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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No tweets, Facebook updates or Instagram selfies for Jonathan Groff

'I stay completely unhooked when it comes to social media
From: Gay Star News
It is one of the world's most famous lesbians, Ellen DeGeneres, who holds the record for the most retweeted photo in the history of Twitter thanks to her Oscar night all-star selfie.

The talk show host is a prolific tweeter and last week, got fellow out star Matt Bomer started on the social media site. In less than a week, Bomer has more than 235,000 followers.

But one out star who you probably won't ever see following in the social media footsteps of DeGeneres, Bomer and others including Alan Cumming, John Barrowman, Rosie O'Donnell, Ricky Martin and Margaret Cho, is Jonathan Groff.

The star of HBO's Looking says in the new issue of Scene Magazine: 'I haven’t googled myself in five years. I stay completely unhooked when it comes to social media.'

Five years ago, Groff probably would not have found much on himself on Google anyway. But since then, he's been a recurring cast member on Glee, co-starred for a season with Kelsey Grammer on Boss and also had a high-profile romance with Zachary Quinto.

'I heard from friends of friends or whatever that like, "This picture was online" or "I saw you and Zach walking down the street." So I’d know that things like that existed, but I don't ever look at it.'

We assume this means he won't be starting an Instagram account and posting selfies anytime soon either.

The 10 Worst Movie Musicals Ever Made

From: The blot
I didn’t like the eternally bland duo of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, but pairing Eddy with the toothy Eleanor Powell made even less sense, especially in this eye-poppingly lavish spectacle that schizophrenically veers between astounding visuals and stupefying content. Critics generally agreed that the shoddy plot becomes victimized by the large sets. The audience was crushed as well.

Meghan McCain Joins GLAAD’s National Board of Directors

GLAAD recently announced that Republican political commentator, author, and TV personality Meghan McCain; Executive Vice President, Commercial Services at Hilton Worldwide Jeff Diskin; Harvard Law School professor and venture capitalist with August Capital, David Hornik; and Managing Director at Opportunities for Women, Linda Riley will join the organization’s National Board of Directors.

As the daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, Meghan McCain was propelled into the national spotlight at an early age, involved in everything from community events to national conventions. A powerful role model for young women and Republicans alike, she passionately discusses women’s issues, social issues, and marriage equality, among other LGBT issues. Full press release here!


Chicago, United States

In the process of counting my chest hairs

BUTT: What do you like to cook?

Patrick: I don't cook, I drink.

The 10 Best Movie Musicals Ever Made

From: The blot

Singin’ in the Rain” 
Hollywood shining a spotlight on itself is always a fascinating exercise, and in this case, it’s extra textured. Jean Hagen plays the shrill strumpet who’s having a hard time adjusting to talkies, but while Debbie Reynolds is the gal assigned to dub her, it was Hagen herself who did the voice! Has irony ever been this rich? Throw in great songs, deft staging and sharp satire, and this film is a great excuse to whip out your umbrella (ella…ella..) and enjoy.

5 Transgender Activists Who Blazed A Trail For The LGBT Community

From: NewNowNext
Michael Dillon

Born in 1915 to an aristocratic family, Michael Dillon was an Oxford-educated doctor and the first transmen to undergo phalloplasty.

He began passing as male in the late 1930s and received testosterone treatments from a sympathetic physician, who also enabled Dillon to change his birth certificate and enroll in medical school at Trinity College, Dublin, under his new legal name, Laurence Michael Dillon.

In 1946 Dillon published Self: A Study in Endocrinology and Ethics, an early book about transsexuality, which he considered a medical condition. “Where the mind cannot be made to fit the body,” he wrote, “the body should be made to fit, approximately at any rate, to the mind.” Between 1946 and 1949 he underwent a series of procedures to complete his transition.

Dillon didn’t discuss his own experiences in Self, but they came to light in 1958 during a routine background check. Facing unwanted attention, he fled to India and spent years studying Buddhism. Before his death at age 47 in 1962, Dillon published several books, including Growing Up into Buddhism, a primer for British youth.

Australian Rugby Brothers Sam and Thomas Burgess Speak Out Against Homophobia

Rugby league stars and brothers Sam and Thomas Burgess encourages you to help end homophobia in sport.
Spend 10 min. and take a survey that's part of the world's first study on homophobia in sport. www.outonthefields.com

Men at Work...

Just Because...



From: Manhunt Daily
Monserrat, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
No busco pasivo..
masculino ...busco.. desde sexo a casamiemto

When is a priest not a priest? When he's molesting a child, diocese says in defense of lawsuit

From: NJ.com
Chris Naples and the Rev. Terence McAlinden on a trip to the Virgin Islands.
Naples says the priest sexually assaulted him there and on other trips.
 Chris Naples says something snapped inside him that January day.

The Rev. Terence McAlinden, left, and Chris Naples in an undated photo.
Naples contends his abuse at the hands of McAlinden continued into adulthood.
 The Burlington County man sat in the gallery of the Delaware Supreme Court, watching as a lawyer for the Diocese of Trenton told the justices that the Rev. Terence McAlinden was not "on duty" — or serving in his capacity as a priest — when he allegedly molested Naples on trips to Delaware in the 1980s.

The Rev. Terence McAlinden, left, declined to comment when a reporter knocked on his door.
McAlinden has acknowledged sleeping nude with teenage boys
 McAlinden, who once headed the diocese’s youth group, had introduced himself to Naples at a church-sponsored leadership retreat in Keyport. He’d heard his confession, included him in private Masses and discussed matters of spirituality with him.

Chris Naples sits on his front porch in New Gretna.
The married father of two says years of alleged abuse by the Rev. Terence McAlinden
once led him to consider suicide
 Yet McAlinden wasn't officially a priest when he took a teenage Naples to Delaware, the lawyer argued.

The Rev. Terence McAlinden poses with Chris Naples' son about a decade ago.
Naples came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against McAlinden in 2007
 “How do we determine when a priest is and is not on duty?” one of the justices asked, according to a video of the session on the court’s website.

Chris Naples, 42, stands in the doorway of his home in New Gretna, in eastern Burlington County.
He recently filed suit against the Diocese of Trenton,
alleging it failed to protect him from alleged abuse as a teenager
 “Well,” replied the diocese lawyer, “you can determine a priest is not on duty when he is molesting a child, for example. ... A priest abusing a child is absolutely contrary to the pursuit of his master’s business, to the work of a diocese.

Chris Naples, seen here in the eighth grade,
was 13 when the Rev. Terence McAlinden began to molest him, he says in a lawsuit.
 The statement — one prong of the diocese’s argument that it should not be held responsible for McAlinden’s alleged assaults — left Naples reeling.
The Rev. Terence McAlinden poses with Chris Naples' children, now 19 and 17,
when they were younger. In 2007,
Naples accused McAlinden of sexually abusing him for more than a decade.
 "Any hope I had that the church was concerned about me as a victim or about the conduct of its priests was totally gone," Naples, now 42, said in a recent interview. "They were washing their hands of it. I was shattered. I just couldn't believe that was one of their arguments."
Chris Naples, seen here at his home in New Gretna,
won a $3 million judgment against the Rev. Terence McAlinden in Delaware last year.
He says he doesn't expect to collect on it given McAlinden's financial situation

Saying church officials must be held accountable for their handling of McAlinden, Naples has now filed suit against the diocese in Superior Court in Mercer County.

Chris Naples was about 15 in this photo.
He alleges the Rev. Terence McAlinden abused him beginning at age 13
 The lawsuit comes after the Delaware courts ruled Naples didn’t have jurisdiction to sue the diocese in that state because he couldn't prove the trips were church-sanctioned. Naples did win a $3 million judgment against McAlinden individually in Delaware, though he has yet to see a penny.
The Rev. Terence McAlinden, right, presided over the wedding of Chris and Patty Naples.
Naples alleges McAlinden abused him from the age of 13 into his 20
He expects he never will, saying the priest has few assets.
The Rev. Terence McAlinden remained close with the Naples family until his alleged victim,
Chris Naples, went to the prosecutor's office.
McAlinden, who was suspended from ministry in 2007, is seen here in an undated photo.

 "This has never been about the money," Naples said. "It’s about exposing him for the monster that he is, and it’s about transparency in the diocese. They knew about McAlinden. They could have done something about it. And they did what every other diocese did. They kept it hush-hush and paid behind-the-scenes settlements."
The Rev. Terence McAlinden, left, in an undated photo at St. Theresa's Parish in Little Egg Harbor.
Chris Naples is in the background. 

Also named as a defendant is St. Theresa’s Parish in Little Egg Harbor, where McAlinden was named pastor in 1988. For two decades leading up to the appointment, he served as director of the Catholic Youth Organization. The suit can be found here.

The Rev. Terence McAlinden, left, declined to comment when a reporter knocked on his door.
McAlinden has acknowledged sleeping nude with teenage boy
Naples, who lives with his wife and two children in New Gretna, first came forward to the diocese in 2007, alleging McAlinden sexually abused him for more than a decade, beginning when he was 13. The diocese investigated the claims, found them to be credible and suspended McAlinden from ministry, effectively ending his career as a priest.

Since then, two other men have made similar claims. One of the men, Patrick Newcombe, revealed at a press conference in 2011 that the diocese gave him a settlement in exchange for his silence. Newcombe first came forward in 1989 and reached a settlement in 1992. The other accuser, Bob Markulic, said McAlinden abused him in the 1960s at his first assignment, Our Lady of Victories Church in Sayreville.

Markulic received an undisclosed settlement from the diocese two years ago, said his attorney, Gregory Gianforcaro.

McAlinden, now 73, declined to comment when a reporter knocked on the door of his ranch-style home in Little Egg Harbor. He said he did not have an attorney.

During a December 2012 deposition in the Delaware court case, he acknowledged having an intense sexual relationship with Naples but said it began only after Naples turned 18.

He also admitted sleeping nude with "a number of" teen boys who were active in the diocese’s youth group. The overnights took place at Jeremiah House, the youth group’s headquarters in Keyport, and at the rectory of St. Theresa’s, he said. Other times, McAlinden said, teen boys bathed nude with him in a hot tub at his parents’ home in Toms River.

In the deposition, a copy of which has been obtained by The Star-Ledger, he called nudity in the hot tub "standard practice." McAlinden said he had no sexual contact with the children.

Rayanne Bennett, a spokeswoman for the diocese, would not discuss the lawsuit or address McAlinden’s status.

Naples said the diocese told him in 2007 that McAlinden would be removed from the priesthood altogether, or laicized. Yet five years later, at the time of the deposition, McAlinden said he remained a priest, albeit a retired one, and drew a pension from the diocese. He augmented that pay by working as a real estate agent, he said.

'He Knew How to Manipulate'

He called it "The Poor Box."

McAlinden kept the 28-foot Bayliner cabin cruiser in Toms River, and to 13-year-old Chris Naples, it seemed pretty cool.

McAlinden offered to take him out on the boat when they met at the weekend leadership retreat in the summer of 1985. The teen’s mother, divorced and deeply religious, readily agreed, believing a priest would be a positive influence on her son, Naples said.

Nothing sexual happened on that first boat ride, a day trip, Naples said. An overnight trip followed on the Fourth of July. Naples said that day marked the first of hundreds of sexual assaults.

He contends McAlinden abused him at Jeremiah House, on the boat, in the rectory at St. Theresa’s, at the home of the priest’s parents in Toms River and on trips Delaware, Connecticut, New York, Atlantic City and the Virgin Islands.

In one instance, a housekeeper who was employed by the church walked into a bedroom while the two had sex, the suit states. It’s not clear if she reported what she saw. Other priests knew about Naples’ frequent sleepovers but said nothing, according to the suit.

One of those priests, the Rev. Thomas Triggs, served as assistant director of the diocese’s youth group under McAlinden. He frequently witnessed the teen walking into McAlinden’s room to spend the night, the suit states. Triggs also accompanied them on some of their trips, Naples said.

Triggs would go on to lead his own parish, St. Mary’s in Colts Neck. Last year, Trenton Bishop David M. O’Connell removed him after The Star-Ledger reported he allowed the Rev. Michael Fugee to interact with the parish’s youth group.

Fugee had been barred from ministering to children for life following accusations he repeatedly groped a teenage boy. Fugee has since been laicized. Triggs could not be reached for comment.

Naples says his abuse continued into his mid-20s. Asked why he didn’t stop or report it, he said he couldn’t, that McAlinden had emotional and intellectual control over him.

"He knew how to manipulate," Naples said. "He would say things like, ‘If your mother found out about this special thing we have, she would die," Naples said. "He called it our little secret. And I thought I was the only one."

It was McAlinden who introduced Naples to his wife, Patty, now a teacher. McAlinden presided over their marriage and baptized their two children. He is godfather to one of the kids.

Naples said he didn’t realize how badly the relationship with McAlinden affected him, even after it stopped being sexual in 1997. He felt he was "smothering in Saran wrap," yet he didn’t know why.

Patty Naples noticed.

In an interview at the couple’s home, she said her husband became increasingly withdrawn and distant. By 2007, she was sure he was having an affair. On July 2 of that year, she confronted him. Chris Naples stormed out.

Hours later, he sat in his driveway, contemplating suicide, he said.

Ultimately, he told her that he’d been harboring a secret throughout their lives together.

"He said, ‘I was abused by Mac,’ and he just crashed," Patty Naples said. "He was crying, and I was sobbing, and I was like, ‘No.’ I didn’t want to believe it, but Chris was breaking down in front of me, and I knew it was true."

A month later, Naples brought his allegations to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. He said a detective was sympathetic but told him the alleged crimes were beyond the criminal statute of limitations.

Naples also confronted his alleged abuser during a phone call he taped. McAlinden made no apologies for the sexual contact during the conversation, which The Star-ledger has reviewed.

"At no time did I feel like I was using you or taking advantage of you," McAlinden says on the tape.

Today, as he prepares for another lengthy legal showdown, Naples says he isn't motivated by anger. He calls himself the "church’s best victim" because he has refrained from public attacks on the diocese.

But he said he wants an acknowledgment that the diocese could have done more. He said he also hopes his suit sends a message to other alleged victims.

"If it helps others who may be choosing something bad," he said, referring to his own thoughts of suicide, "then they know they’re not alone."

Erick Edwards by Marlen Boro

5 Trailblazing LGBT Athletes Who Changed The Game

From: NewNowNext
Glenn Burke

You can thank baseball player Glenn Burke for the high five: In 1977, Burke ran on to the field to congratulate Dodgers teammate Dusty Baker on a game-winning home run. Rather than a hug or a handshake, Burke offered an upraised hand and Baker slapped it. The high five went on to become a famous symbol of camaraderie and athletic celebration.

Ironically, Burke was often denied camaraderie from coaches and teammates during his four-year career in professional baseball.

Burke was outgoing, funny and an incredibly gifted athlete. The fact that he was gay was an open secret among his Dodgers teammates and managers. And while Burke maintained players didn’t care, Dodgers general manager Al Campanis reportedly offered to foot the bill for a lavish wedding. To which Burke responded: “To a woman?

He also had a troubled relationship with Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, whose son was gay. Burke and Tommy Jr. would hang out together in West Hollywood, something that made the elder Lasorda furious.

After only two seasons with the Dodgers, Burke was traded to Oakland A’s, where he was underutilized and isolated. Some of his Oakland teammates even refused to shower with him. The final “out” in his professional career came when Billy Martin was hired as the A’s manager in 1980. Early in his tenure, Martin stood in the dugout, looked straight at Burke and said, “I don’t want no faggot on my team.” By the end of the 1980 season Burke had been released from his contract.

It was the end of his major league career but, finally free from clubhouse homophobia, Burke was at least able to come out publicly. He even competed in the first Gay Games in 1982 in track and field, and then in the 1986 Games in basketball—proof of what a well-rounded athlete he was.

Burke succumbed to AIDS in 1995 and he always maintained that prejudice against homosexuality “drove me out of baseball sooner than I should have [gone].” Still, he took some pride in his achievements, telling People magazine in 1994 that “they can’t ever say now that a gay man can’t play in the majors, because I’m a gay man and I made it.


From: Manhunt Daily
Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia


From: Manhunt Daily
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
De boa na lagoa :D
Afim de encontrar um cara legal e educado pra trocar uma ideia e ver se pode rolar uma boa diversão!

Respeito acima de tudo!

Outdated 'Gay' Terms

From: Huffington Post
As we jump into June and Pride Month, I can't help but reflect back on my very first Pride Parade in New York well over 15 years ago.

I was standing in front of Stonewall with some friends from New Hope, PA. It was 90 degrees in the shade that day, and we were anxiously waiting to see the parade turn the corner onto Christopher Street so that the festivities could begin. Sure, we had already started to celebrate, but I had never actually experienced Pride before so I wanted to see the infamous parade.

Then suddenly, after waiting for what seemed like a very long time, the parade turned the corner, the motorcycles boomed and the crowd came alive. I could feel my emotions swell up, literally all the way up from my feet, as a rush of tears streamed down my face.

I had never seen that many gay people in one place before in my life! Having recently come out, and feeling somewhat alone in my own world, this was quite an amazing feeling.

We've all come a long way since then, that's for sure... my current home state of PA just denounced the ban on same-sex marriage as many others have also acknowledged equality.

As a result, I think it's time to drop a few words from our united vocabulary... words that worked for a while but just don't seem to be relevant anymore.

Openly gay: a term that has been used to describe many "out" people through the years, including me in publication when I launched the first print ad for Tylenol targeting the gay community. I guess at one point it meant prideful, but I think it's time to get rid of it.

Partner: While it was the only way we could describe our "significant other" at the time, it's just so cold, sterile and honestly confusing. Business partner or life partner!? I guess it was better than "boyfriend," but thankfully we can replace that now with spouse, husband or wife (at least in some places). Although admittedly I still know a lot of people who like this one, I find it outdated.

Gay husband: I have to say that this phrase has always bothered me. This is when a straight woman has a BFF who is a gay man, and they are so close that it's almost as if they are married. I am sure it's meant with love, but the problem is that it puts the gay person in a completely supportive role, almost like he's the family pet. And what about the woman's actual husband? Is he chopped liver? Although it's not meant to be, I think it's somewhat disrespectful. Maybe it's just me though because I know a lot of people who use the term.

Coming out: I'm wondering if this should go away too. It's an intensely meaningful phrase, but is it outdated? Isn't it now more about understanding yourself and who you are, less about hiding? I'd like to think so.

And not soon enough... hopefully we can get rid of "gay marriage." There's no such thing. There's no gay food, no gay car, no gay house and IMHO no gay marriage. It's marriage, a professed love between two adults who possess a set of equal rights under the law.

We are living in a different world, thankfully, and while I understand and lived in a time when these phrases were helpful and meaningful, I feel like they have fortunately lost their meaning as we have progressed as a society.

Thank you!

Your Hunk of the Day: Aron Abikzer

Aron Abikzer by Lëo Castro via Abzolute

Celebrating Equality For All Athletes with #ProudToPlay

From: The Backlot
As the eyes of the world turn to Brazil and the World Cup, YouTube Spotlight takes a moment to show just how far we’ve come with out athletes in recent times.

Set to Nelson Mandela’s epic speech about the power of sport to unite the people of the World from the South Africa’s World Cup, we see athlete after athlete declaring they’re out and proud. Jason Collins, Michael Sam, Tom Daley, and Brittney Griner. Celebrities and world leaders from Ellen DeGeneres to Barack Obama declare their allegience to equality, and legends like Kobe Bryant declare “We have to be brave to step forward and declare to the rest of the world: This is who I am.

It was only 13 months ago that Jason Collins came out. Robbie Rogers a mere 15 months ago. Michael Sam, Tom Daley are all quite new, as is the idea that elite athletes can be out, proud and successful, and as we hit both Pride month and the world’s biggest sporting event, this is a beautiful way to reflect on how far we’ve come.

Ben Cohen

June 4th is Shavuot (שבועות‎)

 Israeli  Soldiers
 Shavuot  (or Shovuos, in Ashkenazi usage; Shavuʿoth in Classical and Mizrahi Hebrew (Hebrew: שבועות‎, lit. "Weeks"), known as the Feast of Weeks in English and as Πεντηκοστή (Pentecost) in Ancient Greek, is a Jewish holiday that occurs on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan (late May or early June).

Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to the entire nation of Israel assembled at Mount Sinai, although the association between the giving of the Torah (Matan Torah) and Shavuot is not explicit in the Biblical text. The holiday is one of the Shalosh Regalim, the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals. It marks the conclusion of the Counting of the Omer, and its date is directly linked to that of Passover. The Torah mandates the seven-week Counting of the Omer, beginning on the second day of Passover, to be immediately followed by Shavuot. This counting of days and weeks is understood to express anticipation and desire for the giving of the Torah. On Passover, the people of Israel were freed from their enslavement to Pharaoh; on Shavuot they were given the Torah and became a nation committed to serving God. The word Shavuot means weeks, and the festival of Shavuot marks the completion of the seven-week counting period between Passover and Shavuot.

Shavuot is one of the lesser-known Jewish holidays among secular Jews in the Jewish diaspora, while those in Israel are more aware of it. According to Jewish law, Shavuot is celebrated in Israel for one day and in the Diaspora (outside of Israel) for two days. Reform Judaism celebrates only one day, even in the Diaspora.

30 Award Winning Actors Who Also Have Playgirl Covers

From: Buzz Feed
Two Time Academy Award Winner Dustin Hoffman
Won for Kramer vs. Kramer 
Rain Man
Best Actor in a Leading Role.

The CAPTION THIS Contest For June 2nd!

From: dlisted
 After the jump, check out the winning caption for May 30th!

The 21 Most Important Celebrity Bulges Of All Time

From: Buzz Feed
The Jake Gyllenhaal

 Why it’s important
We’re just gonna go ahead and say this bulge could probably save someone’s life with a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Who would want to live a day after tomorrow without it?
Bulge Rating
2½ out of 5 Jon Hamms

Presenting … “The Songs Of Gays”

Song Of Gays is sticking a middle finger up to Homophobia!

Vector - June 1972

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
Fast Car” 
Tracy Chapman
Tracy burst on the scene in 1988 with her multi-platinum self-titled debut album, which earned 6 Grammy noms, and won her three, including Best New Artist and Female Pop Vocal for the haunting “Fast Car.” It peaked at #6 in August 1988. Trivia – Did you know she was in a relationship with Alice Walker in the mid-90′s?

Classic Television - Prime Time

First Season Cast
(top row: Joan Van Ark, James Whitmore, Cleavon Little;
bottom row: Nancy Fox, Reva Rose)
Temperatures Rising
Original channel
Original run
September 12, 1972 – August 29, 1974
James Whitmore (1972–1973)
Sudie Bond (1973–1974)
Paul Lynde (1973–1974)
Cleavon Little
Temperatures Rising (also known as The New Temperatures Rising Show) is an American television sitcom that ran from September 12, 1972 to August 29, 1974 on the ABC network. The network had a good deal of faith in the low-rated series, which went through three cast changes, two different formats, and two time slots during its run.

18 Actors Who Have Posed For Seriously Cheesy Photos With Their Chest Exposed

From: Buzz Feed

13. Jude Law

The Sexiest Men of 2013

From: Cosmo UK
Miles Kane

We can totally see why model Suki Waterhouse dated the Moddish Miles Kane!
We were lucky enough to catch him performing an inimate live gig at the Rock & Raven gallery in London. Part of Original Penguin's Plugged In sessions, Miles performed three songs, including his new single Don't Forget Who You Are, which you're gonna love.
We DO like a man who can dress well, and Mr Kane looked as dapper as ever in his smart threads. We particularly liked the velvet polka dot blazer - can we borrow it, Miles?

Just Because...

Public Transit Can Be Hot!


From: The Backlot
Birthday Boy Rafael Nadal

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