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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bought those boxer briefs when he had a six pack, but I think he fills them out better now


Milan, Italy
i'm just what you're seeing...

BUTT: What are you doing this week?

And: it's a busy week...

Serbian Water Polo Teammates

Naked Man Fits Andy Roddick to a T

From:  kenneth in the (212)
I still say Andy Roddick ISN'T GAY even though he seems to love wearing his nude John Isner T-shirt a little too much!

Isner discussed his naked spread for ESPN The Magazine HERE.

He'll FLIP for you guys...


From:  Manhunt Daily
It’s getting so bad that random naked guys can’t go for a motorcycle ride anymore. Local authorities are searching for a guy who got his hog on a hog (actually, it’s more like a crotch rocket) and drove through an outdoor Christmas market in MΓΌnster, Germany. You can see some of his stunt below.

It’s believed that he belongs to a local motorcycle club and had posted on their Facebook page that he would do it if he got enough likes. Should I start doing crazy naked stuff to garner Likes on Manhunt‘s Facebook page? Well, not me. There’s a guy in Marketing who we all assume looks really good naked. We’ll get him to do it.

Caption Needed...

Brady Bielski by Thomas Synnamon

Question of the Day... #2013TaughtMe

What has 2013 taught you? 
What new thing did you learn this year about yourself, about people, about life in general?


Just Because...


From: Manhunt Daily
Let’s congratulate 28-year-old Stuart Hatton on being selected as Mr. Gay UK 2013! He’s a dance teacher/underwear model who beat out 250 other British bohunks to get that sash placed on his muscled body. His duties include looking hot, looking hot, making gyms look good, having his pick of hot British ass, and opening a Tesco in Hertfordshire.

 Stuart Hatton Jr
28 years old 
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

 About me
I am a Professional Ballroom, Classical and Latin American Dance Champion. 
I also specialize in aerial dance work such as silks, rope, trapeze, pole and stilts. 
I am a co-principal at the family dance studios in South Shields and have done this for 11 years. 
Fitness is a key part of my life and my full time job and I am thankful that my career helps my physical well being and tones my physique daily.

My work has ranged from suits, to branded sports wear, to circus performances, to branded underwear and swimwear.
I have NO boundaries when it comes to producing a stunning and creative piece of work and I always approach all my shoots with an open mind so please feel free to talk to me about any thoughts or ideas.

I am always enthusiastic, punctual and a professional artist on set.
I am open to all opportunities and artistically creative shoots.













10 Guys Who Made Us Realize We’re Gay, ’80s Edition

From: Queerty
Grace Jones

Hey, wait…that’s not a man. Oh, Grace Jones, she pretty much gender-fucked all of us. From straight women to gay men, she made us all question our sexual orientation… and we worship her for it. Pull up to my bumper, baby. Indeed.

Banana Masters

Just Because...

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