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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Your Nightly Briefing

From:  Boy Culture

Dollar Sign on the Glistening Muscle:

Scouting Ballplayers in 1980s Playgirl
by Michael Clair
Like any decent American institution, baseball has close connections to sex, from the early 1900s postcards that featured baseball-themed sexual instructions to the salacious sheet music to the scorching hot photograph of five sexy, shirtless shortstops in Sports Illustrated to the amazing collection of baseball erotica that you can find on Amazon and the deepest, darkest corners of the web.

But there is another forgotten relic from baseball’s sexual past. Perhaps lost amidst the frenzy of cocaine, the advent of the CD player, and the soulful tunes of After the Fire, during the early 1980s Playgirl magazine convinced a number of baseball stars to pose seductively within their pages. Many of the photos were thought to have been lost to the sands of time, that cruel mistress washing away all evidence of Steve McCatty in a bathing suit. But thanks to a little archeological digging, today we’re able to rectify that:

But there’s even more to discover beyond blonde-mustachioed men standing near shrubbery. After the stunning debut of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s scouting database, today we are proud to unveil the start of the next great information hub, one highlighting the hard work Playgirl scouts and editors went through when selecting baseball’s hottest hunks. These are those scouting reports.

George Brett, July 1984:

‘Disco’ Dan Ford, July 1981:

Phil Garner, July 1984: 

Rickey Henderson, July 1984:

Jerry Remy, July 1984:

Steve Stone, August 1985:

Steve Yeager, October 1982:

Losing the Flannel

Public Art, Private Expression

Why do so many public murals seem to have a homoerotic tone?
From:  Advocate
Gay artists like John Singer Sargent, as well as very straight artists like Thomas Hart Benton, created large-scale works that make you wonder what's just past the lofty ideals of public art.

Part of the pride of being civilized is art funded by institutions such as museums, banks, and even the government, for the enlightenment of the general public. These works are often mythical, religious and allegorical. Because murals depicted lofty realms of thought and philosophy, they naturally tended to include naked gods, muscled shirtless workers, and androgynous angels. Also a lot of bare ass.

Viewing them now through our 21st century lenses, it is evident how much more prim and prudish the general public is. It would be implausible to think of Paul Cadmus's naked native Americans flashing themselves down on the post office patrons of today. What about the children?

In 1939, during the Depression, the Work Projects Administration created job for thousands of unemployed people that often included works of art for public spaces like courthouses and post offices. Many of these celebrated the average American working man, American history, and industry in the United States.

The corollary public art in Europe was similar in that it promoted the current political ideals of the time often veering to Olympic and physical culture. In Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany there are examples that promote a new human ideal. That didn't turn out so well, but the stylized heroic works of art still exist in some places.

Here's a look at what might grab your attention while running errands, after the jump:

Headless Bear

Daily Packages

Leonardo Statuesque In Emporio Armani
From:  The Underwear Expert

Leonardo appears like a work of art posing in a pair of white Emporio Armani briefs in front of the lens of Kui Meireles. He may not be one of our 12 Scruffiest models, but he sure isn’t your typical clean cut one either. 


Azerbaijani Wrestler Busts Out Best Victory Dance Ever

From: Homorazzi
As if wrestling wasn't gay enough, this pretty much proves that it is and for that can we just let out a collective “AMEN.”

Earlier this week, Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev defeated Russian foe Islambek Albiev of Russia for gold in the 66 kg (145 lb) weight class of the the 27th Summer Universiade tournament. Chunayev celebrated his win the most fabulously extravagant way ever. Dude busted out some hardcore Azerbaijani folk dance moves. He didn't miss a beat even as he took a momentary break to shake his opponent’s hand. Boy worked it out.

NFL players have nothing on him with their touchdown Dougies. It really is a shame that wrestling has been removed from the 2016 Olympics. I really hope the IOC reinstates the sport for future Games. Watch the epic victory dance below.

Febreze and The Azerbaijani Wrestlers

Just in case you didn't get your Azerbaijani wrestling fill, here’s a Febreze commercial from the 2012 London Olympics. It’s kinda hilarious watching their sweaty one-pieces being waved in front of unsuspecting blindfolded people.

Beefy Bear Shows All


AMG Promo Video

Torn Briefs

Sweat Like It’s 1990 in Modus Vivendi Crossfit

From:  The Underwear Expert
 Back in 2000, if you said that the 90s would make a comeback in fashion, you’d probably laugh. You probably thought no one in their right minds would bring back the bright colors and bent baseball caps Will Smith wore on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The parachute pant came and died with MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” music video. Well, the joke was on you because the 90s have been trending for sometime. Bright colors and parachute pants are back and better than ever. Modus Vivendi seems to be drawing inspiration from 90s Hip Hop culture with its new range of Modus Vivendi Crossfit sweat short.
The Modus Vivendi Crossfit sweat short ($73) is made up of 100% polyamide, making it ultra-sheen and lightweight. The sweat short comes in six explosive colors: aqua, red, blue, purple, yellow, and lime. It features white stripes along the sides and a deep pocket in the front of the short between the legs. The elastic waistband ensures comfort, no matter what size and press-studs on the legs allow you to add a personal flair to the sweat shirt, either rocking it “sarouel” style or opting for more free flowing short.

Enjoying a beer

Just Because...

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