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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote
 “Road trip buddies and real-life frenemies Max Ryder and Jake Bass both bottom for Bel Ami model Kevin Warhol, in a crossover that’s more “match made in heaven” than cheap gimmick. There are some weird plot aspects involving a hallucinogenic cactus, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to focus on the sex itself. You can head over here if you want to know more about the story."

 Director's Note: Welcome to the final episode of RoadStrip! What a journey this project has been. It was born a few months after Project GoGo Boy was shot and released. And here we are a few days after the Grabby Awards -- Project GoGo Boy was the most nominated DVD of the year, and WON Best Director, Best Newcomer, Steamworks Fan Favorite Movie, and Best Movie of the Year!

 All of our lives have been changed and affected by our working together and the wonderful loving reception we have received from our members, fans, and affiliates, for which none of this would be possible. So allow me to say THANK YOU -- without your continued support we could not make these films (now I sound like a PBS fund drive)!

 One of my favorite things about RoadStrip and Project GoGo Boy is getting questions asking what's real and not real. Everyone thinks they know for sure. Some -- if not all -- moments are "scripted" meaning I know where I would like the story and action to go or the general mood of the film. Both Max and Jake bring themselves to each take and moment by BEING themselves -- they are the paint and I am the brush. Together, we can create anything -- all things are possible. And that is the overall theme of my work, especially this final part in particular. To date, this has been one of my favorite films to shoot -- both Max, Jake, and RJ allowed me to push them into areas that were WAY out of their comfort zones. And in turn, they did the same for me -- challenging my limits, my creativity, my relationships -- and in the end, I'm so blessed and grateful for the RoadStrip they made me take as well. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being so open and for creating a film that I hope, with your help, will live well beyond the bounds of our site!

 Finally, I want to thank two very special people responsible for the success of this film.

Cilantro Che Guevara has been the "creative" editor for each of the episodes. He has brought an energy and style to this film that enhanced it beyond my expectations. Some say that films are "directed" during the editing process, and I can assure you this is the case with RoadStrip. My shooting style combined with the way I write and script my projects is erratic, marauding, and impulsive (in fact, I was still shooting parts of this episode last week based on one of my dreams)! But Cilantro exceeded at the challenge and not only did a great job, but also brought so much of his own creativity and style. Keep an eye on him and you can see more of his work here and here. Follow him at @SillyCilantro!

The other person I'd like to thank is my partner in crime, love, and life, RJ Sebastian. He is my eye, always wanting "the shot" to be better, always challenging me when I needed it, and quick to give me reality checks when they were past due. My work is not possible without him. So thanks, Scobos -- I love you! AND he is no won the twitter box so y'all can folllow him at@RJ_SebastianNYC.

 Now on to the RoadStrip finale! All I can say is -- what you see may not always be what it seems.

Live Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

 Scene Description: It's been a wild trip for Max and Jake -- filled with laughs, fights, hook-ups, new friends, and new experiences. In the beginning, they were two young stars who had just gotten their big break. And after embarking in their RV cross-county from New York to LA, conquering Palm Springs, porn awards shows, and one intense "Bangover," it's time to head back to New York as completely different people.

 But not before they make one last stop! To reflect on all the craziness, Max and Jake decide to camp out at Joshua Tree National Park. And although they're friendly with each other at this point, there are still some underlying jealousy issues between them that neither one can figure out how to resolve.

 Then Jake tells Max about a magical Y-shaped cactus he researched online containing aloe that can cause hallucinations if absorbed into the body, allowing you to "see whatever you're meant to see." With a little detective work, the two find the Y and immediately start tripping on it. Through the Y, some meditation, and a dream that's a little too real, all their issues seem to work themselves out. But are they ready to go back to New York?

Austin Wolf plays dirty director to hot gay student, Shawn Abir


From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote “George Burgess is a gorgeous Australian pro rugby player, who’s becoming known for his antics off the field. Among said antics? He texted nude pics of himself to his girlfriend. And she did the only thing a girl can do in that situation. PUT EM’ ON THE NET!”

 Unf, you horny little slut. Good to see that you know your proper stance in life. George Burgess is a gorgeous Australian pro rugby player, who’s becoming known for his antics off the field.  Among said antics? He texted nude pics of himself to his girlfriend. And she did the only thing a girl can do in that situation. PUT EM’ ON THE NET! Sweetie, just claim “hacking”. That’s what Amanda Bynes does. The pics show George in his bathroom, in glorious full frontal. He’s got a nice cock on him, and his form is amazing. Man, what is it about Australian rugby players? Are these fuckers grown in a lab? Is there something in vegemite that we need to know about?







 And wouldn't you know the ENTIRE FAMILY IS HOT.
Were there parents involved in some kind of eugenics program?

Unknown Model

Hard Tuesdays

First the vibrator, then my cock!



From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote
From there, Justin realized that this was much more than a ‘school project’, but he didn’t mind at all! He had plenty of practice sucking dick and throwing his ankles in the air, because uh, how else do you explain ‘Beauty and a Beat’ becoming a top ten hit? You can’t. You really can’t.

 What a cutie. Incredible. He remembered me someone from TV. But I still don't know who? Anyway – it doesn't matter. Normally I am not so much into guys with such very young looks. But when I saw him skiing I just decided to wait until he finishes. And then he came together with a friend. I wasn't sure anymore if it would be still the best idea to talk to them both. Well, obviously I still tried my luck. The second boy wasn't interested in my offers at all. But my main target – the boy with the base cap – was quite attracted by my dirty offers. He told me his soccer team came here for skiing and that they lived in a nearby pension. That would be really cool: to fuck him in his own room.

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