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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

8 Signs We’re Winning The War Against HIVAIDS—And 1 Big One That We’re Not

From: NewNowNext
We’re closer than ever to an HIV vaccine.

A new vaccine spearheaded by Robert Gallo, one of the earliest AIDS researchers, is ready for human trials.

It’s designed to bind to the virus at the moment of infection, making it more effective than previous attempts at a vaccine.

The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The New Batch

From: NewNowNext

“Love Light In Flight” 
Stevie Wonder

The first of two songs on the list from Stevie, it was the second single from the Woman In Red soundtrack, but completely overshadowed by “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” even though “Love Light In Flight” is a much, much better song. It peaked at #17 in February 1985.

Academy Award for Best Actress

Jessica Lange 
Carly Marshall
Blue Sky
Jessica Phyllis Lange (/lรฆล‹/; born April 20, 1949) is an American actress who has worked in film, theater and television. The recipient of several awards, including two Oscars, three Emmys, five Golden Globes, one SAG Award and three Dorian Awards, Lange is widely considered to be one of the greatest actors of her generation.

Lange was discovered by producer Dino De Laurentiis while modeling part-time for the Wilhelmina modelling agency. She made her professional film debut in his 1976 remake of the 1933 action-adventure classic King Kong, for which she won her first Golden Globe Award. In 1982, she became the first performer in forty years to receive two Oscar nominations within the same year; she won her second Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as a soap opera star in Tootsie and was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of the troubled actress Frances Farmer, in Frances. Lange received three more nominations, for Country (1984), Sweet Dreams (1985) and Music Box (1989), before her sixth Oscar nomination — and a win, along with her third Golden Globe Award — for her performance as a manic depressive housewife in Blue Sky (1994). Her other films include All That Jazz (1979), The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981), Crimes of the Heart (1986), Men Don't Leave (1990), Cape Fear (1991), Rob Roy (1995), A Thousand Acres (1997), Cousin Bette (1998), Titus (1999), Big Fish (2003), Don't Come Knocking (2005), Bonneville (2006), The Vow (2012), In Secret (2013), The Gambler (2014) and Wild Oats (2015).

She made her Broadway debut playing Blanche DuBois in the 1992 revival of A Streetcar Named Desire, and made her West End debut in her reprise of that role in 1996. Other stage roles include the 2000 West End revival of Long Day's Journey into Night, for which she received an Olivier Award nomination as Best Actress, the 2005 Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie and the 2016 Broadway revival of Long Day's Journey Into Night. She won her first Primetime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' famed aunt, Big Edie, in HBO's Grey Gardens (2009), while she won her first Screen Actors Guild Award, fifth Golden Globe Award, and second and third Emmy Awards for her performances in the first and third seasons of FX's anthology horror show, American Horror Story (2011–2015).

In addition to acting, Lange is a photographer with two published works. She has also been a foster parent and currently holds a Goodwill Ambassador position for UNICEF, specializing in HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Russia. In 2014, Marc Jacobs chose her to be the premiere model of his new high-end beauty line, Marc Jacobs Beauty.

These 17 Posters Powerfully Document The AIDS Epidemic Over The Last 30 Years

Only by remembering history can we better the future.
From: Huff Post
As we move further and further into the 21st century, more and more people in The United States are finally gaining access to affordable prevention and treatment for HIV. However, that is a relatively recent reality and while we're encouraged by the strides we've made, stigma related to HIV remains extremely pervasive.

In commemoration of World Aids Day, today, Dec. 1, 2015, The University of Rochester is showcasing a powerful collection of 6,200 AIDS posters created between 1982 and the present day that are meant to inform and educate people about HIV.

The impressive collection includes posters from over 100 different countries in 60 languages. The Huffington Post discussed the historical significance of these posters this week with Joan Saab, Associate Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester.

Macho Hunk #23


19 yo Jerry Cabrera goes nude in a tub.


By Danny Calvi

A Very Boynapped Christmas
Big Dick Boys Make Some Toys
Blake Daniels The Holiday Whore
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Merry Twinkmas
Miracle on 69th Street
Peter North’s North Pole
Santa Cums Early: Volcanic Red Bear Eruption
Sex Toy Story
Stocking Stuffers 2: Here Cums Santa Claus
We Three Hoes

Quinn C. Jaxon

ABC Afterschool Special

Mighty Moose and the Quarterback Kid 
Original Air Date
December 1, 1976
Brandon Cruz
Dave Madden
Joseph Mascolo
Alex Karras
Nancy Puthuff
Charles Everett
Peter Halton
Matthew Roberts
Larry Gelman
A football coach (Dave Madden) tries to mediate a conflict between his star quarterback (Brandon Cruz) and the boy's father (a pre-Days of Our Lives Joseph Mascolo). Co-starring real-life football great Alex Karras (Blazing Saddles, Webster).


 MUSIC: "Beat The Beat" - Now Available On ITunes And Amazon Http://Itunes.Apple.Com/Us/Album/Beat-The-Beat-Single/Id465138209
MODELS: Mike Munich

Wanna Play Cowboy and Indians?

Three Star Meat

Frat Boy

25 Gays of Christmas

25 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

From: BuzzFeed

10 Great Books To Get You Through The Holiday Season

From: Queerty
Trans: A Memoir 
Juliet Jacques
In July 2012, aged thirty, Juliet Jacques underwent sex reassignment surgery — a process she chronicled with unflinching honesty in a serialized national newspaper column. Trans tells of her life to the present moment: a story of growing up, of defining yourself, and of the rapidly changing world of gender politics.

Today in History...

December 1, 800 – 

Charlemagne judges the accusations against Pope Leo III in the Vatican.

December 1st is Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day

Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day is observed annually on December 1.

Free yourself from dealing with blurry screen images by getting your eyes examined to see if bifocals can help.

December 1st is Civil Air Patrol Day

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF). It was created by Administrative Order 9 in December 1941, with Maj. Gen. John F. Curry as the first CAP national commander. The organization was originally formed to provide civilian air support to aid the war effort of World War II through border and coastal patrols, military training assistance, courier services and other activities. These efforts were recognized and, after the close of the war, Civil Air Patrol was transferred from the United States Army to the newly formed Air Force. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization of volunteers and declared to be of a benevolent nature, never again to be involved in direct combat activities.

Since that time, Civil Air Patrol has carried out three congressionally mandated objectives: emergency services (including search and rescue operations), aerospace education for youth and the general public, and cadet programs for teenage youth. In addition, it has been tasked with assisting the United States Department of Homeland Security, and also performs non-auxiliary missions for various governmental and private agencies, such as local law enforcement and the American Red Cross.

December 1st is Day With(out) Art Day

Day Without Art (DWA) is an annual event where art museums and other organizations organize programs to raise awareness of AIDS, remember people who have died, and inspire positive action.

Day Without Art began on December 1, 1989 as the national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. To make the public aware that AIDS can touch everyone, and inspire positive action, some 800 U.S. art and AIDS groups participated in the first Day Without Art, shutting down museums, sending staff to volunteer at AIDS services, or sponsoring special exhibitions of work about AIDS. Since then, Day With(out) Art has grown into a collaborative project in which an estimated 8,000 national and international museums, galleries, art centers, AIDS service organizations, libraries, high schools and colleges take part.

In the past, "Visual AIDS" initiated public actions and programs, published an annual poster and copyright-free broadsides, and acted as press coordinator and clearing house for projects for Day Without Art/World AIDS Day. In 1997, it was suggested Day Without Art become a Day With Art, to recognize and promote increased programming of cultural events that draw attention to the continuing pandemic. Though "the name was retained as a metaphor for the chilling possibility of a future day without art or artists", we added parentheses to the program title, Day With(out) Art, to highlight the proactive programming of art projects by artists living with HIV/AIDS, and art about AIDS, that were taking place around the world. It had become clear that active interventions within the annual program were far more effective than actions to negate or reduce the programs of cultural centers.

December 1st is Antartica Day

Antarctica Day was inaugurated in 2010 to celebrate the December 1, 1959 signature of the Antarctic Treaty, which was adopted “with the interests of science and the progress of all mankind.” Antarctica Day was initiated by the Foundation for the Good Governance of International Spaces (www.ourspaces.org.uk) as an annual event to build global awareness of this landmark institution, celebrating this milestone of peace in human civilization with hope and inspiration for future generations. With a vision for young people to be aware of how countries can build on their common interests, Antarctica Day is an opportunity to demonstrate how diverse nations can work together peacefully, continuously using science as a global language of cooperation for decision making beyond national boundaries.

December 1st is Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, often stylized as #GivingTuesday for purposes of hashtag activism, refers to the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a movement to create a national day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

December 1st is Basketball Day

December 1st is World Aids Day

World AIDS Day, designated 1 December every year since 1988, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, and mourning those who have died of the disease. Government and health officials, non-governmental organizations and individuals around the world observe the day, often with education on AIDS prevention and control.

World AIDS Day is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with World Health Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Immunization Week, World Tuberculosis Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Malaria Day and World Hepatitis Day. Since 1995, the President of the United States has made an official proclamation on World AIDS Day.

As of 2013, AIDS has killed more than 36 million people worldwide (1981-2012), and an estimated 35.3 million people are living with HIV, making it one of the most important global public health issues in recorded history. Despite recent improved access to antiretroviral treatment in many regions of the world, the AIDS epidemic claims an estimated 2 million lives each year, of which about 270,000 are children.

December 1st is Rosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks Day is an American holiday in honor of the civil rights leader Rosa Parks. In the U.S. states of California and Missouri it is celebrated on her birthday, February 4. In Ohio and Oregon it is celebrated on the day she was arrested, December 1.

Rosa Parks Day was created by the California State Legislature and first celebrated in 2000. The holiday was first designated in the U.S. state of Ohio championed by Joyce Beatty, advocate who helped Ohio's legislation pass to honor the late leader. It is also celebrated by the Columbus Ohio bus system (COTA) with a special tribute to the late civil rights leader. As of 2014, Missouri Govenor Jay Nixon proclaimed Rosa Parks Day official in the state. In 2014, Oregon governor Kitzhaber declared that Oregon will celebrate its first Rosa Parks Day.

28 Of The Queerest Christmas Songs

From: Huffington Post
Tegan And Sara
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)
The beloved lesbian twin sisters from Canada offer their whimsical take on the holidays with a cover of "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)."


Text by Danny Calvi

Beef on the Hoof
Bird Taker
Bottoming from the Top
Bottomless Pool
Brownie Queen
Bull Nurse
Butch Bottom
Cum Bucket
Gentleman Slut
Helium Heels
KY Queen
Muscle Bottom
Oral Bottom
Peg Boy
Pillow Biter
Power Bottom
Ring Snatcher
Sailor’s Cup of Tea
Sausage Jockey
Tar Baby
Team Player
Total Bottom

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Troye Sivan
From: NewNowNext
20-year-old Troye is a South African born-Australian actor, singer, songwriter, and YouTuber (over 3.5 million followers). Let’s let him tell you more.


Photography by Christopher Clary
This image, which is not part of the download unfortunately,
 is from Christopher's 'Subjection' series.
Over at digital art wet spot Rhizome, Jersey-based artist Christopher Clary has uploaded a kind of desktop drama in the form of a collection of DILF-a-licious jpegs. The download, called ‘Sorry to Dump on You Like This’, is one of six works commissioned by Rhizome that invites the act of downloading, and uses the desktop as exhibition space.

Christopher provides some guidance on how to approach the 1,860 jpegs and their filenames: ‘If you sort the collection by ascending date, you can read the novella in chronological order’. And while image quality doesn’t seem to be a huge concern, it’s a treasure trove for lovers of hirsute men, and those who get off on a bit of word play.

Download directly here or via Chistopher’s website.

Morning Wood

From: kenneth in the (212)

Aid for AIDS... #WorldAidsDay

From: Wicked Gay
A reader suggested in honor of World AIDS day, that I post an opportunity for some to help those far less fortunate than us in the United States about the Aid for AIDS program that redistributes outside the US unused and unexpired expensive HIV meds.
Given WGB’s diverse readers, some of you may have access to unused meds, and with the increase in single pill regimens, many people are shifting to a different medication regimen. This impacts those on PrEP as well, since if you decide not to pursue that due to side effects or other reasons, don’t let those expensive Truvada pills to go waste/throw out in the wastebasket! At about $40/pill it adds up pretty quickly.
They have drop off pharmacy locations in major areas like NYC and LA, but there is also information on shipping it to them in NYC in a padded envelope. It is your choice whether to be anonymous or not for the donor form. (See the link below for additional details.)
What a great opportunity to help others at minimal cost/inconvenience to you. So please consider this if you are able, and equally importantly share the message to those you know that might also be in a position to supply expensive medications to those far less fortunate.
Finally - remember we all have a responsibility for those long gone before us to get tested regularly. 
Together as a community let’s take a supportive stance and actions to help end this disease.
TO DONATE: Aid for AIDS http://aidforaids.org/

Take It Off Tuesday

From: Randyxboy

Christmas Countdown

24 Days!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Remembering Ones We Lost

From: kenneth in the (212)
So thankful the worst of the AIDS crisis is behind us. But the recent HIV-positive diagnosis of a friend-of-a-friend -- who is an AIDS doctor, no less -- is a stark reminder that the HIV crisis is alive and well. I miss Walter and Mike and many others we lost way too soon. Please educate yourself and those you care about. xo

Jean-Paul Vignon - Playgirl - December 1973

 Playgirl's Man for December 
Jean-Paul Vignon

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