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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Can You Go....

Get Your Nose In That Pit!


Damn...that ass

Bear at Sunset

Shower Time

Checking Out The Merchandise

His Big Cock Sticking Out His Zipper


Reblog This Image....


Village People

420 Chubby Bear

Naked Pool Time

Pool Bear


For The Love Of Fur

Sexy Bear


An Otter with a Bud Light

Even Seals Know A Cute Otter When They See One

Could An Unicorn Be Any More Gay?

Bear Couple


Chubby Ass

Ginger in a Thong

Never Give Up....

COLT Belt Buckle

Hot Heeb of the Day

From: Hot Heebs
Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv

Red Snapper

From: Brent's Auto Wall
Red Snapper



From:  Tiggahs Life
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pic like this.  Been feeling unsexy lately, but my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks so I’m “feelin myself, I’m feelin myself…”.  Happy Tuesday!

The Bottom Line

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
This past Saturday we met Lance, looking hot in his Andrew Christian's. Today, I thought I'd share another view, this time, no underwear anywhere in site.

The Billowing Boxers: Matt by ANNE Photography

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Most summers when I was a kid, I was banished, for at least a week or more, to my aunt and uncles farm. Sounds great doesn't it, two weeks on a farm... but it wasn't. I loved the land, the view and of course the animals, but my aunt was not a welcoming woman and my uncle, gruff and rather distant. They had two children, my cousin Karen, who was about 10 years older than I was and always away somewhere... school, travelling, anywhere but the farm. Then there was my cousin Daryl, just two years older than I but just a cousin, not a friend. He hated my visits as much as I did and except for when his parents forced our interacting, we didn't. 

 Daryl's one's redeeming quality were his friends. He had many, all great looking, athletic and much friendlier than Daryl. My favorite friend of Daryl's was Arthur. Arthur was tall, incredibly skinny but fit, shoulder length dirty brown hair and a great smile. He always took the time to talk to me and ensured I was always invited to whatever they were doing. 

 Given the summers are always so hot and muggy, and because Arthur lived just down the road, Arthur's summer uniform consisted of mostly of his boxers, with occasionally a black tank top thrown on if it were a special occasion. Arthur never wore underwear, why would he, no one saw him except Daryl and his friends, and of course me. They clung when we went swimming, and hung wonderfully low most of the time. Quite often, when there was a rare breeze, they billowed. I caught many glimpses as the boxers billowed, mostly his balls. They often lay out, planted on the picnic table as Arthur talked with his friends. He seemed oblivious, or just didn't care, either way, no one said a word no matter how little those boxers actually covered. I often thought I couldn't have been the only one in that small group to have paid such close attention to Arthur's boxers and the many openings and gaps that made those summer visits so memorable. 

When I was profiling AANE Photography's work with Matt last month, (Corpus evanescente) there was this series of images of Matt that had me looking back fondly at Arthur, and my summer's on that farm. I am guessing most of us have an Arthur, and a memory of some billowing boxers in our past. If you want to see what's underneath Matt's blue boxer's, head on over to blurb and check out AANE PHOTOGRAPHY's book mɛn. In addition to enjoying all of Matt, there are also five other models to enjoy with a low priced instant PDF version ready for download!



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