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Friday, May 2, 2014

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

From: Buzz Feed
Lets you search flights by date, price, and budget — even if you don’t know where you want to go. Start scanning here.

2013 Hot 100

From: The Backlot

BORN: September 21, 1981 (age 31) North Adams, Massachusetts
HEIGHT: 5′ 11¼” (1.81 m)

Going from Pouty Prince In A Striped Shirt as the groundbreaking Luke Snyder on As The World Turns to the cheating, heartache-inducing Thom on Eastsiders.

We’d happily follow this actor wherever he goes.


25 Albums Every Gay Guy Should Hear

From: Next Magazine
Grace Jones
This critically acclaimed 1981 classic was one of Jones’ most beloved and commercially successful. Nightclubbing remains a unique amalgam of reggae, pop, new wave and soul. The benchmark sonics were accompanied by iconic, gender-bending Jean-Paul Goude cover art: a steel-eyed, blue-black Jones working a tight military flat top and crisp Armani jacket. Feeling like a woman, looking like a man, indeed. —BC

Nightclubbing is the fifth studio album by Grace Jones, released in 1981. It was the second album of her Compass Point trilogy, and has become her best-selling studio release, spawning hits "Pull Up to the Bumper" and "I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)".

Italian Actor Giulio Berruti And His Beautiful Package Light Up Semi-Nude “Cosmo” Shoot

From: Queerty
In the grand tradition of European men removing their clothes because they have no hang-ups about nudity, 29-year-old Italian actor Giulio Berruti has stripped completely naked for Cosmo UK to promote his new film, Walking on Sunshine.

We don’t expect you to know who Berruti is, but we do expect you to acquaint yourself once you've seen his beautifully sculpted and slightly hairy chest, as well as the full-on dick shots he posed for in 2012′s Goltzius and the Pelican Company.
Berruti in Vanity Fair, 2007
According to Attitude, the Italian hunk dropped trou for the photo shoot to raise awareness for cancer research. Too bad the Cosmo UK editors didn’t shoot for a highly conceptualized #cockinasock print campaign.
In the accompanying interview, Berruti says he quit smoking when a close friend died of lung cancer. “She was only 28,” he says. “The first thing she said when she found out was how much she regretted smoking. I smoked too but quit immediately. We should respect our bodies and live as healthy a life as possible.
Bless his soul.
And his happy trail.


From: Manhunt Daily
Palermo, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
masculinos, buena gente, sin mambos, asumidos.
Buscando, assumidos, homens lisos masculinos com mais de 24 e menos de 37 anos de idade. homens sem gordura.
Palermo, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
male, buena gente, mambos sin, asumidos. 
Seeking assumed, masculine straight men over 24 and under 37 years of age. men without fat.

A Totally Scientific Ranking Of 24 Male Athletes Turned Underwear Models

From: Buzz Feed
Portuguese Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has actually never worn clothes in his life. This is how he lives. This is how he survives.

Do You Have a Gay Accent?

From: kenneth in the (212)
If you're also dying to see a documentary about why some people sound gay, please consider donating to the Kickstarter HERE! .


From: Manhunt Daily
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
con ganas de tirar unos tiros
40, fachero, bien armado, siempre caliente

11 Underwear Model Disney Prince Look A Likes

From: The Underwear Expert
Rodiney Santiago As Prince Naveen In The Princess And The Frog

Academy Award for Best Picture

West Side Story
Release date
October 18, 1961
Natalie Wood
Richard Beymer
Rita Moreno
George Chakiris
Russ Tamblyn
West Side Story is a 1961 American musical film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. The film is an adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical of the same name, which in turn was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. It stars Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno and George Chakiris and was photographed by Daniel L. Fapp, A.S.C., in Super Panavision 70.

The film was released on October 18, 1961, through United Artists. It received praise from critics and the public, and became the second highest grossing film of the year in the United States. The film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 10, including Best Picture, as well as a special award for Robbins. West Side Story won more Academy Awards than any other musical film.

Your Hunk of the Day: Theo James

British actor Theo James got the votes, and he is your Hunk of the Day! While he'll always be (poor) Mister Pamuk to me, he is also known from Bedlam, Golden Boy, and Divergent.

 Celebrate the big win, with TEN photos, including a couple shots of Theo in the bathtub.









68th Tony Awards - Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play

And the nominees are:

Sarah Greene 
The Cripple of Inishmaan 
 Helen McCormick

Celia Keenan-Bolger 
The Glass Menagerie 
Laura Wingfield

Sophie Okenedo 
A Raisin in the Sun 
Ruth Younger

Anika Noni Rose 
A Raisin in the Sun 
Beneatha Younger

Mare Winningham 
Casa Valentina 

The top 10 male nudes in art

From: The Guardian
 Glykon (after Lysippos) 
Farnese Hercules 
3rd century AD

This mammoth of a man once loomed over idling Romans at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. The ruins where it was discovered are among the mightiest in Rome: Caracalla gave bathers a sublime experience of architectural excess, in which this slightly monstrous nude must have fitted perfectly. It has haunted art ever since it was rediscovered in the Renaissance: proof that nudity can go beyond beauty into a realm of mysterious human extremity.

Study: 93 Percent Of Straight College Dudes Enjoy “Cuddling, Spooning” With Their Bros

From: Queerty
Turns out straight male jocks actually are getting as close in the locker room as you had hoped.
According to a recent study out of the UK, nearly 93 percent of male athletes surveyed said they've enjoyed cuddling and/or spooning with male friends on a regular basis and — better yet — don’t understand why American bros don’t cuddle more often. Of the 40 participants surveyed, 39 also revealed that they've shared a bed with another man since starting college.
Published in March in the journal of Men and Masculinities, the study observed the social habits of 18 and 19-year-old white, middle-income college students enrolled in study co-author Eric Anderson’s sociology of sports class at the University of Winchester. Along with co-author Mark McCormack of Durham University, Anderson concludes that homosocial behaviors becoming more acceptable among heterosexual friends is a sign of the times.
Or, more specifically, “the expansion of esteemed homosocial behaviors for heterosexual men is evidence of an expansion of changing conceptions of masculinity in contemporary culture.
We knew they [straight males] were hugging and cuddling, and we wanted to understand this phenomenon in more detail,” McCormack said in an interview with HuffPo. “They don’t realize this is something that older men would find shocking; It’s older generations that think men cuddling is taboo,” he said.
He continues:
The social taboo against cuddling has been because for two men to get close was traditionally seen as ‘gay’. Men wanted to avoid being the target of homophobic abuse, so they would be macho to distance themselves from any perception of homosexuality. But there is a generational effect here: Older men who grew up in the 1980s may still feel the need to present a very straight version of themselves, but more positive attitudes toward homosexuality in contemporary culture mean that younger men are simply less concerned about how other people view their behaviors.
As a result, it seems modern teenagers aren’t too concerned with “defending” their heterosexuality. And who in their right mind would ever reject a bro cuddle?
Students and test subjects Jarrett and Max explain:
Without being prompted, Jarrett repeatedly stressed the amount of cuddling he and his mates engage in. ‘‘We’re always cuddling, my lot. We’re all comfortable with each other.’’ Others highlight that cuddling occurs during the day and will often be described as ‘‘a quick cuddle.’’ John praised these short interactions, saying ‘‘I love a quick cuddle, just so you remember your friends are about and are there for you.’’
It’s worth noting that these are European teenagers — men from a continent where rugby players use making out as a celebratory gesture. It might take some time for ‘bro cuddles’ to catch on here in the States, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re totally ready for this to happen.

Caption Needed...

Just Because...

California Porn Condom Bill Passes Committee #AB1576

A bill that would require adult film actors to wear condoms during productions anywhere in California and to be tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases passed a committee vote Tuesday.

AB1576 is the third attempt by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, D-Compton, to expand statewide a Los Angeles mandate approved by voters in 2012.

Public health advocates and some porn stars call the bill a basic workplace safety measure that will prevent the spread of disease.

"These are employees, and they have the right to be protected just like any other employee in any other job or business," said Joshua Rodgers, who performed in gay porn under the stage name Rod Daily. He said he stopped performing after routine testing showed he contracted HIV, though he does not blame a porn shoot for the diagnosis.

The bill now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, where a similar one stalled last year. Full story here via Edge!

Check Out The Arms On This “Street Crush”!

From: Sticky
 Two hot-looking men of NYC...


Yummy of the Day 4/30/2014

From:  Yummy of the Day
 Farewell April

Ends Of The World

Signs Of The Times

Damn, These 2 “Street Crush” Boys Are Cute Enough To Eat

From: Sticky

 This is what they look like in NYC. Both examples...

The 35 Most Homoerotic One Direction Moments

From: Queerty

They kiss fans, too!

34 Reasons It’s A True Tragedy We Should Have Know Tom Daley Was Gay

From: Buzz Feed

29. Because he can handle balls very well.

May 2nd is International Tuba Day

International Tuba Day recognizes musicians around the world who struggle with the weight and size of their big instrument. It's truly an important musical instrument, that no concert or symphonic bandleader would want to be without. It's big, deep sounds provide lots of character and "Oomph" to concert music. Can you imagine a Tuba-less marching band!?

The tuba player has a big job. He lugs this heavy instrument around. He provides the big wind that makes a big impact in the musical world. If you see a Tuba player today, give them some well deserved recognition. If you are a Tuba player, then toot your horn (errr Tuba). We love 'ya!

Here's a few hefty Tuba factoids:

Tubas come in varying sizes, weighing from a dozen pounds to 50 pounds!
The Tuba was patented in 1835 by Wiebrecht and Moritz in Germany
The number of valves on a Tuba is not standardized. A Tuba can have 3,4,5 or six valves.

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

From: Buzz Feed
Account Killer
Shows you exactly how to close any social media account forever, not just disable them. Start here.

May 2nd is Roberts Rule of Order Day

Robert's Rules of Order is the short title of a book, written by Brig. Gen. Henry Martyn Robert, containing rules of order intended to be adopted as a parliamentary authority for use by a deliberative assembly.

Currently in its eleventh edition and published under the name Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (and often referred to using the initialism RONR), it is a widely used parliamentary authority in the English-speaking world.
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