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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Moldovan Wrestler Nicolai Ceban Is Our Newest Olympic Bae

We REALLY need to get a map.
From: NewNowNext
 You can get whiplash from all the Olympic hotness on display in Rio. First we drooled over Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao, and the everyone went gaga for Tongan taekwondo master Pita Taufatofua at the Opening Ceremonies.

Now it’s barely one day into the Games and we’ve already turned our attention to Nicolai Ceban, a 30-year-old freestyle wrestler from Moldova.

Dear lord.


He’s like a hot, hairless bear. And we don’t mean the gay kind—he’s like a friggin’ kodiak someone stuck in a singlet.

At 6’1″ and 210lb, Ceban has already won Olympic gold and is ranked Number 11 in the world. Watch him in a qualifying match from earlier in the year.

And in 2012

Below, he talks about going to prison when he was younger, and how Jesus helped see him through. (We just ignored the subtitles for that part.)

Men’s freestyle wrestling is on August 21, so you’ll know where to find us.

Rio 2016 Men's Water Polo Day One Results

From: Speed o Rex
 Olympics Men's Water Polo Results on the first day of competition, August 6

 Group A
Serbia 13 vs. Hungary 13
Greece 8 vs. Japan 7 

 So, for standings in Group A, Greece 2, Hungary 1, Serbia 1, Japan 0

 Group B
Croatia 7 vs. USA 5
Italy 9 vs. Spain 8

 For standings in Group B, Croatia 2, Italy 2, Spain 0, USA 0

 USA's Tony Azevedo is playing in his 5th Olympic games this year at Rio 2016.  Amazing.  Best wishes Tony! 

4 games tomorrow, can't wait

Justin Bieber Naked

Chinese Swimmer Ning Zetao Is The Olympic Thirst Trap We Deserve

The athletes are coming in hot this year!
From: NewNowNext
 As the Olympics kick off in Rio this weekend our radar is bound to be filled with a whole slew of new athletes to ogle, from wrestling to diving — and even race walking!

First on deck is 23-year-old Ning Zetao, the 6’3″ Chinese swimmer who sent the internet into a tailspin this week after emerging from the pool during training on Wednesday, and flaunting a ridiculous glistening six-pack while hanging around the deck in a pair of skin-tight swim briefs.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about it—

Aside from being a total babe, Zetao is a highly decorated swimmer, having won a gold medal at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships—

—and several gold medals at the 2014 Asian Games, where he broke the Asian record in the 100-meter freestyle:

l,m Zetao is also a lieutenant in the Chinese Navy, and has posed for a number of magazine covers, including Elle Men China

GQ China, and Men’s Fitness China:

Zetao also appeared in the Chinese Finding Dory trailer—

And best of all, he knows how to throw some Grade A shade:

Check out more of the beautiful Ning Zetao below:

A photo posted by 宁泽涛 (@ningzetao) on

Big Brother Update: Who is going tomorrow...

August 6, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 It is not clear who is going tomorrow night. Memphis Garrett (left) was the target, but with America's choice and the house going back and forth it could be an interesting night. It looks like Jessie Godderz (below) could be toast, but that crew might cave to April's wishes in the end. I am torn, both Jesse and Memphis have grown on me (Or maybe it is just that Libra, April and Keesha are so damned annoying and loud). Memphis is getting better looking to me as time goes on, and Jesse is still entertaining to watch despite his 'healthy' self esteem... If I could choose, Libra would be pushed out that door, loud mouth and all.

And just because Steven Daigle (left) was so cute, had to add this pic.


“Drag Race” Favorite Adore Delano Posts Some Steamy Nudes On Tumblr

From: Queerty
 RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 favorite Adore Delano has been winning our hearts with her performance throughout the last eight weeks, but a new series of photos discovered on her Tumblr page are winning our loins, too.

 We can now officially say that Delano, who appeared as her boy self, Danny Noriega, as a top 16 finalist on season seven of American Idol, looks amazing in a jockstrap. He looks amazing in nothing at all, tbh.

 The following amateur selfies were posted to Noriega’s personal Tumblr previously, but have found new life now that he’s back in the spotlight.

 God damn, Adore! You could get it as a girl and as a boy.

Autopsies Of Orlando Victims, Shooter, Released

Reports revealed that police shot the gunman at least eight times.
From: NewNowNext
Family members of the victims of the Orlando massacre finally have some answers as to what happened inside Pulse nightclub two months ago, as 31 of the victims’ autopsy reports were released on Friday.

The reports revealed that most of the victims died of multiple gunshot wounds in a variety of places, including their heads, torsos and arms.

“It’s heartbreaking and it’s extremely difficult, but I have to know exactly what happened to my son, and I want the world to know and understand what he went through,” said Christine Leinonen, who recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention after losing her son in the attack.

“People will share my pain and realize he’s more than just a photo flashing on a screen and went through a lot of pain,” she added.

Autopsy reports also showed that gunman Omar Mateen was shot by police eight times from a distance.

The killer tested negative for drugs and alcohol, and his urine did not show abnormal testosterone levels, despite previous speculation about his potential anabolic steroid abuse.

The Medical Examiner’s office plans to release the remaining victims’ autopsies in increments, resuming Monday morning and expecting to be finished by Wednesday night.

Adorable Grandson Gives His “Nan” The Most Amazing Birthday Present

Have your tissues ready before watching this one.
From: NewNowNext
Anyone lucky enough to have grown up with a special grandmother in their lives can definitely appreciate this grandson’s amazing birthday gift to his “nan.”

David Goodings was taking his grandmother, Iris Howard, for a drive on her 86th birthday when he presented her with a gift that brought her to tears.

Goodings flipped through radio stations in the car before settling on a broadcast reporting “breaking news.”

“Iris Howard is celebrating her birthday,” the announcer said. “Commonly known for winning the best nan competition after 10 years in a row, the 86-year-old is often described as an incredible person and loved by all her family.”

What follows is a series of surprise messages from Iris’ loved ones that brought the grandmother — and most viewers — to tears.

Watch the amazing surprise unfold in the video below.

27-Year-Old Meng Fanyu Named First-Ever Mr. Gay China

A previous attempt to hold the competition was shut down in 2010.
From: NewNowNext
Meng Fanyu was just crowned the winner of the Mr. Gay China competition, the country’s first franchise from the international pageant Mr. Gay World.

The 27-year-old reportedly won the competition by a landslide after four weeks of performances, including a strip tease to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”

“Something like this event is a great platform to raise awareness of the LGBT community,” Fanyu said. “Many people don’t really know what LGBT is, and coming out can still be difficult, so you really have to prove yourself to be an upstanding person.”

Event coordinators first tried to hold the competition in 2010, but it was shut down by authorities.

This time, the event was reportedly met with zero resistance, as the LGBT community is slowly gaining acceptance in China.

Despite progress, however, it is still difficult to be yourself in the country, and even most of the Mr. Gay China competitors are not out of the closet.

“I will never tell my parents that I’m gay,” one candidate said. “I’m their whole life – I don’t want to let them down.”
A photo posted by Gemma Daniel (@gemmadaniel) on

Luckily for Fanyu, he feels the freedom to wear his new title with pride.

“Next, I want to go to Mr. Gay World,” he said. “I want to stand on the world stage and say to people, ‘I’m gay, and I’m from China,’ and show them that the LGBT movement in China is vibrant and active.”

TONGA! Best Olympic Moment so far!

From: Speed o Rex
 Tonga flag bearer Pita Taufatofua, who competes in Taekwondo, has given us the best Olympic moment so far, no?  !  All the best to him  and THANKS

Thanks to the Tongans for donating their entire monthly allotment of oil to Pita!

The Bottom Line

Love this shot of model Shawn Alexander by Justin MonroeFrom: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

The 2016 Summer Olympics Will Be The Gayest In History

From: Queerty
The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio have just begun, but already this year is breaking records.

The games will have the most publicly out LGBTQ athletes in Olympic history, which a whopping 44 athletes (plus three coaches) from all across the world. That’s up from 23 in 2012.

Tony Scupham-Bilton have been keeping very close tabs on all the out athletes competing this year and, they say, the number will likely grow as they continue their coverage.

“We expect the list to grow as more athletes are revealed to be out,” editors write. “This often occurs on team sports in Europe or in lesser-know sports where athletes are out but haven’t gotten much publicity.”

Here’s the official list (so far!) compiled by Outsports:

Nicola Adams 
Great Britain, boxing

Seimone Augustus 
USA, basketball

Tom Bosworth 
Great Britain, race walk

Dutee Chand 
India, track & field

Tom Daley 
Great Britain, diving)

Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel 
Netherlands, field hockey

Lisa Dahlkvist 
Sweden, soccer

Elena Delle Donne 
USA, basketball

Katie Duncan 
New Zealand, soccer

Nilla Fisher 
Sweden, soccer

Amini Fonua 
Tonga, swimming

Larissa França 
Brazil, beach volleyball

Edward Gal 
Netherlands, equestrian

Kelly Griffin 
USA, rugby

Brittney Griner 
USA, basketball

Carl Hester 
Great Britain, equestrian

Michelle Heyman 
Australia, soccer

Mélanie Henique 
France, swimming

Stephanie Labbe 
Canada, soccer

Alexandra Lacrabère 
France, handball

Hedvig Lindahl 
Sweden, soccer

Ari-Pekka Liukkonen 
Finland, swimming

Robbie Manson 
New Zealand, rowing

Hans Peter Minderhoud 
Netherlands, equestrian

Ian Matos 
Brazil, diving

Angel McCoughtry 
USA, basketball

Nadine Müller 
Germany, discus

Marie-Eve Nault 
Canada, soccer

Ashley Nee 
USA, kayak whitewater slalom

Maartje Paumen 
Netherlands, field hockey

Mayssa Pessoa 
Brazil, handball

Jillion Potter 
USA, rugby

Megan Rapinoe 
USA, soccer

Helen Richardson-Walsh 
Great Britain, field hockey

Kate Richardson-Walsh 
Great Britain, field hockey

Carolina Seger 
Sweden, soccer

Caster Semenya 
South Africa, track & field

Martina Strutz 
Germany, pole vault

Melissa Tancredi 
Canada, soccer

Susannah Townsend 
Great Britian, field hockey

Sunette Stella Viljoen 
South Africa, javelin

Julia Vasconcelos 
Brazil, taekwondo
Julia confirmed to Claudia Custodio (@Cau__ on Twitter) with ESPN Brazil that she is a lesbian.

Jeffrey Wammes 
Netherlands, gymnastics

Spencer Wilton 
Great Britain, equestrian
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