1983), Out of Africa (1985), Ironweed (1987), A Cry in the Dark (1988), Postcards from the Edge (1990), The Bridges of Madison County (1995), One True Thing (1998), Music of the Heart (1999), Adaptation (2002), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Doubt (2008), Julie & Julia (2009), August: Osage County (2013), and Into the Woods (2014). She returned to the stage for the first time in over 20 years in The Public Theater's 2002 revival of The Seagull, won a second Emmy Award in 2004 for the HBO miniseries Angels in America (2003), and starred in the Public Theater's 2006 production of Mother Courage and Her Children. As an actress, Streep is particularly known for her chameleonic approach to her roles, transformation into the characters she plays, and her perfection of accents.

Streep has also received 29 Golden Globe nominations, winning eight—more nominations, and more competitive (non-honorary) wins than any other actor (male or female) in the history of the award. Her work has also earned her two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Cannes Film Festival award, five New York Film Critics Circle Awards, two BAFTA awards, two Australian Film Institute awards, five Grammy Award nominations, and five Drama Desk Award nominations, among several others. She was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2004 at the Kennedy Center Honor in 2011 for her contribution to American culture through performing arts. President Barack Obama awarded her the 2010 National Medal of Arts and in 2014 the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2003, the government of France made her a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Today in History..

December 18, 218 BC – 

December 18th is Underdog Day

Honor the world’s greatest unsung heroes, runners up and unlikely winners who have pulled off the unexpected on Underdog Day! For those that may not know, an “underdog” is a person in a competition or other event who is popularly expected to lose or fail. The individual expected to win is called the favorite or top dog.

The History of Underdog Day

Originally, an underdog was a shipbuilder who stood in a dark pit and helped to saw planks of wood from beneath whilst the over dog, a supervisor of sorts, sawed the planks from above. The underdog got all dirty and covered in sawdust, yet the over dog got all of the credit for the hard work carried out. The first recorded uses of the term occurred in the second half of the nineteenth century; its first meaning was “the beaten dog in a fight”. An “underdog bet” was a bet on the underdog for which the odds were always considerably higher.

Established by Peter Moeller in 1976, Underdog Day is the time to honor all of life’s unrecognized hard-workers.

Nowadays, the underdog character has become quite popular in pop culture, from Forrest Gump to The Karate Kid. Famous unlikely winners, such as Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle or Paul Potts have also been especially liked for their underdog status. In fiction, some famous underdog winners include characters like Rocky Balboa or William Wallace in Braveheart–despite the rather thin or simply unlikely plots of both of these movies, they have both become cult classics, proving the status of the underdog character. In fact, mankind has always rooted for the underdog. Perhaps there is something central to the human experience that means we all feel a bit like our lives consist of collecting the sawdust of life, and so we dream about the prospect of one day emerging from this filthy, splintery mess victorious.It would seem that people find it much easier to identify with the imperfect underdogs whose accomplishments often go unnoticed than the heroes everyone talks about and revers. It is hard to identify with the perfect, infallible characters who always know exactly what they’re doing and make no mistakes, the simple reason for this being that that’s not what reality looks like. Nobody is perfect, so seeing people being presented as such can actually make us dislike them. And the truth is that a lot of those heroes would not be who they are, and would not have achieved what they’ achieved, if it wasn’t for their humble sidekicks, the underdogs. Imagine Batman without Robin, or Sherlock Holmes without Watson. Not quite the same, right?

How to Celebrate Underdog Day

One of the best ways to celebrate underdog day is to get together with friends and watch some movies that have famous underdogs in them, like the aforementioned Karate Kid, any of the Rocky movies, or Sherlock Holmes. Alternately, you could throw a fancy dress party where each of the participants has to dress up as a famous underdog, like Batman’s Robin, Robinson Crusoe’s man Friday,Forrest Gump, or Kung Fu Panda. Or perhaps Michael Jordan, if you can growl out his famous 2008 quote, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed” anywhere close to as well as he did, sending shivers down the spines of everyone who has ever not tried something for fear of failure.

December 18th is Arabic Language Day

UN Arabic Language Day is observed annually on December 18. The event was established by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)[not in citation given] in 2010 to seeking "to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six of its official working languages throughout the organization". December 18 was chosen as the date for the Arabic language as it is "the day in 1973 when the General Assembly approved Arabic as an official UN language ".

December 18th is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Lurking in the murky depths of many people’s wardrobes is a colorful, brash and (in most cases) highly embarrassing novelty Christmas jumper which, were it not for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, would probably never see the light of day. Launched in 2011, this annual celebration, which is growing in popularity every year among adults and children, is not simply an excuse to parade humiliatingly-unfashionable seasonal knitwear featuring Rudolph, Christmas puddings and Frosty the Snowman; it is a light-hearted and enjoyable fundraising event with a serious aim in aid of Save the Children.

In schools, colleges and offices Christmas jumpers are donned to raise money for the global charity that works to combat premature death among children from easily preventable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia, and whose mission is clinically summed-up in the slogan ‘No Child Born to Die’.

December 18th is International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day is an international day observed on 18 December as International Migrants Day appointed by the General Assembly of United Nations on 4 December 2000 taking into account the large and increasing number of migrants in the world. On 18 December 1990, the General Assembly adopted the international convention on the protection of the rights of migrant workers and members of their families (resolution 45/158).

This day is observed in many countries, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations through the dissemination of information on human rights and fundamental political freedoms of migrants, and through sharing of experiences and the design of actions to ensure the protection of migrants.

December 18th is Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day

Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day is celebrated annually on December 18th.

Buddy the Elf was played by Will Farrell in the 2003 movie “Elf”


Simply answer the phone and say “(Insert your Name) the Elf, what’s your favorite color”. Use #AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddyTheElfDay to post on social media.

December 18th is Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day is a one-day event held annually on December 18th. On the promotional holiday, consumers can shop from both large and small online merchants that offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. The 2012 event was scheduled for Monday, Dec. 17 and included more than 1,000 participating merchants.

L'Guyim: Top 10 Hottest Jewish Actors Naked

From: Fleshbot
Shia LaBeouf
Sigur Rós: Fjögur píanó 

Hairy rugby stud always wants a blowjob first thing in the morning, and guess who he calls to take care of his morning wood?


Taste the cum

Hand Stand

Ryan Phillippe

Provincetown Carnival

Roderich Martus

28 Of The Queerest Christmas Songs

From: Huffington Post
Tori Amos
"Pink And Glitter"
Pink? Glitter? Sounds pretty gay to us...

AWESOME legs, bro.

Slowly Undress

A Hairy Peek

The Lost Boy

If “Twelve Days Of Christmas” Were Written In 2015

From: BuzzFeed
On the fifth day of Christmas my true bae gave to me 
Five selfies to leave me thirsty.

73rd Golden Globe Awards - Best Director

And The Nominees Are:
 Todd Haynes 
 Alejandro González Iñárritu 
The Revenant
 Tom McCarthy 
 George Miller 
Mad Max: Fury Road
Ridley Scott 
The Martian

22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards - Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series

And The Nominees Are:
Note: First picture if the actor in the role nominated for, second photo a sexy photo of the actor.

 Peter Dinklage
 Game of Thrones 
Tyrion Lannister

Jon Hamm 
Mad Men 
 Don Draper

 Rami Malek 
Mr. Robot
Elliot Alderson

  Bob Odenkirk 
Better Call Saul 
Jimmy McGill

 Kevin Spacey 
House of Cards 
Francis Underwood

43 Of The Hottest Sets Of Rugby Thighs In The World

From: BuzzFeed
Schalk Brits
South Africa
What a name. What a hunk.

2015 Kennedy Center Honors

 The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture (though recipients do not need to be U.S. citizens). The Honors have been presented annually since 1978, and each December culminate in a star-studded gala celebrating the Honorees in the Kennedy Center Opera House.

Carole King

Carole King (born February 9, 1942) is an American composer and singer-songwriter.

King's career began in the 1960s when she, along with her then husband Gerry Goffin, wrote more than two dozen chart hits for numerous artists, many of which have become standards. She has continued writing for other artists since then. King's success as a performer in her own right did not come until the 1970s, when she sang her own songs, accompanying herself on the piano, in a series of albums and concerts. After experiencing commercial disappointment with her debut album Writer, King scored her breakthrough with the album Tapestry, which topped the U.S. album chart for 15 weeks in 1971 and remained on the charts for more than six years.

In 2000 Billboard pop music researcher Joel Whitburn named King the most successful female songwriter of 1955–99 because she wrote or co-wrote 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100. King wrote 61 hits that charted in the UK. In 2005 music historian Stuart Devoy found her the most successful female songwriter on the UK singles charts 1952–2005.

King has made 25 solo albums, the most successful being Tapestry, which held the record for most weeks at No. 1 by a female artist for more than 20 years. Her most recent non-compilation album was Live at the Troubadour in 2010, a collaboration with James Taylor that reached number 4 on the charts in its first week and has sold over 600,000 copies.

She has won four Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for her songwriting. She is the recipient of the 2013 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, the first woman to be so honored. She is also a 2015 Kennedy Center Honoree.

2 Bottoms Have Finally Made A Top

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For Comes From American Muscle Hunks
From: Fleshbot
 It's a phrase as old as time: 2 wrongs don't make a right.

In the gay world, said phrase has been amended, to be gay of course: 2 wrongs don't make a right, and two bottoms don't make a top.

 In Garridan's world, said phrase has been amended to make you roll your eyes: 2 wrongs don't make a right, but 4 rights make a circle.

 Garridan will see himself out now.

 If you're reading the description for this scene from American Muscle Hunks, you see that it stars Johnny V and Micah Brandt, 2 of the most insatiable bottoms in the industry (Micah's scene with Chris Rockway from Randy Blue is STILL one of my all-time favorites). So you wonder - who will be the top?

 Micah. Micah will be the top.

 Micah will be the power top, and a surprisingly convincing one at that! Maybe it's the years of getting his hole pounded in by the best power tops in the industry, or maybe it's his new found musculature. But he gives a surprising pounding to Johnny's hole, after he primes it with his cock:

 He plays power-top well, except for the part where he slips up and goes into full power-bottom mode, asking Johnny to spit in his mouth. But that's an argument for another post at another time. Everything else was on-point.

 In this industry, you have to find your distinctive competency to stay alive, and many studios have; Guys In Sweatpants finds guys willing to lose their virginity on camera. GayHoopla finds hot straight guys and introduces them to gay sex. And Johnny at American Muscle Hunks has a knack for turning insatiable bottoms into power tops - maybe he agrees that the best power bottoms make the best power tops. He did it with Michael Delray, and he's turned Micah into one. Who will be next?

 Finally. While 2 wrongs have never made a right, and 4 rights have ALWAYS made a circle, 2 bottoms have made a top.

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