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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Favorite Pics of Septembers Terra Guy: September 15, 2008

 Felipe Torretta
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 A selection of my favorite pics of Septembers 'the boy' Felipe Torretta.

Favorite Hunk from 'Fire' Aaron Jeffery

September 15, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I remember flicking the channels about 10 years ago and high up on the channels on some cable show I was thrilled to see a guy vacuuming in a red towel which his girlfriend pulled off. Completely naked and angry at her, he kept on going. At that point I was sure I turned on some movie, but no, it was a television show. At that time, I knew other countries had more nudity in movies, but I was shocked to learn some countries actually have nudity on their TV shows. The show was 'Fire'. Fire follows the lives of the men and women who work as firefighters in Australia. The guy was Aaron Jeffery and I made sure to catch Fire the next few weeks at the same time until it disappeared off the air. Just two short seasons which I hope make it to DVD one day.

Ask QC: Wish We Were Married

From:  Queer Click

Dear Ask QC

Although my problem may not be as “colorful” as some of those I’ve read in your column recently, nevertheless we need some practical advice that I hope the readers can help us with.

Myself and my partner both live in a country which, unfortunately doesn’t recognize same sex marriages or partnerships so myself and my partner live very much in the closet. That’s not the problem, in fact we are out to our close friends who know us well as we have been together as a couple for more than 15 years now (and no we aren’t THAT old! Haha! 37 and 41).

The advice we are seeking is very much to do with our wealth, properties and business that we run together and have worked hard to achieve over the years. Without going into too many details we haven’t been able to locate a sympathetic lawyer and so intend to write wills together and split everything we own 50/50 down the middle should the worst happen.

Our main question is this, what advice QC readers can give us or is there something fundamental that we may have missed (for example being able to attend funerals or to act as power of attorney if either of us becomes incapacitated). I’m sure there are loads of things we need to do to protect ourselves (things which would be automatic rights were we to be a heterosexual married couple) but we would really appreciate any advice being offered? Does, for example, it count for anything if we were to get married overseas even though this would not be recognized legally in our own country, would this count for anything?

Best regards,

Wish We Were Married

What say you, dear QC readers? Any lawyers out there who can help Wish We Were Married? Perhaps you have a similar situation and have set yourselves up legally? Please feel free to share your own experiences and advice to help him in the comments section.

Peter Le


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