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Sunday, October 9, 2016

7 Reasons Mariah Carey is the Greatest Crazy Celebrity Of All Time

"Like a retro moment of... gypsy WHATEVER."
From: NewNowNext
 Who doesn’t love it when celebrities go crazy? Whether it’s Britney or Lindsay, or even Amanda Bynes, we all just plop down on the couch with popcorn and watch the spectacle unfurl.

For me, though, there’s no one who does crazy like Mariah Carey, mainly because she’s never completely gone off the deep end and yet never completely swam to the shores of sanity.

 In August, she reportedly screamed and threw a laptop out a window when fiancΓ© James Packer dared to play a BeyoncΓ© song.

Music and acting aside, she’s the most half-aware celebrity in existence: This is a woman who LOVES winking nods and snide one-liners, but is also seemingly oblivious to how ridiculous she can be. That’s a particularly delicious flavor of nuttiness.

So shall we look at 7 reasons why Mimi is our favorite cray cray star.

She once gave us a Bewitched-style alter ego named Bianca.

The year was 1999. The video was “Heartbreaker.” Mariah wrestled with a smirking, dark-haired version of herself in a movie theater bathroom.

Elizabeth Montgomery is giggling in heaven, because this is the closest thing our generation has seen to “mischievous cousin Serena.”

5 Tips To Getting The Results You Love From Your Online Dating Profile

From: Queerty
 As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that is certainly true when it comes to looking for sex & love online. Your online dating profile is the window to the World of Wonderful You, and when your future ex-lovers have just a few seconds to check out your page, your profile should look its best.

Whether your dating hub is Scruff, Tinder or LGBTQutie, here are five important tips for a profile that pops, not flops.

Be brave

At the end of every “Drag Race” episode, RuPaul asks the universe, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Nothing is sexier than someone with a healthy dose of modest confidence. That starts with accepting who, and what, you are, warts and all. Say your real age. Say what you want in a relationship. Give a little info about what you do for work or what you do with your life every day, and show everyone that you think you are interesting enough to deserve a little attention. Lying about your age or your income (or that critical part of pitch) may help you get laid once in a while, but once you admit the truth, the memory of that little lie will linger, like a red flag that there could be more to come. Yes, it’s hard. Many people exaggerate, so there has been a kind of “profile inflation.” But in the long run what will shine through is your integrity.

30 things I learned about being happy after my happiness was taken away

‘Happiness is letting go of what you think life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is’
From: Gay Star News
Dan Beeson was nominated for a UK National Diversity Award
for his work on mental health stigma.
I have been on a year-long journey on the road back to happy, a journey that has changed my life in ways I could never imagine.

I’ve just finished six months of cognitive behavioral therapy, to treat my panic disorder. And with my anti-depressant medication kicking in and offering me a foundation to build on, I have been afforded the opportunity, for the first time, to reflect on my journey – how it has reshaped who I am, reframed how I see and given me a new kind of happy.

When I began therapy my end goal was to get back to ‘normal’. As time passed, I began to notice a desire to learn something new, a new way of living.

I realize now that for so long I misunderstood what being happy should mean to me. It wasn’t striving to fit into a mold decided for me by societal stereotypes or being the most popular or attractive: ‘Happiness is letting go of what you think life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that is’, as author Mandy Hale describes.

It’s seeing the beautiful in the mundane, the appreciation of what’s taken for granted and the joy of living in a moment.

These are the things I had forgotten before they were taken. And when they were gone the everyday necessities of life filled me with dread and fear as the happy carpet was pulled from under me, making living in the moment the hardest feat to achieve.

After a lot of hard work, time and faith in my character, I found very gradually a new way of thinking on my road to recovery. Through the practice of mindfulness, acceptance and soul searching, I felt a great sense of renewed presence.

With that in mind, here are just a few snippets of what I’ve started to learn being happy should mean to us all:

  • It’s perfectly fine to want to better the way you look, but make those changes for you not for others or what you want people to think about you. Chances are you will be disappointed if this is the route you choose.
  • Don’t feel guilty for believing that having a ‘better body’ will improve your self worth. Just make sure it will always remain a positive reflection of your character.
  • Remember, the most important people in your life don’t care what you look like, and the rest are just a distraction.
  • The way you look doesn’t determine whether or not you deserve love.
  • Stay true to your beliefs; don’t let the views of others sway you from the path you choose to follow and only change course on your terms. There are no straight roads or shortcuts.
  • Own it; be confident in who you are, you are unique and that is what makes you special. If you love it, do it.
  • You fart. People fart.
  • Speak to people with the confidence you have when speaking with a significant other. Remember they are humans with varying levels of confidence just like you.
  • Be more forgiving and accepting and share the kindness you’d like to receive. Everyone is going through a battle that no one else will ever understand. Kindness is often not afforded to those most in need.
  • Understand without regret that sometimes you need to make changes. If you make mistakes in any capacity, understand that they happen only in a brief moment of time that comes and goes. Life is not defined by one mistake.
  • Sometimes we need to accept we just can’t do something.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over things you can’t change.
  • Seeking validation from or make comparisons with anyone other than yourself, especially those you stalk on social media, will only make you unhappy. There are people looking at you and feeling exactly the same as you do about them.
  • Show your appreciation for those you love around you, not only once, but all the time. It gives us all unrivaled strength to know we are loved.
  • Make your family proud. It is the best gift you can give with the greatest reward.
  • If you feel you need to be brave to tell someone you love them, it just means it’s important you do so.
  • When dating, ask yourself ‘What do I think of you?’ before thinking ‘What do they think of me?’
  • Don’t make compromises or trick yourself into falling for somebody because you’re tired of being alone, it won’t end well and you may still need time to find yourself if you’re considering it as a viable option.
  • There’s no need to go a mile a minute. If it’s love, it will grow.
  • He, she or they will walk into your life in ways you won’t imagine. Don’t hold onto to a fantasy, let your moments be your moments.
  • Putting out doesn’t get you love, neither does it fill a void.
  • Don’t chase divine perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist.
  • Don’t spend time wrapped up in the desires, fears and pains about an undetermined future so much that you forget to appreciate what’s in front of you now.
  • There are carbs in pretty much everything! Deal.
  • Let go of any stereotypes you have. Too many good people, who didn’t gel with the ‘image’ you were trying to transmit, have passed you by while you were trying to prove your worth to people who don’t even know your name.
  • It’s not always going to be great, but it’s not always going to be bad. Be brave.
  • Being an eternal optimist is impossible. Don’t believe you have failed if you find yourself unhappy at times.
  • Give time some time. Be calm in knowing things will come to you eventually, making you happier on their arrival.
  • Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you must, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.
  • It’s OK to fear discomfort, but endure.
  • Trust until proven otherwise.
  • When someone compliments you, believe them with grace and gratitude.

Going back to square one in my effort to learn how to be a happier, more caring, trusting, accepting, genuine person, leaves me wondering, excitedly, about who and what I am now.
I ask myself: ‘What do I do now?’ and the answer is ‘anything I like’.

Casa Maria

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Hot Heeb of the Day - October 9, 2013

From: Hot Heebs
Gordon Swimming Pool, Tel Aviv

Keep On Dancing: 7 Parties Across America To Be Loud, Proud And Queer As Hell!

Fuck fear!
From: NewNowNext
 Gay bars and clubs have always been a place for LGBT people community, but after the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, many are feeling unsure about venturing out.

We have to fight that fear and take back the dance floor from the forces of hate who would try to silence us.

As MTV’s Alfred Soto wrote this week, [we] find on crowded dance floors a sense of fellowship that is no less deep for being ephemeral.”

If you need some help getting your ass out the door, here are some of the best LGBT parties happening around the country.


Los Angeles

This monthly party at the Eagle from DJ Chris Bowen (Bears in Space) brings bears, leather daddies and everyone in between to the dance floor.

Adam - Man Avenue

Straight Muscle Guy, Adam, With 8 Inch Dick In Nasty Photos

 "With his infectious smile, smokin' muscular body and 8" rock hard dick, we simply couldn't keep these 100 pictures of Adam stored in a folder on some hidden laptop. It just wasn't right...

We're always anxious when one of our models drops his pants for the first time. We really never know what to expect. When Adam took his dick out of his shorts during his video shoot (released on November 8, 2007), we could tell he would be an instant load blower for our members.

Hurry back, Adam. We miss you ...." -- Man Avenue


 16mm film transferred to video, color, silent, 56 minutes, 1962/2007

Tearoom consists of footage shot by the police in the course of a crackdown on public sex in the American Midwest. In the summer of 1962, the Mansfield, Ohio Police Department photographed men in a restroom under the main square of the city. The cameramen hid in a closet and watched the clandestine activities through a two-way mirror. The film they shot was used in court as evidence against the defendants, all of whom were found guilty of sodomy, which at that time carried a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in the state penitentiary. The original surveillance footage shot by the police came into the possession of director William E. Jones while he was researching this case for a documentary project. The unedited scenes of ordinary men of various races and classes meeting to have sex were so powerful that the director decided to present the footage with a minimum of intervention. Tearoom is a radical example of film presented “as found” for the purpose of circulating historical images that have otherwise been suppressed.

 Read More About TEAROOM Here:

“Looking” Star Murray Bartlett Joins The Cast of “Nashville”

From San Francisco to the Music City.
From: NewNowNext
 Nashville is coming to CMT in January, and the network has been broadening the show’s LGBT cast of characters: Looking actor Murray Bartlett is joining the cast as Jakob Fine, “a very handsome, charismatic and successful men’s fashion designer.”

 Bartlett, who is openly gay, joins the cast along with trans actress Jen Richards, who plays Allyson Del Lago, “a tough but understanding physical therapist” who will help Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) recover from her plane crash.

 Chris Carmack, who plays gay country singer Will Lexington, will be returning to the series, too.

Will Jakob and Will make a love connection? Will Murray still sport his uber-sexy ’stache? Only time will tell.

Thirtysomething creators Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz are helming the show for its fifth season, debuting with a special two-hour premiere on January 5 at 9/8c on CMT.

Happy Birthday today October 9th

Happy 58th to actor Michael ParΓ©!
From: NewNowNext

“King Of L.A.’s Gay Nightlife” Sold Everything He Owns: “I Miss Shopping”

The nightlife fixture was making room "for new growth and possibility."
From: NewNowNext
 Los Angeles club promoter Mario Diaz decided to pull a Colby Keller, announcing his intention to sell every single thing he owns in order to furnish a new chapter in his life.

Diaz said in a Facebook post that he’s decided to sell everything he owns because he “misses shopping” and would like to re-furnish a new home again from the ground up.

“After 10 fantastic years in my brilliant house I’ve decided to sell it while the market is good,” wrote Diaz, who was dubbed the “King of L.A.’s Gay Nightlife” by WeHoVille in 2013.

“In this process I’ve decided to trim the tree and make room for new growth and possibility. So here we are….MAJOR MOVING SALE!”

 In a link to an estate sale website details the items that were up for sale, including a lifetime collection of random chachkies and artifacts, as well as vintage designer clothing, jewelry, and Playboy memorabilia.

According to LAist, Diaz is a prominent promoter in charge of the racy Full Frontal Disco at Silver Lake’s Akbar, and WeHo’s long-running BFD (Big Fat D___) party at Fubar. Before that, he reportedly made a name for himself in nightlife in Seattle and New York City, and appeared in a 2014 documentary about himself titled Club King.

Diaz’s sudden decision to sell his possessions sounds vaguely similar to the plan gay porn star Colby Keller put forth last year, when he announced he was going to give away everything he owned, including his Instagram account, so he could travel across America for a “porn art” project in which he had sex with men in all 50 states.

Check out more of Diaz’s items up that were up grabs:

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