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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

4/20 Stroke

A MILLION REASONS. Tom Goss, Brian Williams, and Joe Conti cover the Lady Gaga hit.

A Major Character Just Came Out On “Supergirl”

"No one should ever feel like they've got a secret inside of them."
From: NewNowNext
 In an emotional Monday night episode, Supergirl’s older, adoptive sister Alex took an unexpected step out of the closet when she came out as a lesbian.

 At the Television Critics Association press tour this past August, producers hinted that a character on the popular CW show would be coming out. While many fans expected it to be Winn (Jeremy Jordan), executive producer Andrew Kreisberg believes that Alex’s coming out answers a lot of lingering questions about the character.

“It just made so much sense to us,” Kreisberg explained to the Hollywood Reporter. “It was actually something that we had discussed doing last season and didn’t think we were in the right place to be doing it. But coming into this season, it just felt so natural and like such a strong story line to give to Alex this year.”

“There was always this sadness about her last season that I think we’re really getting underneath now,” he continued. “No one should ever feel like they’re trapped. No one should ever feel like they’ve got a secret inside of them.”

Kreisberg went on to say that now that she’s come out, Alex (Chyler Leigh) will be going on an “incredible journey” of discovery and acceptance.

“It’s going to be funny, it’s going to be serious, it’s going to be romantic, it’s going to be heartbreaking,” he described. “It’s going to be everything that any relationship that you see on TV, no matter what the gender, should and will be.”

The decision to have Alex open up about her sexuality comes not long after several TV shows faced criticism for killing off prominent lesbian characters, a troubling trend that inspired the “Bury Your Gays” trope.

In response, Kreisberg has promised to tell Alex’s story in a “respectful, educational, entertaining and thoughtful” way. He added that Alex will be surrounded by supportive family and friends who will be there for her as she navigates this new identity.


From: Wicked Gay
Who is the “Shirtless Violinist?” Funny you should ask…

From his press bio:

That’s me! Matthew Olson, from Bellingham (North of Seattle) Washington State. My vision for this concept is pretty simple: Make classical music fun, current, and sexy! By covering pop songs (Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Sia, and Lady Gaga) in fun and “shirtless” music videos, I have garnered nearly 100,000 views on my youtube channel: LINK. Clearly, there is an audience for this unique combination, and I am having a blast coming up with new ideas for my growing fanbase.
We fully support Matthew Olson’s quest to bring you classical music (well, pop songs played LIKE classical music, but who cares) with his nipples out. The more shirtlessness, the better. As Demi Moore’s daughter says, free the nipple(s)! I’m going to go even farther and say free the ass. And the penis. Free everything! Especially if you have body.

Olson isn’t just in this to run a bow across his violin and show off his efforts at the gym. He’s encouraging charitable contributions.

I’m glad you asked! This challenge is also very simple, and it’s not about asking for money or monetary donations. Instead, it’s my vision for “giving the shirt off my back” to community-based goodwill donation centers like the Food Bank, Salvation Army, donation bins, and the like. The challenge is also very simple: Just post a selfie (or video) of your donation to social media with the hashtag “ShirtOffMyBackChallenge”. It’s simply a fun way to encourage giving back! Participants will be featured in upcoming videos, on my social media, and be eligible for cool merch and prizes! Extra points for creativity!

A photo posted by Matthew (@shirtlessviolinist) on

A photo posted by Matthew (@shirtlessviolinist) on

A photo posted by Matthew (@shirtlessviolinist) on


Listen To Lady Gaga’s Gorgeous Acoustic Version of “Perfect Illusion”

The singer gives the single a slowed-down, soulful spin.
From: NewNowNext
 To promote the  release of her much-anticipated fifth album Joanne, Lady Gaga stopped by 97.1 AMP Radio with a jaw-dropping unplugged cover of her latest single “Perfect Illusion.”

Though Gaga is well-known for her stunning acoustic performances, this one is particularly powerful as the chanteuse belts out the heartbreak anthem with everything she’s got.

Accompanying herself on the keyboard, this raw and understated interpretation proves that Gaga’s talent ain’t no illusion.

Words of Wisdom

What A Trump Presidency Means For The LGBT Community

Spoilers: It ain't good.
From: NewNowNext
 In a shock to progressives in this country, Republican candidate Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the 2016 presidential race.

 What that means for America is anyone’s guess—though the Dow already dropped more than 750 points before the election was called. But what it means for the LGBT community?

Below, we look at several key LGBT issues, and where Trump and his administration is likely to stand on them.

 Marriage Equality

It’s hard to know how Donald Trump will address marriage equality in his presidency: He’s been firmly against it since 2000, when he said “the institution of marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

And in a January appearance on Fox News, he lamented the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges, suggesting he would “be very strong on putting certain judges on the bench that I think maybe could change things.”

But he also seemed to suggest he felt, right or wrong, the matter had been settled.

“I mean at some point, we have to get back down to business… They have ruled on it. I wish that it was done by the state.”

In 2006, Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, claimed “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.” That same year he supported a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality in Indiana.

And seven years later, signed a bill jailing same-sex couples who attempted to apply for a marriage license.

 Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Trump has pledged to sign the First Amendment Defense Act, which protects discrimination on religious grounds and prohibits the government from taking action against anyone who “believes or acts in accordance with a religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman.”

That’s good news for homophobic bakers nationwide.

The measure would also invalidate President Obama’s executive order from 2014 barring federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

 Trump/Pence’s win also effectively kills the Equality Act, or any effort to protect LGBT Americans from discrimination in the workplace, housing, healthcare or other arenas.

On his website, Pence declared “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexuals as a ’discrete and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.”

In 2015, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, allowing businesses and individuals in Indiana to deny services to LGBT people—or anyone else, for that matter—under the guise of “religious freedom.”

 Hate Violence

In his convention speech in Cleveland, Trump called on the specter of the Pulse nightclub shooting, promising, “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”

What he’d do against hateful native ideology is another matter. It is doubtful, though, he will encourage stronger hate-crime data collection and laws.

 Mike Pence, meanwhile, complained when the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Bill was signed into law in 2009. He insisted it was part of a “radical social agenda” that would have “a chilling effect on religious expression, from the pulpits, in our temples, in our mosques and in our churches.”

 Trans Rights

Trump has promised to nominate Supreme Court justices in the model of Antonin Scalia, one of the high court’s most homophobic jurists. With Gavin Grimm’s case coming before the court next year, that doesn’t bode well for the transgender community.

Mike Pence, meanwhile, has also vowed an “immediate” review of executive orders issued by President Obama—including, presumably, his directive to schools to allow students to use facilities matching their gender identity.

 Initially Trump said he favored allowing trans people to use the bathroom of their choice, but closer to Election Day, he came out in support of North Carolina’s HB2.

“I’m going with the state. They know what’s going on, they’ve seen what’s happening,” he told reporters. “I’ve spoken to your governor, I’ve spoken to a number of different people, and I’m going with the state.”


Trump has not issued a policy statement about addressing HIV/AIDS in America or worldwide. Governor Pence, however, cut AIDS spending in Indiana and slashed the budget of the state Planned Parenthood, the only provider of education and prevention tools in some parts of the state.

In March 2015, he declared a public health emergency in the city of Austin, where the HIV rate in the town of about 4,300 skyrocketed.

Conversion Therapy

The GOP campaign platform has been widely criticized as the most anti-LGBT in the party’s history—among its planks

Mike Pence also supports the debunked efforts to “cure” LGBT people: On his campaign website, he wrote “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

One Of Last Night's Only Bright Spots McCrory Expected To Lose Governorship Of North Carolina

From: Boy Culture
North Carolina's smarmy, anti-LGBTQ Gov. McCrory is considered to have lost a squeaker in North Carolina, a state which President-Elect Trump carried by about 4 points.

Via the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund:

The likely defeat of Governor Pat McCrory sends a clear message: the people of North Carolina don’t like anti-LGBTQ extremism. It shows that the electorate sees HB2 as a multi-million-dollar political blunder that puts the economy and the welcoming reputation of North Carolina on the line. It also says that it’s time to repeal HB2 and to replace it with a comprehensive state wide non-discrimination law. Over the past year, the National LGBTQ Task Force has put staff and resources towards organizing People of Faith. On Election Day the Task Force brought 16 staff to Charlotte, NC to engage voters in our #FaithfulVoters project. On election day we collected more than 1,000 responses to our surveys of People of Faith on LGBTQ protections, racial profiling, and reproductive justice issues. Our work has confirmed much of what we already knew: People of Faith overwhelmingly support justice and liberation for all people,” said Rev. Rodney McKenzie, Director of the Academy for Leadership and Action, National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund.

Not With Her — Very, Very Not With Her

From: Boy Culture
I shot this at 5:40 p.m.—I thought it looked artfully ominous.
 (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)
We won't have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore, and you won't have to read about her on my blog (much) anymore. She will, I suppose, effectively retire. And probably won't ever be investigated again, let alone indicted, let alone convicted of anything.

The evening started with joy.

I met my friend Jason at the Javits Center, where we were to attend Hillary Clinton's Election Night (presumably Victory) Party. I'd waited in line for the tickets this weekend, and we went into the hall pretty quickly. Granted, we were packed into a holding pen with a bunch of people who didn't have hard tickets and who were surprised that this huge influx of newcomers had overrun them, leading to an uncomfortable hour or so.

Finally, they let our section go through a wanding, then we were pointed outside, where we came upon a small stage with a pretty hokey, smalltown-looking lectern. We figured we'd get to see, close up, some low-level stooge talking to us as the results came in. Keep in mind there were next to no workers anywhere! It was almost self-run.

Anyway, as time went on, it became clear we had lucked out. Jason and I were dead center at this stage, and there was a growing bank of media to the left and several photographers assigned to the area. I wondered if Hillary herself might make a pit stop here later in the night.

The paint was on the face, the writing was on the wall.
 What was really frustrating was there was a giant screen (with that soon-to-become taunting blue H-with-an-arrow on it) towering nearby, but we weren't being shown any election coverage; instead, we were listening to a bad-ass mix of pop/dance tunes. This was not how we envisioned things, since we were literally outdoors, not under that soon-to-become-taunting glass ceiling of the Javits.

Finally, the screen began offering a mix of the same Hillary bio reels and also CNN coverage. At first, it felt like things would be as positive as we'd hoped. No surprise calls were happening, and we began to realize we were getting really good speakers, and that the speakers' words and images were being projected inside the convention center. Would we even get Madame President?!

The people who spoke included Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo, Khizr Khan—it was pretty cool. Was.

Mothers of the Movement
 Then something dire happened. During the speeches, we had no updates. After a rousing set of short speeches by the Mothers of the Movement, when CNN came back on, the tone was hard to miss—Trump was outperforming Romney, and expectations, in Florida. And, um, elsewhere. I was frantically looking at my phone for DailyKos commentators' opinions, and they were decidedly mixed.

Hillary was not automatically winning some states in her firewall, and none of the battlegrounds were quickly going her way. They started going the other way. It was like a light switch only capable of turning the light off.

Katy waiting in the wings—fully aware we were fucked.
 From then on, the speeches, which soon dried up, had the air of having been hastily rewritten to take into account that Trump could win. Katy Perry came out right before our very eyes, a lovely vision in red, but she looked shook. And her speech noted that her (super religious) parents had voted Trump, but that they'd still be family and still have Thanksgiving. It wasn't much of a roar, not that I fault her for it—it must've been all she could do not to burst into tears, which I do not doubt appeared soon after.

 I knew before a lot of people around me. I kept hearing them cheer useless newsflashes, Clinton wins that were smaller than they should be, news out of Florida that was superficially hopeful. I told my friend it was dire and we were losing. He asked me, The whole thing? I said, Yes. The Senate, any House gains, the presidency. (The Supreme Court.)

I wanted to go walk my dogs, but it's hard to leave when the Mothers of the Movement were gamely running through the photography pit encouraging us to shout that we still believed Hillary could win. I did not, at that point.

When Michigan became a squeaker regardless of who eventually won, and then when Wisconsin looked actually not even like a squeaker but a flat-out win for Trump, I urged my friend to leave with me.

Everyone around us was demoralized, stunned. It's Manhattan, so plenty of us were white dudes, but I am sure many had the same building resentment I did (and do) toward the uneducated white folks who had shown up out of nowhere to make this a red wave, the total opposite of what was predicted two weeks ago, before Comey's letter.

And now for my guesses as to why.

Comey probably didn't help at all, and I continue to believe his actions and the actions of his agency are tantamount to a coup attempt. I think WikiLeaks and its idiotic followers were complicit in this, for their own agendas.

But looking at it all in a clear-eyed way, I think the hard truth is the most obvious: People just fucking don't like Hillary Clinton. I don't fault her for running—she is immensely qualified and thought that plus her resources made her a a favorite. But never again can Democrats attempt to run a candidate that people should like.

We were able to get a black man through twice. Why? Partly his message, and partly because people did like him.

Or the country is more misogynist than it is racist. Clearly, there are many diverse reasons that the election went the way it did—fear of immigrants, fear of terror, fear of gay marriage, fear of a woman in control, fear of government corruption, fear of gun control. Everything added up.

But I am not going to try to pretend that the ultimate reason was that we tried to make people like someone more than they do.

I'm sorry for Hillary Clinton, but I'm more sorry for America, which suddenly feels like a failed—or at least a time-locked—experiment, one that just expired.

And I'm angry at uneducated white people who bought this grifter's message to their own detriment.

I'm not sure which of his many sketchy promises he can actually deliver (how would he dismantle gay marriage? build a wall?), but I do know that he and his Congress—both houses!—will unceremoniously destroy Obamacare. I hope they fail to replace it with anything. I guess maybe then they will realize how good they had it under Obama, and how good they would have had it under Hillary.

The lesson is: Lie loudly, including telling people you are the best when you know you are nowhere near it. The dumbest people who hear that message will accept it, and there are apparently just enough dumb people in the U.S.

Hillary conceded in a private call to Trump, but left the reviled John Podesta to tell her party attendees to go home; she'll speak in the morning, I gather.

The night ended with a real bang, with a text from a friend gloating (he never liked Hillary) that I'm sure will be echoed by a few commenters who have disliked my support of Hillary. You learn a lot about people when they are more interested in being right than they are in what they were right about.

Finally, Trump gave a gracious acceptance speech in which he sounded nothing like Candidate Trump.

I don't know what I am going to do or how I will feel going forward. However, I do know that I will never come together with a person who is racist, sexist and anti-gay. Also, how can I come together with a person who led my sweet mom to post this:

Among The Flowers

From: Brent's Auto Wall

HRC President on Election of Donald Trump: ‘We Don’t Slow Down. We Double Down

From: Towleroad
Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin released a statement last night following the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence to the White House:

“Throughout our nation’s history, we’ve faced devastating setbacks in our pursuit of a more perfect union. But even in the darkest of moments, Americans have summoned the courage and persistence to fight on. The results of tonight’s presidential election require us to meet tomorrow with the same resolve and determination.
“This is a crucial moment for our nation and for the LGBTQ movement. The election of a man who stands opposed to our most fundamental values has left us all stunned. There will be time to analyze the results of this election, but we cannot afford to dwell. We must meet these challenges head on.
“Over the last 18 months, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have intentionally sowed fear and division for cynical political purposes. They now face a decision about whether they will also govern that way. We hope, for the sake of our nation and our diverse community — which includes women, people of color, those with disabilities, immigrants, and people of all faiths and traditions — they will choose a different path.
“For our part, HRC will continue our fight for equality and justice for all with greater urgency and determination than ever before. We must. Lives literally depend on it.
“Despite the outcome of this presidential race, we know that the tide has irreversibly turned in favor of LGBTQ equality. Today, we draw strength from the vast majority of Americans who believe that our lives and rights are worth fighting for. Thanks to you and your tireless work, we deployed the largest get out the vote effort in our organization’s history. In North Carolina, it appears we have defeated the hateful Governor Pat McCrory and helped elect Roy Cooper to repeal HB2. We were proud to support Hillary Clinton, and she made history as the most pro-equality candidate to ever run for president of the United States.
“The defeats we have suffered tonight demonstrate that our future victories will require us to dig deeper and work harder to continue bending the moral arc of the universe toward justice and equality. We must fight to protect our progress, and to limit the damage that Donald Trump has promised.
“To every LGBTQ person across this nation feeling stunned and disheartened, and questioning if they have a place in our country today, I say this: You do. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. Be bold, be strong, and continue to stand up for the principles that have always made America great.
“At a time like this, we don’t slow down. We double down. Tomorrow, HRC will set to work once again, undeterred and focused on our mission to realize a world in which every single LGBTQ person is safe and equal and valued.”

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest LGBTQ rights and lobbying organization in the U.S.


From: Boy Culture
Cute 'n' scruffy.

FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK! The host of THE APPRENTICE, Donald Trump, has taken control of The United States Of America

From: OMG
…and I couldn’t even bring myself to press play on this acceptance speech, because to be quite honest, I couldn’t really give two shits about the vile garbage that spews out of this bloated Oompa Loompa’s mouth – but I guess we’re gonna have to begin to, because it’s about to start affecting the entire planet!

If you’re just joining us from your slumber, and you feel like you’ve woken up into an alternate, nightmarish reality – you’re not alone! Get ready to roll back a whole lotta progress Ammurrica! If you didn’t go out and vote, or you voted for Trump and you are LGBTQ or an immigrant to America – hopefully you won’t mind when he takes back your own civil rights, cuts funding for HIV research and support, places it elsewhere (Mike Pence supports gay conversion therapy), denies your sister the right to make decisions for her own body, and deports your loved ones! And if you have it in your head that Mexicans and Muslims are the only minorities Trump’s capable of discriminating against, and you think you don’t need to be concerned or that it doesn’t apply to you, then I challenge you to consider who might be next in line on that list. Just sayin’!

Maybe you just ate something you shouldn’t have, or you drank too much last night trying to drown your sads and it’s not even noon yet, but you’re trying to make yourself puke  – then check out big D‘s acceptance speech below! I promise it’ll work wonders. (Oh, and is it just us, or does he look a bit worried?)

HOLY FUCK, Trump Won!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

I woke  up this morning to find that it was not a dream, and it is all true. Trump will be our next president. We will have to deal with that now, and we need to move forward.  We cannot give up, we cannot just move away, and we cannot just ignore it.  It is the hand we have been dealt, and we have  now play our cards more carefully then we ever had before.

I know we thought this was never going to happen, but we never thought he would even make it through the primaries, as we know, never say never.  For all of who think/hope/pray that some of of his on going legal issues would disqualify him from remaining president, need to change that thought.  We need him to serve his 4 years, can you imagine Pence as president.  That thought is even a scarier idea.

We all need to band together and make sure your voices are heard, we cannot sit by and wait for change to happen, we need to be vocal and make sure we are heard. There are too many of us that think that my vote does not matter, look at the numbers in this election.  We still have states that are too close to call, and there is only a small difference in the total numbers between the two candidates. While I do respect the right a person has to vote for a third party, the numbers again show, we cannot just through our votes away like that.  Those third party votes, could have made a huge difference in the outcome,

I know have to deal with the fact he is president, yet he does not have my respect.  I will not call him "president", I will not support him on anything at this point.  He has a long way to go to earn my respect and the respect of half of our country.  I only hope that our country quickly sees the mistake that has been made, and that we will make changes with who we elect to congress in 2018, and that in 2020 we will elected our 46th president.


From: Manhunt Daily
Den Men is an amateur site specifically devoted to men of a fuzzier variety. There are dozens upon dozens of videos waiting to be featured in The Amateur Hour… Because, uh, it’s important to me that my dick’s voice is being heard.

This encounter between a pair of ex-boyfriends (?) had me leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. The bottom, in particular, hits all the right spots with his rugged, tattooed look, and the way he sensually growls at his cubbish, bearded boy makes me wish I were the one driving my dick deep inside of him.

If Den Men‘s going to put out stuff like this on a regular basis, then sign me up!

Check out this hot cub fucking his daddy bear here:


Armond Rizzo and Rico Romero in “I Am Groot”
From: Manhunt Daily
 Some genius decided to cast pint-sized power bottom Armond Rizzo as Rocket in a gay porn parody of Marvel’s hit film Guardians of the Galaxy. The scene entitled “I Am Groot” is on Peter Fever, and while it’s a little impromptu and half-assed, it offers up some great inspiration for your own personal role-playing needs (especially if you’re sleeping with someone with terrible conversation skills).

 The role of Groot is brought to life by Rico Romero. He fully commits to his character by only uttering those now famous three words—“I am Groot”—but personally, I would have loved if he took it one step further and continued to repeat this while pounding Armond’s perpetually hungry hole. Imagine the part where he shoots his load:

“I AM… Ah, oh, ah-ah-aaah… GROOT!”

Life By Design: John West by Fotorebelxt Photography

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell as story.
Mason Cooley

In any job, skill is only part of what is needed to achieve excellence. There are people in every field with impressive skills, but they are not always the one's whose work stands out. You also need a vision, a reason beyond just productivity that guides why you're doing...what you're doing. The first time I featured the work of Alwin from Fotorebelxt Photography, (Snakes & Ladders) the California photographer shared the philosophy that guides his passion for shooting.
 'To me photography is a process. It is about self-discovery and how you relate to the world. It is about boundaries and how you continue to explore within the confines and beyond them.'

 Alwin's process doesn't just involve how he relates to the world, but how his model relates to it as well.  If I didn't write one more word, Alvin's images of John West, unveil multiple layers of how the model in front of the camera relates and inhabits the world around him.

 The colors, the fashion, the creativity and fun are all important parts of John West's life and career. It shouldn't surprise to learn that John is a talented and creative costume designer and artist.  Alwin's goal wan't just to capture John and his beautiful body, but also to capture his talent.  The underwear, costumes and masks John is wearing are not just props, but all his own unique designs. 

 John got his start as Mardi Gras Krewe of Apollo, designing and building costumes for the Krewe of Apollo’s annual themed balls and for various fund-raising performances. Though his degree was in Landscape Architecture, John worked at a library to pay the bills while he continued to pursue his passion for design.  In between re-shelving books and helping stressed out students finish last minute research papers, John was designing and building costumes and accessories for cabaret drag performances at Baton Rouge nightclubs.

 Today, John works full time job with major ballet and opera companies in Northern California. He freelances all over the city at numerous costume shops and theatrical venues as a dresser and craftsman. John has also completed several full show sets and designs for local small theater companies.

 John doesn't just design beautiful costumes and headpieces, he also handsomely wears them. I love John's furry body, great lips and beautiful eyes and how sexy and regal he looks completely naked, except for a headpiece or antique vase on his broad muscled shoulder.  I also love John's sexy sideburns! John's familiarity and comfortably with the designs he is wearing also comes through beautifully in the images that Alvin captured.

 Some of my favorite shots from the set that Alvin sent on, were the shots of a body painted John.  I have seen many images of models with body paint, but again, John's artistic abilities are on display on each and every part of his body.  I especially loved the use of primary colors in the first couple of images and green's, oranges and purples as the colors mix together over John's skin.

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