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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More Sides of Nizar M

From:  Over-Flow

First three images

Nizar M by Gert Defever

Remaining images of Nizar M by Divers

Mark Elbus: Over-Flow

Mark Elbus by Bodyworks Studio
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In The Grand Scheme of Things...

From: Over-Flow
Singer Steve Grand recently made a lengthy and emotional post about his unhappiness with all of the attention some of his recent images have garnered. While I respect Steve's views immensely, I could not help but think his feelings were based mostly on his own emotions and not the motives of everyone who gave his red swimwear so much attention. Steve is a hell of good looking man, but that is just one part of his appeal. He was great looking before his first single, but it was the song, his video and his sharing of his heart that really drew people in. Most singers, most successful singers that is, get roasted for what they wear, or in some cases, what they don't wear. All of the attention, no matter how off point, speaks to Steve's level of success and I hope he comes to a place of comfort with us loving the entire package, looks, talent and heart.


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Peter James

Penetrating Photos

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Not sure this is what the boss meant when he instated Casual Fridays...

Nyle DiMarco's "BEYOUTIFUL" Charity Tee

From: Represent
 Mission: The Nyle DiMarco Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists as a national philanthropic resource for all organizations, institutions and individuals working to improve the lives of every Deaf person in the world.

Current Priority Area: Deaf Children and their FamiliesThe Foundation aims to improve access to accurate, research-based information about early language acquisition–specifically, the bilingual education approach. Through the early intervention process, the child’s language and literacy development should be the focal point.

Nyle and the Foundation are guided by the principle that every child deserves love and language.

Because the reality is that Deaf children can grow to be anything they want: firefighter or police officer, defense attorney or brain surgeon, elementary teacher or college professor, software developer or the creator of the next major social media outlet–or even an internationally recognized supermodel, actor, and dancing phenom. The key to unlocking a Deaf child’s future is acquiring language at an early age.

Nyle’s story provides validation: he was born into a multigenerational Deaf family and was taught American Sign Language and English from birth.

Through the Foundation, Nyle wants to work with parents and families to ensure Deaf children receive the same opportunities he did.

Quick Facts: Worldwide Impact: There are approximately 70 million Deaf people worldwide, and between 300 – 500 million immediate family members. 

Lack of access to bilingual education: Two percent (2%) of the world’s Deaf population has access to education in sign language. 

Connecting parents with their Deaf child: Twenty-five percent (25%) of parents use sign language to communicate with their Deaf child. 

Improving Access to Resources and InformationOne challenge for parents of Deaf and hard of hearing infants is to find accurate, research-based information on providing their Deaf infants with access to language. During a critical period of their lives, parents need and deserve support and guidance as they make choices on how to raise their Deaf child.

Parents may have questions such as:

Where can I receive emotional support, especially right after the initial diagnosis is made?Where are opportunities to connect with other families of D/HH children that are currently participating in early education programs?Where can parents go for information about early learning, especially when it involves early language and literacy in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English?One of the Foundation’s objectives is to improve access to resources and information for parents of Deaf children and their families, so that when parents have these questions, they know where they can find answers.

Partnerships: Through partnerships with national organizations, such as Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K), the Foundation promotes awareness on issues surrounding the importance of early language and literacy in Deaf children. The Foundation’s partnerships emphasize culturally-based, community-engaged, and innovative approaches in providing support and guidance to Deaf children and their families.

Proceeds from every shirt sold will go to support my foundation. We're working to improve the lives of every Deaf person in the world. Thank you for your support! - Nyle

Mr. Gay India Answers Insane Questions From Straight People

"We don't wear shirts. We only wear bikini tops."
From: NewNowNext
 India is an advanced nation with world-class opportunities and diverse communities, but it still carries vestiges of colonial British rule—including a law criminalizing homosexuality.

While the country is free of the kind of puritanical Christianity we have in the States, sex is still mainly a taboo topic. So Anwesh Kumar Sahoo, Mr. Gay World India 2016, is helping dispel some myths by answering ridiculous questions he’s heard from straight people.

 There’s the expected queries—”When did you decide to be gay?” “Who is the woman?”—as well as some we’ve never heard before—”Do you wear a lot of pink shirts.”

He also reveals his childhood crush—actor Ranbir Kapoor, who did a tantalizing towel dance in 2007’s Saawariya.

Sahoo, just 20, is sassy without losing his cool in the video, produced by Gaysi, and a great spokesman for his community. He’ll compete against entrants from around the world at the Mr. Gay World in Malta later this year.

We have a feeling he’ll kick butt in the interview portion.

Creme Brulee

From:  Over Flow

Cesar Costa

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