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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bedtime Snack

The 30 Sexiest Tennis Players

From:  OUT
Mark Anthony Philippoussis (Greek: Μαρκ Φιλιππούσης; born 7 November 1976) is an Australian former tennis player. He turned professional in 1994. His father is Greek, while his mother is of Italian ancestry.
He has had a minor career in modelling and starred in the American reality television dating show Age of Love. He is nicknamed 'the Scud', after the Scud missile. His career-high singles ranking was World No. 8.

25 Great Gay Sex Scenes from Modern Movies

From:  The Backlot
This sex comedy set in the world of ursine-identified gay men offers plenty of eye candy. But the most notable scene is one where a heftier fella and his younger boyfriend – who loves his man’s size – get frisky. It’s refreshing to see a gay film objectify something other than the presumed physical ideal.
Hotness: 5
Romance: 8
WTFactor: 3

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The 24 Funnest Gay Ads Ever

From: Buzz Feed
For once, Ken Cole forwent the terrible pun route, and produced a good ad.

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The 24 Funnest Gay Ads Ever

From:  Buzz Feed
This unknown day in the 1970s was another BIG day in gay history.

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The 25 Best Beach Bodies

From:  OUT
Actor/Singer, 25

Although Vanessa Hudgens was the talk of the year with Spring Breakers, we'd rather go down to Florida with her ex. What do you think?

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24 Sexual Experiences That Every Gay Man Should Have. At Least Once!

From: OSEntendidos (Link in Portuguese.)
Double Penetration

To try a Double Penetration must be doing one of number 2, 4 or 5, As in gay sex options holes are scarce, everyone has to be very calm and courage.

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22 Russians Who We Won’t Let Vladimir Putin Forget Were Gay From: Advocate

From:  Advocate
Diaghilev with his nanny, painted by Leon Bakst

Sergei Diaghilev 
The legendary ballet impresario founded the Ballets Russes, a collaborative effort of the most talented artists, composers and dancers of the early 20th century. His orientation was fairly well known, as was his relationship with the dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. He moved dance away from the formal classicism of the 19th century to a modern freedom, and in doing so liberated the male dancer from his role as tripod for the ballerina to become a focus in his own right.

A stellar pantheon of collaborators included Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Michel Fokine, Leon Bakst, George Balanchine, Igor Stravinsky, Matisse, Marie Laurencin, Georges Braque, and Coco Chanel, as well as his lovers Boris Kochno, Léonide Massine, and Serge Lifar.
Igor Stravinsky, Diaghilev, and Serge Lifar

Doing away with the lugubrious romantic works of the previous century like Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, Diaghilev created a repertoire of works that were not only more natural and modern, but also experimental and controversial exploring gender identity, homosexuality, and incest.

Picasso created cubist sets for Parade. Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring caused riots with its challenging rhythms. Nijinsky’s masturbatory performance in L'après-midi d'un faune (The Afternoon of a Faun) caused a scandal, as did his choreography for Jeux, a dance depicting a tennis game, that was a thinly veiled depiction of a three-way.

The Ballets Russes, ironically enough, never performed in Russia. They toured the globe attracting both the newly forming café society as well as the intellectual and bohemian crowd of the day. And of course, interspersed in all that strata were large numbers of gay men and women. The Ballets Russes became a symbol of the avant garde and international chic.

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21 Biggest Dickheads in Sports: 2013 Edition

From:  OUT
The Entire Swedish Soccer Team Sörskogens IF
During a match between Sörskogens IF and the Stockholm Snipers—who welcome and encourage LGBTQ athletes to join their team— Sörskogens players hurled insults like “you suck cock for 50 Kronor,” “all of you have HIV” and “we’re probably going to get infected.” While the Stockholm Football Association fined Sörskogens 5,000 Kronor ($750), as it was the Sörskogens’ first offense, the team’s management didn't think this went far enough and suspended all of the players for the rest of the season.

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19 Breathtaking Things Tom Daley Did At The Diving World Championships

From: Buzz Feed
He stretched like this and aired out his armpit hair and it was all very well and good.

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17 Gay Superhero Power Couples

From:  OUT
Karolina Dean & Xavin
Footloose vegan pacifist Karolina Dean and Xavin came together in Marvel's Runaways, a title about alienated youth, and eventually the duo fell in love. But this involved shape-shifting Xavin giving up the maleness she cherished and committing to being a woman for lesbian Karolina, which she did. Because that's what you do when you're a fictional shape-shifter in love.

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15 Gay Daddies We Love

In celebration of Daddy Days in Provincetown, some of our favorite gay daddies.
From: OUT
Ricky Martin
Admittedly, at 41, Ricky Martin is more of a 'Daddy in Training,' but he gets points for being an ACTUAL daddy — the pop star is the father of two twin boys.

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The 18 Countries Where You Can Now (Or Soon) Get Hitched

From: Queerty
Top city: Lisbon
Legal since: June 2010
Number of married gay couples: unknown
Same-sex foreign couples can marry in Portugal with no need to establish residence, and whether or not their home countries recognize such unions. Gay couples may not, however, adopt children in Portugal.

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13 Identical Twins

From: The Backlot
Ballet dancers Jeri and Otto Bubenicek 

Liam Corolla - College Dudes

5.7 (170cm)
135 (62 kg)
7.0 (18cm)
8 US (41 EU)
 "Liam Corolla is sure a firecracker! We think you will like the way he shows off!" -- College Dudes

Today In History....

August 13, 1831 –
 Nat Turner sees a solar eclipse, which he believes is a sign from God. Eight days later he and 70 other slaves kill approximately 55 whites in Southampton County, Virginia.


From: Gay Porn Blog
Sear & Roebuck and JC Penney Catalogs

You just would pretend you could see a bulge, or any hint of more than a Ken crotch. Of all the things, I think this is the most desperate.

Daily Packages

Kevin Baker by Joseph Lally
From:  The Underwear Expert
In this Daily Package, Kevin Baker hangs outside of his apartment in a photo by Joseph Lally. From the looks of it, he is wearing his prime laundry day attire, a black bikini brief and black shirt.

The 11 Gayest Wins in MTV Video Music Award History

From: The Backlot
Ricky Martin
Livin’ La Vida Loca” 
Best Dance Video

Nude Boyfriend of the Week

From:  Queer Click
 We have a new BF!!! It's not that we grew tired of our last Nude Boyfriend, quite the contrary, but this, this was love at first sight. How can you not fall for him? I mean, look at that million dollar smile! Not to mention the gorgeous eyes, the nice developed build and the huge surprise south of the equator that we are sure will seal the deal for you.


From:  Manhunt Daily
 "Bears are sexy as fuck. Count me on #TeamChunkStandTheFuckUp. They’re the segment of the gay community you most want to party with, they have barrel chests and a fuck-twinkle in their eye, and bigger guys try harder when they’re blasting your booty into the stratosphere. I married one for all those reasons! Well, there was love, too. But the fact that he’s a teddy bear composed mostly of pizza and hotness was a definite bonus.

There’s plenty of burly bear-types on Manhunt. We rounded up the most popular ones for your perusal. Perhaps you could click on their profile name or pic and contact one of these hairy fuckbeasts. This is the kind of wildlife that you WANT to wander into your tent at night.

Please note that some of these guys might not fit your idea of “a bear”. But they’re dudes who identified themselves as “bears” in their Manhunt profiles and show up on the most Buddy Lists, so who are WE to judge?"

Check out some of Manhunt’s most popular bears!


 Looking for Something Good...
Friendly 47 yo, 6'2'', 200, 7c, br/gr/shaved, moderately hairy, solid/musc. More beefy than chisled. I play on top. Rough playful fun is what it's all about. Much more comfortable with safer. Leather. Not into much kink, but no raunch or PnP. Quasi-intellectual, grounded, nonsociopathic, low-key. Be daring, and be fun. I have a homoerotic photography fetish ... I'd probably get off on taking some with you. I dig doing it, but not required.

I'm a top. Please be a bottom.

I live in Alabama. I like to travel when I can. If I'm online in your city I'll be visiting soon.

Looking for a good head buddy


From: Manhunt Daily

Alan also co-wrote “Ain’t No Hat For That”, which is arguably the best song on Robin Thicke’s sixth studio album Blurred Lines. Though it might just seem like a funky throwback jam, a deeper look into the lyrics reveals impressive vocabulary words like “obstreperous”. Alan Thicke wants to do more than make you dance. He wants you to learn.


Photography by Unknown
 Another neat image, sadly not included in the BUTT calendar as we were not able to get in touch with its owner, Phil in Frankfurt, Germany. Phil has great affection for his belly button, apparently.

From Homophobia To Marriage: 10 Important Gay Moments On “The Real World”

From: Queerty
Zach and the boys show their homophobic side
In 2011, when it felt like most of the country had become more accepting of the LGBT community, the cast members of RW: San Diego remind audiences that there’s still tons of ground to cover with acceptance. The housemates become visibly upset when they realize Frank is gay and hooking up with a guy in the house. They even discuss the double standard of hooking up with women and how it’s acceptable but then go back to complaining that their “straight friend” is now gay.


From: Gay Porn Blog
Aiden Shaw: TV Boyfriend
Here’s one case of art imitating porn. Openly gay “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star apparently was such a big fan of the super-hung British stud that he named one of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend (played by John Corbett) after him.
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