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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 Talk about the total package! As far as I’m concerned, Tyson Tyler is one of the most beautiful men in the gay porn industry. He’s got the face of an angel, and to state the obvious, his dick is pretty damn huge. He’s also been known to spread his muscular, round cheeks open for dicks as big as 9.5 inches and look good whilst doing so.

 I nearly fell on the floor when I saw his spread from the 2013 Rentboy calendar, and while we’re on that topic, who can forget his appearance with Paul Walker in MEN.COM‘s “Rent Boy Club” series? It’s always a treat to see Tyson in action, and it’s be great if more studios hired him in the coming year… HINT, HINT! WINK, WINK! NUDGE, NUDGE!

 This time around Tyson Tyler hooks up with Christian Power who has been preparing for competition. They meet in the washroom as Tyson is taking a relaxing bath and Christian is anxious for his post-workout shower. Once under the shower-head, Christian’s intense training of late really shows. His abs are rippling and he is more cut than ever, as his physique exposes every bulging muscle. What a site!

 It isn't long before the guys are playing with their own cocks. A few strokes later, Tyson joins Christian in the shower and gets on his knees to give our bodybuilder an eager blow job. Christian wanted to reciprocate, so they move into the living space where our big guy takes on Tyson’s challenging 10” uncut cock. During the photo shoot that preceded the actual taping of the scene, daylight provided us with an amazing backdrop. Christian is on his knees, in a praying position, as he sucks on Tyson boner. In the background there’s a nearby church steeple, one of many in Montreal, which gives this shoot a heavenly feel. You almost feel there will be a godly descent. During the actual videotaping, darkness had however set in.

 The guys then moved onto the bed where they continued sucking on each other’s cocks in a 69 position. Christian was first to get at Tyson’s ass, as our British visitor moved into position to ride his partner’s cock. Tyson can take a mean fucking from a guy who has a huge dick of his own. But Christian’s 8” tool pales in comparison to Tyson hefty 10 incher.

 Our bodybuilder likes things big. And in this case, it was only natural for him to give up his ass next. Set on all fours on a living room armchair, Christian took Tyson’s cock like a champ. He was nervous at first and kept pretty still to minimize the shock, but he soon got into the groove and Tyson gave him a pretty intense fucking. From this position, they then moved onto the edge of the couch, where Christian stood tall, bending only his upper body, to take it up the ass again. Tyson was really enjoying this position and he was pretty revved up by fucking a guy certainly as tall as him, but twice his body size. This turned him on and it didn’t take him long to pull out, strip off the condom and spread his load all over Christian’s ass. He then sat down on the couch to watch Christian shoot his load on its armrest. 

 Tyson then grinned and bent down to lick up Christian’s bright white load off the dark leather piece of furniture.

 This was Tyson’s last blast during his Montreal stay. He headed out of the town the next day, and by his own admission, hopes to make his way back here to get a larger sampling of the hot guys this City offers.





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Nude, Nature, Scruffy Photo-Shoot is Smoking Hot! Photos by Ryan Edward Scott

From: Accidental Bear
This photo shoot is proof that dreams come true. Everything I love about men and nature captured by the lens of Ryan Edward Scott

SDP EXCLUSIVE First Look: ADAM (Adam Ramzi) by Ryan Edward Scott

Adam photographed on location in Twin Peaks, San Francisco







From: Manhunt Daily

 Next to Lukas Ridgeston‘s comeback, the gay porn history books will hold up Paddy O’Brian‘s bottoming debut as one of the most important developments of 2013. You voted him as the hottest participant in MEN.COM‘s “Top To Bottom” series, and with no disrespect to Charlie Harding or Topher “It Hurts” DiMaggio, I’m fairly confident he’d keep that title even if we redid our poll with their names on it.

Paddy’s flip-fuck with Gabriel Clark topped our 2013 Flipping Out countdown, and with rumors swirling that he’ll be exploring his versatility some more in 2014, you might be wondering why the hell we’d decide to give him the “Get Inside Me Now” award.

Paddy O’Brian makes love to Kayden Gray‘s
perfectly smooth hole on MEN.COM:
The answer, it turns out, is kind of simple. Within the past year, Paddy has completed his long-running transformation from an aesthetically pleasing physical specimen to a legitimately amazing gay porn performer. He approaches every scene with passion and enthusiasm, which can’t be said for fellow models with gay-for-pay roots (or even some models who are actually 100% gay).

My selection of Paddy has nothing to do with a fetishization of straight, bisexual or curious men. This is merely giving credit where it’s due, and if you disagree with the decision, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention to what Paddy’s been up to over the past twelve months.

Dirty Hot

Sticky Cock

With and Without

Extremely Hairy !

Sexy furry belly


From: Manhunt Daily

 Oh, Duncan Black! You manage to make bottoming for four dudes look like a breeze. I was half-tempted to name you 2013′s “Hottest Cock Slut” after revisiting scenes with Colby Keller, Andrew Stark, Tommy Defendi, Colby Jansen, Christian Wilde, Lucas Knight, Angel Rock, Rod Daily, Zeb Atlas and Donny Wright, along with the bottoming competition you had with Connor Patricks.

 There’s just one problem! Though you remained on an even playing field with a certain someone in “Lessons From My Stepdad“, you (almost literally) dropped the ball against that same certain someone in the “Football Fuckdown” series. There’s a chance your sluttiness will shine brighter at your new home on Cocky Boys, but unfortunately, your hole has been outdone this year.

 Meet Cameron and Duncan Black, two new CockyBoys with a whole lot of attitude and some sexy bods. This scene marks Cameron's very first foray into porn, but you'd never know that from his outgoing personality, his ripped physique, and his big dick! 

 We thought we'd pair Cameron with a porn veteran for his first time fucking on camera, so we brought in Duncan (one of the most aggressive bottoms in the business!) to pop his porn cherry. Don't let Duncan's quiet demeanor and puppy dog eyes fool you -- he knows what he's doing and he has a huge appetite for sex!

 The chemistry between these two was evident from the get-go, and Duncan's cocksucking abilities definitely caught Cameron off guard. After gripping Cameron's huge hard-on for the first time, Duncan engulfed the whole thing and then continued to suck it until Cameron came in his mouth no more than 5 minutes later!

But the action does not stop there. What Duncan really wanted was Cameron's cock stuffed firmly in his ass. And that's exactly what he got -- Cameron literally fucked the cum out of Duncan before firing off a second load of the day on his torso. Something tells me we're going to be seeing a lot more of Cameron and Duncan in the future!







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