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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Official Swimsuit Photo Of The Boys Of Big Brother Season 16

The Selfies of Life

July 24, 2014

Selfie with Charlotte Rae today at lunch. She gave me some good advice. (Just like old times.:)

Brian Sims hosting “Bears and Beers” mixer during Bear Week

From: BosGuy
The ever so dreamy PA State Representative, Brian Sims, who I first wrote about back in 2012 (as one of my Men of Twittah) and more recently wrote about in my post, Lusting After Brian Sims, will be in Provincetown during Bear Week hosting a fundraiser for his campaign.

Lord knows I’ve spent a significant amount of time scouring the internet for a shirtless photograph of this handsome, progressive, gay state representative. Since I won’t be in Ptown during bear week, I’m encouraging anyone who might be there to be on the look out for this handsome Pennsylvanian sunning himself.

Want to learn more visit his website: www.sims4pa-ptown.com

The 20 Most Inventive Strips From “Broadway Bares: Rock Hard!”

From: NewNowNext
 Broadway Bares: Rock Hard! raised over $1.3 million for the charity Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and gave us James Franco in a jock strap. But even more amazing are the lengths the show’s dancers go to bare all. We’re not talking Chastity drunkenly rocking back and forth on the pole while demurely stepping out of her g-string to “A Milli”. These are professionals. And as Cher wielding a crowbar will tell you to your face, this is burlesque. It’s not enough to simply unzip you pants, or unbutton that shirt. No, to truly rock hard(!), these kids came up with the most inventive and creative ways to get ass-naked on stage. It’s called art. Here, let’s take a look at the best tearaways, cutaways, breakaways and takeaways from Broadway Bares 24: Rock Hard!:

Check out the piece of trash sneaking in a lick at the end. Hello, new hero.

Meanwhile, Alex Minsky got into it.

Really into it.

I love a gold lamΓ© turnover.


Lending a helping hand.

This is actually a move Prince did back in the day before he got all religiousy.

Hot new toy this Christmas: Teddy Tucksin

A Janet Jackson tribute — how’s that for a wardrobe malfunction, Timberlake?

Look at all those beefeaters.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Man-Thongs.

I’ve always said more men should wear corsets.

And tearaway satin shorts.

“Here take this, I won’t be needing it ever again.”

Off comes the leather vest, on goes the leather harness, out comes the leather bull whip, etc, etc

Dropped trou? Take a bow.
And check out some of the other highlights below:

40 Hottest Pairs Of Rugby Thighs

From: Buzz Feed
Jonny May of England
Honestly, I’m just here for the crotch grab.

The CAPTION THIS Contest For June 26th!

From: dlisted
  After the jump, check out the winning caption for June 25th!

Wimbledon Fitties:

 Judy Murray’s favorite Feliciano Lopez
From: Attitude
 Next up in our #WimbledonFitties series is chiseled Spanish hunk (and Judy Murray’s favorite) Feliciano Lopez - who, as we write, is playing his third round match against Croatia’s Ante Pavic on Court 12 at SW19.

Cute Young Indian Guy

 I received an email the other day form Paven, asking I would like to post some pics and videos his friend from India.  Of course, I said "I would love to!"  Paven sent these over, and they are pretty damn nice in my opinion.  Take an look and leave your comments on what you think about him.

And of course if you have any photos of yourself, friends,partners, etc... that you would like to share; send them my way and I will be happy to post them.

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