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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 4: A day by the Lake

From: Marlen Boro
 After our harrowing day on the mountain, we decided to chill lakeside for a day. Spotty internet prevented updates to my blog and to Facebook, but we had plenty of time to hike and take photos of nature.

Jen channeling Little Edie…

I found time to slip and gash my hand. I get more manly by the minute. ;)

 The quiet lake allowed for a stunning reflective sunset. I took about 100 photos. Here are my favorite three.

Today we head to the Oregon shore!

Tom Faulk

The Gift That Keeps On Girtoning

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I am not exactly proud, it is rather like having to look at an accident... I did however start HERE: so might as well continue. 

 Speaking of Big Brother... Canada's edition began this week. I have yet to watch, but Newfoundland model Kenny(left) has me wanting to check it out. Kenny is gay, but thus far seems to be keeping it to himself within the house. Bearded...

Wrestlers by Ben McNutt


From: Manhunt Daily
Flirting with me does not necessarily make for a good interview, but it does make for a memorable one that tops a list like this. To give you some background, Will Swagger is a masseur, escort, porn star and all-around DILF. It’s his job to make people feel sexy and bring their fantasies to life, and he’s so talented that he managed to accomplish this over Skype.

When we spoke back in November, things started off innocently enough. I contacted him through Massage Men to inquire about the three levels of service he offers. As we continued to go back and forth, he eventually started referring to me as “boy” and (jokingly?) invited me to have a threesome with him and his partner Allen Silver on their fourth anniversary.

Our conversation continued off the record, and while I can’t remember every single detail, I know that it resulted in several late night jerk-off sessions before bed. One day, I’ll actually wind up putting aside enough money to get that massage from Will, but until then, we’ll always have this interview. Let’s hope that it was as good for him (and you) as it was for me.

Yummy of the Day 3/8/2014

From: Yummy of the Day

Snow Day by Frisky Frolic

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Is That Snow?

Kids At Heart:
by Frisky Frolic

Heck Yeah!

I know most of us are ready for Winter to end, but thanks to these images from Frisky Frolic's JayBee I can hang on just a little longer. There was a time, waking up early to hear school was cancelled was cause for a celebration. A snow day, a day with nothing to do but enjoy the magic of the season.

Better Hurry Up!

Hey!!! Wait up!

Things that happen on a rare snowfall in Seattle


Benjamin Godfre by Gabriel Gastelum


From: Yummy of the Day

Naked on the beach


From: Yummy of the Day

"Cookies in Bed"

Tight End Saturdays

Long Flaccid Penis

Summer reading

Hans Fahrmeyer For PapiThugz

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'Aye papi, I like it rough'

Photographer Hans Fahrmeyer is known for his erotically charged images and a no hold barred philosophy when it comes to shooting the male form. Fahmeyer's work has always been colorful, sexually charged and edgy and even sometimes just a little bit rough.
Who better than to team up with PapiThugz, bringing his experience and skill to capture some of the hottest men on their site. if you like it, even a little bit rough, check out more of the men of PapiThugz on Han's tumblr HERE: & on PapiThugz HERE:

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