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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dish of the Day #1732: You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

From: Deep Dish

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour

Original channel
Original run
January 22, 1969 – June 13, 1972
Presented by
Glen Campbell

The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour is an American network television music and comedy variety show hosted by singer Glen Campbell from January 1969 through June 1972 on CBS. He was offered the show after he hosted a 1968 summer replacement for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Campbell used "Gentle on My Mind" as the theme song of the show. The show was one of the few rural-oriented shows to survive CBS's rural purge of 1971.


Hook-up page Squirt’s ads pulled from Toronto Transit ‘because public sex is against the law’

From: Wicked Gay
The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has removed all adverts for cruising website Squirt last week, leaving the advertisers looking for answers.

Squirt’s advertising had been running in and around Wellesley Station, in the city’s gay quarter, since 10 June and was recently introduced to subway trains.

‘The ad was taken down as it promoted sex in public places, which is against the law,’ TTC spokesperson Danny Nicholson told Metro News.

According to the TTC at least ten customers complained after the ads, showing shirtless men embracing, started to feature on subway trains. Full story here!

Hair Ball of the Day | Marvel’s New Hercules Cover is a Hot Daddy

From: Accidental Bear
Marvel tweeted out its Hercules #2 variant cover this week by artist Russell Dauterman.
 I’m all of the sudden interested.

GOP Religious Conservatives Channeling Anger Toward Victory

From: Wicked Gay
Religious activists in the Republican Party, bolstered by House Speaker John Boehner's sudden exit, say the next GOP presidential nominee must share their uncompromising stance on abortion rights, gay marriage & other priorities to get to the White House.Full story here!

Ends Of The World

From: Boy Culture


This candy-coated family saga ends its first season with a guest star appearance by General Hospital's Kirsten Storms as Miranda's sister Selene Winterthorne. To catch up on Winterthorne, go to www.winterthorne.com. You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Where the Bears Are

This gay comedy mystery series continues as the Bears compete against a team of twinks on the TV game show, Name That Queen! To catch up on the series, go to wherethebearsare.tv. You can also follow the Bears on Facebook and Twitter.

Steam Room Stories

The guys discuss BroJobs and other "straight" stuff in the latest episode of this comedy series. For more Steam Room Stories, go to www.SteamRoomStories.com. You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

The Horizon

In the latest episodes of this Australian gay soap opera, Wilma's work trial doesn't go well, Ritchie makes a difficult admission to AJ, and Saxon has to manage Stevie's growing emotional dependence. To catch up on the The Horizon, go towww.thehorizon.tv. You can also follow the series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Web Series Worth Watching: Michael Turchin in the Season Finale of Not Looking

From: Deep Dish
Web Series of the Week: Not Looking

This groovy gay comedy ends its second season with a homeless Parker craving some Domino's pizza, Danton showing off his fabulous prancercising prowess, and NSYNC's Lance Bass and his husband, actor/painter Michael Turchin, bumping into Shane. Congratulations to Jason Looney, Jeremy Shane, Justin Martindale and Drew Droege on another hilarious season of Not Looking.

To catch up on the series, go to www.funnyordie.com/notlooking. You can also follow Not Looking on Facebook and Twitter.

Openly gay man gives first Bible reading at Pope Francis’ New York City mass

From: Wicked Gay
Former Daily Show correspondent and openly gay man Mo Rocca was chosen to perform the role of Lector at Pope Francis’ Madison Square Garden Mass on Friday and he did so in Spanish. Full story here!

Lena Dunham And Hillary Clinton Talk Lenny Kravitz’s Penis

"Do you think I could get that on YouTube?"
From: NewNowNext
Lena Dunham sat down potential Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to discuss the important issues–namely, Lenny Kravitz’s penis.

Dunham and Girls’ co-showrunner Jenni Konner are launching an email newsletter called Lenny this week, described on their site as “feminism, style, health, politics, friendship and everything else from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.”

To promote the launch, Dunham shared this Funny or Die clip in which she asks Clinton if she saw Kravitz’s big reveal earlier this year.

Hillary missed it the first time around, but it sounds like she has plans to look it up on YouTube when she gets back home.

Check out the video below.

Danny Pintauro’s Big Secret Reveal To Oprah? He’s Been HIV-Positive For 12 Years

From: Queerty
Last week former Who’s the Boss star Danny Pintauro told Oprah Winfrey that he had a big secret to share with her and her millions of viewers and last night he revealed that he’s been HIV-positive for the past dozen years.
In teaser clips released late last week ahead of his appearance on Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Pintauro spoke briefly about crystal meth use in the gay community, including his own, and how he was forced to come out as gay in 1997 after the National Enquirer threatened him.
However, the 39-year-old’s secret which will likely have the bigger impact was saved for the broadcast when Pintauro shared that he tested positive for HIV 12 years ago.
“I was living in New York at the time and completely clueless to the idea that I was positive. I went in for a regular checkup. It was just regular blood work. You go in, and you sort of waited two weeks on pins and needles — or at least I did, because I was just terrified of the idea of getting HIV.”
Pintauro told Oprah that he’d just ended a two year relationship and had was eager to experiment sexually.
“I was doing crystal meth, which completely ruins your immune system. I’d been doing it at that point very briefly, but it was three weeks or so, off and on. I had just come out of a two-year relationship, and I discovered in that relationship that there was more I wanted to explore sexually. Crystal meth takes away your inhibitions… And if you want to explore that adventurous side, taking the drug is going to put you there. I was experimenting. And believe it or not, I thought that I was being safe in that encounter. I know exactly when it happened.”
The actor joins other celebrities, such as rapper Mykki Blanco and another former sitcom star Jm. J. Bullock, who’ve revealed they’re living with HIV. Pintauro says that Who’s the Boss? costars Judith Light and Tony Danza have been supportive and he wants to become a positive force within the LGBT communities.
“I feel like in the gay community, we’ve been spending so much energy trying to become socially acceptable and so much energy trying to make marriage happen – which I think are 100 percent important – and, in doing that, we’ve forgotten about taking care of each other a little bit,” he said. “Back when the AIDS crisis was happening … back when we weren’t really socially acceptable, we still took good care of each other because we only had each other. We didn’t have all of our other friends and coworkers or any of that to turn to.”
He adds, “Now that we’ve gotten to the place, we need to look within again. We need to take a step back, and we need to say, ‘OK, here’s where we are, and here’s what we need to do to get our community back to that place of taking care of each other.’ ”




From: 420bate

Brent's Auto Wall 092715

From: Brent's Auto Wall

September 27th is Sukkot (סוכות)

Sukkot or Succot (Hebrew: סוכות‎ or סֻכּוֹת, sukkōt), in traditional Ashkenazi pronunciation Sukkos or Succos, literally Feast of Booths, is commonly translated to English as Feast of Tabernacles, sometimes also as Feast of the Ingathering. It is a biblical Jewish holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (varies from late September to late October). During the existence of the Jerusalem Temple it was one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals (Hebrew: שלוש רגלים‎, shalosh regalim) on which the Israelites were commanded to perform a pilgrimage to the Temple.

Sukkot has a double significance. The one mentioned in the Book of Exodus is agricultural in nature – "Feast of Ingathering at the year's end" (Exodus 34:22) – and marks the end of the harvest time and thus of the agricultural year in the Land of Israel. The more elaborate religious significance from the Book of Leviticus is that of commemorating the Exodus and the dependence of the People of Israel on the will of God (Leviticus 23:42-43).

The holiday lasts seven days in Israel and eight in the diaspora. The first day (and second day in the diaspora) is a Shabbat-like holiday when work is forbidden, followed by intermediate days called Chol Hamoed. The festival is closed with another Shabbat-like holiday called Shemini Atzeret (two days in the diaspora, where the second day is called Simchat Torah).

The Hebrew word sukkōt is the plural of sukkah, "booth" or "tabernacle", which is a walled structure covered with s'chach (plant material such as overgrowth or palm leaves). A sukkah is the name of the temporary dwelling in which farmers would live during harvesting, a fact connecting to the agricultural significance of the holiday stressed by the Book of Exodus. As stated in Leviticus, it is also intended as a reminiscence of the type of fragile dwellings in which the Israelites dwelt during their 40 years of travel in the desert after the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. Throughout the holiday, meals are eaten inside the sukkah and many people sleep there as well.

On each day of the holiday it is mandatory to perform a waving ceremony with the Four Species.

Bill Maher Is Fed Up with the GOP’s ‘Real American’ Heroes Kim Davis and Josh Duggar

From: Towleroad
Bill Maher devoted his final New Rule on Friday’s Real Time to the GOP’s “real American” heroes, who never seem to get properly vetted before they’re thrown into the right-wing celebrity spotlight.

Take Kim Davis for example:

“Kim Davis turned out to be everything conservatives hate. She gave birth to two children out of wedlock and she’s been married four times. According to her, the answer to ‘What would Jesus do?’ is ‘Everybody'”

But the Republican mascot who takes the prize in Maher’s eyes is Josh Duggar.

Hear why in the video below:

Benjamin Godfre

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