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Friday, March 18, 2016

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Josh Wald from Charlie By MZ

Alabama Approves Replacing Marriage Licenses With “Contracts”

From: NewNowNext
The Alabama state senate has voted to do away with state-issued marriage licenses following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage.

Senators approved the bill 23-3 on Tuesday. Instead of having county probate offices issue licenses, couples now need to file a form that records their marriage.

Republicans in the senate believe this new bill will end any controversy that still exists over the issuing of marriage licenses, as some Alabama probate judges have stopped handing out marriage licenses all together so as to avoid giving them to same-sex couples.

The new bill, the Republicans promise, will ensure that people will be allowed to marry whomever they choose.

Rep. Patricia Todd, the only openly gay legislator in the state, has called the bill “unnecessary” and believes that probate judges should do their job regardless of their personal beliefs.

Groovy Flashback: TIME Covers 1970 - 1979

From: Deep Dish
Elliott Gould (M*A*S*H, Getting Straight) - September 7, 1970

100 Most Eligible Bachelors 2016

From: OUT
Rory O'Neill
Drag Queen/Activist

Rory O'Neill, also known by his stage name as Panti or Panti Bliss is a drag queen and gay rights activist from Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland.


From: Manhunt Daily
Leyton, London, England
Fun or more
Swim everyday, gym regularly, love riding my bike & generally into fitness. Ideally looking for love but happy to have fun until then. 

I generally go for masculine, stocky guys and I'm a sucker for muscles (how predictable!).

No drugs or BB pleeeeeeease. I wanna be a good boy ;-)

Alex Corso

Well Hung Drawing

History's Hottest Movie Actors

From: Boy Culture
No Flight risk here
Denzel Washington 

 The most successful African-American actor in history and also the first to win a Best Actor Oscar in nearly 40 years (after Sidney Poitier), he also usurped Billy Dee Williams's position as the go-to actor for black sexiness on the silver screen. Cute and game enough to appear in crap like Carbon Copy early on, he quickly matured in both appearance and in his selection of movie roles. He's famously conservative and seems to be getting more so as time moves on, having apparently warned Will Smith not to kiss a man on screen and at one point stating he wouldn't engage in an interracial relationship in a movie (with Julia Roberts); still a major sex symbol, his most blatantly steamy roles appear to be behind him.

Great gosh a'Mighty
 Sexy Sampler
Carbon Copy (1981), A Soldier's Story (1984), Cry Freedom (1987), The Mighty Quinn (1989), Glory (1989), Mo' Better Blues (1990), Mississippi Masala (1991), Malcolm X (1992), The Pelican Brief (1993), Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), The Preacher's Wife (1996), Remember the Titans (2000), Training Day (2001)

Steve Guttenberg in The Bedroom Window

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Pietro Boselli Takes A Naked Swim In Hot New Armani Campaign

Leave it to this man to sell clothes by not even wearing them.
From: NewNowNext
Pietro Boselli shows off some serious tan lines in an upcoming campaign for Armani’s EA7 sportswear line — a glorious new photo series that marks the first (official) time he’s posed completely naked.

The former University College London professor-turned-underwear model announced he’s almost completely finished with his PhD work in a vlog posted to his recently-launched YouTube channel this week, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than spending time Down Under and on the Mediterranean island Sardinia, where the campaign below was shot.

The first official shot was shared on Instagram by Soul Artist Management honcho Jason Kanner:

Check out some additional shots from the campaign below, and don’t forget to check out Pietro’s other new work for Moschino, and his stunning new Attitude cover!

Favorite Guy On Dancing With The Stars

March 18, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 My fave is Steve Guttenberg, yeah I know there are some pretty hot guys on there, but I have fond memories of watching The Bedroom Window and being pleasantly surprised at the bod Steve had on him, and his great backside. I had not expected it. His cute face does not hurt. I do however reserve the right to change my mind as three other guys on the show were pretty easy to watch.

Favorite Guy from Model Men: March 18, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Just came upon a great site, Model Men. It is run by Stephen, who is a freelance photographer who showcases some of the hot men he shoots. My favorite guy so far is Jerry, who has a cute little ass and looks great in or out of clothes. Here are a few pics of Jerry.




 Here are a couple more pics from this great site.

Ass Dialing - SteamRoomStories.com

Guess His Cock # 057

From: Guess His Cock
 A redneck cowboy with his beer and showing of his muscles. 
But what we really want to know is how big is the muscle below the belt? Check his cock out after the jump!

13 Irish Celebrities We Want To Get Lucky With

From: NewNowNext
Colin O’Donoghue

Even with just one hand, Once Upon a Time’s Captain Hook can still get it.


Doing my part for freedom!
Freshly shaved for y'all, hope y'all like

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

Mary Astor 
Sandra Kovak
The Great Lie

Mary Astor (born Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke; May 3, 1906 – September 25, 1987) was an American actress. She is best remembered for her role as Brigid O'Shaughnessy in The Maltese Falcon (1941),

Astor began her long motion picture career as a teenager in the silent movies of the early 1920s. She eventually changed to talkies but nearly saw her career destroyed due to scandal in the mid-1930s. She was sued for support by her parents and was later branded an adulterous wife by her ex-husband, in a custody fight over her daughter. Overcoming these stumbling blocks in her private life, Astor went on to greater success on screen, eventually winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in The Great Lie (1941). She was a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contract player through most of the 1940s and continued to work in film, television and on stage until her retirement in 1964. Astor was the author of five novels. Her autobiography was a bestseller, as was her later book, A Life on Film, which was about her career. Director Lindsay Anderson wrote of her in 1990: "that when two or three who love the cinema are gathered together, the name of Mary Astor always comes up, and everybody agrees that she was an actress of special attraction, whose qualities of depth and reality always seemed to illuminate the parts she played."

100 Treasured Chests: Hairy Edition

From: OUT
Eliad Cohen
Model, Actor

Eliad Cohen (Hebrew: אליעד כהן‎) (born in Acre, Israel on May 11, 1988) is an Israeli producer, actor, model, entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Gay-ville, a gay-friendly vacation rental service headquartered in Tel Aviv. He became a prominent Israeli gay personality after being chosen as the cover model of the Spartacus International Gay Guide for the 2011-2012 issue, which led to various magazine covers around the world.

After completing his military service, Eliad Cohen began a modelling career, later branching into organizing of events, most notably Arisa and PAPA series, promotion of Tel Aviv Gay Pride events and various activities in support of gay-friendly Israeli tourism. He also established a prominent online service through his own Gay-ville website.

Over His Head: Kedori by AANE Photography

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'I told Kedori that I wanted to do a shoot in a forest with a lot of ferns. He had the perfect place in mind...'

I love it when artists and models that I have profiled separately come together to create incredible, and in this case breathtaking imagery. I first profiled Kedori back in 2014 in a series of posts, (HERE:) highlighting some of my favorite shots of the Sydney Australia based physique model. I love Kedori's confidence and strength in front of the camera, not to mention his incredible body that he masterfully poses so well.

Last winter, I had the privilege of also introducing FH readers to the work of Mike from AANE Photography. I loved the Pennsylvania photographer's erotically raw edge and his incredible imagery produced along with his partner, and photo retoucher, THOM Graphophoton. FH was fortunate to join him virtually on his photographic travels, shooting models throughout various cities in the US, in South Africa and earlier this year got a sneak peak from his trip to Australia with is images of Simon.

 Many of Mike's excursions were due to his work, but Australia would prove to be his penultimate trip with his job. The Australia shoot also proved a challenge for not only Mike, but Kedori as well. When I first saw the images I was over taken by the tranquility and beauty of the Australian landscape, the water,forest and foliage. In many ways the images felt like a beautiful dream, our Eve-less Adam, Kedori, in his very own sensuous garden of Eden. 

Turns out, that Eden wasn't exactly a picnic for model and photographer to get to. Mike was pushed physically to the limits getting to, and back from the location. Kedori was also challenged, maybe more mentally that physically. Although as you can see, still in incredible shape, personal circumstances had Kedori struggling to motivate himself to the gym on a regular basis.

'I had been following several models for a couple of years, and I emailed them on the off chance they might be available. I heard back from two and scheduled a shoot for that weekend. At the last minute I decided to also email Kedori. To my surprise, he was available, and willing to work with me.'
'I think the shoot, and this feature. might be the kick in the pants that I need to get me back on track and having the body back where I want it. Those elusive bottom abs gotta come back :)'

'We went to the Royal National Park south of Sydney. After getting a map and paying the entrance fee, we headed for a waterfall he had heard about before. We parked at the head of a trail, which indicated the waterfall was 1 km away. I figured, 1 km is nothing. So I eagerly jumped at the chance. It was a hot summer day down under, and it became clear rather soon that I had gotten in over my head. The 1 km trail was all down hill leading to a small river. Half way down, we stopped and took some shots around the trees and brush.'


 We continued to the bottom, but could not shoot at the waterfall, because it was very occupied. It was a shame, since the waterfall was beautiful. We walked up stream and found a somewhat secluded area where Kedori could get in the water. The angle of the sun and the clarify of the water gave me some amazing shots. It was beautiful and teasing. We shot a few more images among some tall grass, and then headed back up to the car, 1 km up hill.'

'It was a really fun shoot to be involved in. Though, being a physique model I love studio lights, as you can angle them just right to show of definition it was great to get outside and do a location shoot.'

 'Mike was great to work with. I am not sure if he mentioned to you that we had to do a bit of a hike to get where we ended up shooting.... the nice thing was it was all down hill to get there.... but of course uphill to get out. Plus, it was a beautiful sunny, and hot day. Poor Mike...'

'At several points I thought I was not going to make it. I neglected to bring water, a hat, or even sun block. Kedori thankfully brought bug repellent. Australia has the worst black flies on earth. When we finally got to the top, I was exhausted, dehydrated, and apologizing profusely to Kedori for taking so long. I had him snap a picture of me as a reminder to always go to a shoot prepared. On the way back we stopped at a gas station and I purchased a 1 1/2 liter bottle of water, which I downed in nearly one long gulp.'

 'I still chat with Kedori on Skype. He has plans to come to the East Coast this year, so I hope to work with him again. I don't know if I will ever get down under again. I have a new job, with no travel. I am adjusting to domestic life. But I will always think back fondly on my trips down under, and especially those where I shared special moments capturing beautiful images.'

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