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Monday, June 27, 2016

“Everybody Wants Some!” Deleted Scene Makes The Movie Even Gayer

And the Richard Linklater film was already overflowing with homoerotic overtones.
From: NewNowNext
From the moment the homoerotic trailer for Everybody Wants Some! dropped earlier this year, we were transfixed by the film’s gay undertones.

Then, Richard Linklater even admitted that his latest film was rich with homosexual subtext.

“I think there are some early shots, like when we’re driving with Jake [Blake Jenner], it’s all male gaze,” Linklater said. “It goes back to ancient Greece — Those early Olympics were performed in the nude.”

But now, an unearthed deleted scene is turning the dial up on the homoeroticism even more.

Unfortunately, what actually goes down reminds us that it really is just a straight bro movie, after all. But it’s still fun to watch.

Check out the deleted scene below.

Jerusalem Pride Killer Gets Life In Prison

The sentence came a year after his initial attack.
From: NewNowNext
 An Israeli court has given a life sentence to a man who killed a teenager and injured five others at last year’s gay pride parade in Jerusalem.

At the time of his arrest, Yishai Schlissel said he had been doing God’s will when he attacked the parade-goers. Schlissel infiltrated the parade after wrapping up a 10-year sentence for a previous anti-LGBT hate crime he’d committed in 2005.

Upon his release in 2015, Schlissel made the rounds to various media outlets calling for his fellow countrymen to act out against homosexuality, even if it meant enduring “beatings or imprisonment.” He implored them to join him in the fight to put a stop to the Pride parade in Jerusalem.

In their ruling against Schlissel, the court criticized police, who they said knew of the threat he posed. Allegedly, on the day of the parade in 2015, he’d been turned away at a barricade by officials, but was able to slip in later via a side street. Many of these officers were later sanctioned or reassigned.

Jockstrap Buddies

God Bless America: Men’s Olympic Diving Is Back

The speedos leave little to the imagination.
From: NewNowNext
 Sunday was a big day for the Olympic trials. It was the final day for the men’s 10-meter platform events, and diving duo David Boudia and Steele Johnson performed a perfect synchronized dive that qualified them for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Boudia already won a gold medal for diving at the 2012 Olympics, and now both him and Johnson are on the #RoadtoRio for this summer’s games.

This makes Boudia the first U.S. man to make 3 Olympic platform teams since Greg Louganis.

Speaking of Louganis, the Olympic gold medal winner was also in the audience to cheer on the divers:

Check out a gallery below of more pics from the diving trials to get you excited about all the eye candy that this year’s Olympics are going to bring:

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 27th

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
A Barcelona Rodeo

Even Trump Supporters Should Be Able To Follow This Flow Chart Of Donald’s Stance On “The Gays”

From: Queety
 Hey, Donald Trump wants everyone to “ask the gays” if he’s a friend to our community. That’s a great idea! People should ask the gays all kinds of things, because we have a lot of opinions. This was all part of his campaign, along with a bunch of crazy conservatives, to sign us up for their anti-Muslim canard campaign.
It seems the only time these people are nice to us is when they hope to enlist our support for campaign against other minority groups. But don’t they understand that as a community that’s been hated for years, the last thing we are going to do is join a hate campaign against another group, a group that actually contains many LGBT people as well?
Well, apparently not.
But if people are going to start asking “the gays,” we have a few questions, too, since Trump wants to be the leader of the free world. Does Donald support us? Has he been a friend? Is he going to do anything positive for queer people? Hahaha, of course the answer to all of those questions is no — he’s a narcissitic heir who only cares about money and himself and seems to have zero firm convictions, left or right. He’s against integrating bathrooms for trans people after he was for it; he’s against marriage equality after he was for its. What is he for?
Like the good gays we are, we decided to diagram his positions in an attempt to make sense of them

Here’s what we came up with….

Courtney Act Writes Heartfelt Letter To Her Parents About Acceptance And Equality

The Australian "Drag Race" star on what voting for Malcolm Turnbull means for her and the LGBT community.
From: NewNowNext
 Pride season can bring forth bittersweet feelings: Joy over the gains we’ve made as a community, but sadness and frustration over what’s still left to accomplish.

Coming from Australia, where same-sex marriage is still not legal, Drag Race star Courtney Act feels that conflict acutely. Especially since her parents are likely to vote for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party, who want to put marriage equality to a national vote (or plebiscite), in the next election.

Critics complain Turnbull is caving in to conservatives in his party with a costly and divisive referendum that will dredge up all kinds of hateful rhetoric and not even be binding on members of parliament.

In an open letter posted to Facebook, Courtney thanks her parents for their love and support, but calls on them to see how the election has personal consequences for her and her community.

Some of us have been where she is—feeling love and acceptance from our parents, who nonetheless vote for people who oppose us. With an election in the U.S. just months away, some of us are there right now.

Below, Courtney shares her misgivings with her parents (and us).

Hey Mum & Dad,
I want to make a video about Marriage Equality in Australia. And one of the points I thought of is that in this election you will probably be voting for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party (read: Conservative party).
It’s more than just about my rights, but I thought I might try this appeal to you.
If you vote for Malcolm, you are voting to say that who I am is less than. You are voting to say that because I love someone who is the same sex as me, that I don’t deserve the right to get married like you did.
But you are also allowing the government to use the institution of marriage to let the rest of Australia know that I am not equal.

I never really cared before, but last year when Obama declared marriage equality in the U.S. I broke down and started crying. I didn’t expect that at all. All of my life I have fought to be who I am in a world that did not support me.
It has been hard, granted, not as hard for me as others, but I have learnt to deal with it. It made me stronger.
But Obama’s declaration came from nowhere and went straight to the core of who I am. The struggle wasn’t over, but in that instant, the tables had turned. Who I am, my community, is now recognised as equal and hearing the President of the United States say so had more impact than I could have ever imagined.
Marriage equality isn’t about marriage. It’s about equality. I always thought it would be “us” and “them,” but now I have had a shift in consciousness and really see that it can be “we.”
You have always been amazing parents who supported and loved me and it is this fostering of love that I realise is such a privilege and I thank you for it. It meant that I made it through the dark times and out the other side and in some small way I try and pay that forward with my work today.
But not everyone is as lucky as me to have such supportive parents. And I think about all the young people who, if Malcolm Turnbull gets in,—even though 72% of Australians support marriage equality and the government’s job is to represent the will of the people—and even though Australia is one of the last countries in the west to recognise equality, Malcolm will send the country to a $160 million-dollar plebiscite.
A vote, that, when complete does not hold any power whatsoever and his party will still be able to vote against love. Not only that but the plebiscite opens the flood-gates for so much hate.
Already I have seen hate-inciting flyers being letterbox-dropped about the Safe Schools Program, which moves to include LGBT sex education in schools. This is just the beginning of the hate we will see coming from the extreme right in the coming months.
I don’t need who I am to be publicly slandered and dissected by conservative Australia. I don’t need to have my morals questioned, accusations and implications of sexual perversion, paedophilia and all of the other arguments the church and those like them bring up.
I don’t need to go through more and more months of hate and discrimination, fact manipulation and down right lies. I have spent my whole life living in a world whose institutions didn’t support who I am. I cannot accept that any longer.
Not just for me, but for all of the young people growing up in Australia. For young kids questioning their identity, for the little girls and boys and non-conforming kids who find themselves same-sex attracted.
To have to hear on TV, in magazine, and in the conversations around them, that who they are is less-than, that who they are is to be hated. And not just the queer kids, all kids. All people are being negatively educated through this process and instead of uniting us to build a strong future it is used to divide us and keep us separate.
So, on July 2, when you go to the polling booth to vote for a new Prime Minister of Australia, I ask you. What is more important to you? You hip pocket? Or me?
Love, Shane
PS: Much like your unconditional love of me, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. My love is also unconditional. Love is unconditional so how can a government legislate my right to love? Love is love.

The federal elections in Australia will be held July 2.

116 Groovy Gay Movies You Need to See

From: Deep Dish
The Killing of Sister George 

Breather: Antonin by Mount Photography

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Regular readers of FH are no doubt familiar with the remarkable imagery of Gibraltar based photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography. I have featured Mark's work often and am always impressed with the models he shoots and how flawless his final images consistently appear to turn out. Creating flawless, even with the incredible Antonin, wasn't easy, especially considering the circumstances. 

In some ways, these images are perfect FH's current theme of highlighting what goes on the behind the scenes. These images were taken very quickly, with poor lighting and zero planning. In fact, these images were quickly snapped while the main photographer shooting Antonin was taking a breather between shots. Mark had arranged for fellow photographer, and another FH Favorite, Andrew Bowman to shoot both Antonin and another model Cristian. 
 'I just took some shots in-between whenever Andy was gathering strength or swapping models!' 

 Even without hours of planning, Mark's skill behind the lens created some amazing images. So amazing in fact, some of the images helped garnered Mark an impressive 5 wins in Model Mayhem's pic of the day contest in early July.

Mount Photography on ModelMayhem

Hot Heeb of the Day - June 27, 2013

From: Hot Heeb of the Day
Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv

Bandwagon... Mounted

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
I tried to resist... Like the rest of you, I fell in lust when first seeing the image of Dan Osborne texting in his undies. I headed to the internet and drooled and downloaded his nude scenes from TOWIE, (The Only Way Is Essex) the 'scripted' reality show Dan appears on. I began to put a story together for the blog, but in researching Dan I quickly saw his images were rightly so now EVERYWHERE so I dropped it. I know that I have this annoying tendency to not want to post images, and write about people who are already saturated enough on the web.

 Dan would not allow it however. Even his speedo wearing appearances on the UK reality show SPLASH, and subsequent interviews on the show with Tom Daley I passed up. My God he made it hard, then appearing in the latest Naked issue of Attitude! Finally he broke me, not just by the site of his naked body but by that body, and that smile in motion through the gifs created by other lovers of Dan. One can only hold on so long before exploding!

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Stars, Nico Tortorella, Hit New York City Pride Parade

Fifth Avenue became the main stage for these fierce queens.
From: NewNowNext
 It’s estimated some two million people hit the Big Apple on Sunday to walk in and play spectator to the New York City Pride March.

And, of course, the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race were among them!

Tatianna, Coco, Roxxxy, and Detox rode the Logo float, serving All-Stars Season 2 realness!

A video posted by RuPaul's Drag Race (@rupaulsdragrace) on

A photo posted by Rub (@sxyphilgy) on

A video posted by Aaron Marlo (@aaronmarlo) on

Sexually fluid Younger star Nico Tortorella marched with Logo, too.
A video posted by nicotortorella (@nicotortorella) on

A photo posted by Bethany Meyers (@bethanycmeyers) on

Season 3 winner Raja sashayed with Gusty Winds for American Express.

A photo posted by Sutan RAJA (@sutanamrull) on

And Miss Fame beamed glamour from atop the American Apparel float.

“Pounded By The Pound,” Gay Erotic Brexit Fiction, Gets J.K. Rowling’s Seal of Approval

"The Queen’s Guard have been replaced by flying reptiles... and the River Thames runs red with molten lava."
From: NewNowNext
 As the world reacts to the news that the UK voted to leave the European Union, one author has turned the turmoil into hot gay erotic fiction.

Chuck Tingle’s Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union, takes place in a future ravaged by the Brexit decision.

When Alex learns that Britain has decided to leave the European Union, he’s shocked by just how normal everything seems. But the calm doesn’t last as Alex is suddenly accosted by a giant living coin from the not-so-distant future.

In this horrific future where Britain has left the EU, four story buses lie strewn about the streets of London after a failed plan to cut costs, the Queen’s Guard have been replaced by flying reptiles with machine guns and the River Thames runs red with molten lava.

Now Alex and his handsome sentient pound must travel back to the past and sway the vote for European solidarity, by proving that all you need is love.

Available on Kindle, this steamy tale of economic erotics promises “anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies and living pound love.”
Tingle has jumped on trending topics before—he’s the author of Hunter Dentist Pounded In the Butt by Cecil the Handsome Unicorn and Buttception: A Butt Within A Butt Within A Butt, among other ribald tales.

But J.K. Rowling appreciates the welcome distraction.

“Fun Home” Fans Create Beautiful Rendition Of “Ring Of Keys”

"Your short hair and your dungarees, and your lace up boots..."
From: NewNowNext
Fun Home, the 2015 Tony winner for Best Musical celebrated Pride by turning one of the show’s standout numbers, “Ring of Keys” into a compilation video of fans singing the beloved song:

The Broadway musical-based on the graphic novel memoir by Alison Bechdel-won five Tonys last year, including Best Musical, but after a year and a half on The Great White Way, the show will close in September.

Fun Home is ending its Broadway run, but don’t fret if you didnt’ get a chance to see it, a national tour starts this fall in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to The New York Times, it was the first show with “an all-female writing team to win the Best Musical Tony, and the first Broadway musical with a lesbian protagonist.”

Watch the Tony Awards performance of “Ring of Keys” to compare to the fan version above:

Happy Birthday today June 27th

Check out Dan Osborne's delicious wet birthday suit, Dan is turning 25 today!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

National HIV Testing Day: Where To Get Tested For Free

Knowledge is power.
From: NewNowNext

Today is National HIV Testing Day, and clinics and medical centers nationwide are opening their doors to offer free, confidential HIV tests.

According to the CDC, nearly 1.1 million people are living with HIV in the U.S. alone, and almost one in six don’t know they are infected.

 Getting tested is the first step: If you have HIV, getting medical care and taking medication regularly will help you live a longer, healthier life. It also lowers the chances of passing HIV on to others.

In fact, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent transmission by as much as 96%.

Knowing your status makes you and your community stronger.

As part of National HIV Testing Day, Walgreens has teamed up with Greater Than AIDS to offer free HIV tests in more than 150 stores nationwide.

You can also head over to the Center for Disease Control’s website or download the new locator app to find the location of a testing center nearest to you.

Share your support on social media with the #NHTD campaign on Twitter and Pinterest, or share your own HIV/AIDS story on the AIDS.gov blog.

For more information, visit AIDS.gov.

30 Days Of Gay Pride

Red - White - Blue & Gay

Hot or Not?

Chris Kelly

Favorite Male Model for June 27, 2008

Ahh, Travis Hanson from Major Models Management.
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

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