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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Reid Ewing
From: NewNowNext
27-year-old Reid may be best known for Modern Family, but he got his start at FLCT (Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theater), and here he gives a glowing tribute to his time there, with scenes from his youth and a tour of his book collection.

43 Of The Hottest Sets Of Rugby Thighs In The World

From: BuzzFeed
Courtney Lawes

This much hotness should be against the Lawes.

40 Things Every Gay Man Should Do Before Turning 40

From: Queerty
Take your boyfriend home for the family Thanksgiving.

33 Guys Who Have Gone Naked For PETA

From: BuzzFeed
Rock Star Dave Navarro

25 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

From: BuzzFeed

It is Gay Thanksgiving

Academy Award for Best Actress

Jodie Foster 
Sarah Tobias
The Accused
Alicia Christian "Jodie" Foster (born November 19, 1962) is an American actor, director and producer who has worked in films and on television. She has often been cited as one of the best actresses of her generation.

Foster began her career at the age of three as a child model in 1965, and two years later moved to acting in television series with an appearance in the sitcom Mayberry R.F.D.. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, she worked in several prime time television series and starred in children's films. Foster's breakthrough came in Martin Scorsese's controversial Taxi Driver (1976), in which she played a teenage prostitute; the role garnered her a nomination for an Academy Award. Her other critically acclaimed roles as a teenager were in the musical Bugsy Malone (1976) and the thriller The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976), and she became a popular teen idol by starring in Disney's Freaky Friday (1976) and Candleshoe (1977).

After attending college at Yale, Foster struggled to transition to adult roles until winning widespread critical acclaim for her portrayal of a rape survivor in The Accused (1988), for which she won several awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. She won her second Academy Award two years later, when she starred in the sleeper hit The Silence of the Lambs as Clarice Starling, a FBI trainee investigating a serial murder case. Foster made her debut as a film director the same year with the moderately successful Little Man Tate (1991), and founded her own production company, Egg Pictures, in 1992. The company's first production was Nell (1994), in which she also played the title role, gaining another nomination for an Academy Award. Her other films in the 1990s included period drama Sommersby, Western comedy Maverick (1994), science fiction film Contact (1997), and period drama Anna and the King (1999). Her second film direction, Home for the Holidays (1995), was not well-received critically or commercially.

After career setbacks in the early 2000s, which included the cancellation of a film project and the closing down of her production company, Foster starred in four thrillers, Panic Room (2002), Flightplan (2005), Inside Man (2006), and The Brave One (2007). She has focused on directing in the 2010s, directing the films The Beaver (2011) and Money Monster (2016) as well as episodes for Netflix television series Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. She also starred in the box office hit Elysium (2013). In addition to her two Academy Awards, Foster has won three BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award and the Cecil B DeMille Award.

BLUE Period

From: Boy Culture
 Check out Blue Smoke: Intimate Disclosures in Poetry & Prose (Outskirts Press, $17.95), a book by Craig A. Combs, who was a close buddy of mine until I moved away after third grade. I went looking for him and we re-connected over mis-remembered memories and our divergent paths in life. Well, not so divergent after all: We both just put out memoirs!

In his book, he reproduces some of the letters he sent me as a kid, which I, of course, saved faithfully because I'm warped like that.

Classic Television - Prime Time

Kraft Music Hall
Original channel
Original run
October 8, 1958 – September 1, 1971
Kraft Music Hall is an umbrella title for several television series aired by NBC in the United States from the 1950s to the 1970s in the musical variety genre, sponsored by Kraft Foods, the producers of a well-known line of cheeses and related dairy products. Their commercials were usually announced by "The Voice of Kraft", Ed Herlihy.

Favorite Classic TV Star for November 25, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Delta Burke Rocked on Designing Women. Her character made me laugh out loud like no other TV character. The fact Suzanne Sugarbaker had a pig as a pet was icing on the cake. It was shame behind the scenes issues took her off the show as the show then slumped through two painful years without the comic center of Suzanne. The entire cast was great, but none came close to Delta. Bonus for Delta for also playing Mary Cheery's mother on Popular.

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Todd Graff
Closing out our week with Todd, in 2012 he wrote and directed Joyful Noise, with Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, and featured the film debut of Jeremy Jordan.

Favorite Classic Playgirl Hunk for the Day:

Bud Ralph, Playgirl: December 1989
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Todd Graff
From: NewNowNext
Todd wrote and directed 2003’s indie hit Camp, which featured the first film roles for Anna Kendrick, two-time Tony nominee Robin DeJesus and Ethan Green star Daniel Letterle'


The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Todd Graff
From: NewNowNext
Todd’s most well-remembered film role was as Alan “Hippy” Carnes in James Cameron’s 1988 The Abyss. Don’t touch his rat!

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Todd Graff
From: NewNowNext
Todd had one of his greatest acting successes on Broadway, earning a Tony nomination (and displaying a wonderful voice) in 1984 for his performance in Baby.

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Todd Graff
From: NewNowNext
56-year-old Todd got his start as a child performer, appearing on 260 episodes of The Electric Company from 1975-77 as Jesse. Here is an adorable clip of “Jesse” and the other members of Short Circus performing “Knock Knock Rock,” introduced by Morgan Freeman!

TRIVIA! Todd’s sister is Ilene Graff, who is best known as the mother on Mr. Belvedere

HUMPDAY HOTTIE: Transgender model Laith Ashley.

A photo posted by Laith Ashley De La Cruz (@laith_ashley) on

Joe Jonas grabs a dude's as

A video posted by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on

This bitch is bendy

Flag sequence.


The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Seth Rudetsky
From: NewNowNext
Closing out our week with Seth, last year he released Seth’s Broadway Diaries, using his vast knowledge to give an insider’s view to the Great White Way.

He also posts a fabulous series to his Youtube page titled “Deconstruction,” in which he deconstructs the singing voices of Broadway stars and goes in-depth with Broadway shows. We’ll be taking a look at some of those deconstructions this week along with his other accomplishments.

Here is the deconstruction of Idina Menzel

Favorite Shower Scene of the Day:

Sam Harris
November 25, 2007
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Sam Harris in the drama 2:37. Time to make another movie Sam!

Garret Dillahunt

Maxwell Caulfield

Big, strong and sexy

November 25th is International Hat Day

Cold head? A great solution might be to wear a hat; and what better opportunity than Hat Day?

If you’re short of ideas for what type of hats to wear, check out this great periodic table of hats for inspiration!
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