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Sunday, December 1, 2013


I guess I’ll throw you guys a bone.

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Your Nightly Briefing

From:  Boy Culture
 The following phenomenal series showcases the talents of both model Brandon Lipchik and photographer Jared Bautista, who has a knack for making underwear look like it may as well be the only clothing item a guy ever needs to own. That's the case for sure in this black and white series featuring Emporio Armani briefs, with flannel and athletic socks complimenting model and underwear solely as accessories. Lipchik lounges around an apartment with the careless ease of a Sunday winter morning, when underwear and a flannel and socks might actually be the only thing you'd want to wear.

Hello from bed

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Gogo dancer ffhusbear from last night’s house party.

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Bored and drunk

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Urgh, I hate my lowerback.

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Full frontals

Fun with instagram.

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Too Christmasy???

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Fucking love the 80’s

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Beef on beef

Favorite Pic of The Day: December 3, 2007

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This is what happens when two gingers get bored at work.

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Getting to work selfie.

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Trying something a little different with the hair.
Yay or nay?

Someone exploded at the gym!

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The Fur Traders - Part Three

 From:  Vintage Gay Media History
The French traded European manufactured goods in return for the prized beaver skins of Native Americans. Personal relations between the French fur traders and Native American men were sometimes very good and sometimes very bad. Heck, relations between European traders themselves were often treacherous and dangerous.
One aspect of this history that isn't as well known is that both the British and French colonists and traders were often confronted with the fact that in many Native American cultures, it was normal for men to have sex with other males, and that these special men were welcomed and respected by their tribesmen.  It's been widely recognized (but not with some controversy) that the French coined the term "berdache" to label these men who lived in female roles in the tribe.  These "two-spirits" have been recognized in over 130 North America tribes in every region of the continent.

Throw into the mix the ultra-homophobic missionaries and it must have been quite a time. No doubt that Etienne saw the potential for sexy male escapades in the wilderness when he created this great fantasy work.  Once again our artist displays his special sense of humor, with the studs being sexually spent, and another couple of notches added to the bearded gents' list of sexual conquests.  

End of Series

Hey look at who I got to meet!

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It’s Chris aka cjtheatre
And yes it was freezing out!


Music was okay at HERO tonight…but it didn’t matter. I’ve had such a stressful month, dance therapy is just what I needed.

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A Furious Frenzy

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I can't say I have been a huge fan of actor Paul Walker on the big screen. Although I enjoyed some of his films, loved one, (Eight Below) when I think of Paul, I think of watching television as a kid. I remember being 9 or 10 crushing over him on Throb (if you don't remember the show, you'll remember the opening credit song HERE:) I also remember in high school watching him on The Young and The Restless during vacations and breaks. Walker had a calmness, a humanity that came through his work, even when in big screen blockbusters his charm balanced things out and he helped keep his films grounded even with all the emoting (Vin...) going on around him.

Sadly, almost as disturbing as his tragic death was how it played out with TMZ and on social media. TMZ, the Hyena/Vulture hybrid of the media world was virtually salivating at shaking up a quiet Saturday night. Seems, as with those at TMZ, when a celebrity dies many of us revert to the old roles we carried in high school. The keeners just HAVE to get the news out first. Even without proper sources you could see the throngs turning into Anderson Cooper's desperate to be the first to share the horrible news. Just because one has a Twitter or facebook account does not make one a reporter, 

nor a news source. I know some (not all) were earnest, fans of Paul in shock, wanting to share with others but there was still something quietly unsettling about it. Then the bickering began between those so sure it was true to those having a more difficult time accepting it. 'Hoax, no real' went back and forth as if it were a game of tag. Then of course came out the class clowns, thinking how clever they were to connect a man's death with the title from one of his movies. The 'the original' joke began from the first drop of blood in the water and never really let up. Social media is a wonderful way to pull together, especially during a crises. Sadly, it also provides a forum for many, not just learn about, not just to discuss, but to also actively participate themselves in the drama. I am not above it, I often revert to my high school persona as well, distancing and watching but waiting to share my feelings until it becomes safe. Social media makes 'safe' a thing of the past.

R.I.P Paul Walker
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