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Thursday, February 27, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 This might sound crazy, but I think Trenton Ducati fucked some of his magic into Landon Conrad on the set of Hot House‘s My Doctor Sucks. As some of you might recall, Trenton placed first on last year‘s list, and Landon just squeezed in at tenth place. While I’m too lazy to figure out if Landon actually bottomed more often over the past twelve months, I can confidently say that I spent more time jerking off to his tan lines and the parade of big, hard cocks that plunged his hole.

 Here’s a brief (and incomplete) recap of scenes we wrote about. Landon appeared as a top in scenes with Dan Broughton, Jesse Jackman, Armond Rizzo, Logan Vaughn, Tyler Wolf, Alex Marte, Mike De Marko, Joey Cooper and Johnny Rapid. He appeared as a bottom in scenes with Matthew Rush, Hunter Marx, Jimmy Durano and Beau Flexxx. Then, last but not least, he flip-fucked in scenes with Jonathan Agassi, Donnie Dean, Lucas Knight, Jessy Ares and Austin Wilde.

 Sure, sure! The numbers might lean toward “top”, but that’s not what’s important here. Landon could have topped ninety times more often than he bottomed, and I’d still give him this slot on the countdown. The scene with Trenton, in particular, sticks out in my mind as one of the hottest in 2013.

 Armond Rizzo is riveting. His raven-black hair and bushy pubes set off a hairless body dense with muscle. He's busy writhing all over Landon Conrad, like an Olympic gymnast doing the floor exercise and Landon is the floor. Landon himself looks daddyish with a full beard and body hair from end to end. Armond's tongue bath of Landon reaches his cock, which points due North. This time Armond lands with his knees on Landon's shoulders, pausing for a kiss before resuming the blow job. Armond's ass is positioned for eating, and Landon doesn't hesitate. Armond's sculpted ass, his muscular back and the constant swiveling of hips make compelling viewing. The next maneuver puts Armond on Landon's lap with a cock in his ass. Armond's compact stature means his hole is always tight and the walls are stretched wide by the fat cock that's drilling him. Landon alternately kisses Armond's lips and his nipples while he fucks him. Landon's muscled shoulders tense up to shoot his load in Armond's mouth. Two fingers in his ass push Armond over the edge, shooting a wad.





Kurt Madison aka Quinn Christopher Jaxon -- Randy Blue

Your Hunk of the Day: Anderson Davis

Anderson Davis from Zesty Man 


From: Manhunt Daily

 Arguably, there are men on this list who have been sluttier than Jimmy Fanz in 2013, but really, nobody—and I mean nobody—looked hotter with a dick up his butt. Jimmy provided us with scenes that were worth watching twice. I’m saying that from personal experience, because I constantly revisited Jimmy’s scenes throughout the course of the year. His fuzzy hole was my go-to masturbation visual.

 Here’s the list (again) of men who fucked Jimmy: Tommy Defendi, Abele Place, Josh Long, Travis James, James Jamesson, Shawn Wolfe, Tom Faulk, Alexander Garrett, Tristan Phoenix and Roman Todd. Highlights, for me, include watching Shawn chow down on Jimmy’s ass and pretty much everything about those scenes with Tommy, Abele, James and Travis.

 Tommy Defendi is relieving himself in a bucket. Jimmy Fanz, peering out behind a dirty shower curtain, can't take his eyes off that humongous cock. He slowly crawls towards Tommy, his lips ready to capture the last drops. Tommy's dick grows bigger and harder in Jimmy's mouth and the veins throb. Tommy growls as his cock sinks deeper into Jimmy's determined throat. Jimmy sucks Tommy's balls, nearly the size of his fist, and slaps his face with Tommy's cock. He looks up for approval while running his lips along the length of Tommy's wet shaft. Jimmy gets that approval with a kiss, followed by Tommy's tongue in his hairy ass. Tommy grabs Jimmy by the throat and slides his tongue into Jimmy's mouth as he slides his cock into his ass. Jimmy's body welcomes Tommy's massive meat, more so with each slamming and plundering of his gut. The sexual heat these guys generate could set this cell on fire. Tommy fucks Jimmy like a rag doll, tossing him around, slapping him, fucking him on his feet, on his belly, on his back until they erupt like fireworks, their bodies glued together by jism.








Dish of the Day #1350: We Like to Make Passes at Hot Guys in Glasses Tweet

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Today's Dish is Marco Dapper.

You Must Remember This: 14 Greatest Gay TV Kisses

From: The Backlot
Brian & Justin 
Queer As Folk
Until QAF, the man-on-man kisses we had seen on TV were either chaste, or played for laughs. This show shocked everyone by showing raw sexuality, and the kisses with high-schooler Justin and eternal bad-boy Brian were a sign of better things to come on TV.


From: The Backlot
Todd Sanfield Returns


From: Manhunt Daily

Yummy of the Day 2/27/2014

From:  Yummy of the Day
Wanna Play?

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