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Friday, April 21, 2017

Cosmo Centrefolds 2010

From: Cosmo UK
Tamer Hassan
The bad-boy Kick Ass actor gets steamy in a shower shoot

Tamer Hassan (born 18 March 1968), is an English actor of Turkish Cypriot descent. He is best known for his role as the leader of the Millwall firm, opposite Danny Dyer, in The Football Factory.

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 21, 2016

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Image from Male Beauty by bengie

MPAA Slaps Trans Movie “3 Generations” With R Rating, Despite No Sex Or Violence

A petition is urging the movie-rating association to change its mind
From: NewNowNext
 The new film 3 Generations explores the journey undertaken by Ray, a transgender teen, and his mother and grandmother.

There is no sex, graphic violence or drug use in the movie, which stars Elle Fanning as Ray and Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon as the family matriarchs, but the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave it an R rating, ensuring moviegoers under 17 won’t be able to see it without an adult accompanying them.

Blair Durkee, a transgender woman in South Carolina, has launched a Change.org petition urging the MPAA to reconsider its rating.

“I saw characters that I could look at and see myself reflected in—and that made a huge difference in my life. It breaks my heart when I think about those kids who won’t be able to see this movie because of its ’R’ rating,” writes Durkee. “This is a story about them, being denied to them, simply because the MPAA doesn’t know what to do with the subject matter.”

Sarandon has called 3 Generations “an important movie for everyone to see, especially transgender youth who are feeling isolated or fearful and their families. It’s ridiculous to have an ’R’ rating which would prevent this audience from seeing the film.”

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis sent a letter to MPAA chairs Christopher Dodd and Joan Graves earlier this week, calling out the film industry’s “shockingly awful history” when it comes to depictions of the trans community.

“For over 50 years, transgender characters have been used as fodder in films where they were either psychopathic killers, deviant freaks, or pathetic victims. In GLAAD’s most recent report on the film industry, we counted just one transgender character in mainstream film in 2016 and that character existed simply to be laughed at and mocked.”

According to GLAAD, 3 Generations is the first major-studio film to depict a trans teen mainstream film ever to portray a transgender teenager. (The 1997 French film Ma Vie en Rose depicted a gender-nonconforming 7-year-old, and also received an R rating. Films like Hot Pursuit, Instructions Not Included, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which included trans people as punchlines, all were rated PG-13.

“All that differentiates 3 Generations from other PG-13 films is a few instances of strong language,” the organization said in a statement. GLAAD is slated to speak with representatives from the MPAA to discuss the film’s rating before the film’s May 5 premiere.

Mo: Front and Back

Jared Kushner’s NYC apartment buildings are infested with rats and tenants have had enough

From: Queerty
 A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that 53 percent of respondents don’t approve of Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump working in the White House.

Jared was hired to be a senior adviser to the his father-in-law, despite having zero experience working in government. And his inexperience has been showing. So far, the Trump administration, under Jared’s “advisement”, has accomplished absolutely nothing in its first 100 days.

But government-ing isn’t the only thing the 36-year-old businessman struggles with. Apparently, he’s a terrible landlord as well.

A Village Voice article published earlier this month alleges that tenants in not one but two of Kushner’s Lower Manhattan buildings have been dealing with an ongoing and worsening rat infestation that Kushner’s property management company refuses to properly address.

“One of the neighbors opened the door to take out the garbage and a rat jumped on her leg,” a tenant at 156 Sullivan Street told the Voice.

The tenant asked to remain anonymous out of fear the landlord (a.k.a. Kushner) “might do something.”

“I can see there’s rats running around all over the place,” he continued, speaking about the enclosed alleyway next to the building where the garbage cans are stored. “A lot of times, you can see the bags move because the rats are in there eating.”

Kushner owns more than 50 building in New York City. He acquired the Sullivan Street building in 2012. According to the tenant, there were problems with rodents before, but “the rats have gotten a lot worse since they bought the building.”

The other property with alleged issues is located at 199-203 East 4th Street, where tenants say rats the size of cats can be spotted scurrying near the trash cans and around the grounds, ducking into chewed out holes.

“I lifted the lid to a garbage can and a rat jumped out,” a tenant in that building says.

Despite alerting the landlord, little has been done to address the issue. At one point, the tenant says, management replaced the plastic trash cans because the rats had completely chewed through them, but nothing was done about the actual rats themselves. Within days, they returned and chewed through the new plastic bins.

“They failed to address the overflow problem and the sanitation problem,” the tenant says.

Eventually, the new plastic bins were replaced with metal ones, but by then there were so many rats living around the premises that it didn’t do much good.

The tenant recently took a video of the pests and posted it online:

According to the Voice, this isn’t the first time one of Kushner’s buildings has dealt with severe rodent problems. Last year, a tenant at 118 East 4th Street told the paper that there was a pile of trash in the backyard that was littered with “decomposing rat carcasses.”

Units in the buildings reportedly range from $4,000 to $7,000 a month. A spokesperson for the property management company says its “actively addressing” the pest-control issues; however, it adds, rodents are “a well-known aspect of New York City living.”

Jake Cavendish

Jake strips and shows off his ripped muscular body!
From: Guys Love Guys
 Fit Young Men stats: Jake Cavendish – Personal Trainer Age: 22 years old / Height: 6’2″ / Chest: 41″ / Waist: 32″ / Weight: 79kg / Straight

Is Three's Company for French Presidential Candidate?

From: kenneth in the (212)
 While many (who aren't white supremacists) are holding their breath for Emmanuel Macron to ride out the first round of France's election on Sunday and eventually take out right-wing euroskeptic Marine Le Pen for the presidency in the May 7th run-off, it wouldn't be very French without something titillating along the way.  

While you may have already heard that the sexy 39-year-old former economy minister, has had to deny rumors that he's having an extramarital affair with Mathieu Gallet, the 40-year-old boss of Radio France. What you may not know is that he met his wife, 64-year-old Brigitte Trogneux, when she was his high-school French teacher when he was 15. 

By all accounts it was "love at first sight" -- French publications say the pair used to have long discussions together and she would read his writing to the class, which just happened to include her own 15-year-old son -- and at age 17 he asked her to marry him.  (Trogneux, who also ran the drama club where Emmanuel was a budding thespian, was already married with three children when they met!) 

Ooh la la!

Caitlyn Jenner Breaks With Trump And GOP: You Mess With My Community And I’m Coming After You

From: Joe My God
The New York Daily News reports:

Caitlyn Jenner is clear about what matters most to her — and it’s no longer her Republican views. The transgender reality TV star said despite voting for Donald Trump, she no longer supports him and is instead dedicated to standing by her community.
“Here’s the deal: Yes, I did vote for Trump, but here’s the deal-breaker with the Republican party,” she told Diane Sawyer in a clip from her Friday “20/20” interview. “And the deal-breaker is you mess with my community, you do the wrong thing with my community, you don’t give us equality and a fair shot, I’m coming after you,” she continued.

In the clip below, Jenner says that Trump recently invited to her to play golf with him, something she no longer wants to do after anti-trans actions by his administration.


From: Gay Porn Blog
 I’m trying to talk to gay people about gay stuff,” says indie game developer Robert Yang. I want to “make Virtual Reality ‘Obscenely Gay'”.

In an article posted Kotaku.com Yang hope his VR games will push people to “challenge their own assumptions about sex, kink, and their own bodies.” Yang explores “the wide world of gay sex and its consequences with an unflinching artistic vision.”

 “Hurt Me Plenty” is about consensual spanking and power negotiation. “Rinse and Repeat” finds you scrubbing down naked men, a comment on the loaded history of public bathhouses.

Yang has a different idea for how he’ll approach VR: By creating art that is “obscenely gay,” Yang hopes that homophobes will quit playing VR games altogether. “It’d be beautiful if I managed to convince them that VR was for gay people, and so these gross people stay away from VR entirely,” he says.

“In the end, tech is going to fuck up every culture it touches,” he says. “But for a little while right now, VR is a weird barely-coherent thing that no one can monetize efficiently, and so they’re funding some interesting art.”

At last years’ SXSW festival, the second longest line was for attendees wanting to hear the ‘VR Porn: Future is Upon Us, What’s Next?’ panel discussion.

Since gay VR offerings are still few, out tech guru, Oscar Raymundo took Naughty America’s latest on a test drive for us.

Oscar found that, “right now VR porn does not yet come close to simulating real sex, and it’s not vastly superior to simply watching porn on your computer.” “Now” being the operative word. How long until we’re all having a gay ‘ole time virtually is unclear. But folks on our side of the aisle are working on it.

VirtualRealGay is making a big push. If you have a smartphone, the designated glasses or goggles, and the tenacity to make them all work in sync with the required phone apps, you are ready to go. But even then, does VR porn really deliver what we need?

VR gear currently available from Google cardboard, Samsung, & Oculus
“People are requesting less sexual positions and more eye contact and dirty talk and being close to the camera,” said Dinorah Hernandez, the content manager for BaDoinkVR. “If the artifice is apparent then you feel like you’re with a hottie, and they want nothing to do with you. People experience that enough in their real life.”

While consumers are demanding more realism from VR technology, once that is achieved, it’s what they want next that was a bit of s surprise. They “value a greater sense of intimacy more than sex: ‘It has to do with an emotional bond’”

A tangible emotional bond stemming from virtual reality sounds like a tall order. But if anyone can figure out how to make that happen, it will happen first in porn.

Have you ever tried 3D or VR porn? Did it do the trick for you? Or, can you be ‘Obscenely Gay’ without it?

Give Out Day: Did You Show Your Support For LGBT Americans At Risk

The online fundraiser looked to raise $1 million for LGBT nonprofits in 24 hours
From: NewNowNext
April 20 was Give Out Day, when the LGBT community comes together for 24 hours of online philanthropy. With more than 130 anti-LGBT bills pending in state legislatures across the U.S., 2017 requires exceptional queer unity.

“In an incredibly difficult political and cultural environment, where local services and advocacy are needed now more than ever, Give Out Day will raise funds and visibility for hundreds of participating organizations,” says Roger Doughty, President of Horizons Foundation, which coordinates the annual event.

The daylong online fundraiser benefits more than 300 LGBT nonprofits across the country, ranging from art organizations to social service agencies, sport leagues to community centers. Beneficiaries also range from small outfits to large ones, including the Audre Lord Project, Somos Familias, PFLAG National and Equality Alabama, to name just a few.

“We can and must do better, especially as all of our organizations face unpredictable and significant obstacles,” says Doughty.

Last year’s Give Out Day raised $550,000. This year, the goal is $1 million, but only raised $544,238. It is still not to late to pitch in here and then spread the word.

Decide If You'd Fuck Ricky Martin's Big Bulge On Lip Sync Battle

From: Fleshbot
Ricky Martin has always been sexy in the way that super gay and polished Latin pop stars are, but that doesn't mean that everyone pictures swallowing his La Vida Load-ca. The 45-year-old takes to the stage to recreate Tom Cruise's underwear-clad Risky Business scene for this week's episode of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle. This is 100% the ~look~ that I've been wanting from Martin, because it happens to feature one hell of a bulge that has just enough jiggle that I A) KNOW it's not a fucking cup this time bitches and B) don't think it's super padded. We got a hot Latin dick ya'll!

Interestingly, in the original Risky Business scene, Tom Cruise doesn't actually bulge out because his shirt covers his tighty whities for the most part. Martin is like "fuckkkkk that shit" and decides to put his spin on the iconic scene by wearing a shirt that cuts off right above that delish bulge. He is not dicking around!

Or is he. JK that doesn't make sense. I love how Chrissy Teigen always manages to act completely shocked every time a celebrity does anything on Lip Sync Battle. She always claps and bends over just enough so straights can think they glimpsed her areola, and so they can forget that they're watching Ricky Martin shake his cock in their faces. Spike TV is basically Logo and all men are gay. That's the moral of this story.

Dapper Even In A Speedo

From: BosGuy
IMHO, this is how you wear a Speedo.
And if I looked like this I’d probably never wear anything else.

Aaron Hernandez Found Hanged in Prison

From: kenneth in the (212)
 Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end who was serving a life sentence for a 2015 murder conviction, was found dead in his prison cell early Wednesday morning. Prison officials say he hanged himself with a bed sheet, but his former agent isn't so convinced. Sad ending for a man who seemed to have it all yet decided to ruin the lives of countless people.

 In his defense, he was born with a lethal weapon ...

Visitors flee after attacker pulls gun on gay people at Memphis Zoo

From: LGBTQ Nation
A man says he was punched and threatened with a gun last Tuesday at the Memphis Zoo because he’s gay.

Reginald Buckner, 23, says that he was near the dining area at the Memphis Zoo with some friends when two women asked if they could use his cell phone. Buckner said “no.”

The women then asked if everyone in the group was gay, and they told the women that they were.

The women responded with homophobia. Buckner told WMC Action News 5, “They said, ‘You know you’re going to hell, right?’ And I said ‘Wow.'”

Buckner said that the women joined up with some men, and that’s when the altercation became violent. “They just started out of nowhere physically assaulting.”

He was punched in the face and on the back, and then one of the attackers brandished a gun. “When she lifted up the gun everybody just started running.”

Buckner was sent to the emergency room and suffered from bruising on his back, a swollen face, and a black eye. He was discharged on Tuesday and went back to the emergency room on Wednesday because of the pain.

Memphis police appeared on the scene but say that the aggressors had already left by the time they arrived.

The victim, though, wonders why the gun was allowed in the zoo in the first place. “I am just literally just disgusted by them period. Because of the simple fact that they want to search everyone everywhere else. Why don’t they want to search at the zoo for weapons?” Buckner said.

The Memphis Zoo responded in a statement:

This was an isolated incident. The safety of all of our guests is of utmost importance and one of our top priorities. This matter is currently being handled by the Memphis Police Department.

The Abbey Is Offering Private Flights To The White Party

The WeHo club takes flight
From: NewNowNext
 Dying to go to the White Party in Palm Springs but hate to fly coach? David Cooley, owner of L.A.’s the Abbey, is partnering with charter company JetSuiteX on Abbey Air, a direct flight to the West Coast’s biggest gay party.

The inaugural 35-minute flight, aboard a well-appointed 30-seat Embraer 135, departs from Burbank on May 5 and returns from Palm Springs on May 8.

“I flew JetSuiteX to Las Vegas recently and had such a pleasant experience,” Cooley says. “It was so easy to get on board, the staff was so nice, that when I got home I reached out to them and said I would like to tie our brand with your brand.”

Passengers are greeted at the hangar by Abbey bartenders mixing signature cocktails and resident DJ Dawna Montell spinning dance tunes. (The return flight on Monday afternoon offers mellow tunes and Bloody Marys for those passengers in recovery mode.)

The Abbey’s profile is on the rise these days, with a a new reality series on E!. Cooley adds if Abbey Air is a success, “we would definitely do more flights for other big weekends or to Vegas.”

Air Abbey fares begin at $199 each way. Purchase tickets at the JetSuiteX website.com.

Somehow, Kid Rock wasn’t the most disgusting celeb to visit Trump’s White House on Wednesday

From: Queerty
Like much of the news nowadays, it sounds like the setup of a bad joke: On Wednesday, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) winked and twitched her way into the White House, alongside sepulchral musician Ted Nugent and, bizarrely enough, the never-advisable rap-rockin’ wince-inducer Kid Rock.

Photo ops ensued.

Palin has been effusive and somewhat comprehensible in her Trump support, and was one of his guests at one of his debates in October 2016.

Shemane Deziel and Audrey Berry, Nugent’s wife and Kid Rock’s fiancee respectively, were on hand to give the already eerie proceedings a glassy-eyed, Stepfordian, lets-take-three-valium-and-hit-Madame-Tussauds vibe.

To make the occasion an honorary Creepshow installment, Nugent, Palin, and Kid Rock each took time out of their hectic schedules to band together and gloatingly pose in front of a Hillary Clinton portrait:

Twitter denizens shared a feeling or two about the grisly get-together:

Slim Super Bowl Crowd Shows Up to Meet Trump

From: kenneth in the (212)
I give it a half-hour before Trump starts tweeting about how his Super Bowl players visit was the "largest audience ever!" There's a reason no one wanted to come, dummy.

And on cue, the "president" did just as everyone expected. (For the record, the discrepancy in crowd sizes was newsworthy because so many high-profile players -- including Trump friend Tom Brady -- opted not to go to the White House.)


RuPaul has been named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, which released their annual list of pioneers, icons, leaders, leaders and artists.
From: Bear World
 “The iconic host, advocate, drag queen, singer, model, actor and author is a trailblazer who continues to break down barriers in a career that spans over 25 years,” Time said in a statement.

Ru joins an esteemed list—past honorees include Barack Obama, BeyoncΓ©, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Gaga.

“Each year our Time 100 list lets us step back and measure the forces that move us,” said Time Editor-in-Chief Nancy Gibbs. “One way or another they each embody a breakthrough: they broke the rules, broke the record, broke the silence, broke the boundaries to reveal what we’re capable of.”

This is just the latest development in RuPaul’s fabulous year after his Emmy win last summer: This season of Drag Race scored record ratings on VH1 and a renewal for Season 10 in 2018.

Ru is profiled in the magazine by none other than Naomi Campbell, who says she’s “blessed” to know him.

Ru was different. Not just because he had perfect, precise clothes and makeup, or because he was the only man I knew who could look that good in a wig and heels. There were no rough edges to be found. But as I got to know him better, I got to experience firsthand his wit and his intelligence—he’s like an encyclopedia. And his beauty is far beyond skin-deep.

From one queen to another—Condragulations!

Ricky Martin slinks around in his underwear for “Risky Business” lip sync tribute

From: Queerty
The ’80s will never die.

On Spike’s Thursday night episode of Lip Sync Battle, you could find Ricky Martin, dressed in an overly floppy dress shirt and a pair of boxer-briefs, channel Tom Cruise channeling Bob Seger, and then, presumably, change the channel.


Celebrating Today April 21st

Happy Birthday To:
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Actor Brian J. White, who was seen on Moonlight turns 42 today.



 Actor John Cameron Mitchell (Who also directed Shortbus) turns 54 today.



 Actor Tony Danza turns 66 today.



Designer Dick, Harry Winston 2012

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars

From:  Boy Culture
 Hardened by Hart
Adam Hart 
Jake Ryan 

I think I most appreciated the earliest phase of this bisexual porn staple—the wholesome bodybuilder who didn't look like he would be in this line of work—more so than phases two and three (goateed thirty something and super built blond daddy, respectively), but there's no denying his impact in the field, which lasted from the early '90s until about 10 years ago before he moved on to straight movies. Great in Take Down (1992) and Hart Throb (1993).
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