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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

14 Times Our Faith In Humanity Was Restored This Year

From: Queerty

We also couldn’t help but beam at all the reaction to marriage equality that reverberated across the web. These were some of our faves.

Sebastian Saraceno

 Sebastian, 31, was raised in Glastonbury, Conn., and Clearwater, Fla., in an average-height family. At the persistent encouragement of his middle-school physical education teacher, Sebastian joined his high school's wrestling team, which shaped his interest in competitive sports. He attended the University of South Florida, where he earned his bachelor of science degree in wellness leadership. During college, Sebastian and his sister adopted a lab/chow mix from the Humane Society, thereby inciting his passion for dogs.

Sebastian is very active in the performing arts. He first became involved in theater and then shifted his focus to TV and film, with a critical move to Los Angeles. During his time in L.A., Sebastian has worked at Shortywood Productions and also is involved with Shorty's Pit Bull Rescue.

Sebastian, often referred to as Shorty's right-hand man, has worked with Shorty for nearly seven years and prides himself on his organizational skills - something Shorty sometimes lacks! Once Shorty manages the financial part of a Shortywood deal,
Sebastian handles many of the logistical details of the entertainment jobs and tries to ensure that things run smoothly. As pit bull rescue has become a bigger part of Shorty's life, Sebastian also has taken on more responsibility in the rescue business, by going on dog rescues, helping to find foster and permanent homes for needy dogs, and spreading pit bull awareness.

Shea, Sebastian's girlfriend of one year, is a physical therapist and a little person. Sebastian's social life is small, but his friendships are long-lasting. He has friends who are little people and of average height.

Sebastian is roommates with his co-worker Ronald, and the two have been good friends for many years. They often hang out together because of their similar interests in acting and fitness.

Kurt Madison - Randy Blue

AKA: Quinn Christopher Jaxon
 The first thing you notice about Kurt Madison is his sexy green eyes. If he looks at you from across a crowded room you'll forget anyone else is there. His floppy hair and handsome scruffy face show how laid back he is. There is this highly sexualized yet relaxed demeanor about him that draws you in. He's a dancer and a gymnast, so his body is perfectly sculpted with nice tight muscles, hairy in all the right places. Especially his hairy ass.

 One could imagine him having lots of gay jock sex, with on other stud or in a big orgy. And all the while totally holding his own. But anything you imagine for this guy is pushed aside the moment he drops his pants and whips out the monster cock that's hiding in his pants. This delicious hunk of meat is huge. And once you lay eyes on it you'll want it all for yourself. He's going to make all the virgin holes nervous and all the ravenous bottoms squeal in piggy delight. And not only is he bringing a big gun but he knows how to work it like a charm until it finally shoots and covers his treasure trail in thick creamy jizz. -- Randy Blue

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Jerry Reed When You're Hot, You're Hot Hour
Original Network
Original Run
 June 20, 1972 -  July 25, 1972
The Jerry Reed When You're Hot, You're Hot Hour was comedy and country music with the singer whose tune `When You're Hot You're Hot' had been a hit. And in 1972, Reed was red hot: He won a 1972 Grammy for the song, and, in 1970 and '71, had been voted the Country Music Association's Musician of the Year. He was also a regular on the show that this summer outing replaced, `The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.'

Jesus Christ! Top 5 Hottest Jesus Actors Nude

From: Fleshbot

Christian Bale 
American Psycho 
Played Jesus 
Mary Mother of Jesus 

Top 10 Gay Porn Studs of 2015

From: Jack Off Junkie

Jacob Peterson

A young studly power bottom with the perfect uncut cock and bubble butt... what more can you ask for?

How We Leveled The Playing Field: Ten Athletes Whose Courage To Come Out Scored Big For The Cause

From: Queerty
 Despite a smattering of high-profile sports figures who’ve come out as gay, homophobia remains a major hurdle in athletics. The good news? The dial has finally started to move, and while change may be coming slowly, it’s irrefutably on its way.

Let's take a  look at ten influential athletes who helped kick start that change by having the courage to speak their truth in the face of personal and sometimes professional repercussions…

Martina Navratilova
ESPN credits the Czech tennis pro, who came out as bisexual in 1981, with having “expanded the dialogue on issues of gender and sexuality in sports.” “Martina was the first legitimate superstar who literally came out while she was a superstar,” Donna Lopiano, executive director of the Women’s Sports Foundation, said. “She exploded the barrier by putting it on the table. She basically said this part of my life doesn’t have anything to do with me as a tennis player. Judge me for who I am.”

Here Are The Top 20 Penis Stories Of 2015

From: Gaily Grind
 2015 was quite literally The Year Of The Penis!

There were so many penis stories this year, we decided to put together our top 20 favorite penis-related stories for your pleasure.

21-Year-Old With Giant Footlong Penis Just Answered All Your Questions On Reddit

Then we introduced you to a young man born with three balls!Today, we are proud to introduce you to a 21-year-old who just answered dozens of questions about his giant 12-inch penis! Here is proof he shared of his massive endowment. He claims to be 8 inches soft and 12 inches hard!

Gordon Nebeker:

The Moab Project
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
'We mostly worked in and around the Moab, Utah area and visited approximately three or four different sites each day. The weather was terrific but hot so everyone was well sunscreen slathered and well hydrated.'

 When Gordon mentioned his trip to Utah, he titled it The Moab Project. It conjured up thoughts and visions of Roswell, aliens and mystery's from a galaxy far far away. Although Moab is of course a city located on our home planet, it certainly has other worldly qualities that define both time and space. It is that timeless, untouched feel and the almost cosmic colors that make the location such a spectacular setting for photographing the male form. 

 The first image from the Moab shoot that I saw was the image I used for Pic of the Day from photographer Gordon Nebeker. Gordon was still in Utah and had just finished his two days of shooting. He sent me along a little teaser with the heading on the e-mail, 'A Taste Of Things To Come'. That header really sums up so much about what FH is about, and would also I think be the perfect title of my autobiography if I ever decided to write one. 

 The shot was more than a teaser, to me, the image was the piΓ¨ce de rΓ©·sis·tance of Gordon's work in Moab. It perfectly captured the spirit of the shoot, the location, the bodies, and joy and personalities of not just the shoot, but the three men in front of, and behind the cameras. Thanks to Gordon for acting as tour guide for the project, getting the ball rolling, and for supporting myself and FH to share and visually spread the story of The Moab Project!

 'The models (Joel, Will, and Rob) were terrific! They came ready to give their full effort to realize the photographs we wanted to take. Each of them very different in many ways and yet they got along very well together. I would not hesitate to work with any or all of them again and can recommend them highly.'

 'We often get asked if we ever get unexpected visitors coming upon our shoots when the models are not wearing clothes. And the answer is “yes”. Usually it is not a complete surprise; one can hear someone coming up the path before they actually see us. We have a code word that we shout out if someone sees or hears someone coming and the models, who keep some clothing close at hand, can usually put something on before the visitors arrive. But seldom are the visitors fooled!' 

 'When we were photographing at the rock pond, two young couples came along and even though the models got something on before they arrived, the girls quickly figured out what was going on. They asked if they could watch us photograph and we said, “only if your boyfriends join in the photographs”. The boyfriends quickly started back down the trail in the opposite direction and the girls reluctantly, and slowly, left since their boyfriends were having nothing to do with that! Too bad; their handsome boyfriends would have been a welcome addition to our shoot!'

 'As the immediacy of the shoot begins to fade with time, there are still touchstones that one remembers as part of the experience. Things like tubes and tubes of sunscreen, carrying enough cold water to satisfy the thrust of all involved in ninety degree weather, getting a good night’s sleep, bopping to dance music in the car, taking the right lens with you on the short hike, can anyone ever have too many fully charged batteries at the ready?, and did I mention sleep?'

 'I also remember lots of laughter, some great meals, attending the Moab Gay Pride Parade that happened to take place the day after our shoot was over (the whole town gets involved) and people. Lots of people everywhere. It was a challenge to find quiet and private spaces to do our photography but we just watched the people; if they went left, we went right and we found our private spaces.'



 There were so many great shots from The Moab Project that I have saved some of my favorite individual shots of Rob, Will & Joel. Look for separate pieces spotlighting each of three models over the next week.

7 Thing We Hope Go Away Forever In 2016

From: NewNowNext

Martin Shkreli

Well, maybe not forever. But 7-10 with no hope of parole would be nice.

Favorite Pic of the Day: December 29, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Bonus Pic of the Day:

Favorite Male Model of the Day: December 29, 2007

Ian Mcintyre
A Tall blonde God!


From: Daily Squirt
Colt Rivers brings skater-hunk Tom Faulk to the Sex Pad for a hot fuck. Tom has scruffy facial hair, a shaggy blond mane that cascades to his shoulders and pubes that match his flowing locks. Tom is completely content in letting Colt pig out on his juicy cock. Colt, who’s smooth and athletic, swallows the whole fat cylinder expertly. Coming up for air, he lies full-length on Tom, grinding hips to hips and lets Tom suck the cock juices off his tongue. Then, Colt flips Tom onto his belly and attacks his hole with the same oral intensity. The hairiness of Tom’s crack contrasts with his smooth chest and back.

 Colt may be in charge, but Tom’s the top, and Colt makes sure his hole gets the pounding he wants. They fuck in doggie variations until Colt collapses face-down on the bed. He saves enough energy to flip over for the home stretch, planting the soles of his feet on the sides of Tom’s waist and blasting a load across his abs. Tom says, ‘I feel your ass grip my cock” as he pulls out and shoots his creamy load all over Colt’s face, shoving his cock in Colt’s mouth for the final drops.

Tom Faulk 

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