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Friday, September 25, 2015


Kick Off Folsom With These Awkward S&M Family Photos

From: Queerty
 In his series Boy and his SIR: BDSM and the Queer Family, Kevin Warth photographs constructed realities in which BDSM practices coexist with domestic and familial rituals.

 Warth writes:

 “This body of work stems from my disidentification with moderate gay politics, which primarily concerns itself with the legalization of gay marriage and adoption. In response, I question if this normative family structure is a desirable goal for queer relations, or if other modes of kinship are more suitable.”

 Oh, and happy Folsom!


Brazilian Model Marlon Pires by Binho Dutra

From: Accidental Bear

Boyfriends Laugh-Spit Water on Each Other in Amy Schumer Challenge and It’s Cute

From: Accidental Bear
So dumb and so enjoyable. My favorite combo.

Video by PK Creedon

“Boyfriends decide to do their own version of the Innuendo Bingo Challenge! Gotta love Amy Schumer!”




Classic Television - Prime Time

Love, American Style
Original channel
Original run
September 29, 1969 – January 11, 1974
An ensemble cast, changing from week to week.
Love, American Style is a comedic television anthology, which was produced by Paramount Television and originally aired between 1969 and 1974. For the 1971 and 1972 seasons it was a part of an ABC Friday prime-time lineup that also included The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Room 222, and The Odd Couple.
Each week, the show featured unrelated stories of romance, usually with a comedic spin. Episodes featured different characters, stories, and locations. The show often featured the same actors playing different characters in many episodes. In addition, a large, ornate brass bed was a recurring prop in many episodes. Charles Fox's delicate yet hip music score, featuring flutes, harp, and flugelhorn set to a contemporary pop beat, provided the "love" ambiance which tied the stories together as a multifaceted romantic comedy each week.
For its first season, the theme song was performed by The Cowsills. Beginning in the second season, the same theme song was sung by the Ron Hicklin Singers featuring the Bahler Brothers John and Tom, (billed as The Charles Fox Singers).
This second version of the theme was carried on for the remainder of the series, as well as on most episodes prepared for syndication.
In many ways, the show initiated the "mini comedic soap opera" form used and "perfected" later on by Aaron Spelling for The Love Boat. While it lacked the connective threads that The Love Boat used, it generally told the same sort of "cotton candy" light, emotional stories about underlying aspects of love, romance, and human relationships.
The title is loosely derived from a 1961 Italian comedy film called Divorzio all'italiana (Divorce, Italian Style), which received Academy Award nominations in 1962 for Best Director for Pietro Germi and for Best Actor for star Marcello Mastroianni. The film was later spoofed in 1967 by Divorce, American Style, starring Dick Van Dyke. The snowclone "(xxx), (nationality) Style" became a minor cultural catch-phrase as the 1960s progressed.
The original series was also known for its 10-to-20-second drop-in silent movie-style "joke clips" between the featured segments. This regular troupe featured future Rockford Files cast member Stuart Margolin, future Vega$ leading lady Phyllis Davis, and a young character actor, James Hampton (F Troop, The Longest Yard). These clips allowed the show to be padded to the required length without padding the main segments. They generally consisted of then-risque, burlesque-style comedy of manners visual jokes.
During its first four years on ABC, Love, American Style was popular with viewers and received decent ratings, although it never ranked among the top thirty shows in the Nielsens. For a few seasons, it was part of a power-house line-up of ABC programs on Friday, which included The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Room 222, and The Odd Couple. At the start of the 1973-1974 fall season, the ratings for Love, American Style, and Room 222 had plummeted. As a result, both shows were canceled at mid season. The series received several Emmy nominations, including two for Best Comedy Series for 1969–1970 and 1970–1971.
The show subsequently became a daytime standard in syndication, since it was readily edited down to a half-hour by the proper interweaving of the clips with a main segment, effectively making ten seasons out of five. This allowed for heavy stripping.

Yogi Berra was a supporter of gay athletes

The Yankee legend lent his name to the cause of LGBT equality in sports
From: OutSports
As the sports world mourns the death of New York Yankees Hall of Famer Yogi Berra at age 90, it would be fitting to remind people that he was a supporter of gay athletes. When Jason Collins came out in 2013, Berra was asked his opinion:

"Respect the game, respect others -- that's what I always learned in sports," Berra said in a statement released by the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center. "Whatever background or whatever you are, it doesn't matter. Treat everyone the same, that's how it should be."

He went one step further that year when he signed on to be an ambassador for Athlete Ally, which champions straight allies of LGBT people in sports. The reasoning was simple:

"We thought this was very natural for us," said Dave Kaplan, director of the Yogi Berra Museum. "It's an extension of what we do programmatically."
The museum works closely with student athletes, engaging them in conversations about bullying, hazing and the locker room culture. The focus hasn't been specifically geared toward gay athletes, but the parallels are there. Fear of negative backlash could, as Kaplan said, "make them more reticent to come out."

The museum named after Berra hosted gay former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean in August to talk about his life as a gay man in the sport. Though they are from two generations, I am certain Berra would have been proud to have Bean as his teammate.


From: Dangerous Minds
 I was trying to describe this thing last night to some friends over dinner, but I think you just have to see it… I posted this here a long time ago, but I think this merits posting again for those who missed it the first time around…

Behold the flyer for “The Mary Tyler Moore Masturbation Society” (Click here and here for larger, easier-to-read versions). Apparently this “society” was founded by a fellow named James J. Kagel of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Kagel is (or was) attempting to connect to others who share his fetish for, in his words, “jacking off” to photographs of beloved actress and comedienne, Mary Tyler Moore’s “beautifully curved, ever so shapely, silken, creamy smooth, seductive, velvety soft, long, lean, graceful, tantilizing [sic], erotic, sinuously sexy LEGS [...] (not to mention her lickable feet)!” End quote.

Kagel goes on to totally over-share about his fetish for MTM’s legs developed as a boy watching her on The Dick Van Dyke Show and her own eponymously-titled, long-running TV series. He mentions that he is “proud” to admit to masturbating to Moore’s gams—I, for one, believe him—and that his wife bears a “slight resemblance” in the face and legs department to the actress. He even asks members of The Mary Tyler Moore Masturbation Society to send him their own MTM leg fantasies! (I wonder how many people joined?!?! Furthermore, what would be the pleasure of sharing such fantasies with James in particular? He won’t judge you?)

You can pretty much tell that it was made with a type-writer, scissors and glue stick. I won’t describe any more of it, you’ll have to read it for yourself, but this truly had us ON THE FLOOR gasping for breath, laughing. This flyer is all kinds of wrong, but my god is it fucking hilarious. Even the oblivious, kooky sincerity of it is mind-bending in the extreme.

And then you have to wonder what Mary Tyler Moore herself thought about this when she saw it, because you just know that at some point, someone had to have shown this to her.

There is also a Yahoo Group called “MTM Legs” that’s “for your jacking pleasure.” It’s just gotta be the same fuckin’ guy. What the odds of two such insanely ardentmasturbating Mary Tyler Moore leg fetishists existing in this space-time continuum? It has 155 members!
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