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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 26, 2009

Adam Lundberg
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Long hair only works on some guys, but this guy wears it well. Beautiful pic!

Asian Chubby Grower Not A Shower

Cool House

From: Brent's Auto Wall


Dish of the Day #71

From: Deep Dish

24 Times Drag Queens Perfectly Described How High You Are

From: NewNowNext
When You Try To Act Sober In Public

You think you’re keepin it real cool. Spoiler alert, girl: You’re not.

Favorite Pic of The Day for January 26, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Think these guys should have a yard sale, a bottle drive to raise some cash for some uniforms...
I have heard of shirts and skins, but this is a bit much...

#TBT My Chubby Butt

Favorite Birthday Boy #3

Paul Newman was still looking good and would have been 92 today. Still had that great smile.
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Paul in Cool Hand Luke 


Paul with Robert Redford

Favorite Birthday Boy #1

I am not a viewer of One Tree Hill, but I do remember lusting after Paul Johansson during his short time on the soap Santa Barbara. Paul turns 53 today.
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Beach Bears

Can’t imagine why this dude is standing alone. I would have my hand wrapped around that thing instantly. That’s a cool gd dick.

Cakey Dante !

5 months later, still silence from Nico Hines, Daily Beast on outing gay athletes

The writer hasn’t been heard from since August.
From: OutSports
Olympic photographers in Rio
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
 It’s broken record time: The Daily Beast and its (former?) writer Nico Hines are still silent about this article that ran Aug. 11 during the Olympics:

Since I am getting sick of typing the same litany, here is the background:

Hines, who is straight, posed as a gay man on Grindr and connected with closeted gay athletes in Rio's Olympic village. His first version of the article contained enough personal information about some gay athletes that they could be identified (A Slate writer said he could ID five). By Hines' admission, some of these athletes were from countries where being gay is illegal, putting them at risk should they be identified. It's the nightmare of any LGBT person who is not yet able to come out.The article was journalistic malpractice of the highest order. Who thought this was a good idea? Which editor OKd the idea? Which editor(s) read the first version and OKd it for publication? Were any LGBT Daily Beast editorial staff consulted before the story ran? Why did the story stay up the entire day, with only modest changes and a different headline? Why has the Daily Beast not been transparent about any investigation? What has happened to Hines — was he suspended? fired? He is still listed on the website as its London editor, though he has not written any story since the Grindr one was spiked.

I wrote the above in October and Hines has still not tweeted anything since Aug. 10 and his editors — who had promised an investigation — have said nothing. Hines has never apologized and it’s not clear if he is still employed by the Daily Beast.

Outsports hasn't forgotten (Hines and the Daily Beast were our 2016 Assholes of the Year) and neither have other LGBT people indignant that this has been swept under the rug.

We’re not going away and we won’t forget.

Branching Out: Marius by Klinikle

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'We left wet, muddy and slightly nauseous.'

Last fall, I had the almost impossible task of narrowing down images from England photographer Klinikle and the hundreds of shots from his work with Marius. The issue wasn't only that there were so many incredible images that stood out to me, it was also the many stories that Klinikle and Marius told through their time together. There were dozens of locations, each with their own feel and story to tell.

The first chapter that I shared last November, Bumper to Bumper, featured Klinikle's images of Marius hard at work in the garage, followed by him heading to the shower to clean off the dirt and grease after his long day. Choosing which story should come second was difficult until I decided I needed a shoot far away from that garage and shower. This shoot, joining Klinikle and Marius in the forest was actually their first shoot together after connecting via a modeling site.

 'We went off on location and had a really good laugh as well as getting some great shots. He made the shoot incredibly easy as he is full of ideas and has a natural ability to use light and scenery to make the most of his appearance. By the end of the shoot, we were definitely going to be working together again.'

 Since I was a kid, I always had a fascination with trees and the woods. Maybe it was my love of reading fables and authors like C H Lewis that had me running into the forest, believing their was magic just beyond what my eyes could see. I think there were a few years in my life that I spent more years up in tree branches than on the ground. I loved to climb, jump and hide in the trees which provided both a place to fantasize, as well as see what was all around me from a different point of view. 

 It wasn't all fantasy and fun however as anyone who spends a lot of time outside, knows full well. Fun and games often come with scratches and falls and the forest Marius and Klinikle were shooting in was full of things not so magical... Klinikle shares that this location was part of disused quarry and a railway cutting going into the trees with the sides getting higher and higher as they went along. It ended at a gated tunnel entrance that visually looked great, but..

 'However, there was a large pool of water in front row of it with car tires dotted about. We started jumping from tire to tire until it became clear they were quite unstable and slippy. It also turned out there was a strong smell of sulphur whenever the water was disturbed. A yellow sign on the gated entrance warned of toxic gases. We left wet, muddy and slightly nauseous. Never used that location again.'

 It is a testament to his skill that Klinikle never let the viewer get even the slightest hint the forest in which he was shooting wasn't as magical as the resulting images display. I especially love the first two images in this piece, with the light cascading into the forest through the tree's. Klinikle also captured many of images looking up at Marius above him which added to the beauty and light behind Marius in the trees. 

 Marius also looks quite at home on the tree branches and I love how he interacts and poses with and on his surroundings. It is in fact not his incredible beauty that draws me to Marius as a model, but his skill and ease at blending into any location and situation Klinikle places him in. Whether that garage, the shower, the tree's as well as many of the other locations in the images I enjoyed. Sometimes models can look out of place in certain locations, but Marius seamlessly blends into the environments he is shot in, creating characters that look both at home and beautifully authentic. 

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