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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Queerying Nick Beyeler

From: Queer Click
What's the question that everyone wants to ask Nick? What kind of person is Nick physically attracted to? What's on Nick's iPod?...

Last week, we fought our racing pulses and went under the sheets (tough job we do here to keep you guys entertained! Haha) with the multi-talented World Aerobic Champion to find out a bit more about him.

Stay tuned for the interview and a first viewing of some exclusive (and quite revealing) pictures from Nick's latest CDrom release.

Put Your Tongue Back In Your Mouth

Ends Of The World

Gifs That Keep On Giving

Signs Of The Times


Marcus Allen Convicted Of Murder, Sentenced To Life In Just Five Days!
From: Queer Click
In less the a week Macus Allen,  former Freshmen of the Year's blossomed into a full-fledged felon, convicted of first-degree murder and serving life in prison!

If you'll remember, Allen (aka Timothy J. Boham) shot his ex-boss and butt-slave, Paul Kelso, in the head during a cuddling/robbery gone bad. Boham'smotive? Getting cash for his preggers girlfriend. His defense? XBIZ has the goods:

"The jury took less than five hours to convict Boham, whose lawyers -- Amber St. Clair and Kristan Wheeler—claimed that his victim... committed suicide," reports the Denver Post. "They tried to persuade the jury that the murder scene was merely a cover-up for a suicide to that Kelso's life insurance policy would pay out."
"According to testimony, Boham returned to the house several times to clean the body of fingerprints and to remove clothing, bedding, a shell casing and other material," the Post reports.

Boham stole Kelso's safe and cut it open, believing it contained as much as $400,000. But it was empty save for some paperwork.

He later admitted to the shooting of his mother and sister and fled to Arizona, where he was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border and returned to Colorado. "He confessed to police during a videotaped interview, which was played to jurors. His mother, sister and former girlfriend all testified against him during the five-day trial," according to the Post.

Damn, that was quick. Is Lady Justice on Tina or something? We mean, the Harlow Cuadra trial took for-fucking-ever. But this one was wrapped up in less time than it takes to redecorate a bedroom.

An Animated Guide To James Franco’s Gay Kisses

From: Queerty
…or Seth Rogan:

Art History’s 10 Best Alternative Male Nudes

From: Artnet News
Auguste Rodin, The Bronze Age (1875/76).
Photo: Jean-Pierre DalbΓ©ra/Flickr.
The patriarch of modern sculpture may be best-known for another, more pensive nude figure—The Thinker—but his personification of the bronze age is by far his most erotically charged portrayal of a solitary male figure.

Two “Street Crush” Studs, One More Macho Than The Next!

From: Sticky
 Two hot men from the streets of NYC, including the bearded beauty below...

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 24, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
The delicious Kerry Degman.

32 Times Chris Evans Was Too Handsome For His Own Good

From: Buzz Feed


That time getting arrested didn’t sound so bad.


From: Manhunt Daily
Republica, SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil
Brasileiro en vacacion BogotΓ‘ Chapinero
Quer saber de algo pergunte.

2013 Hot 100

From: The Backlot


BORN: March 26, 1985 (age 28), Lancaster, PA
HEIGHT: 5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
PARTNER: Zachary Quinto (dating)
With his sensual, star making turns on the stage (Spring Awakening) and screen (Glee,Boss) how could we not be bursting with anticipation for his turn in the upcoming The Normal Heart?


From: Manhunt Daily
Waterloo (Syd), New South Wales, Australia
New here
So I have just moved to Sydney for work. I am now looking to see what this city has to offer. 
I am a pretty easy going, driven, hard working guy...but also fun and caring.
I have varied interests including reading, music, movies, cooking and running.
If you would like to know more, get in touch.

A Totally Scientific Ranking Of 24 Male Athletes Turned Underwear Models

From: Buzz Feed
NFL Quarterback Cam Newton
This is the modern-day version of a chastity belt. Please pray for Cam, who got into these Under Armour BoxerJocks in 1990 and has never returned.

Why You Should Be Totally Obsessed With British TV Hunk Dan Osborne

From: Buzz Feed

Punching an invisible man in his underwear.


From: Manhunt Daily
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
']['emple student looking for friends and maybe more ;)
I'm completely new to this, so I'm sorry if I seem boring. I'm only looking for friends. I'm usually shy, so I usually just browse profiles and too shy to start conversations, but I always try my best to reply back whenever someone tries talking to me, so of you're interested, send me a message or IM invite ;)

+++ Bears/Cubs, Gingers, Uncut +++

14 Most Notable Celebrity Dongs

From: Buzz Feed
Kevin Bacon 
Wild Things

Guess His Dick #21: Reveal

From: Queer Click
 Well? Have you taken some time to mull it over? What kind of heat is this fleshlight-loving kind-of-sort-of twink packing?








The verdict
 6.5 inches, cut. The fleshlight pictures suggest that this guy is a bit of a freak, so we wouldn't be shocked to learn that he's done some porn. He certainly has the cock for it. Does anyone recognize him?

Dave Holmes Flashes Back to the Insane, Riveting Battle of the Network Stars

From: Vulture
David Letterman in the kayak relay, with his shirt off, visibly having the idea to start a talk show and subvert popular culture.


From: Manhunt Daily
 What’s the best way to follow up a round of Caption This with a guy dropping his shorts in public? As if you even need to ask! The obvious answer is “a guy dropping his sweatpants and showing his hole in public”. I have no idea what kind of store he’s in, but I hope the security guard caught this on camera (and jerked off furiously while on duty).
Check out the April 21st winning caption after the jump:

Dish of the Day #1389: The Young and the Shirtless

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. If you haven't yet voted in last week's Deep Dish Pool Party, choose your three favorite hunks in the sidebar poll here.

Gifs That Keep On Giving

Wednesday April 23, 2014 Hunk of the Day

From: Daily Hunks

Celebrating Today: April 24th

Happy Birthday To:

 Barbra Streisand turns 72 today.

 One of Hollywoods most interesting actors, with one of the hottest bods, Eric Balfour turns 37 today.






 One of daytimes hottest actors, Thad Luckinbill turns 39 today.




 Actor Shane McDermott turns 38 today.


 Tyson Ritter from The All American Rejects turns 30 today.



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